Anal Virgin (Part 3)

Summary of the previous installments: Pavel, fifty intellectuals, celebrating his birthday with his older sister Margaret. The man tells the woman about her sexual experiences humble and admits that his only passion - female anus and everything connected with it, and as a consequence - anal intercourse. Sister brother has prepared an original gift - Woman Leroux, promising her career for a small service - Pavel Alexandrovich help realize his fantasy. From a conversation with Pavel learns the girl that Leroy - his daughter, born of a woman, with a man in his youth had a short-term sexual relationship, but Leroy did not know what he is her father.

From the diary of Paul Alexandrovich

We stood in the bathroom, naked, holding hands, looking at each other. Looking at her daughter, so available, trust me, I could not help shivering lust. Despite the fact that I have recently finished, splashing sperm entire pubis girls my dick once again eager to fight, Lerin in the ass, in the ass of my own daughter, not knowing his father.

She studiously averted his eyes, blushing, I again ate her eyes. Its clean face, small breasts are neat, pink nipples. On her pubic hair still shone my sperm, which I discharged in a fit of passion.

Noticing my gaze, Leroy released my hands, intending to hide behind.

- Get in the bath, now I'll wash you, and we will go into the room - I whispered softly, laying his hand on the girl's buttocks.

Second hand I touched Lerin crotch, so soft, brownish-covered pubic hair. As I wrote, I came in the room on her pubis, partly hitting the labia. Leroy did not drink contraceptives, because of this, she was very afraid of getting pregnant.

- I will cleanse his sperm, I see you are very tense - I added, bringing the girl to the bath rim.

Bathroom have a big enough bathroom with toilet. To some this seems uncomfortable, and I like to, I live alone.

I helped her get into the bath, keeping it under the buttocks, and turned on the water. Looking at Leroux, I could not believe that in front of me is my daughter naked, adult, fully formed young woman. Again, an enormous effort is not worth it to me said, and did not call her daughter.

- How ... how do you do it ...? - A barely audible voice she said, when I was turning her back to him and standing on the toes, gently watered with warm water the shoulders of women.
- Lera, do not worry, I read a huge amount of material on this subject - I replied, with his free hand stroking the girl's stomach.
- Have you ever put an enema? - I turned to face him Leroux, sending streams of water on Devushkin pubic fur coat.
- No, never - she said softly, as I gently touched his fingers labia Lera, apart hairs, washing with water remnants of his seed.
- You're not going to hurt, plus everything - we get valuable experience - turning off the water, I took a step back, looking around the results of their work.

The daughter was all wet, in brilliant drops of water, almost do not hesitate to me. Clean, fresh and trusting. The only thing missing a beat.

- Lera, Arise, please, back to me, push the chest to the wall, a little sit down and sticking out his ass - I said softly, ignoring her long been a member of the newly revolted.

She rolled her eyes, she probably thought that everything happens here and now.

- Do not worry - I smiled - enough for normal shower for normal sex, but in order that we are going through a pass - you need something else ... - I reached for the shower hose.

Lera shrank in fright twisting his head, she saw everything. I picked up a hose shower, take to unscrew the nozzle.

- Do not worry, I have an Italian plumber, there is a thin tube - Woman I reassured by unscrewing the nozzle and put it in the sink.
- Turn.

Leroy did everything I asked. She turned back to me, shrank in the tile wall, pressed to her and hands. I sat down, spreading her knees and arched her ass. To postpone hose, I gently touched the wet buttocks girls threw their fingers. I hardly even had to sit down - I own bath with the rise, Lerin anus was almost level with my face, I'm just a little bent.

Anus of my daughter, this tiny, t¸mnenky, flaunted in front of my face enticing rough crease. I was even a little sorry that the shower hose will penetrate into it before my penis.

- Help me please, divorce buttocks with your fingers - I said, removing his hands and once again taking a shower hose.

Resting his cheek and chest against the wall, looking away, she spread her buttocks and her fingers froze, not moving. Approached the tip of the hose to the anus daughter, I reached out, including warm water. A weak stream of water struck the Lerin anus, she jerked slightly, squinting eyes, and tightened.

- Relax, it would be better, and you know that, physicians are advised to regularly put an enema to clean rectum - I have found, bringing the end of the hose to the anus girl.

In addition to the anus, and I saw a girl's labia, such elastic rovnenkie, but they interested me little. Only ass Lera riveted my whole attention. Looking like a fountain beating in her t¸mnenkuyu rear hole, as the daughter of his fingers separates the buttocks, I pressed the end of the hose close to the girl's anus.

Lera shuddered, stiffened, thin water jet tight splashed aside. Hastily screwing the valve, again I put a hose end to the Damsel pope. Lera was covered with beads of sweat, her fingers, breeders buttocks, slightly trembling. In no case did not want to hurt this sweet girl, I comforted myself with only the fact that the thickness of the tube is less than the anus daughter and my penis is much smaller.

Exhaling, I very carefully drowned hose tip in Lerin anus, quite a bit, watching the scene. The edges of the sphincter slowly parted to the side, she breathed heavily, biting her lip. Blades trembled and her hose penetrated the girl's anus, in my estimation, to four millimeters.

The daughter was breathing hard, afraid to move. Once again, I found myself thinking that this is not just a girl, and my own daughter. Very carefully, holding the hose with your fingers, I held out his other hand and turned on the water. The hose jerked slightly, passing through its water without removing hands from the gate, I was ready to stop the process at any moment. From the girl's anus dripped drops, but most of the water coming directly into the ass girls. Lera stood motionless, breathing heavily, all his fingers and spreading buttocks. Deciding that enough, I turned off the water, carefully removed the hose from the daughter's anus and his eyes stared between the buttocks of the girl.

Trickle slightly yellowish water escaped from the anus girl. The edges of the sphincter dispersed, the jet has intensified, with a barely audible whistle rushing down. Lera rested his forehead against the wall, sitting just below. Watching as disclosed from the girl's anus beats trickle of water, my heart pounding harder.

- Lera, put more vim into it a little bit - I said, when the jet began to decline.

Daughter stiffened, her hips swelled, anus faltered, and the last wisps of yellow liquid with a characteristic sound flew from the girl's ass. Looking at the cutting Lerin anus completely clean the anus, on her fingers, breeders buttocks me unbearably wanted to cling to the lips of the forbidden hole.

She gasped, sat up, put his hand to the buttocks. I was terrified at the thought that he had done something wrong, causing her pain.

- Pavel ... I want to ... in the toilet - Lera murmured in surprise, turning to face me.
- So you're standing in the bathroom, sit down and pee - I said, taking the girl by the hand.
- I ... I want the long - plaintively murmured daughter was horrified looking at me.

I wondered. On the one hand, I really wanted to see how the shit girl, on the other hand - I still clearly remember the incident in his youth, when I scared Ira, Lera's mother, during our fleeting sexual intercourse. Deciding not to risk it, I walked away from the bath, went to the toilet and lifted the lid.

- Here, located - I muttered, watching as Lera gets out of the bath, alternately transferring through a side leg and holding his hand.
- Pavel ... please leave - said the girl quietly, looking imploringly into my eyes.
- Yes, of course - I reached out, took off the hook a towel, wrapped them hips, unlocked the bolt on the door and walked out of the bathroom.

* * *

Pavel came out of the bathroom door, frowning and looking down at his feet.

- Well, brother, finished? - The room came Margaret, holding a thin cigarette in his fingers.
- No, but I already like - Pavel rare palm smoothed wet hair looking at the swollen towel wrapped around the hips.

The woman grabbed his hand on the door handle.

- Wait, she's ... defecates - man touched the woman's shoulder.
- You know what I learned? - Pavel brought his lips to her ear Margarita Alexandrovna.
- She's my daughter - almost inaudibly whispered the man.

Margarita's eyes widened, choking smoke.

- I told you about Irina, remember? I was with her ... She then her daughter, and mine too - Pavel whispered in his ear sisters.
- Just yours? - I whispered conspiratorially woman with interest rolling his eyes.
- Yes! - Eagerly whispered the man, feeling his cock tightens tissue towels.
- And you'll be her ... right there ... my daughter ?! - Margarita Alexandrovna opened her mouth, smiling madly, his eyes shining.
- Well yes! - Man nodded his head, he comes with silent laughter.
- Well, you and ... - woman grinned, winking at his brother.

From behind the door came the sound of flushing water and pshikane air freshener. Latch clicked. D¸rnuv door handle, a woman entered the bathroom, went after her and Pavel. Naked Lera stood on the rug, between the toilet and the bathroom. Seeing Margarita Alexandrovna, she cried out, clasped his hands on the perineum.

- A man is not shy, and I, therefore, shy? - Woman grinned, throwing his cigarette into the toilet.

Lera translated startled look from the woman to man and back again, closing his hands.

- Lera ... You pokakala, and we have to repeat the procedure. Get in the bath - Pavel said softly.

She blushed heavily. She did not expect to appear more naked and in front of his boss, plus everything, man has publicly declared that she's doing here. Margarita Alexandrovna pulled her skirt, abruptly pulled off her panties and skirt supporting arm, sat on the toilet.

- Guys, keep - she smiled, dropping a resounding stream of urine.

Lera, without removing hands from the crotch, looked pleadingly at the man.

- Valeria, we have no secrets from each other - the woman said, continuing to urinate sitting on the toilet.
- Pavlusha, you told her how you as a young man to lick between my legs? - Margarita tore off a piece of toilet paper.

She got up from the toilet seat, spreading his legs, keeping his hand skirt podt¸rlas. One can not help grimacing, Leroy looked at the thick bush of black hair between the legs of his boss.

- Well, you have fun here and I have to go - Margarita Alexandrovna threw the paper down the toilet, pulled the pants and straightened her skirt.
- And come to me on Monday, we will think about where you attach better - she said to the girl near the door and went out.
- Lera, climb into the tub. I spend Margarita Alexandrovna and come back - said the man and walked out the door.

* * *

From the diary of Paul Alexandrovich

When I returned to the bathroom, my daughter was standing in the bath, dutifully pressed against the chest and hands against the wall, sticking out his ass. Perhaps she had already pictured the future career prospects. Hearing my arrival, she lowered her hands and just sat down, intending to push the buttocks.

- No, I'll - I stopped her, tore off unnecessary hips have a towel and went to the bath.

Looking at the bare Leroux, her daughter, humbly standing in the tub with his back to me and realizing that soon everything will happen, I can not help but sneak a couple of times pulled his penis. He held out his hands, pushing the girl's buttocks.

At that opens the anus and the girl at the edges of his I, as expected, he saw traces of feces. Barely visible brownish stains. Trembling from the unusual, the forbidden spectacle, I stretched out his hands, taking a shower hose. Lera probably understood everything - blushing, she bit her lip.

- Now Pomo ass - I'll be neat, divorce buttocks - I sang, including water.

Lera spread his buttocks apart, and I am sending a stream of water on the anus daughter, rubbed his thumb gently. When finished, experiencing extreme agitation, I washed the inner parts and Lerin buttocks, making the water pressure a little more powerful. She waited patiently until I was approaching the most important thing. Lerin finished washing the anus, I, like the first time, put it to the tip of the hose, after turning off the water, gently drowned him inside, and turned the valve.

Now I have everything turned out much more agile. Filling the anus daughter warm water, I screwed the valve and carefully pulled out the hose. A trickle of water flowing from the girl's ass, this time was a brownish color. Water and endured with a brownish pellets, cleaning Leroux inside. I again asked for tighter daughter - from her back holes leaned kakashonok brown thin, I had there also washed away with water ...

I repeated the procedure with a hose three times until a trickle of water was absolutely clean. Turning off the water, I moved the spirit. Lera was standing in a puddle of brownish, leaning against the wall, holding his buttocks and his eyes closed.

- Well, that's all - I reassured her, gently taking the girl from the wall and helping her out of the bathroom, trying to make it not look down, because I had no desire to humiliate his daughter.

Put Leroux on the mat and leaned for a towel that wraps your hips. She stood, hugging herself, staring at the floor, God knows what she was thinking at that moment.

- Now I'll wipe ... - caring tone I said, throwing a towel on the shoulders of women.

I wiped her back, arms and abdomen. Gently rubbing his crotch daughter, admiring on raspush¸nny clean pubic covering. Juicy pink labia young healthy woman peeking out from under the hair that can turn the head of any man. Pressed against the daughter, almost touching his rebellious member of her belly, I wiped a towel and her buttocks. Slipping between the edge of the towel, and gently rubbed his girl's anus, feeling clean, exhilarating odor Lerin skin.

A little aloof, Woman wiping all, looked at the results of their labor. The girl stood in front of me, all rosy, pure and naked. Throwing a towel on the girl's shoulders, I could not resist. Gently squeezing palms cheeks daughter, I gently touched his lips her lips. Lera has not responded to the kiss, and stood with her hands, but closed her eyes, not letting me enter his tongue into her mouth, touching her teeth. A member of my Lera rested in the abdomen, breasts shrank girl in me. After Damsel palm on the back, reaching the buttock Lera, I plunged his fingers between them, continuing and further passionately kissing his daughter.

Feeling finger ass girl, I held her tighter to him, vzhav her belly to his rebellious penis. Massaging finger anus daughter, I lost my head of knowing what will happen very soon. After all, I will take in the ass girl do something about what I dreamed all my life! Moreover, I do it with anyone else, but it was with his own daughter!

Lera went limp in my arms, surrendering my tenderness. Deciding not to hurry, looking forward to the moment of our proximity to the anal, I parted his arms, affectionately looking at the girl.

- Lera, go into the room. Do not worry, Margarita Alexandrovna was gone - with these words, I put an arm around her daughter's shoulders and opened the door in front of her.

* * *

- What do you think ... Margarita Alexandrovna want my career? - Wrapped in a towel, walking down the hallway with Pavel Alexandrovich, Lera asked, glancing at the man.
- Of course satisfied, it is also the director of the company - Pavel put his arm around her daughter's shoulders, touching her lips blond girl's hair.

Approaching the door of the room, the man missed a forward girl, running her eyes over the bare buttocks Lera, went into the room and closed the door.

The end of the third part.