You're a beautiful woman. With colleagues you are a serious, independent and a little angry, like a real predator. With friends, interesting,
funny and very witty, but friends are not to approach you. They say you're a strong woman. Although I know that you
just very afraid that people you hurt. Short man complex with interesting features ... and I just write about these inclinations.

In fact, you are full of contradictions. Such inaccessible to humans and this silk and slavishly subservient to me. You like
when you fuck. Adore davalkoy be obedient to me and my cock. You do not like tenderness and conventions. You
want to favorite boy fuck you hard, like the last time. You like to feel tight in the strong arms
your body do you like when you fuck hard in rhythm to your body vibrated from the shock as meat.

To be in the hands of the owner, this is what you need. But all these BDSM rituals we do not need, I do without you as much as I like,
dirty and stylish. I looked you in the eye. You know that is when I look at you. Frees your ass from clothing. Of
tight jeans she jumps out as a gift. I bet you cancer of the room. You're asking me to call you a slut, stupid
by a pussy. Carefully turn up their ass up. So slut asks her to fucked, while flirting. "You are welcome
fuck me. "- you begin to stoop, and it excites us both.

I wait a little longer until you potechesh. I stroke your ass. All this time you're babbling about their requests, "Please make me ... I'm
your bitch ... please ... I want your cock. "Do you like to listen to your voice. Voice podzabornaya whore, litter. Now he
so different from your everyday voice. You just baldeesh of knowing that all this is happening to you right now.

Gently I take you by the hair and insert a term in the pussy. Carefully listen to how you breathe. I can not resist not to pat
you by gently curved back. But now you need not tenderness. I gradually increase the pace, I feel a pleasant response to
your hand. I'm madly dolblyu you, roughly pulling her hair, forcing you to bend beneath me even stronger. You
start to whine like a dog. You dryuchat as the last whore, and you whine. As the last of a bitch you are doing all that you
dryuchili not regretting not asking. I want to see your face. Forces you to bend and pressed his head to the floor to watch me
eyes. Do you have enough skill to suck my thumb, as in porn.

I understand that too carried away by your by a pussy when you're timid whisper "I want in the ass.". Grants wishes, enter easily into your
disclosed point. Now you look from the bottom up as I fuck you in the ass. Footy, do not think understands nothing. This is your
favorite part. I'm starting to call you a hole, bitch, by a pussy, saying that you did not know how that give me this point
better what you're capable of ... And you start mixed with wheezing and moaning incoherently mumbling some scraps of "fuck you
my ass ... bitch ... bitch ass ... eviscerate me. ". On your back running spine. I know that in such moments you try
imagine yourself from the outside. As you spread out on the floor and fuck like a thing. As you look at me with a look of obedience, while
my cock stretches your point. I understand that I will soon be over but restrain, to extend your pleasure.

I'm sick of your babbling, now I stop up your mouth. You're willing to swallow cock deep in the throat and start itself
wank him his fucking mouth and lips. The member who just fucked your ass is dirty. When I talk to you about
Thus, you raise your eyes and I see a grateful glance zaplakany. Now I nakonchal you. Zalyu face with sperm, you understand?
Strikes a pose dog which "serves", open your mouth, cum, semen gets on his forehead and nose, clean forbid. You
say "Honey, why do not you gave me?" ...

I think how to respond. Finish the game in a whore or not?

*** ***

That's the story. It may be described here is my ideal of a woman (especially in the first paragraph), although the real story.

True story does not end there. We fucked with pereryvchik another forty minutes immediately after this (I was young and I have a very good, especially at her). There were interesting moments. Then they drank tea, joking, laughing ... it was very good

Then I was twenty. Now twenty-one, and it's already in the past, writing a diploma.