My slave

The first ad for a slave I have published more than two years ago. Since then, I became a member of perhaps a dozen forums, social networks, websites with questionnaires and other online tools, time-killing and hope.

Many of such period shall be. I also had nowhere to hurry. Besides the stories from the same online resources, I learned that my happiness Thematic many are looking for much longer. I, unlike many other seekers had some undeniable drawbacks: I'm married, and do not have a place to meet. And so it happened! In May 2011, I agreed to the first meeting.

I do not know which of us was more nervous: Is she getting to know a potential owner, or I, for the next chance I could fall through the year and a half or might never happen again.
We agreed to meet at the "neytralnoy territory." Small restaurant on the Arbat in which I invited her, was small and cozy. You could talk to, so that no one heard, but there was enough people that it can feel safe next to a strange man with sadistic.

So the first time I saw her. 20 years. Leggy, much taller than me, blond hair just below her shoulders. Slim waist, chest a little more than average. Large gray eyes. In principle, the slave's appearance is not as important to me: I naravitsya different girls. In addition, the owner can always change a slave himself to get disguise, put on a diet, if not to put their property in a remote latex suit with a helmet on his head. However, this girl did not have to increase privlekatelnost - I immediately realized that this chance is not turned up very soon. We must do everything to seduce her.
The first meeting is always awkward. But then I top, to seize the initiative. I began to question her about her life and desires. And if I've learned about the desires of its earlier forms, and just like that she said it out loud, the details of the biography caused my genuine interest.

She comes from a provincial town. Parents earn good (the owners make more than one store in the same town), and may allow her daughter to study in a good college. Yes, and we lifted her apartment.
Virginity has lost two years ago a classmate. They met more than a year. After he had once casual sex, and everything. Sex she liked, especially oral. Anal she tried, but she liked, when inserted into the finger and slightly moving in the ass during sex. Her boyfriend wanted to deprive her of her virginity and there, but she was afraid. Until now afraid. "Well," - I thought - "if you're lucky, there I will be the first."

The desire to become a slave in her recent (still, for a long time did not have to look for it at this appearance, young, charming). Like most people, she learned about the subject from the Internet. At first it was just a dream, then I wanted to try. I tried to play it with her boyfriend, but it was not enough game. I wanted to complete submission. And when they broke up peacefully, I decided to try to find the owner. Double dare to meet with potential masters. One turned out to be much older and, in contrast to the photos, some not well-groomed; second it seemed insane. And now, her third attempt.

Telling it all, she's pretty cute blushing. Actually, he gave the impression of a modest girl: said quietly, sitting on the edge of his chair. She was afraid to raise his eyes to me when our eyes met, he immediately lowered them again. I had to for a while to look the other way, so that she could see me.
After such intimate conversations we somehow gradually moved to more general. I was able to surprise her with his education, knowledge. How can I reasonably thought I was able to call her respect.
After sitting for a couple of hours, we left the cafe. I walked her home, and went to him.