On the merits (penalty Veronica)

On the merits (Veronica punishment).
In the deep summer night in front of the machine periodically flashed in front of the dividing line on the deserted roads of the city. Only occasionally I met towards the lone car that after hiding in an absorbing dark night streets. Sitting behind the wheel of his car, I reached out to switch on the radio station. Despite the fact that at such an hour working on the air station was not much. I play a song that liked my girlfriend Veronica, but I do not like. She said nothing. Although it is generally tried to object, saying that he wants to listen to your favorite song to the end. Veronica sat silently, staring forward, where - in the distance, all immersed in thought. And a good reason to have it.
At the moment, we drove from the nightclub located near my work. When I'm with Veronica was in the club, I got a call on the mobile phone from work, asking urgently to come. The situation was the fact that the goods were brought to a warehouse in Germany ahead of schedule, and it was necessary to take spending on the documents. It was late, and the only security was in office. A staff member who could have done the aforementioned action was absent, as today did not come to work because of illness. Learning of this, Veronica said that she would be in the club, and will wait for me here. I barely, but still agreed. Just did not want to leave her alone. My Woman. So beautiful, good and attractive. Possesses a slender figure. With long blond hair on his head. And in general having a body with a gentle snow-white skin color. And in the bargain, and more tall. Looking at Veronica, I hugged her, and kissed her before leaving, he said he will be back soon.
Hit the road back and forth, I coped forty - forty
five minutes. And when he returned, he saw a picture that made my heart beat with indignation. Veronica danced with what - that young man, clinging to him like a mother. I went to him. They did not seem to notice me. It was not taking his eyes off the girl, and all the time watching them. While I was moving in their direction, the young man began to stroke the head Veronica. Approaching them, I very first thing pushed him away from his girlfriend. Then he looked into the eyes of Veronica. She looked at me with a look as if very much afraid. Her breathing became more palpitations. Heavy sigh, she said: - This is my old friend. We were at school together. And then that's met.
Young man, that - then muttered. I just realized, from his words: - Well, I have to go.
And after what was said went. Quickly leaving farther and farther.
Veronica wanted to tell me that - something else. But I interrupted her and said: - Come here.
Coming out of the club, I squeezed her hand. I was just furious. Veronica silently with guilty eyes, looked at me.
- All go home. Since you do not know how to behave, I said roughly.
- But Oleg. It's not what you thought. I'll explain everything, Veronica said worriedly.
- It is better to be silent, Oleg said.
Having finished their memories of the incident had happened, I was puzzled by one question. What should I do now. To conduct educational conversation with her. And maybe even punish her. Let stand up in a corner, like a little child. And then spank on the ass. If so behaves. But I love Veronica, and I do not want to hurt her. But what if spank slightly. Not to inflict pain as much as possible, and in order to cultivate. Let her know that she was being punished for the cause. Let think about his behavior.
On reaching the entrance of the house, I knew that tonight Veronika night will be punished.
Entering the apartment, I thought, when she was told about it. Then I decided that if still disguise. After it is seen. Or is it to start right now. When Veronica is dressed in elegant and very beautiful dress. I emphasize all kind of her figure. Podil its half-closes her slender legs. The dress, which reveals delicate hands, barely covering their satin cloth. With cut-through which is seen a little large breasts Veronica.
Okay, briefly defer future punishment, I thought.
After waiting for fifteen minutes, I went into the living room where Veronica was. She was in a short robe that almost completely bared her long slim legs. The sleeves had reached the level of the elbow. Bathrobe was tied at the waist belt.
Let down your hair, they lay on the shoulders of Veronica.
I took a chair, standing against the wall, and put it in the middle of the room. North at him, he looked at the standing Veronica, and said: - Come here.
- What for? I asked Veronica.
- Then, what you're going to be punished for their misdeeds. And Spanked bare pope, Oleg said.
Slowly coming up to me, she looked at me plaintively. Then he said: - Well, please. Do not punish me in any way. Forgive me. Because I did not do anything.
- And, by - do you think it is not clear properly cuddle with someone in my absence. And then to give more stroking himself, putting his head, Oleg said.
- You're either all understand, Veronica said, crossing her legs.
- Let him even your old friend. I still do not see such a nice, Oleg said.
By putting your left foot on the floor and taking two steps Veronica came up to me and hugged me by the shoulders hands said:
- Would you forgive me. Or so and will be resent.
- Okay. I forgive you but ... Oleg said, unable to finish his sentence.
- That's okay, Veronica said.
- I did not finish. I forgive you, but your punishment I do not cancel. You have to answer for their actions, said Oleg.
Veronica took a deep breath. And so pitifully and drawl, as if his whole appearance indicating no consent.
Removing his hands from my shoulders, Veronica stood up straight. Standing next to me, she looked down, a little pressed to his neck chin.
I am at this moment he could understand the state of Veronica. Her anxiety. The fear of future pain. Meeting with the unknown, and now the inevitable and corporal punishment. After all, it never used to it either. She accordingly could not know what it is. I was the first one who was about to commit such in relation to it.
- Raise bathrobe, Oleg said, referring to Veronica.
She's trembling hands took hold of the ends of the coat, and picked it up to the level of the waist. Since then he rested on knotted belt.
Oleg took up the loins of Veronica, and the effort of their hands, as it were, made it clear that she wanted to turn around and get back to him. She did so.
Standing back to me, I saw that Veronica began to breathe harder. Her legs trembled. Hands firmly refused to hold cocked bathrobe.
I took both hands on the panties of Veronica, which fits snugly its possessor, and began to lower them. More and more, exposing her ass.
Feeling light chill, she put her head down and saw that her panties hang her in the ankle area.
- Rotate, Oleg said.
Veronica turned to face him.
- And now lie belly down on my knees, Oleg ordered.
- No. Do not. I will not behave this way, Veronica said with a trembling voice.
- I lie said. You have not heard that, Oleg said.
Veronica looked at me. And I realized that I firmly decided that she will not escape punishment. And in any case, will receive the pope.
Lying belly down, holding hands behind my knees, she uttered: - Well, Oleg. What do you make me do. What for. I already knew everything.
Helping with your own hands Veronica lay down, keeping her balance, I said: - Get down, get down! We'll have a little patience.
When she fell, her head was at the bottom, below my knees. Hair lowered down to the floor. Veronica hands rested on the floor, having rested palms and splayed her fingers. Legs hanging down, barely reaching the corner of his fingers to the floor. Veronica Popa, sticking out his ... forward was the highest elevation of her body.
While Veronica was arranged on my knees, her silk dressing gown, sliding on the body fell, closing down bare ass. Zadran him on her back, I drew her fifth point.
After looking at my feet, I saw that white panties that hung on his feet, fell to the floor. And now, lying next to the chair, at the foot of Veronica.
At this point, she said - do not only strongly. Good.
In response, I said: - Young Lady. This is too much for me to decide or not much. Understood.
Veronica did not say anything.
Looking at her delicate snow-white ass, that little twitching their muscles, expecting a blow, I decided to start. Holding the left hand loin Veronica, and the right to raise up, I floor strength by diluting the air, he made his first attack on the right half of Veronica priests. From the contact with my hand on the skin, there was a ringing noise - PLUNK, the whole room.
- Ah, little Veronica screamed.
From slap his hand on the priest appeared slightly pink imprint of my hand.
- What are you so cried. I have not much Oleg said.
- Anyway it hurts. And ... did a little pause went on. And in general to me is scary, said Veronica, with pubescent upside down.
After spending his hand on the place just had a stroke, I've been through a few seconds, swung, and my hand fell on the left half of her priests. Why she jerked her muscles during impact.
- M - m - m, mumbled Veronica, clenching his lips.
After the second strike, I immediately made a third, and a fourth in the middle, between the halves of the bottom of the ass, where the legs begin. The room only heard the sound of slaps - PLUNK, PLUNK.
Veronica tried to endure the blows, but she did not, and it is all the time was making the plaintive sobs, cries and sighs: - FFF f.aaa.yyy.aaa ... ... ... ya.aaa.ya.aaa .fff.
According to the pope heard slapping of palms blows: PLUNK, PLUNK, PLUNK, PLUNK, PLUNK.
Taking a break, I stroked place beats that by that time already forced to warm up the ass Veronica.
- You will still act as disgusting conduct. And - and - and? I asked Oleg.
Veronica frantically said: - No ... no ... no I will. Never. I in fact still in the beginning told you that I'm no longer so. Please stop. Do not spank me anymore.
- It should! Snapped Oleg.
Swinging arm, I'm stronger than before abruptly put his hand on the ass Veronica, not really understood, anywhere.
- We - we - we, uttered Veronica.
I immediately repeated by hitting the right side of it is already beginning to redden the pope.
Then Veronica began to struggle, trying to get up.
I pressed her hand her back, preventing her escape.
- Veronica. I have not finished. Where are you going, Oleg said.
Continuing to lie down, and stopped kicking it, complaining, she turned to me - I can not anymore. I'm tired of saying such a tone of voice that will soon begin to cry.
Stroked her bare, by this time already nashl¸pannoy pope, I said: - What are you tired. I hate it when you get your ass kicked.
Veronica told me: - And not only that. My hands are tired. And the head start to flow the blood, breathing heavily, she said.
- Be patient. A bit more. In the end, you are punished. And I should not have to contend with me. I'm already with you here ceremony. Another would not have become, Oleg said.
After the spoken word, I held her hand back, and swung, slapped Veronica on her left half ass. Why was her fresh red mark. Then he made one more kick. Ass fingered hand, I felt that she was even more warmed.
- Well, who was it with you at the club? I asked Oleg.
Veronica lay quietly on my lap, not answering anything.
- Do not hug so with school friends, Oleg continued.
Then Veronica said: - This is my old school friend.
- Stop lying to me. Do you want me to take his belt, said Oleg, changing the voice on the more formidable. It was evident that he was angry in earnest.
After warning about the belt, I'm Veronica slapped by the pope. In the room there was a very sonorous, but the familiar noise: PLUNK.
- Ah - I - st, I sobbed Veronica.
I raised my right hand up and again hit the palm of her ass.
- Oh - oh ... oh ... oh - and. I have apologized ah, say a Veronica.
Swinging arm, I again slapped her on the ass, which is obtained from the shock was getting redder.
Touch ass, I said: - Well, tell you the truth. Veronique. And because I can change your punishment, and so you whipped, that will not find, Oleg said.
Of course, all my anger at her, I'm not in any way intended to punish her severely. I just intimidated in this way my Veronica, letting her know that I'm not kidding. Especially as it is now it was not the most enviable position.
Once again I turned to her: - I'm waiting.
- I already told you the truth, Veronica said. And so in a trembling voice. And indeed both - the tune.
- All waited, Oleg said. Veronica Holding the elbow back and letting his hands out of his pants belt.
I felt that she was very scared of such a turn of events. Trembling stronger than his whole body.
I am realizing that I now proceed to the next belt flogging on her defenseless pope. Releasing the belt and folded it in half, I took it in his right hand, and thought.
And whether we should really beat her with a belt. I certainly do not want to be subjected to such a test Veronichka. The more so because it was not in my plans. Only otshl¸pyvanie hand on the pope. All the more so for her, and so it is enough that she had to endure. Although if I'm not going to hit a belt by the pope, she will understand that I only intimidate her. And I can not do in real life. Okay. Well start.
Belt swinging in the air, he flew down with a whistle on the ass Veronica, which was already so Spanked, and had a red color. Clicking on the skin, he left her much more pronounced footprint than by Slap produced by hand.
Veronica whined body pressed me, by issuing: - a - a - a - ah - th - th - a. Then he sniffed his nose, and a deep sigh, burst into tears.
It was obvious that Veronica is not able to endure spanking. Immediately I began to cry like a little child. It is for it simply does not fit. There is another option. Cheat, it all kind shows that it can not be beat with a belt, and it is time to stop such actions. Well a couple of times you get more accurate.
Looking up into the air belt, he will whistle over the booty began to descend.
Veronica, realizing that now she will have to re-experience the pain of clicking belt, she shrank into herself, and as if frozen to the future shock, waiting for him.
Hlestanuv ass, he left her another new track, formed across the buttocks.
- Whew ... aah ... ah ... well. Ol ... le ... eee ... Mr. I do not boo ... uuu ... do. Sobbing nose, Veronica said.
I said nothing, but merely waved his belt over the poor booty.
Hearing the whistle, Veronica cried out: - Do not. No.
Not wanting to take any more, she began to kick, and the incredible efforts freed out. Dropping his knees on the floor, she hurt herself. And from the resulting pain, and of all that she had to go through, burst into tears. I felt very sorry for Veronica, and I did not naturally become longer whip belt.
During the fall of her gown down, and closed his reddened ass. Getting up from the floor and rubbing his knees with one hand, and the other a priest, looked at me, frightened.
Through tears Veronica said: - What we liked to beat me on the ass. Do you want to continue.
Approaching her, I hugged her and stroked her hand over Spanked, and the broken belt twice soft spot, said: - The sun is mine. I did not want to bring you to this state. But why did you lie to me. And what has brazenly.
- Okay, I'll tell you. Just promise that you will not take more than the strap, said Veronica.
- Well said ... Oleg.
- In general, when you left, I was approached by a young man and offered to dance, said Veronica, wiping the tears from the face of his hands.
- And so you immediately agreed. Unlike you, Oleg said.
- Well no. Not right away. He began to speak to me very nice compliments. But I refused to dance with him. Then he walked away. And when he returned, without asking me, without asking her to him. And you came up soon. And so it began, Veronica said.
- Why would I lie. I like it there and would Uryl. In general, if your face could not be seen that you were forced to dance. My sudden appearance you more scared than happy, Oleg said.
Veronica, in silence, his head bowed, stood beside me, not knowing what to say.
- Veronique. It's true? I asked Oleg.
Then he continued: - Look into my eyes.
Raising her head, she looked at me, and then lowered it back down, hard to say: - No. It is not true. I lied to you again.
- So, Oleg said.
- This is my former young man. We met at the club. And me why - it turned the head, and we began to dance. As if like me have changed, said Veronica.
I stared at her. Not knowing what to do. Whether to continue flogging, or ...
Veronica diluted silence, saying:
- This is a real, true. But you promised not to take up the belt.
- For belt he promised. And about otshl¸pyvanie said nothing hand, Oleg said.
- Please, no more. I do not want to receive the slaps on the ass again. Please do not. I beg you. Forgive me for the lie. I'm just afraid to tell you right away, Veronica said, looking at me piteously.
- He lied to me. It would be better just he said. I would then not picked up the belt. And if once in all admitted, perhaps all, would not have it punishment. And now it's too late. We'll have to continue, said Oleg, sitting on a chair.
Veronica stood up in front of me on my knees, and holding hands with the mine, said: - I admit they were wrong. Please, just do not need more. Have pity on me. I after all - did you not an outsider.
I got up from his chair and sat down next to Veronica. He stroked her head. Then he got down on one knee. She shocked the fact that now that - that happens, frozen in a kneeling position.
With an effort of their own hands, I got to go to Veronica underbelly, on my knee. She whined plaintively, but fulfilled my designation. It turned out that Veronica was lying on the floor, thrusting up his ass. Her robe rode up a little, slightly exposing it. Who by this time was already red from - for a few slaps and belt punches. I put my left hand on his back to Veronica and right swung in the air and on the floor forces struck his palm on her ass slightly open - PLUNK. The blow fell on its lower part, leaving a fresh trail.
Veronica moaned. After he issued only sound: and ... and ... and ... and ... and.
Once again, I slapped the Speedwell through robe. She reached up to rub the sore spot, but I took his hand to
her hand and put it on the floor, saying - Suffer so. I do not allow you now to touch ass hands.
When I pulled up her gown, she threw it on the back of Veronica.
Raising his right hand up, I dramatically lowered it to the already reddened ass Veronica.
She screamed: - ah - oh ... oh ... oh - and - a - second - ah. Then he sniffed his nose.
I slapped a couple of times softer. But still receiving calls a slap on the bare ass. PLUNK. PLUNK.
Veronica through tears, her head lying on the floor, very plaintively uttered: - Ol ... l ... l ... er. Hwa ... and ... and ... Tit. Pro..o..shu you.
I held out his left hand to the head of Veronica, and stroked her hair. Then he put his hand back on the back. And Veronica lightly slapped on the right, and then immediately on the left half the priests. After finishing the last slap, I gently stroked her. Popa was hot.
By removing the left hand from the back of Veronica, I told her: - Can you get up.
But she and I lay on my knee, not moving.
- Veronichka! Come on my dear, Oleg said.
From these good words she cried even more.
Hands, I gently lifted Veronica, lying on the floor, holding the armpits. Pre-down the hem of her dressing gown on her ass. Rising, she got up on her knees. I again took up her armpits and lifted them slightly, helping Veronica feet.
Rising to his full height, she looked at me with tear-stained eyes. Hug, I began to stroke her back. In response, she put her head on my shoulder. I put his hand under the robe of Veronica, and touched her ass, which still glowed from the received slaps and whipping with a belt. Removing his hand from under her robe, I stroked through his ass a few times, gently leading downward. As I now quite a few boxed.
At this point Veronica said: - Oleg. I'm sorry again. Let's forget about what happened today at the nightclub. I need only you. I love you.
- I also love you very much. Well let's strike out this from our life together. What did you have me all - the same silly, said Oleg, Veronica stroking her back and kissing her on the top of his head.

Women's Day 2

I woke up by a phone call. "What a bastard rings at half past five?" - I become angry. Bastard was my boss Svetlana Igorevna. You see, she was to work today will not come, because feeling is bad, so I have an hour to bring the three papers to her home.
- So I'll wait for you, Katya, - weary voice cooed Svetlana and hung up without waiting for my answer.
I swore and nearly phone against the wall not shvarknula. It is to shove through the city two hours to listen to this nonsense women, and then through the cork crawl back. Yeah, she got sick ... on booze and peretraha. Well, no, it is necessary a "present" early in the morning! The mood was spoiled for the day at all.
Knowing that now will not go to sleep, I got up and wandered into the kitchen for coffee. What I saw made me furious. Yesterday sister arranged gatherings with her friends and left the dishes are not washed. Like a whirlwind burst into her room and tore the blanket:
- Get up, bitch!
Blond angel in a little sexual nochnuzhke yawned and asked in bewilderment:
- Kate, what are you doing ?!
- What? - I grabbed her sister by the hair and pulled off onto the floor. - What, you ask? Now you will see!
Not giving up, I dragged her to the kitchen. Sister barely keep up with me, crying and asking for release. However, I dovolokla her into the kitchen and threw it forward:
- What is it, bitch? Why the dirt? Why the dishes are not washed? Who of you will have to clean up, blyadina?
- Kate…
- I know my name! - I interrupted her. - And you can see, you need a good lesson! - I took the skimmer, sat down and patted his knee: - Get down!
- Katya, do not! - Tears streamed down his sister with renewed vigor. - I ask…
- How many times have I told you to clean up after themselves? - I was relentless. - You, apparently, talking to no avail! Get down!
With doomed views pulled Alena nightgown and lay down on my knees. I began to spank her ass reading the morals on compliance with the order and cleanliness. When I finished, my sister's ass was purple, and sister hoarse with sobs. Only it was not the end of what she knew. By putting it on my knees, I got dressed their favorite red strap and came back. Alain began to cry with pain more power, but obediently took the strap in his mouth and began to suck and lick. And I looked from bottom to top, besides suffering unfairly punished eyes of the dog. But I knew very well what she is the porch and did not pay her any attention kind of suffering. Finally, I took out a member of his mouth Alena, put it on his stomach on a table and began to fuck in the ass. At first she was bolnovato, but soon turned to groans moans of pleasure. So as not to shout, sister shoved into his mouth napkin. I fucked her roughly, goading her ass, knowing that a sex she does not like. Today, however, the goal was not to meet, and to punish the sloth.
Finally, satisfied, I stopped and took a strap. Alenka dutifully licked it. It was felt that a repeat of this morning, she did not want.
- So, my dear, - I said. - Now I'm in the shower, and you uber¸shsya here and make me breakfast. Clear?
Normally, breakfast itself I cook, but when I'm in such a mood with me better than to argue. So sister just nodded. When I came out of the shower, the kitchen is already shining, breakfast was ready, and Alain stood next to the table on his knees, his head bowed in repentance.
- You can also, especially when you "stimuliruesh" - I said, sitting down at the table.
Sister just sobbed, not daring to speak. I stroked her head and opened her legs, allowing to lick pussy. Alain clung elated. This meant forgiveness. However, incomplete. As an additional punishment, I wore panties Alyona with a vibrator in the ass, and snapped the padlock. For better memory, so to speak. Sister plaintive sigh, but he did not dare to object. I tried only! As a consolation, I let her after lectures to call me at work, so I took them off. little cheerful girl. Still, it is not necessary to wait until the evening at home, and I could and stay.
Parenting sister took away a lot of time. I had to work in the Institute of Alyona. Planting sister, good range of small, I started to move off, I was undermined another machine, for which the wheel was a cute brunette. As I pulled away, I will not crashing and without hurting anybody - I do not know. A brunette and even slowed down, showed me a «fuck» and rushed on. To say that I was furious - it does not say anything. Alain, in front of which it happened, was sitting beside him. I tore after him.
Apparently, these cases went before the brunette with the hands. However, not at this time. Popetlyat the streets, brunette came to the pool. Apparently, morning bathing, massage and other procedures for raising the mold. Our sister was a constant subscription, so we missed without talking. Brunette was found in the locker room, where it is, of course, changed clothes, humming something terribly off-key at the same time. Without saying a word, I loaded up her eyes. Brunette flew into the corner, something squealing. One jump Alain was near, wrung her hands behind her back and snapped the handcuffs. I walked over and squeezed his fingers More cheeks:
- What blyadina, like risky driving? And more «fuck» show at the same time? And the fact that you otfakayut not expect to complete? and will now!
- Hto you? - I croaked brunette.
- And you do not care? - I asked and took strappon out of the bag. - Suck!
- Yeah, you know ... - beginning brunette.
Several strong slap forced her to shut up and take a cock in her mouth. Dissatisfied, she sucks, I grabbed her by the hair and began to fuck a brunette in her mouth, spitted on dildo. After a few minutes, I just-returned brunette and putting ass up, began to fuck in the ass. Then he forced to suck and then fuck again. Former women in the locker room, crowding loudly commented on what is happening, mainly in extremely unpleasant brunette expressions, but did not intervene. Finally, after about an hour, I finished execution. Taking the handcuffs, we left. Following flew brunette somehow napyalennoy clothes. Jumping to his "Opel", she shook my fist and sped away. It is unlikely that she is now here will ever again ...
Finally, I got to work. The authorities, as we know, is not late, it delayed. And, since I was the boss, no one I dared not specify. I walked around the office, suggesting the rustle. They all pretended to work. View Rabotnicki only increased my anger somewhat ul¸gshuyusya after the pool, but not unyavshuyusya. I walked into his office, nodding secretary Lena and throwing:
- Erokhin me.
According to the office already flashed the news that "Ekaterina in rage and fury", ready to do anything extreme, so Erokhina rushed five seconds. Red-haired lass, a little older than me, was an independent view, ready to start otgavkivatsya. The motley was arrogant, his words did not climb. A couple of races, I have already cursed it, those clashes, in essence, ended in a draw, so now Erokhina ready to continue, but I was not going to spend time on hot air. It was necessary to punish such a way that will long be remembered. I turned and went to her:
- You blyadina cheap! You how much came today?
- Catherine…
- I know my name! - I stepped on it until it pressed against the wall. - I ask, how much did you come ?! -
- And you…
- C-bitch! - With great pleasure I slapped her a slap in the face. - You will still point me ?! Slut! - I have a few more times she kicked well.
Erokhin cry and jerked away, but I caught her by the collar and threw it to the table:
- Where, bitch ?! I have not started your education! - Then he looked to the reception: - Lenusik, not to let anyone! I'm busy.
Sekretutka smiled knowingly. She has several times held such "educational process", so that it is understood exactly what I'll do. By the way, on the Lena is quite beneficial impact .... It generally happy sex with me. He winked at her, I slammed the door and wing-it with a key.
Erokhin meanwhile stood up and straightened clothes. This is nothing ventured. Without saying a word, I grabbed her by the throat and squeezed a bit, threw it on the table, and then pulled hard after him. Riding a red, I leaned toward her face, hissed:
- How long it will last, eh? I'll pay for that money, a cow? For the fact that you're here my ass twisted? So? - Several times I hit her in the face. - No, blyadina, I'll teach you to work!
Grabbing her by the hair, I threw it on the floor and hit several times boots, then ordered:
- Take off your clothes!
- What?! - Amazed Erokhin.
- Undress, suchara! - I opened the cupboard and pulled out a whip. - Well!
- No, you do not dare!
The blow on the shoulder ozh¸g it:
- I do not dare ?! - Another blow. - You're going to strip ?! Or should I continue?
Each word is accompanied by a whip. Erokhin cried and began to undress. All ambition flew off the red at one point. Pulling out of the closet a few gentle cords, I laid Erokhin on the coffee table and tied her hands and feet to the legs. Then she began to whip the ass, explaining that she was a bad girl, always late, does not work well, and even argue with the boss. After the first shock Erokhina began screaming, then I picked up her panties and stuffed it in his mouth, tying it on top of the bra, not to spit. It remains only to mumble.
If red hoped that all will end flogging, it is deeply mistaken. In her eyes, full of horror, I took off my clothes and dressed up strappon. Not slowly undid her bra and panties pulled. Erokhin dutifully took the dildo in her mouth and began to suck and lick. And then it was time to asses fucked. However, I was not going to fuck her for a long time. To explain who she is, humble and all. Therefore, all the punishment subsided just half an hour. In conclusion, I took her by the cheeks and fingers, gently squeezing, he said:
- You're all clear, bitch?
- Yes, Madam, - said the redhead.
- Okay, - I nodded - wear.
As she frantically dressed (shorts, I did not give her to humiliate), I poured a glass of brandy and said:
- Have a drink and wash. Or so you will go? Helen will help you. Can you help it?
- Of course, Catherine A. - which became the secretary smiled.
Erokhin realized that the secretary to keep up with what's going on here, but will not tell anyone. She, however, did not know that the aid not only in the washing and make-up is. Sekretutka more and fuck with it makes. And this time it happened. By the way, Helen and later the victims of his fingers did not release.
I got dressed and took finally work. It is certainly for me no one will do. I had to work without lunch to catch up. Twice to me looked into Helen: "You can, Catherine A.?" After receiving my goodness, she locks the door, she climbed under the table and licked me. That same insatiable whore!
By two o'clock, when I deal with all the cases, said Alain.
- But tell me, dear, when you have finished the lecture? - I asked, taking a slice of pizza that prines¬a Alena. Sister blushed, but said nothing. - Since there is no response, we will assume that you lied. And for this you will be punished, my dear. Take off everything and dress it. - I threw her things.
While sister changing her clothes in the rest room, I folded the paper into the desired folder and call a friend:
- Zoyatchka, a thousand kisses! I'm sorry, dear, now will not work. Your Albertik free? That's fine, there are processing for it. I'll stop after half an hour.
Then came Alena. Hmm, I did not expect that kind of a fucking turn: transparent blouse, through which could see her breasts, red mini skirt barely covering her ass and easily guess the lack of panties, white stockings and red shoes on huge heels. He chuckled, nodded and walked to the exit.
Helen saw Alain, licked her lips and slipped her a note. My staff did not even think to pretend that work, all looked at Alain lustful glances. But she had a sister did not even think to be embarrassed. Hardened and eksbitsionistka nudists. To recall the history of the summer ... But it somehow then. In parting, Alain and more spun, showing their charms.
- You can be seen, like when you're being punished? - I asked, sitting down in the car.
- And there was nothing to give this outfit - sister retorted.
Well, that's my fault. I know the goddamned nature of his sister, why was encouraged. But, nevertheless, the last word was supposed to stay behind me.
- Today we have a Thursday? - I said. - Be patient, until tomorrow evening.
- And what will be there? - Alenka asked suspiciously.
- Remember Clara? - Sister nodded. - She went abroad for six months on a business trip, and let me live in her country house. Here there tomorrow and we'll go. On-ve-lo-lim-Xia!
Sister felt sad. When I say ass and other parts of the body sisters were expecting a serious test. It is not always true, but often enough.
- By the way, what you there for Malyava was from Lena?
- She offered a date tomorrow - smiled sister.
- Agree - I smiled. - Fun to be.
Snorting, Alain took me a cigarette and lit it. I just glanced. Against I had nothing to smoke, she sinned. We stopped to Zoe. Alenka ran and brought a large black dog.
- Zoe asked to return it today or, at least, tomorrow - said the sister, planting a dog in the back seat.
Passers-by in amazement glances toward al¸nkinoy ass ...
Fifteen minutes later we were on the ground and entered the gate of the house Svetlana Igorevna, my boss. The three of us got out of the car and went into the house, carrying a large bag. Svetlana's husband, Paul, an artist from the word "bad" type of consumptive bespectacled, instantly evaporated. Once, when I was with Svetsik make love, I told him popularly explained, who is who, since he prefers to avoid any contact with me. The mistress sat at the kindled fire, wrapped in a blanket. Depicting the patient. Oh well…
- Cheer, so ... - I stopped the chair and patted on the head, Svetlana.
- Yeah, sick ... - Svetlana Igorevna nervous, because I knew very well: such a weasel face big trouble.
As sung in an old cartoon "Premonitions not deceived him." Svetlana Igorevna grabbed by the hair and I pulled her out of the chair, rug, and then tore and a bathrobe, and has set itself. Y-yes, everyone would be so hurt. Before us was hol¸naya woman in the juice, only the shadows under his eyes betrayed a certain fatigue.
- Cheer, so ... - I repeated, suffused with righteous anger.
- Colds, Katya, - coughed a couple of times, unctuous voice said Svetlana Igorevna.
- Ah, the cold ... - I pulled, looking at it and taking off his jacket. - I understand: a cold, whiskey, fireplace ... - and continues to undress.
This is the beginning of a tightening effect is worse than spanking. Svetochka begins to tremble. She just does not know what to do: go down on his knees - like worthless, she's still the boss, try to command - funny, and so it is clear who is in charge. And then I take Alyona folder, open and reach out to Svetlana:
- Yes, while you're in the mind, read and sign.
What is there in the mind! Svetlana Igorevna can not take my eyes off zdorovuschego red strappon that I dress and not looking to sign strike sharply in the right places. No, I'm not an animal, I do not take a firm Sveta, just now I'm in control of it, while Svetlana Igorevna remained purely representative functions. Well, more responsibility if something goes wrong.
- So, with the little things done, - I said slowly. - Now start the main action ...
Svetlana did not have time even to scream as I poured it on the carpet and sat on his back. Taking filed Alena Coy whip, I started ohazhivat Svetochka whip on the ass:
- What dick calling so early? What dick Truant work? What dick chased me ... through the city?
I have always allowed myself to different liberties during sex, but now was the apotheosis. I decided Svetlana Igorevna humiliate and trample to always remember who is the chief of our company. Svetlana struggled and screamed, but I kept spanking, remembering all of her sins, real and imaginary, for many years, until her ass does not become purple-cyanotic. On the second floor flashed and was gone skinny bespectacled face is her husband, decided to find out why their cry. It is a pity that did not dare to intervene, I would have him too happy to pour lashes ...
Getting up, I sat in a chair, and Svetochka set a lap. She was crying, holding his ass.
- Well, what we cry? We slapped on the ass? - I patted her on the cheek. - Is not that what it was? A?
Svetlana Igorevna glanced toward Olena, filmed, and was silent. And then I gave her a few slap:
- Answer Bitch when you ask! It was for that ?!
- God was ... - mumbled Light.
- You see, my dear, she agreed ... - I smiled. - Now, take it in your mouth depraved and get to work.
Well, for Svetlana Igorevna it was customary occupation. How many times during these visits was engaged! We somehow at once so well established, it is the passive side, only the language and fingers caressed, but I did and strappon, and a vibrator, and sometimes pletochkoy with a strap. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed that too, Alain puts strappon, and showed his fist.
- Well, Katya, - said offended sister, - I also want to ... Well ... not vrednichat
- Not now, - I said. - I then change you, and you try to catch all the details. And more often face the face of this whore shoot. In the porn work!
Sveta something moaned in protest, but instantly obtain on tits whip.
- Speaking of boobs ... - Alain grinned and pulled out a chain with two clamps.
Svetlana Igorevna eyes widened in horror, but she did not dare not to interrupt obsasyvanie dildo, and squeak. A sister very deftly pinned clamps on her nipples and grinning pod¸rgala:
- Good sit!
I pushed Svetka:
- Enough sucked! Cancer becomes a slut.
And Svetlana obediently stood up, his hands on his coffee table and otklyachila ass. Dog Albert's obedient stayed where they left, watching closely what is happening and waiting for the moment when he con-quires. Zoya knew how to train dogs! Sveta occasionally mown with fear and obedience toward him, knowing that he had taken it for her.
I did not delay the process, and with one blow came in her ass and began methodically to fuck. Ass Svetlana was well designed, so we engaged in anal sex. At some point, I got bored, so habitual action. I came out of Svetka and her sister nodded. She enthusiastically gave me a camera and began to fuck Svetlana Igorevna. That something squeaked in protest, but soon earned by Alena on tits, not a whip, and whip.
Alena Svetlana put back on the table and continued to fuck her in the ass, yanking the chain. And still he demanded that she sang. And not just pop music, and something classic, like "Moscow Nights." Neither one nor the other do not know the words, but Svetlana something is trying to portray, and it corrects Alena. I barely on his feet laughing resisted. What are shooting! And her husband reappeared, probably wanted to find out what still is happening here. I beckoned him with a finger. Paul went down, pale as a corpse. So he had me just scared to tremble at the knees, I realized.
- Take off! - I gave him a camera. - If the shot is bad, I'll fuck in all holes. Clear?
And this weakling began to shoot his wife fuck! Ohuet!
We have changed the composition. I lay, Light dropped by a pussy on strappon and Alain continued to fuck her in the ass. It seems Svetik start to finish rapidly over and over again from the excess of sensation. Finally, having finished themselves pa¬ru time we stopped Alyona. Sis collapsed in a chair and lit a cigarette. Then he called Svetlana and raz¬vela feet resting on the armrests. Svetulka crawled and began to lick her. I looked at Paul captured. Hmm, he came out even better than I or Alena. Full of passion Svetlana face, fuck her strappon, we do, but none of the frame with my face or al¸nkinym.
- Excellent, Piero - I patted him on the sch¸chke. - Continue. From now on, be my operator. To leave at short notice. Clear?
- Yes Milady! - Paul Piero even bowed.
- Well done, allow to kiss! - I held up strappon.
And he kissed and licked the head. In a freak!
Just then Alain roughly finished. Taking Svetochka hair, I took her to the middle of the hall and said:
- Albertik, it's your time!
Dog, before quietly lying at the entrance, stood up and the two jumps was beside. He looked at me, twisting ass with the stump of a tail. I smiled at him and said:
- Everything is as you trained hostess. The most complete version! Start!
Smart dog barked and went to Svetlana head. I lashed her with a whip:
- That look, bitch? Suck!
Seeded Svetlana looked at me, took the dog in his mouth cock and began to handle it, reluctantly at first, and then in ever greater zeal. Alena, looking at it, began to masturbate, using the handle of the whip. I also experienced a surge of desire. Was attached to the ass Amy, I began to fuck her. I glanced sideways at Paul, he dutifully took off everything. Dog finished very violently, his sperm Bay Svetlana whole face, chest hair. I released him a place, and he began to carefully lick Svetke crotch, trying to get into the pussy and anus. This again aroused Svetulku. She got on all fours. Dock immediately threw his front paws on her back and thrust his dick into her pussy.
Fuck it Svetlana at a furious pace, sometimes promahivayas and getting a place in the ass pussy, but nobody cared. Sveta screamed bloody murder, podmahivaya dog. I was very excited, I put the cancer sister and began to fuck her. Paul continued to shoot and began to masturbate. And again dog filled her entire ass and back with his sperm. Sveta voluntarily turned and peeling off his dick. Albert waited for the end of the procedure, and then raised his right leg and urinated on her head. Opening his mouth, Svetlana Igorevna ecstatic caught his jet.
- Well, - I said. - And now zaym¸msya cleaning. Lick everything here completely.
It has been nothing. Svetlana tried and licked all over the floor. And then questioningly stared at me all for today? I laughed:
- No, beauty, there's something else. Crawl into the yard.
Light crawled on all fours. I took the camera and Paul skimmed. Everything was filmed in the best possible way, the guy is clearly a talent for it, and it is all rubbish malyuet. Glancing at her husband have stood in the yard and my wife, I gave Paul the pants leg:
- What froze? Turn on the water and wash my damn.
He quickly carried out the order. I filmed and it is.
- Can you stand up - I allowed Svetka when convinced that it is really clean. - Today, everything. Can tomorrow evening to relax, but by five o'clock, both must be willing to travel. I will call you. Clear?
- Yes Milady! - Spouses responded in unison.
Alyonka We got dressed and went to the dog. Zoya was waiting for us at the gate. We kissed her, I gave her an envelope, and praised Albertika showed a recording of his work.
- Umnichka you mine! - Zoe patted his head.
The dog put his front paws on his shoulders and repeatedly licked her face. Saying goodbye, we left.
Frankly, today's marathon me pretty tired and I wanted to bath and bed, but Alain has not yet been satisfied. When I lay in the bath, she appeared in the doorway with strappon at the ready:
- How, sister, ready for battle?
I explained to her where to go and what to do, but it was impossible to confuse Alain. She climbed into the tub, and, thrusting his hand between my legs, I began to fuck me with your fingers first, and then put ... strappon me in the ass. During intercourse, half of the water spilled out.
- Well, Now get everything blyadina, - I said.
- For the first time, perhaps, - he snorted Alena.
This time, she decided to sleep with me.
- Cach, and what you want to arrange tomorrow? - Alain asked, looking up from my chest.
- Tomorrow you will know, - I said, putting on strappon. - What are you still damn, Alenka. You're dead and make you fuck.
- Who's the teacher! - Sister giggled, pushing the legs.

My first gomoopyt

I'm an ordinary guy 25 years old heterosexual
problems with sex never really had. And in my heterosexuality it was normal, but sometimes there were "backache" I dream of al that to my ass pulled on a big, strong penis. While I do not want no man's affection or love and saliva, and pure sex and nothing more. I sometimes masturbate, lay on the floor, he threw his legs and rested them in the window sill, and thus, as it were pressed to a member of his same person. It was exciting to feel a hard, purple penis so close to his lips. I took it into his mouth, licking and sucking pridrachivaya and thus, when the sensation reached the peak, I merged into his mouth and swallowed the semen. Physically, this is not the brightest orgasm (cum try to twist in three deaths) but morally .... something in this case, such a wild and dirty - but nice.
Another liked the bathroom to smear the ass with something slippery and shove something, such as cans of varnish, creams and so important, that it is something that was round and elongated as a member. Last, what could "planted" This can of shaving foam (as it is quite thick in diameter), and in that position, planted as I began to spit Masta! rbirovat s presenting it in my ass big strong cock. Orgasm was stunning, and the feelings and the number of sperm, she squirted from a fire hose. All this of course is temporarily appeased my blue impulse, but eventually wanted more, I wanted to present a member rather than its substitutes. A couple of times acquainted chats with the guys, exchanged photos, talked, but it was limited to communication, something stopped me to meet, probably fear them. The constant struggle in the shower ... and wants and prickly.
Once, I met a guy on the site for gays. Young, tall, married, - with little experience in the subject. We agreed to meet with him in Hydropark (Kiev) to walk and talk, and there- the card will fall. So ... I go up, get to know (picture I've seen it at the time) the guy pretty, modest agreeable. We decided to take a ride on a boat to begin with. They stood in line for two hours took the boat and let's go to the open sea, under the name of the Dnepr. Heat, we are alone, bathing suit, I rowed and think "and if I could have sex with him ???" I myself would not suggest, ashamed and nervous trembling, but the desire to eat. we swam in one of the numerous coves on the Dnieper River, where there is no flow, a lot of reeds and willows bowed their branches right up to the water's edge. The people were few, because weekday den..lish couple of fishermen and a few campers onlookers. We with Oleg (the name of my new friend) too "parked in the reeds opened a cold beer. As time went on, the beer flowed and soon I stopped worrying a virgin, apparently the heat and alcohol do their dirty work, I began to attend vulgar little thoughts and anticipation began to fill member. I threw a glance at Oleg melting that Drood to hide his big sausage. Why do I know about the size of his penis? all just in the process of correspondence and we exchanged photos of officers and members.
Member of him and 19cm in diameter, about 5 cm. I immediately liked his cock, strong, with a large beautiful golovkoy..ya about this dream. He apparently caught my zglyad once in his swimming trunks, and suggested (as if by chance) together! masturbate. I immediately agreed and grebanuv paddle a couple of times drove the boat into the reeds completely so that no one of us could not see. Oleg took just melting and approached me. I also took off his own and we were standing in front of each other and were aiming their guns like a duel. The truth is I do not have a rosskoshny member like him, but the truth is just 16cm beautiful. I took the hand of his already standing member and began his pridrachivat and stroking, caressing the testicles, too, he caressed my cock by hand, and then squatted down and took it in his mouth. Oral skvernenky course he did, but I tried a little experiment. I will not describe my feelings at the same time, blow me, women are constantly doing and much more professional. So I did not get a blowjob from a super fun, I wanted something new, unknown. I wanted to try to make a blow.
He rose to his feet, and I sat down on a bench in the boat and just in front of my face he found himself "husky" rozbuhshey with a large head and tip, small, shiny and sticky Capel ka lubricant spun off from the field. I took it and licked the head of his cock completely. It has brought me so much, that already dimmed in the head and heart was pounding furiously in his chest and catch your breath. It was wild, it was dirty and unnatural, but damn exciting. I began to suck and lick his penis feeling like a dirty slut, and it's incredibly exciting. I wanted it to fuck me right here to see prices, I picked up and completely pulled on his big cock. I told him this and he did not mind. I became nachetverenki on a bench in front of the boat, leaned his hands on the side of both sides, he arched his back and thrust out toward the butt member. I remembered how porn girls out there in the ass and give their anuses poured semen and I wanted it so.
Oleg pulled the Member prezik and rospechatav bag with grease coming into the load with prezikami started to spread my ass and how to push it deeper into the finger while preparing sphincter penetration something thicker than a finger. And now, finally, he touched! member to my hole, I dreamed about this for years and, behold, my desire to the point of implementation. He pressed a member to the ring of the anus, and I remember my lessons in anal masturbation rosslabil maximum point and became a member of the slowly but surely moving forward. Feeling stunned, a bit painful, but it is a pleasant pain, and when it is fully seated me in the ass, I lost control of myself, I wanted him to me dryuchil hours in different poses hard and fast, like then as in porn, so it stuck, and I there was a big round hole, stuck to back without the help of hands, that member flew me to point the way flies in pussy some broken-down whore. And he fucked me, fucked fast and pretty tough, and I meet a member podmahivat ass like a bitch and it was great.
After some time I realized he speeded up and sniff postanyvaniya that it will soon be over, and I wanted him to cum in my mouth and face. I told him about it and he agreed. After another couple of minutes anguish of my ass, he stuck strongly and took prezik, I rozvernulsya and knelt, in such a position his penis just rested against my lips. I quickly began to masturbate him, stuck out his tongue and began as if to rub in the process of masturbation and beat a member himself of yazyk.Reaktsiya was immediate, he groaned, and sprouted my mouth tight jet of sperm, then again and again. I put away the mouth and sperm began to flow to me on the face and lips. I swallowed the sperm, it was a brackish taste, sweet and a little tart. Oleg finished and stood with a blissful view, and I'm still licking his cock and drove it himself on his lips. Now I had to finish me, because of all this, my cock was purple and streaked with grease and smermy. Because in the process of swotting, probably due to stimulation of the prostate and the juice dripping from it.
Oleg clung to him and began to suck, but because he did it slowly and awkwardly, I began to masturbate in his mouth and tongue to help it. Then I told him right before orgasm, so he pursed his lips and began to fuck him in the mouth. Barely a minute later, I went down into his mouth. He also swallowed the sperm and now gently licking my trunk. Such here and had my first homosexual experience.

A guilty right?

A guilty right?
Dedicated to Cyril.
All the events described in the story are fictitious, any coincidences are casual.
My chief's wife, Tanya, works something like the Secretary, strict woman. And he, well, not that that would deadhead, but soft so ... Here it is him then or whether to say, offensive, or there is a sharp, but he would say nothing ... well, in general, is not our business, just in my opinion not correct this, a man in a host family it should be. Although the woman, she is very beautiful, my 30 does not look in any way. So that it can be understood. And in general he's a man of the world, so little things the staff just do not touch. By Cyril have so much respect that his Tanya, we as a woman did not even look, well, just watched, but only a very peripheral vision, to the same person I was a little afraid of her)))
We are in this day gathered men's team in the bath, we do often to walk, sometimes with the girls ... I do spirits do not like, but the warm up and the girls I like it))) And today a major partner came to us at our office at he tied flooring business ...
By lunchtime Kirill gave Oleg, my colleague, the job is to bring to the office of the vendor, can not remember exactly, it seems, Semen Aleksandrovich name. Oleg went to the hotel, and we plunged into the work. Cyril in his office, Tanya everywhere but not with him. So quarrel in the morning, they usually do not swear, all the more in the team. Then came the supplier of such well, uncle 50 years, tum, gray-haired, balding ... with such lordly manners ... and immediately came to the chief's office. After some time, we went with the boys to smoke, I do not really smoke, but for the company ... Then out pops bosses office Tatiana, eyes burning, all red ...
Just in case I braked her: "What happened?" -sprashivayu. Here, let me then it can pass by Cyril had to cool off, and before you know it would not have happened ... But I called her, she stopped going to say something ..
And then Cyril jumped out of the cabinet. In the corridor I stood Stas, Oleg and his wife.
-Oh, you bitch, what are you doing, - he shouted.
-A place that would scream, think of me, you're my husband, - she said.
-Husband? at work I'm your boss, you ... you know what she had done,
Cyril yelling, not appeased.
-And that I should behave like a whore? - Tanya is already screaming.
The situation is heating up, and Stas Oleg, looks at them and afraid to move.
-Will, you'll be a whore, if you say you clearly a bitch.
-Fuck you, - in the voice of Tanya screamed.
-This ... now go to the bath, I'll show you a bitch, you're dicks
suck if I tell you, I realized - we guys just fell into the sediment.
-Come on, who do worse? Tatiana said quietly.
He ran out into the yard, got into his car and drove home.
Tanya turned and left the office. Where is this Simon A. I did not even notice. Tanya the way to evening and stayed locked up at night in silence and went out.
Before leaving, we cracked his fellows on that Cyril - (!) As a man Tatiana put into place ... and immediately decided to go to the bath. We're here, take a steam bath, rest the men drank and I did offer to order the girls. Here Oleg says that girls do not need that today we do not need slut. Here we come to torture him for that application? He says only lybitsya ... And here before me and it was to realize that the secrecy ... It seems Cyril was not joking ... and seriously going to bring in bath wife ... After this conjecture, I, unlike the fool Oleg is not happy, said the same thing: husband and wife, one of Satan. If we are here for you ... Tanya m, Cyril pouvolnyali as we have in Figure ... of course, he may divorce his wife, but this is unlikely.
And there is in my mind the idea get out of here quick, because Tatiana me by anyone, in which case, do not save. And who am I, that would save another man's wife? And maybe I would still decided to escape, but then the basement provider, Semyon Alexandrovich, and for some reason began to actively chat is with me. Painfully, he was surprised that I do not drink. In short, I did not have time to leave ...
A little later, Kirill arrived, and did not come alone (((when Tanya came in, in a robe over his naked body in the room, do not know how the others, but I still just stood on end ... From surprise all but Oleg ceased, and he as if nothing had happened, one word- Judas)).
-That is, yes, of itself -vydavil Andryuha.
-What are you Kirill said to me that this is your wife, boomed Semen
Aleksandrovich. "Well, sit down, do not stand the whole evening." Here before me was the dawn hike this uncle, which made -That insulting in relation to Tanya, and she did, too, see what is said here Cyril and get into a fuss.
He took his wife by the hand and led her to the table.
Our guys quickly fuss, freeing the best places.
Tanya did not utter a word.
Semen Aleksandrovich, aristocratic movement spilled over the vodka. This Razi instead of juice I drank sorokogradusnoy.
-And what will be the lady to drink? he asked.
-Nothing, I want a cool head, which would then in detail, tell it to my wife - she sehidnichela. Well, obviously, Tanya was not thrilled with the Blessed plans.
For ten minutes, the guys without me) drank somewhere 3 bottles of vodka, trying to fill
awkward pause. While the men were filled, I quickly analyze events, and quickly becoming drunk in my brain pictured the following picture.
Drunk and emboldened Kirill said something in the spirit of: "Well, guys, drank? It's time e.at whores. "Sd¸rnet with Tanya robe krutan¸t her a couple of times that we all have seen, evaluated before it is empty circle. Who cares, out of it after even a woman like Tanya, adult, mature, strong, not only breast and ass, but also the whole organism as a whole, fucked 7 men at once, it is the former would not like. And God forbid if the bruises and scratches remain only on slender legs, but looking at the harried Tanya think today she added here and bruised soul. And then Cyril presumably publicly give it in her mouth, but not just as cynical, to the point of suffocation. And what I saw at a surly Cyril hurry that he just gets drunk for courage. Now further understood but that after his wife Tanya perform suction, immediately connect Semen
Aleksandrovich, how do I proceed according to seniority ... poor girl, if she is not a great mistress doing blowjob, then she has blisters on the lips appear. Although there lips, their saliva to lubricate though she can, but moisten the perineum for so many men, it's just for whores with great experience. Although it again because now the sperm splattered from head to toe, so wet, it certainly will. Incidentally always wondered why traces of someone else's semen on the woman excite? It is believed that excites not the sperm and the woman she watered, it becomes, as it were sexier. Fucking kind of a strange woman introduced in my mind.
Tanya could not fully open his eyes, as prevented the sperm from the nose hanging droplet. Roth she held ajar, and from there flowed sperm with saliva. His hair was disheveled, on the neck stains fingers. From these thoughts I was right there almost did not finish.
After its good po..ut in the head, and other openings not escape his fate. There is certainly an option that still restrict the classics, if not this nice guest. His before the arrival of the chief struck a conversation and he told us how the conductor fucked in the ass. And judging by his comments I think Tanya's ass in great danger))). In front of me opened thrilling picture. What could be nicer than vye.at as the last prostitute her strict boss, according to the custom of the glorious city garden and Gamora?
By the way that's interesting to divorce Tanya Kirill after such violence against her? Principle of children they have, so they especially do not hold, although the family of course a pity. Who would have thought that Cyril ... so evil, or he just pi..r done for the sake of his wife sells dough? If so it would be better if she divorced him, and perhaps I better quit, despise those who make money selling the honor and conscience.
And so my options for action:
1) flowing downstream, well fuck and leave.
2) Wait a straight dump, and even more so to leave because I can not not men, this half-heartedness will not understand.
3) Save Tanyuha. Just I do not know how to others and I have developed a reflex to ask first whether they want to be rescued that they saved. And how to do it? If a minute later it will begin to ...? M-AH!
-And what is yours, Tanya and will not drink - suddenly asked
Semen Aleksandrovich
-Do not want to drink so let him work, I said a drunken voice. - Well, that's what I thought.
Turning, he bared her breasts, Tatiana is not resisted, just glared at all contemptuous look. That made me even more upset,
He got up, threw a dressing gown, appeared for all to see his fat hy, took Tanya's hair and roughly shoved into her mouth. The room was friendly sigh, no one but me, did not expect this.
Chef Tanya tried planting deeply, for the most eggs, she weakly tried to pull away, but to no avail, her breasts swayed to the beat of a powerful movement. Realizing that Rubicon pereyd¸n I decided to make a last attempt to save but do not interfere with conscience, honor already out of the question here.
Cyril, you Che oh.el? For you it so? - I said, just in case rising.
Continuing to move Tanya mouth Cyril croaked:
-Deserved blyadina, neh.y guests in the face to beat.
Now I began to understand everything. Dear Guest slapped Tanya in the ass, and she told him on the snout. Mdja-I. I did not think that such an asshole Kirill. Personally, I would also add a guest, even if the word. And he won Che creates. Well, actually assessing who is sitting where I left the table and stood up so that all would see.
Meanwhile, the chief fucked and fucked her in the mouth before the finish, pulled HJ and splashed it all over his face. Took a step, he looked at his wife.
Tanya's face flushed, carcasses flowed, she was breathing unevenly.
-Ai, Kirill, ah well done, which is not greedy, and Tanya you just super, -privstav said Semyon Alexandrovich. He realized that in order of seniority, and now it is his turn.
At this point, I yelled at him to "sit." He's back and sat down. I began using second pause:
-You Th opoloumeli guys, okay Kirill mind for the mind has gone, but you're the conscience of ASIC. -So far I say take a glass bottle of eyeliner in hand. Position guys stalemate and e.atsya want something and conscience who remained. Conscience is because the thing in itself, appears when he wants to, and if you forget about it, then it seems not, but who will recall may come and punch in the face, his kulakom- shame that would shame flushed face that to sweat that would be a question in your head "Che I done something?"
So guys silent that does not say, Semyon Alexandrovich, too, the type of broken only looked at me, just smelled heavy pizdyuley immediately fell silent. On the other hand, if we put our whole team chief obstruction to his plans swingers he's offended, it's hard to be the only bastard in the workplace.
Short for any last word Kiril, and he told him:
-I went nah.y g..don conscientious Come on ... - what he's going to say next, I do not know, because I stopped him in the head a bottle. I was lucky though and broke the bottle but the face of the boss is not scratched. Contrary to the laws of the genre in nakaut boss is not gone, but not very legible mats got on me. For those who rarely fought one against many, I will explain the moment of attack is often a hub during the discussion, if you do step back you definitely beat all, if forward, then there are options. I picked up the table and knocked over, turned it on Cyril, here have all jumped up.
Jumped to the head and drove into the sun on the left, grabbed Tanya, is now quite dirty, not only sperm but also a salad on the face))). I tell her that the dress would go. I turn to colleagues and say "Guys calm guy."
Going into the locker room where Tatiana was crying. rosettes put on a dressing table, and began to dress her fast, and never knows what will come running husband))). Odell, he dressed. They went out of the bath, put her in the car and go. Sam went home too.
On Monday, the work came to the dinner that would not lose time, wrote a statement at home. Say hello to Cyril, hands are not fed, gave him a statement he podmahnul, gave money, work back and everything.
Absolutely everything, she did not call me. It happens that for a good deed or who do not reward, because probably some good actions you make are not for people but for themselves. True it was nice to know that Cyril dismissed the entire company in a month)))

With the beloved Mom 3

In the evening I gladly returned home from work. My favorite son probably already peeking out the window and eagerly waiting for me. I smiled remembering his happy face when my lips encircled his thin young cock and sucked his head in his mouth. And the most I liked this moment to dizziness. The feeling in the language of the ribbed surface of his hard cock a great pleasure for me. And the thought of the forbidden fruit, the idea that I suck dick my native son was carrying me into dreamland.
Between the legs was felt discomfort. Panties clearly gained a juice that began to emerge from the slits as the house approached. In the lower part of the abdomen there was warmth that spreads to pussy, and rose to her chest. In the vagina the feeling that it began flying butterfly and its wings tickle my pussy excited memories. I tried to shift my thoughts, but it was not possible. Walking through the park, I saw a bench on which sat a lone man and sat down on the edge. I noticed that he looked looked at me and politely looked away. I leaned back on the bench and crossed her legs. He closed his eyes, but not completely, I unconsciously relaxed and gave herself up to dreams. When my remembering came to the hot jet sensation in the mouth, then I re-tasted my boy sperm and my legs tightened and tightened. One hand pressed between her legs to her pussy, and I huddled in the strongest orgasm.
When the ability to think back, I noticed that my neighbor longingly stared at me, his pants reared up and he squeezes his hand through his pants erection. I have not had the strength to get up and I looked as if spellbound on his manipulation of a member of the public in a public garden. He closed his hand a little magazine and continued to masturbate through his pants. He saw me watching him play and he seems to have enjoyed it to show me. And I just, finished in front of him. Finally, his hand froze severely squeezing bump into pants. He breathed heavily and loudly, leaning back on the bench and on his trousers became blurred wet spot.
I finally rallied, got up quickly and went home. Even if a man wanted to follow me, then wet his pants to him it was uncomfortable.
I opened the door my son.
- Mummy, you're a bit late today? I have dinner prepared for us and all the works remade you to rest. I love you very much.
- Igorechek, I love you too. And I always will. But now I want to take a bath. Then I eat. I was sweating heavily, I lied. Do not believe it, but I am, after all, was shy of his boy. Suctioned his sperm did not hesitate, and admit that finished outside of his memories, embarrassed.
Typing in a water bath, I plunged with delight in the warm water, feeling tired body begins to relax. The thoughts in my head started to come to normal. Ten minutes later, a bath, I felt fresh and full of energy. Coming out of the bath, I was pleasantly surprised, taking a table in the kitchen. Synulya really prepared very simple supper. And we are alone with him gladly ate. In gratitude for the cooked dinner, I tried to when washing dishes, that my robe behind taller bullied. My son was sitting behind and obviously with great pleasure beheld my mother's charms. I chatted with him about his school work, and his trembling voice knew my efforts to show their charms were not in vain.
When I closed the faucet and turned round she saw his eyes reddened with excitement son. My God, it is impossible so to torment the child, - I thought, and pressed his arms around his chest.
He clung to me and cried.
- Sonny - I'm confused - what is it?
- I do not know, I looked at your pussy, and I really wanted to kiss her, but I was afraid. I was afraid that you'd be angry.
- Calm down, son. Now I lie down on the couch and help you. You are now well helped me to dinner, and I'll help you relax.
I sat on the sofa in the room, with delight leaned back, put his feet up on the sofa bent at the knees and widely spread them apart. And since panties after a bath I'm not dressed, the face of my son not only was seductive pussy, but this was the pussy open. He opened his mouth and staring eyes he looked at this idea until I offered him the loser between my legs fingers and tongue.
- Just be gentle and careful, do not hurt my mother, - I warned him.
I saw my son was on his knees on the floor, and his face was between my legs. I closed my eyes and waited for his first touch of her mother's Picea. How happy I was when I felt his warm lips touched my wet folds, he paused, and then strongly pressed to the face and lips, pussy, sticking his tongue out and got into the mother's vagina. I listened with great excitement to the sensation in the vagina. Hot tongue son was rubbing on the walls, bringing me an unforgettable experience.
- Well, I finished on the way home, I -Think - but it would be finished quickly.
I felt a tongue added fingers, first one, then another. He gently with both hands wrenched sex lips and tongue penetrated deeper and deeper. My head and my whole body is gradually preparing to fly away. I tried to contain my excitement a little longer, it is very pleasing to have been fondling her own child. Discharge occurred unexpectedly. It was like an explosion, it was followed by another. I'm holding back the screams began to beat on the couch, and my pussy boy holding hands kept his his lips. This happiness has continued to sweep over me in waves and lasted about five minutes. Such long orgasm I have not experienced ever before.
Finally I began to calm down, took away his head from her pussy and looked at the floor. On the floor under his member formed a puddle of clear liquid. I raised a boy from the floor and sitting on the couch and sucked him a glowing and shiny secretions sweet pepper. And as soon as his cock entered my mouth, it seemed to me that I myself sucked out of him the first jet. This was followed by others are not so strong, but the same sentimental and warm.
- There is nothing more pleasant taste of native sperm, beloved son - I thought with his cock in his mouth, and with his mouth full of hot cum.

Short Stories: Oral straights; My first time; Balcony

Blowjob Naturale
Author: Serge
How many can remember, I've always been bisexual. But the guys I was always picky, so I did not experience so much. I tell a story of their lives ...
So I pull my friend. And quite pull ... And he middle. One evening we were sitting drinking beer with him at his house, and how the time flew by so quickly that I was going to go home, it was midnight. We decided that I would stay with him. We went to the store, took another beer, sat ... and he was just cut down (not so drunk as to sleep like), to such an extent that nothing can be heard and not seen, fell asleep sitting dressed.
I laid him on the sofa, he lay down on the other, and I can not sleep so much it wanted that a member of the stake as much as the thought. I lay tossing and turning for about twenty minutes ... could not stand it, got up, walked over to him and sat down beside him and gently put his hand in the groin area ... And the most batters have as much excitement! He began gently massaging his penis through his jeans, and he was sleeping as if nothing had happened. I think: "you should try it rastegnut jeans". Slowly, trying not to make noise, rastegnul his jeans and put his fingers into panties, began to stroke his cock, and he is not excited ... about ten minutes I sat, stroking his cock, trying so he did not wake up. Then he decided, cautiously lowered his jeans, then the pants and has been so coveted my dick was in my power!
I took him in hand and began podrachivat, leaned over and licked the head and tongue of this it has become a member of quietly excited, and why I was no longer able to restrain myself! I pounced on him mouth, as the sweetest candy and began to suck and lick! and now he was on full alert! such a powerful trunk! such a welcome! I continue to suck it up with even more passion and excitement on its own did not even notice that he was coming! As soon as his cum filled my mouth, I finished ... he swallowed all, I licked his cock, his carefully dressed and went to bed satisfied.
A friend of mine so do not recognize, and we had still friends ...
Story Author: Max
Hello. My name Renat I of Tatarstan I'm 21 years old, 178cm, 65kg, good-looking brunette. I want to tell you about my first experience with a man.
When it happened I was 20, I often began to think about a homosexual experience, but was afraid to try. But one day, by SMS on TV, I met with a man 35 years we corresponded with him, he wanted to mutual blowjob and fuck me in the ass and cum in it. and I ventured. We agreed to meet in the evening somewhere in 8. Before the meeting, I bathed, shaved clean and a little ass dick. At 8 o'clock we will see, he arrived at the meeting place on 10ke, the street was winter. he offered to sit for him. We talked, he offered to go to his dacha near, wash in the bath, to have sex. I refused but eventually agreed. When we arrived, we went there it was very warm good. He immediately began to undress, and I just so wanted to try to quickly baring pant ...
Seeing his penis was 20 cm long and thick, I was frightened, but the desire was taking her. We lay on the bed in position 69, he took off my pants and we took over the mouth member. I licked his head ... mmm his beautiful cock, licking tongue eggs from the head to the trunk of his, I'm so excited and started sucking this tasty cock completely took it into his mouth ... I relish sucking cock, licking the egg ... he also took my penis in her mouth, licking .. sucked, and stroked my ass, moistened finger and Suva in my anus, I baldel. All I wanted him to fuck me, I could not take it anymore ... I wanted to feel his cock in my ass.
I got cancer, he smeared my anus lubricated, put his head sharply and my hole and strongly introduced his thick cock in my ass .. AAAAA I was shocked, hurt so much I wanted him to come out, but he said, be patient conductive pass ... but the pain is not passed, then it came out better. We lay there a minute or two, and he slowly began to enter into me. OOODA it better, it was so nice .... he began potrahivat me .. I stood with cancer and jerked off his cock in a minute he did mnya fucked my virgin ass ... oh yeah, still another orgasm came quickly and he and I, his sperm filled my ass. Then we showered, and he drove me home. He liked it and he wanted more ...
Story Author: Poor
It happened all at once the new year I celebrated it with friends. We as always scored a bunch of liquor but also Olivier could not have done without. When I and five of my best friends had we waited for the girls in the apartment, but as it usually happens, they were late.
Suddenly our bright idea came to go in smoke on the balcony, as it was an apartment parents because then we were 16 years old and that would not sleep, we decided to smoke on the balcony.
Two of us went first, and the rest just stayed and as it turns out is not accidental, as soon as we left the balcony door shut behind us, and the output was not, we were lucky that the winter was warm, and then froze to all that is possible. The rest went quietly about their business who are in the shower, someone on the Internet who sleep. And we locked zadernuv curtains and turned on the music louder that would not hear as we please open the door.
We sat for about fifteen minutes and felt that began to freeze, and my friend suggested that hug to warm up. I was very cold and it did not refuse.
It was in this new year my father gave my friend an air gun, and he took it with him, you never know what can happen in the criminal area.
He took his father's gift from his pocket and pointed at me, at first I thought he was joking, but after his words:"On knees...." I very slowly ispugalsya.On rastegnul his pants and pulled out a member.
- Now suck-ordered it and reloaded the gun.
- No way, I said to him, are you kidding? Okay, so kidding!
- Shooting eggs! ... Count to five
I saw in his eyes the anger and hate, and decided not provatsirovat his eyes closed and slowly took his penis in her mouth. He moaned and jerked the gun but not cleaned .Not before he could finish commanded:
- Take off your pants and get up cancer!
- Shoot, but it is not I-byvat. he said, and turned away to wipe.
As for me, all of a sudden I felt something thump on the head and on all swam in his eyes after a few seconds I passed out. From the roar of my friends came running and asked?
- What is it with him?
- I do not know probably from hypothermia - said friend and we let into the house.
We decided to forget about the situation, but for this one I also all good podsosal and I finished it in the face! We are very well marked and entertained with the girls kotoryk still came.
p.s.Esli want to know how it was with the girls write komenty!

Happy New Year!

I congratulate you, my reader, Happy New Year! Let my gift is this dream that you dream New Year's Eve.
So. Imagine that you dream that you gently kiss me goodbye and say:
- Today I saw your new neighbor. I want it!
- Lena? I understand, my lord! When?
- Yes, this weekend ...
On Saturday the call of his neighbor on a visit. It is necessary to build relationships?
Arrange it in the living room in a chair that you love so much - with curved handles, which you love so much I wear a handcuffed or tied to fuck in front or behind.
Without tricks I go to a neighbor behind and pounced on her neck rope.
- What are you doing???
- Shut up, you fool!
- Stop! You're that crazy?
I pull the rope so that Lena wheezed. I lean to her ear and softly explain that it is not necessary to twitch and scream - too. Corner of my eye I see how tears rolling on the gentle cheeks.
- I'll just let go of the rope, and you spolzesh to the edge of the chair, to your pretty little butt hanging from the edge. Do you understand everything? Do not jerk and do not scream, I still anywhere insulation is thy cry can only annoy me! Nod.
Lena nodded.
She almost slipped, as I commanded. I tightened the rope and tied to the back. She can still jump, but only with the heaviest chair in baroque style. Then I quickly tacked first one arm, then the other arm to the armrests. Now the girl shackled securely.
- That's it, honey!
- Vic, what are you doing? Stop! - Lena sobbed.
I shake my head:
- You like to be or whore or have to give without wanting. Better to relax and enjoy.
- Vic, what are you going to do with me?
- I? With you? Nothing - shrug and leave the room for the camera.
I come back. I turn on the camera.
- Spread your legs.
- Wick, look! ...
- Spread your legs, bitch!
Beau Lena's face.
Whining, but spreads. Hats rising above a little white robe short shorts, tight outer lips sex. Superb views.
- Raise your legs!
Lena executes orders. Slightly lift the hem of her robe to better relief was visible between the inner surface of the thighs.
- Where such sandals got? - On small feet Lena home flip flops on a small heel and with a white edge, closing the toe.
Lena only sob in response.
- Let for hire?
- Of course, of course, Vic, just ...
- Shut, stupid ... - I'll break it.
- Let's see what we have here.
I unbutton robe Lenin chest. She squirms, to give me to do, but stop attempts, grabbing her by the throat without difficulty. Robe unbuttoned completely.
- Good! - I weigh breast girl in his hands. Unfasten one girl's hand, I take the camera again.
- Dotyaneshsya tongue to the nipple?
Lena looks at me pleadingly.
- Wick, look, I'll go to the police, I'll ....
Again beat Lena's face. She quickly lifts the breast by hand and reaches for the nipple tongue.
- Clever! - I say, when it touches the tip of his tongue to his own nipple. - Now bend the back and then lying in the chair as the old bag.
Lena arched, her breasts look up at the ceiling.
- Excellent! - I say, taking the camera on Lena.
- Vika - tearfully asks Lena. - I'm so uncomfortable, sick ass and back. And neck.
- Be patient a little longer ... And in general - how you ebat- then be ?!
- And? .. What? .. I will be ...?
- And you that thought that I'll just shoot, and all? Heck! You're mistaken, my dear! Sorry!
- However, Vick ... - Lena nearly cried.
Ignoring her screams, I brought a knife.
Lena looked at the blade that I was holding in his hands, with utter horror. But when I sent the tip between her thighs, she spread her legs perky.
- Clever girl. - I praise her and ripped her panties.
- M- m- m- m, you are completely shaved ... Charming. My lord will enjoy ...
- Ka ... Which as a lord?
- Which is to fuck you, of course! So now Zaderey feet wide and push the them has done with the nipple that you did before. Do it, bitch! ...... Well done! Now bend your knees. Do not move the hips! Large toes connected. Feet draw out, you fool! So, umnichka! Yes, you have a born porn star! Let's see which of you will ... Well damn, what Revesz? I told you, relax! By the way, do not tell anyone anything, and that pictures will be distributed throughout your friends, parents and friends. And a lot of people will confirm that you adore to pose ... and fuck like that ... With all sorts of perversions ... beheaded? I see that the truncated ... Oh, I need to prepare for the coming of the lord - I looked at the grandfather clock. - Stay here, do not go anywhere!
I clipped the arm of the Lena to the chair and went into the bedroom. I wore wide wristbands with rivets, wide bracelets are buttoned at the ankles, wearing a collar, fastened the chain to the nipples and pussy petals. Returning to the living room, I sat on his heels near the Lena in a pose soldering girl, putting his hands on his knees.
- Mister will be here any minute. From you nothing special is required - only to be submissive and to perform all of his or my orders. You understood?
Lena with horror in her eyes nodded.
You put a chair in front of us very close. Looked at us approvingly treplesh my cheek. I sit down next to your new toy. Her face turned toward the ceiling, his eyes screwed up in helpless humiliation. For the first time her naked or something, a man looks at a stranger?
- Why not removed her robe?
I have a snack sponge. You're demanding stretches his hand to me, and I quickly put in it the ends of chains, strapped to my lips sex, and gently puts his knees. You pull the string and my sponge in the grip of crocodiles almost detached. Shipley, and you're doing a circular motion with your fingers.
I crawl into a corner of the living room, open the cupboard, take the stack and crawl to you, holding it in his teeth. You take it out, and I turn to you ass. You beat me slightly. I gratefully otklyachivayu ass and play it, swinging her hips.
- Yet??
Again, I get a slap, and then feel like a stack penetrates into my pussy. Pretty mychu.
- Okay look, we have a new bitch.
- Robe ... Correct?
- Not necessary….
I climbed to my feet at the same time with you, undress you. Member has raised. Awful want to touch him, to take on the lips, but so far I can not. You come to Lena, your dick touches her clenched fists. She withdraws her hand as far as it can be in handcuffs.
I went back and grabbed her by the hair, pull down sharply. Chin girls vzdergivaetsya head hangs over the back of the neck to the crunch.
- What are you doing, bitch? Lord wants you to take his cock into the handle!
- You have a fragile neck? - I smile in a pink ear and pull her hair.
Lena's fingers unclenched, she turns her hand, and your penis lies in the outstretched palm.
- Work on, girl!
Lena squeezes your cock and starts to masturbate. I look at you, and in obedience to the slightest change of expression on your face, the command:
- Faster ... More! Stroke crown! Clever! Dick, fuck who you be, hard .. .. They pat testicles swollen .. Mind you, bitch, Mr. sperm -?!? We two. So do not even count on the full dose of ... Mr. ripe to fuck a new bitch in the mouth? Now!...
Lena again grab the hair and turn her head to one side. You're already there. Next to me, and the face of the girl. Your crimson head pokes in a tightly compressed sponge full of Lena.
- Open your mouth, be a good girl.
- Open your mouth, bitch, I said! - Compress delicate cheeks plump girl fingers so that she has to open her mouth. - Do not try to close his little white teeth, bitch, and then you can be short of them!
Your dick gets into Lena's mouth depth.
- Well, you see ... very scary! Now that really took in the mouth, so that break? Come on, caressed the tongue!
I look at you from the bottom up. You're a pretty smile, then, Lena is still corrected and is trying to do something. Then you pulled out a member and guide it into my side. Any time grateful suck hard dick, serving his lips and tongue. Then again, the guide head in the mouth of the Lena. Her lips, though weak, but move on trunk entwined with veins. I see that you want more, and start to stick the hair on the head of Lenin dick, occasionally tossing it back and nasazhivayas mouth itself.
Finally, you decided to fuck Lena. I order her to lift and push the legs. When she appeared before you fully disclosed and defenseless, I puts your head on the delicate petals of Lenin, reveals her pussy, and you dramatically input. Bites his lip, wanting to me, too, penetrated dick. So sharply and immediately to the heart of ...
I manage Mr. behind, hugging his stomach and pressed his back to the tits and ass - pubis. I feel the blows, he gave me. Almost finish ...
- Vick, caress me!
Kneels down, insert your hand between the man's legs, caress shaved testicles, caressing the trunk. My fingers occasionally imprinted in wet pussy Lena, near the entrance there. Men's elastic buttocks hit me in the face.
- She was wet, so you fuck her! - I'm a little disgusted and razdasovana - bitch gets more fun!
- Sir, can I caress yourself?
- Good!
Stumbling in a hurry in the chains, run his fingers through his sweltering pussy. Cumming almost immediately, writhing on his arm, moaning and kissing male buttocks.
- Vika! - Command the you. I emerges from the pool of ecstasy. I obey, trembling with anticipation.
I manage a couple copulating on my eyes. Lena Cheeks flushed, though her eyes and closed. But sponge - contrary parted. With them breaks a quiet moan, every time dick rammed deep into her pussy. Then I step over Lena and plunk down at her. My popchka - her pubic hair, I'm wide open in front of you feet, resting her fingers to you in the chest. It lord just four holes, any one of which he can choose to fuck. Unless you prefer pussy, planting it me, Lena. You lift the chain on my breasts. My nipples are pulled up, squeezed into the crocodile. I shudder and from shock in me, from gentle sore nipples, and from blows to the girl, they, too, are given in my body, so they are strong. Cumming again, comes in moaning and shuddering on the elastic girlish body. When I come to, Lena sometimes sobbing, sometimes quite moans. Gently stroking her thigh, feeling as they walk shaking ...
- Vika!
I jumped down from the Lena.
- Who do you want in the ass?
You in thought looking at me and stretched in a chair Woman, leaning his head limply in his chair. It does not react to your words ... obkonchalas, Mean Girls! Between her thighs wide apart all glistening from moisture and lips were red and swollen.
- Do you really want in the ass? - You ask me.
I press my passion to you, whisper:
- Fuck me in the ass! Oh please!
You lie down on the sofa, and I hasten to you, press my buttocks to your stomach, whispering:
- Insert me himself, I beg you!
I feel like you puts hot head to my anus, and then planting the most eggs. A member of the whole in the juices Lena penetrates immediately, overcoming sphincter easily. I pierced by a dick and moan, dutifully podmahivaya gross invasion in the ass.
Any time I give myself mindlessly and furiously, and then finish, comes in ecstasy.
You fuck me rhythmically and long planting in the ass, and I kiss your hands, suck fingers, unable podmahivat. Only my foot rests on your hip, that you would freely move in me.
- You want her to lick you? - You ask, and I am delighted to agree.
Away from you for a short time in order to unlock the handcuffs. And unleashes a roughly pull the rope on the neck of Lena.
- Get up, bitch!
- What more do you want from me? Please leave me alone!
- Well, no, dear! You, I think, has got a fairytale? Or I decided that finished a couple of times, and that's your function ran out?
Lena cute blushing and without resistance allowed to drag himself on a rope to the couch. I lay down again and sent your dick in the ass. Crossed his rhythm comes to you on the hip, he pulled Lena:
- Zero on, bitch, lick me! You see, my child misses unattended!
She bent over my crotch, and her tongue timidly touched my wet petals.
- Lick! Sucking clit and lips! Cutting my chain, but cautiously, a gentleman can do it a lot! - I ordered and moaned over me sensations. My ass squeezed tight rough fucking her dick and girlish lips and tongue gently fingered my pussy. Then you began to play a chain on my nipples, and I flew in a non-stop orgasm ... ..
- Do you want to finish me in the ass? - I asked, still panting from the orgasm marathon.
- No! Only a new whore in the mouth!
- I want you to come, my lord! I can no longer stop! What are you doing with me? O o o, you threw it! ...
You sat down, he leaned back. Lena I sat in front of you, and she settled on your chest. Affectionately looking at her, I told her to suck, expanding its disposal the capture of her hair. Lena barely had time to reveal sponge, before flying to her mouth member.
- I swallow? - I asked.
She mumbled something in response, squinting hard and treating your cock. What especially contributed to my hand, presses on the back of her head.
- Aspirated carefully! Cum in half, remember, bitch?
Lena nodded that a member of his mouth was particularly impressive, and I clung to you and his tongue began to caress your nipples. And here you growled, you arched on the couch. I quickly slid down to your feet, took your dick from the captivity of Lena's lips, opened her mouth, waited until you became a fill our faces white fountain. I sent it spasming dick his mouth, then Lena, swallowing and swallowing treat. Thick liquid dripped down his chin, slipped to the tips of her breasts, dripping on the carpet.
I adoringly lick member, sometimes allowing you to do the same thing to Lena that moaning softly, her eyes closed, as if in embarrassment. I slipped my hand between her legs and felt light tremors in the wet hole.
- You're finished, my girl! Sir, your new bitch just finished what you otebal it in his mouth and bit her and fed with sperm! I think it will suit you!
Are you squeezed his eyes shut patted the girl's cheek. She opened her eyes and looked at you. Then I hugged her and we began to kiss your eyes, savoring and passing of sponges sponge your cum ...

Evening sensations

Summer, Saturday morning. The temperature reached almost up to thirty degrees, a rare breeze passed through the high-rise metropolis home.
On that day, Masha woke up in the morning in an apartment all alone. Taking a cell phone and called my mother, she learned that the parents went to the cottage early in the morning, and come back the next day in the evening. Sweet yawn, and realized that she was alone in the apartment, she happily jumped out of bed and ran to the shower. Yielding unknown mischievous instincts, she climbed into the shower door did not even shut the bathroom - it is still no one! Carefully vymyvshis, brushing teeth and wearing bath slippers, he jumped out into the corridor to a large mirror, and began to style your hair and smarten up. To his credit, the reflection in the mirror was openly tempting - in his 15 years Masha looked like a fairy - a slim figure and strong thighs, two small breasts ideal droplets looking in different directions.
Finished direct beauty, she pulled on a pale pink top and a brand new pink lace skirt, which is from the United States brought her father a week ago.
On home affairs was not, and Maria went for a walk with the dog, a Maltese dog. This puppy she bought 9 years old, and they were the best of friends. And the defender has been excellent. During the walk, the phone rang. It was Dimka, her classmate. Dimka she liked, not a bad guy, just like all the boys at this age are very puffed up and pontovatsya front of girls.
- Hello, Mas, look - we've got a party I planned, parents in the country. Today, even my uncle comes, it is in the north, the military. His parents can not meet, I was punished. You come? More Tone Lyokha will.
Thinking Masha agreed - still the whole day free. In the evening brought myself up and went to Dima - was not far to go, he lived in the house next door. In the elevator, she was faced with Anton, he rattled a bunch of packages in beer bottles. It can be seen have a drink - she thought.
Uncle Dima came to near five o'clock in the evening, by the time Lech, Anton and Masha had already come and drink a bottle "Nevsky Ice". His name was Yegor, he looked years 25. With him he fetched a bottle and a pair of the Absolute "baklazhek" Obolon. Looking at teens, he lost heart, pozdarovalsya and went into the kitchen.
Feast was excellent, the guys got drunk almost INSTANT - enough for a pair of glasses of vodka. Masha did not drink vodka, but beer it is very amused and liberated, she laughed at jokes Yegor military and ceased to hesitate. Uncle turned Dimkin second lieutenant amphibious troops, arrived in Moscow on vacation, take a walk with friends. In the course of the feast he was always telling stories and military history. The children of his life experience seemed just huge, they respectfully looked at Egor.
Vodka Lieutenant drank almost single-handedly, punishing guys do not drink a lot. Beer drinking, however, he allowed, believing that nothing bad will happen.
Pretty drunk, the company moved into the living room, settled down on the couch and turned on the TV. Masha climbed onto the couch cross-legged. Creased skirt and opened her eyes panties girls. The boys did not notice it, but Uncle Yegor threw a very strange look on Masha.
The whole party was a success, all the beer drunk guys razomleli. Masha and fell asleep on the couch - before that she almost did not drink, and alcohol took his.
Three guys decided to run for the additive. Girl they will not become, a call to an adult did not dare - muttering "We are for the additive - will soon be" they have put and out.
From drunk alcohol razvezlo me. I sat and closed his eyes thinking about the very different, almost asleep. I heard the boys were going to"For additive". "Let" - I thought - "I feel so good". Alone with leytinantom I felt the strange look. Opened his eyes, I looked back. The sight of Uncle Yegor felt something primal, I felt that I was very drawn to it like a magnet. Seeing that I was awake, he sat down beside me and started stroking my legs and gently l¸gonko. I was silent. In my heart I was in a panic, I did not understand what I do, how to behave with this adult. While Egor leaned over and kissed me on the neck. murmuring "Do not be afraid"He took me in his strong arms and carried her into the bedroom. Closed the door, he immediately undressed and approached me.
- Ch-ch-you do - I'm frightened probomotala.
- Do not be afraid. - He repeated.
Bending down, he pulled off my first topic, and then her skirt and panties. He began to cover my body with kisses, gently stroking my chest.
I could not help it, I just could not stop it all - I was drowning in pleasure, mixed with alcoholic fog.
Paratrooper leaned over me, pressing his whole body, and I felt something hard between your legs. I began to squirm, trying to escape, but it was useless.
He fixed me with a kiss on the lips and abruptly entered into me. It should be the same, but they say it hurts ... I almost did not feel anything. He began to move inside me, still kissing me. A dozen of frictions and I "departed". It was the first m orgasm of my life, I lost control of his mind, vzepilas at him, trying to hug her man. He continued to move in me, I was covered with waves of pleasure. I lost track of time.
Suddenly he pulled Resko penis and began to finish my tummy. I lay there with my eyes closed, digesting new experience. He dressed and went out, and I did not want to leave and I fell asleep ...
When they came back, took off his shoes and went into the apartment, they heard a strange noise from the bedroom. Opened the door, they saw the trooper fell on Masha. From under his overweight body could be seen only the legs girl, they like staring at the ceiling, wrapped around his waist on both sides. Uncle Dima actively puffed and moved back and forth, Masha, is only faintly squeaked in time with the movements. It seems no one noticed the return of the children.
Dima first came to his senses and reasoning that go now would-be very tactless, quietly closing the door, he turned. He was looked ochumevshih two pairs of eyes and excited - it was clear that what he saw left a very deep impression.
- Let's pretend that did not see anything, - whispered Dima
- My dick is now explode! - Anton whispered in reply, - you are what you want, and I'll discharged.
The boys moved into the next room and began to masturbate. We finished it very quickly.
Here neighboring door opened, and the uncle came out on the go zast¸givaya pants. Glancing at the children in the hands of the members, he smiled and said:
- I was there with your girlfriend struggled a little bit, it is you do not bother. And you, I see, on edge.
The guys were all red, on the whole situation and the fact that an adult found them for masturbation. Lech muttered:
- I'd rather go home.
The rest of his silent support, quickly gathered and washed away. Uncle Dima also began to be collected:
- Not bad sat, thank you, nephew. If that - I always call. And I have time - I am today with the men agreed to cross, some things are planned. visit
Shook hands, Dima stayed in the apartment alone.
Almost one.
Peering into the bedroom, he saw Maria curled up quietly sleeping on the bed. Sitting side by side, he admired in her young, first formed body, covered her with a blanket and walked quietly out of the room.
The next morning he woke up, he discovered that one. Masha got dressed and went home early in the morning.

Fantasy ¹1

- What do you stand, bitch, take off your clothes, quickly! - He said in an icy voice.
She quickly began to take off her clothes. After removing all she remained standing in front of him completely naked.
- You very badly behaved and deserves the most severe punishment,
She went to meet Him.
In her mind confused thoughts, what he thinks about the fact that she wrote to him? And suddenly it all he did not like all of a sudden he was expecting something else? But he appointed this meeting, then, did he like it? At the same time she was very excited and thrilled that she will have to go through today, she could not believe that it will happen really.
She went into the building, went up to the desired floor and stopped in indecision, if she can do all the things she wanted, like whether she herself really do all that much about what she was fantasizing.
Finally, she decided, and walked in the door.
Today it was not so, as always, his eyes were very serious and tough. She looked at him and involuntarily dropped her eyes.
Heart pounding in her chest, it seemed an eternity before she heard his voice:
- Are you really a real bitch, once you have such fantasies. His voice was different, he said very seriously icily.
Her face flooded paint. Of course, she was glad that he said these words, which meant that her imagination like him and he is ready to be today, its Lord, ready to help her discover herself in an entirely different light unusual. But she doubted wildly embarrassed, if she can do it herself? But no turning back, it has to go through all this to the end.
He went forward a little pause, she went after him. Entering the room, he closed the door and sat on the bed.
- Are you ready? He asked.
- Yes my Lord! - Her tongue refused to obey. Write it and say it, are two very different things. But she still said.
- As you stand, bitch, take off your clothes, quickly! - He said in an icy voice.
She quickly began to take off her clothes. After removing all she remained standing in front of him completely naked.
- You very badly behaved and deserves the most severe punishment, he said.
- Today, you'll be my bitch, and the bitch is necessary to kneel before his master.
She quickly dropped to her knees.
He put her collar and asked:
- You know what awaits you today?
- Yes - she replied.
- Answer me, as it should be, he said, taking her by the hair and threw back her head up.
- Yes, the owner - she said.
- Well bitch now you get what you deserve.
He took a rope and tied her hands tightly behind his back, and then tied her handkerchief to her eyes.
He bent it down, so that her ass was sticking up high. Then he took the belt and put some light spanking.
- You can moan, but do not try to yell, he warned her.
With these words he swung more feasible and struck a pretty strong punch.
From this blow she shivered all over, but a red mark was left on her ass. He waited until she calmed down, letting her feel the blow to the end, he swung and struck the second blow just below the first one. Now, next to the first strip on her ass she wore another red stripe. She just bit her lip and moaned, not daring to shout. Then he struck a few quick strokes. After that he again put her on her knees and is now engaged in her breast. First he kissed each nipple, caressed them with his tongue, slightly biting. And when it is clearly beginning to enjoy it, he took the line and the tip line has hit her left nipple from the top down.
She jerked back and whined, but returned to his former stance and froze.
- Need to say "Thank you, Mr."
- Thank you, Mr. - The end of her sentence coincided with the beat, stronger than the first, on the right nipple.
- Thank you, Sir, - she bit her lip and tears glistened in her eyes. After that, he was attached to her nipples clothespins, again bent her down and continued to flog her ass.
From all this, tears welling up in her eyes, but she continued to moan, biting his lips.
He ran his hand over her pussy, this time she was all wet from the secretions.
- Well, what do you think is enough to punish you, or you need more? He asked.
- Please, stop, I beg you - she pleaded, no longer need.
- Another five strokes think will do you good. He said, and quickly began to blow after blow.
She writhed, moaned, but still did not dare cry.
Her ass was crimson red and burned with fire. He rudely entered her and became very quickly fuck, each time bringing unbearable pain and at the same time with what incomparable pleasure.

Help a friend

Help a friend
After the accident I was strong with a fractured spine spent six months in hospital, and then another month at home. With the help of his wife and sometimes started up with great efforts to reach a toilet. The lower back pain is still sharp, and his legs like cotton. Do not smell. Marinka, my wife, to torment me considerably, but patiently took care of me. But apparently there is a limit. Tired she was. Under the eyes of designated blue shadows. Wrinkles. Participation failures, became nervous, which is twitching. I respond to every little detail. I realized what was going on - more than six months without sex. In recent years, at home, I tried to revive with the help of a blow job my boyfriend. But in vain.
He lay in bed and as I am. After these unsuccessful attempts, it is closed and communicates only with a five-year son. I fully understand it. Prokom neither me, nor none of my penis. But a woman must constantly meet. Finally, I broke down and called a friend.
- Hi, Misha. You can drive up to a week, or at least for five days?
- What happened?
- Mish, not by telephone. At a meeting to tell.
Bear came two weeks later.
- Nus, rasazyvay.
And I told him about our family problems.
- As far as I know you like her, you tell her, too. - Your task is to replace me on bed rest bed, sleep for a week with Marina. Unless of course you agree. Maybe it will calm down after sex therapy.
- Hmm ... do ... Well. Debt good turn deserves another. I agree. Especially Marinochka I really like it. This appetizing ass like anyone. Everyone will want her to thrust.
Here I should explain what kind of duty in question. Two years ago, I also called the Bear and asked him to come to them. I was on vacation, got in the car and after a couple of hours was at home, in a small town. Just like him, I asked then what is it?
- Do you remember Luda postpartum strongly recovered. Sex we had not often. She focused on the child. A year ago, something happened to her. She suddenly began to look after themselves, went to the gym, in the pool, sometimes basketball. Six months later, it was not found. She lost weight, perhaps twice. It became flexible Sbitnev, mobile and slim. Well, you saw today. But this is not important. And the main thing is that she had her whorish manners. She began to flirt the right and left, allowing himself to touch. Well, if whoopee, what with pleasure gives stroking ass and tits. Especially during the dances.
- And do not dance like? - I asked.
- Yes, easily. Werth before the men booty, teasing, so slapped. Or come with the men alleged to smoke, and who sticks to nibud.-
- So she's not smoking!
- So that's it. A man can not iron, especially when you stick to such a sweetie. Well, it priobnimet like the waist, and there is already a hand above and on the breast. Or the pope. She smiles shyly, removes his hand, and then think of something again.
- Do you think she was fucked on the side?
- Who the hell knows. So far, I think not. But this goes. So I wanted to, that was it with anyone anyhow, but at home, under control. - Bear paused, and then added - What help?
- I am pleased - and I remembered how I met Marina, a brightened her beautiful glazik. - Who from this tidbit refuse.
Ludmila I liked, sometimes up to adoration. Beautiful nose line, round eyebrows vrazlet, beautiful mindalinki eyes. I allowed myself compliments in its address, but no more. You can not fuck wife friend. Taboo. This is his woman. Even if you lose your head when dealing with it. Otherwise, the world will collapse. Friends will not. And here on you. You can officially her to fuck, well, or semi-officially. Especially if one asks. That is to say with pleasure. With a very pleasant one. And so tasty.
- And how do we do that? - I asked.
- And you are likely to do nothing and then do not be. I am at work, I have four pairs. Up to three I was in the classroom. You have time shaft. Lyudka likely you will remove itself.
It is as the water looked. Waking up in the morning, I washed and went into the kitchen. And there ... Oil Painting. In general, everything is fine. Luda was standing at the stove and something planed. Prepared in general. Nothing wrong with that. This is normal, when a woman in the kitchen cooking. If it were not for one thing. As she was wearing. No, no, not naked. And the pants and blouse she was wearing. Picture this. Young slim, slender woman with a mop of curls cherry color, expressive green eyes, who at the sight of me, who came into the kitchen, glad smiled. Beautiful mouth slightly languid voice said narastyazhku:
- Hi, - eyes openly rejoiced at my appearance in the kitchen.
- Hi, - I replied.
On hostess were kipelno white pants made of translucent material that tight, snug in oblipku her curvy ass and beautiful slender legs. From the knees down they fell kl¸shey bells. At the rear, at the waist, sharply shone white checked pants, which is pop shone pink skin tint. When Lyudochka turned to me before, pubic translucent lace panties the same. I must say that in this outfit any woman's ass looks very tempting. The tone was pants and a long shirt to release. Too white, translucent, with a light gray cell. Through the shirt was read white bra.
The three top buttons undone so that the bottom is visible, and the edge of jumper bra cups. Among them stood out forward and upward seductive sisechki. They were obviously closely at this shirt. In general, the more Vidocq. So go to women and girls walk in the evening in the park or on the waterfront, but not in the kitchen, cooking breakfast. When that was clearly noticeable that Lyudochka rather than preparing a meal, how many turns, trying to make profitable and seductive poses. Well. Her idea was a success. Any young man always wants, and even more so in the morning, when hormones rod out of all the cracks and the erection is enhanced automatically. And then there's a movie show.
Barely a minute later, as I walked to Lyudochka behind, and with the words:
- What a beautiful and seductive in your ass, and I want to touch her hands - put her hands on the sides on the buttocks. Luda paused, stopped stirring spoon salad, but my hands are not removed. A playful voice asked:
- And what, I just pop beautiful? - My hands have slipped up at the waist and approached the breasts, packed in tight bra. Luda again did not stop my hands. And in response I rock:
- Not only. You have beautiful shapely legs, curvy breasts, elegant figure - the palm has mauled chest - thin as a girl's waist - hands off on the tummy down - huge, beautiful eyes - one hand stopped at the navel, the other slipped under the belt bryuchek. Luda pulled a stomach, helping my hand to move on. And now, his fingers felt silk pubes and wet sponge.
- Quick you some today. Already in shorts climbed.
- Do not you want this? Then I'll take the hand.
- I want u. Go on. I have long wanted.
- Who? Me?
- Everyone! And you too. When you arrived, I was so happy, like a schoolgirl. I imagined you all night in my arms. Did not sleep well. In the morning she could not wait for when you wake up.
I turned her to face him and stared at his lips. For a while we were kissing passionately and firmly gripped each other's arms. Clothing for us was polurasstegnuta. During the break between the regular kissing Luda said:
- Why are we here in the kitchen. Let's go to bed.
In the bedroom, I tried to pull off her pants and panties thighs, but it was not easy. Pants were not removed. Very close.
- Wait, I'll - I heard the voice Lyudochka. She began to pull off his trousers, while I pulled his pants with shorts immediately. Member of the arrow jumped up. Naked we rushed into each other's arms and kissing again collapsed on the bed. We both already heavily infested, so ... in bed without unnecessary movements and bustle busily I climbed on her, and she gladly sent my kid to his burrow. This was our first sex, but everything worked out quickly and easily, as if we are old and familiar lovers. After a rest, we fucked again. And then returned to the kitchen to cook. Lyuska dressed more appropriate for this short robe.
After lunch rolled Bear and I winked, showed him the thumb.
In all happen again tomorrow, or rather continued. That's how we lived all week. In the afternoon I fucked Lyuska, Bear night. She was in seventh heaven.
A month after my return home, I received a call Bear and thanked him and said that Luda has calmed down a bit. I said that if necessary, will come again.
And now Bear with almost the same mission came to me. And although I did not get up from the bed, and I could not watch what is happening outside of my room, it was noticeable revival Marinochka when a guest in the house. I think they even kissing in the kitchen. Because of their average and meaningless chatter suddenly calmed down, for a while, and then resumed again. I'm just glad it was. Marinochka changed dramatically. I have not seen her smiling and even more, laughing loudly. Everything went perfectly.
A small glitch turned out in the evening, when he went to bed. Bear Marina a bed in the room, on a corner couch and he went to sleep, having read at night "War Mage" Perumova.
Marina came into our bedroom and began to untie the belt peignoir, getting ready for bed. And then I told her and say:
- Marina, go to Misha.
- What for? - I asked in surprise husband.
- He came to help us. He is to be in my place. In our bed. With you.
- What are you! Absolutely crazy ?!
- Marin. Do not shout. After all, you do not iron. You want a long time, and you try to revive me. And he does not get up. After all, I can see you're angry then. Go. You need. waiting for Misha. I called him and he came. For this. Go.
- How? You called him, he came here to fuck your wife ?! Your half ?! You're not just disabled, you still and a scoundrel.
- But you're glad when he arrived.
- Delighted, - said Marina more quietly. - But still, it's disgusting.
- But you're kissing!
- How do you know ... - and stopped short.
Then I called Mishka, and when he went, he said:
- Mish. Take Marina, and she is afraid of itself. Take her by the hand and lead to him.
Bear went to the marina, held her hand, she held out her forward and said:
- Well, Vitechka, then do not be offended. I'll moan loudly. You yourself wanted it.
It was clear that the decision taken by it. She turned her head toward me and smiled, waved, said:
- While-a - and added Misha has strongly pushed him out of the bedroom, - Come on.
As soon as the door closed behind them, I'm on a laptop, lying side by side on the nightstand, ran peepers.
On the eve of the arrival, at my request, a familiar set in the hall webcam with microphone, a wire stretched out to me. The camera we adjusted so that the sofa was visible. Therefore, I am now on the screen could see everything that happens in the hall. Above the sofa burn bras. Everything was well-lit. Here they came, closed the door behind him and immediately rushed to each other's arms. Well, and more rested. Immediately evident kiss confident day obviously trained. This is not the first kiss between them. Here Misha untied laces peignoir, Marina shook her shoulders, and he fell at her feet. On his wife left her bra and panties. Both are completely domestic, and not at all sexy. After all, she was not going to bear. Although, you never know. Lovers again locked in a kiss. They are pretty wound up and intermittently breathed.
- You are divine, - I heard the voice of Mishkin.
- Thank you. I was waiting for this. All day. I thought it would never end. I wanted you. I thought to come to you on the sly at night.
- See how everything was resolved.
- Yes. It's even better than I thought. And do not sneak. Although, secretly romantic. But the kiss me, kiss.
Here are the times and, I thought. So, this scene in my room was played only for the sake of appearances. What trust after women. I do not understand when they are sincere, and when pretending.
Meanwhile, down on the floor bra. In this part, the toilet they are also not needed. They open the chest of my wife. I had never thought that the part they looked good. These mouth-watering. Bear fell to them. The wife moaned again and arched back. My God!
How beautiful she is. Especially, in the arms of another man. How I treasure turns out to possess. Misha's hand dropped back down on the ass, panties hooked there, and as far as possible, pulled them down. Opened naked ass wife. What she is pretty, with a deflated panties. Bear vengeance squeezed his hands the two halves of the priests without panties. Then Marina Mishka pulled down pants, and along with his. Big Is he a member, I have not seen, not the view. They again have a completely naked standing suck. Their hands, like a snake, writhing and twisting in unimaginable patterns. My heart is pounding, thumped loudly. Marina's hand tugged Misha bed, lay on her back, legs spread, and said in an excited whisper:
- Go ... Hurry. Want…. You ... - Misha lay on top followed. It was evident as he wielded his hand at the bottom, directing member in Marinochka.
Here, finally, it happened. I never thought that from the outside it can be clearly seen. His ass Vered made a move, and down at the same time issued a sigh of Marina-moan:
- Ah Aah Aa Ha.
Clearly, I came in I thought. Well, then, like in the movies. He fucked her, she moaned, sometimes loudly, writhing beneath him, podmahivala. Mishka's hands is also not standing still. Light from lamps lacked a good view, medium shot, not small. I do well to be seen. I lay there and watched my friend fuck my wife. My heart booze loudly. Wham, wham, wham. The chest and abdomen all the blazing fire. So it was exciting to watch as fuck my wife, and the passion with which it is given to this man, how she gets a thrill from it. It was clear from her face.
Completing the picture, which have already become loud groans that very eloquently about getting pleasure from sex. After all, this is her first sex for more than six months. Moaning wife were heard without a microphone, through the door. At me all on fire. Heat throughout the body. The head noise. But not with vexation. Exciting it was all somehow. And suddenly ... suddenly I realized that I should. I reached down, and exactly erection is. Hooray! After the accident, the first time. I thought that he was no longer arise. I was happy and I almost squealed with delight. Worth it! Worth it! Again worth it! On the screen went bang. My hand wanker member. I pulled back the covers and proudly looked at his standing pisyun. The moans from the screen and from behind the door throw on erection and excitement. Soon I had finished, semen scattered on the stomach, I wind her handkerchief and went to sleep without having watched the show until the end of sex.
Waking up in the night, I saw a dark screen. Turn off the lights. I set the slider to scroll to the beginning, and then all reviewed. As they went, how to kiss, how to fuck. Now I saw a new small details. Then he looked through that slept - they were finishing. I listened to their chatter about sex and went back to sleep. I woke up, already light. Included laptop. And in time. They just woke up and lying down pat. Then we fucked again, even sexier than in the evening. All my emotions again repeated. Again erection. By that time, both Mishkin ass jerked in the last clean and jerk my cock was already confident. He tears off her, and Marina went to the toilet. When out, I called her. She came in and I showed standing member. Marina almost shouted:
- Wow! Really? Wow! Cause. - With these words came to me and began to settle on me, sitting down on a member. And I'm back after a long break, felt the warmth of the female womb.
- Not much - I said.
- Of course ... - happily I answered my wife. She slowly squeezed their muscles, being careful not to jump on me. I was insanely good. Again I ebus. Hooray! My dick is. I'm a woman. I was elated. I again began to burn the waist and legs become warmer and booze in the head. Member bursting with desire to finish. Which I did. Hooray! I have finished. I was standing. I was a woman. Again. Hooray!
In the morning, I mean, later in the morning, I sat in the wheelchair and said, they say, enough baldet.
Once you raises, then he can get up. At breakfast, everyone laughed, joked and discussed the previous day. I showed them our know-how. They are doing first offense, and then laughed again. Like a happy ending. Or is it the beginning. After breakfast, they again wanted was to retire for sex in the room, but I asked to do it with me.
- The desire of the patient - the law. And the two lay down to me, to our family bed. I got back a little.
Three days later, Misha wanted to leave, but Marina did not let go:
- You are so good. So good love. Do not go, to have sex again. It felt so good. And that Victor is still very weak.
And I added:
- Mish. Thank you. Rescued not only Marina but me. When I called, I wanted to Marina felt better, did not think about yourself. And it happened that, and he recovered.
- You're important now go more to the blood circulating in the pelvis.
Bear left only a week. His Lyudochka became worried. We see a woman's heart nazvanivat scent.