Got Game!

Got Game!

Pure Breath

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For modern BDSMa, especially Real female domination is nothing more productive than the sweeping wave pedoisterii society. Hate to pedophiles in society has reached such a peak that is not a lot to do to you "raped" in all the gaps, in all positions and at all angles, any pretty girl with pretty legs, chest and pretty appetizing ass.
I decided not to retreat from the classics and simply threw the "duck" in one of the groups of hunters for pedophilia under the guise of 32-year-old mother, to whose daughter pesters pedophile network:

"Check the correspondence in the Agent 12-year-old daughter and was horrified! It turns out that it has long talks with some bastard-pedophile, which it is tempting to" take off her panties and take pictures, "then" rub between the legs "... It's just a nightmare I'm just in shock Here mail this filth -! [email protected] !! Please, press this monster! "

The first letter I got, of course, from the guys who promised me everything cut and dig, and only in the evening to my agent added pretty 33-year-old woman whose feet I am very excited.

Hello Freepis
Freepis Who are you?
Natalia Natasha
Freepis why you added me?))
Natalia wanted to ask about something ..
Freepis what?
Natalia First of all, how old are you?
Freepis 22. Why?))))
Natalia nothing
Natalia just call .. and how?
Freepis Sasha
Natalia Sasha, what do you suggest little girl take off her panties and rub between the legs?
Freepis but who are you ????
Natalia is it does not matter
Natalia I tell you, it seems, asked!
Freepis mean yet?
Freepis you all who ??
Natalia is better you do not know who I am .. What you offered little girl pulling a very long time! I advise you now, just answer the questions. You understood me?
Freepis ca.
Natalia why did you do it? You do not have enough adult women? You got a problem in your personal life or what?
Freepis I'm just kidding
Natalia kidding? In my 12-year-old girl is not able to evaluate such a joke. You understand that it seduction?
Freepis in the sense ??
Natalia live. It is a criminal offense - abuse of minors. It's all very seriously. Do you understand that?
Freepis yes
Natalia And I think not ..
Natalia seems to me you do not understand the seriousness of the situation
I understand Freepis !! I really do not anymore ...
Natalia you tell me - why? I can understand you, and I will not do anything against you.
Freepis ?????
Freepis vsmysle will do nothing ???? What is znait ????
Natalia Tell me the reason why you decided to go for it? Can you beat a lot as a child or the father over you bullied since childhood? Explain .. I understand! Just tell me why you did it? What is the point of writing all this little girl?
Freepis I do not know
Natalia This sophomoric, Sash! Now I can make it so that after you just come, and soon you will answer before the law. You know what they do in prison for pedophilia? You tell?
Freepis not necessary
Natalia You just explain to me, what is the reason and then we can think together with you what to do next
Freepis You can put me?
Natalia May. And if I do not see any other way, it will do so!
Freepis not necessary !!!! you are welcome!!!
Natalia So help me make sure that there is another way out other than prison)
Freepis how?
Natalia Think! Convince me that I should not now take appropriate measures and plant you. Say you hit a child's father?
no Freepis
Natalya over you someone abused as a child?
no Freepis
Natalya did not lie to me, Sasha. Otherwise it can be very pitiable end for you.
Freepis though no
Natalia you ever been subjected to violence or sexual harassment on the part of adults?
no Freepis
Natalya then why are you doing this?
During this correspondence, I constantly watched her pictures and supported himself in a state of constant buzz, especially not giving yourself to finish, but the limit has come unexpectedly, and my cock shot sperm by about a meter. I have not experienced such wild pleasure from orgasm. This is a rare thrill, when the mind is completely cloudy and a few seconds, you almost do not realize where you are and all that is happening around. When I finished, I decided to finish the game, thanking Ms. Railways for a wonderful treat.
Freepis Because it's Railways
Natalia that?
Freepis real femdom game. You - Mrs. Railways, I - slave. It's kind of BDSM play. Other other stories in my live journal
Freepis found?
Natalia da
Freepis well, and how?
Freepis ???
read Freepis?
Natalia, I read a few stories. For a long time you play these games?
Freepis Well, well ..
Natalia is a feeling that you have nothing to do
Freepis)))))))) Well ...
Natalia that well? Do you even work? You learn?
no Freepis
Natalia and why? You're a grown man already !! Hang around the neck from their parents?
Freepis like that)))
Natalia and you think it's right?
no Freepis
Natalia You do except masturbation something to do?
Natalia clear. And what you have in the army?
Freepis I voennik
Natalya for what you have given military card?
Freepis for anything
Natalia bought?
Freepis yes
Natalia you bought it?
After a medical examination Freepis
Natalya everything is clear. I think that the army is what you need
Freepis unlikely))))))
Natalia, why not? I think you there is the place! A couple of times a boot in the ass and get to learn the girls respected. If you are not a child brought up, the army still correct. From there you will beat the shit! When you return - you will be kissing my feet, that I sent you there.
Freepis you send me to the army ????
Freepis O_o ???
Natalia course
Natalia And you thought I just leave? The guys in the normal sluzhat..a army you will continue to sit in the parents on the neck, languish in idleness and masturbate? It will not be that!
Freepis I already have a military ID. All!!
Natalia what?
Natalia roll back is not a problem. I have all communications and military enlistment offices and the Ministry of Defence. I arrange and you will be taken)
Freepis do not!
Natalia is why it is not necessary? All the boys are and you go! You somehow decided that you all available, all for you, and that should be all but you .. you will go to serve in this call
Freepis please !!! Do not do this!! I really weak !!!!
Natalya there'll be strong!))
Natalia What makes you think that you are better than those who went to serve?
Freepis nor why not take !!! I'm just afraid of the army, and there I will be very hard !!
Natalia's okay, it goes good for you. It very quickly with this case - the crap beat out in the first month
Freepis well, I also have voennik !!!
Natalia what? re-examination, found fit, and you will go to serve. It's easier than you think
Freepis how can roll back the military card?
Natalia Easily. Moreover, you yourself admitted that he bought it! And this is not just a pullback of military ticket, but also a paper
Freepis what?
Natalia Criminal and for this there is a severe punishment. Moreover, it is not one article! Avoiding this one article, the bribe and the other that you get a lot .. I have an old friend of Ministry of Internal Affairs, Colonel. If I do it a phone call, then you handcuffed taken to the police an hour later. You tell that with such boys are doing in prison or he guess?
Freepis mean ????
Natalia live. Is forced to perform oral sex, and maybe even something worse .. In general, girls do in front of all the others ..
Freepis not necessary !!! let not this eh? !!!!
Natalia I do not want you to do so .. why are you telling me now own their data and what your draft board
Freepis why the recruitment office?
Natalia know what I have friends there and have already agreed about you
Freepis podaluysta !! It would not be that well? I beg you do not do it !!!!
Natalia is not present. it is a matter of principle! You're something took that allowed you all .. all the more boys are, and you go .. to learn to be a man and take responsibility for their actions.
Freepis well, I do not ask !!! you are welcome!!!! I beg you do not have to !!!! I do not want to go there !!! I beg you do not have to !!! I'm seriously not anymore !!!
Natalia Why do you think you can play with impunity with the girls in these games?
You do with what took you all that is available in this life?
Freepis with nothing I have not taken !!!!!! This is not true!!!!!
Natalia And I think that's how you decided! That I love you and I will punish for it .. Moreover, you are no better than the other boys, who serve in the army. I believe that this is just an urgent need for you. From there you will make a normal person))
Freepis understand I really very weak and I do not belong there !!!
Natalia Try to put yourself on the first day that you did not bother to
Freepis I really be forced to wash socks and clean the toilets !!!!
Natalia So will wash socks and clean the toilets. But you wonder next time before you here with such things do. You're a grown man and must be aware of the responsibility for every word and every action. In the army, you will learn it quickly!
Freepis POZHALUYSTA1 WELL !!!! DO NOT!!! It's just going to be a hell !!!!
Natalia's okay! Through it all go .. Tell me your data!
no Freepis
Natalia you think that you are difficult to calculate? Better tell me now own their data and I promise you that I will not push you to the part where you will simply be omitted.
Natalia will serve in the normal part with the same guys, like you, from Moscow
Freepis pozhaluysat !!! 1 forgive me !!! I'm not channeling more !!! LJ I will take away all the stories and nothing I will not do
Natalia is not present. you will go to serve, it is decided! All your vile little thoughts from you in an instant knock out
Freepis ask !!! I'm on my knees begging !!! I do not play anymore budu !!!!
Natalia how many you've already played so?
Freepis do not remember the truth
Natalia write me mails all the girls with whom you played the game. While you're in the army, and I talked with them, we think that you do next .. and I need to talk to your father, too))
Freepis not only with his father !!!!!!! Do not tell him about it !!!!!!
Natalia is not present. He must know the truth
Freepis pity me please !!!
Natalia I'm sorry, but I think that you should be good to teach
Freepis I'm 22 too late to educate me !!!
Natalia's never too late! At this age, education is given more difficult, but I think I'll make you a decent human being, even if it means you will receive in the military boot on the fifth point
Freepis I will not be !!!!
Natalya How pretty you will go! This I guarantee
Natalya quickly tell what your draft board !! Otherwise, I'll stop with you lisp, and then blame yourself!
Freepis Dmitrov
Natalia OK. wait .. I'll call you, talk with friends about where you
Natalia will not go away! I got it?
Freepis yes
I nervously waited on her posts, wildly afraid of real consequences for their games. Somewhere Only half an hour later she wrote me:
Natalia So, I'll talk with his old friend in your military. She works there as deputy chief of the call.
Freepis and she said ??????
Natalia She spoke with the boss of you, and she said that you should now come to the head of recruitment, 2nd floor, 218 th office. And in any case do not tell him about the fact that he had bought a ticket !!! She said about it at all Keep your mouth locked, and that instead of the army can actually end up in jail.
Freepis I'll have to go to the draft board?
Natalia is now itself you go to the draft board to the chief a call and tell him that you want to serve in the army. Not a word about the fact that he bought the ticket, or a prison !!!
Freepis and what to say to him?
Natalia You say that you are all aware of and he really want to serve in the army, and is ready to undergo re-examination. Try it purely human to talk, what would you have taken away.
Natalia way, hurry up .. Today they work until 17:00, so run! I'm constantly in touch with his friend there, she told me about my CallBack you))
I'm all sweaty ran to the draft board, I found the office of the call, and somewhere about an hour waiting for him at the door. Then, when he came, I explained the situation to him that I wanted to be, but I have a military ID. I wrote a letter, and I appointed a re-examination on the same day, where after 15 minutes I found fit, as the place for a medical examination at the moment was gone. I came home and immediately unsubscribed:
Freepis all found fit. Just prsh¸l medkomsissiyu .. immediately appointed as the written statement
Natalia, I know I already told everything about you
Natalia when you leave? I forgot to ask the date
Freepis November 8 should arrive at the recruiting station
Natalia, I'll take you
Freepis you serious?
Natalia course)) where you start?
Freepis directly by the recruiting office. 8 numbers arrive by 9:00
Natalya where you will serve?
Freepis kind of Balashikha
Natalia is understandable))) then give me the part number, I'll come to you)
Freepis ca.
Natalia is ready to give honor to the homeland?)))
Freepis Pts ((
Natalia You can not imagine how nice to me now, what are you going to serve))
Natalia want to talk to you
Natalia what's your number there?
Freepis 962 *******
Natalia 5 minutes
Freepis ca.
Somewhere in five minutes to me there was a call from an unfamiliar number. I picked up the phone and heard the sweet voice of a young woman:
"Well, hello there, soldier! How? Ready for service?"
"Well, like this.. "
"Nothing is nothing good courage Cossack chieftain will! I have a nephew served as your age and nothing pleased ..."
We had talked about two hours in total. I was a little sad from what was waiting for me to come. Naturally, I was more afraid of prison than the army, so I did as she said.
Somewhere half past night I suddenly realized I remembered something from going in the military enlistment office. While I waited for the chief of the call, I went to the recruiting office on the second floor and had nothing to do read the inscriptions on the cabinets.
Freepis you here?
Freepis ???
Natalia da
Freepis yakoe-I remembered !!!!!!
Freepis I saw the writing on the offices
Freepis you said that it is your friend
Deputy Chief Freepis call guy for sure !!! Before I just came !!!
Freepis close offices there are !!!!!
Natalia I am kidding)))))))
Freepis in the sense ??????
Natalia Yes, I have no one of his acquaintances in the military)))))
Freepis in the sense of there ???? and your friend ???
Natalia)))))))))))))) I'll just divorced, and you're a fool was led)))))))
Freepis and the fact that you said that I plant also lies ??????
Natalia course)))))))) I'm glad you teach a lesson to you))))))
This is all a setup Freepis !!!!!! ??????????
Natalia Serves you))))))) You got what he deserved))) But the next time you decide to play with the girls will think a hundred times ..
Natalia And I want you to write letters to the part?
Natalya did not shut up!
Natalia offended you or what?
Freepis because of you I have to serve a year !!! And the toilets are clean !!
Natalia well, that's okay))))) experience it first time, then it will be easier.
Natalia You suffered the deserved punishment, and I'm glad of such a spoiled mama's boy, finally, make the man. You will not play more in their nefarious game and learn to respect girls)))
Natalya Write me later part of which will send you, I'm going to write letters)))
Natalia well?
Natalia m?
Freepis ca.
Natalia's umnichka)))) and you give me will write about the service))))) somehow even come to you))) parents say?
Freepis no more
Natalia I let myself talk to them, explain the situation.))
Freepis not necessary !!!!!
Natalia Fear not! I will not tell them about it, what did you do nasty things before. It's all in the past .. Now you start a new life and be with the sweat and blood to become a worthy member of society)))
Freepis promise?
Natalia promise! It will be our little secret))) nobody will know anything. I'm not crazy .. If you know about it in your part, you just beaten to a pulp! You think I want this? I want to make you a man! It is now my main concern.
Natalia And your dad would be proud of you, that you yourself made the decision)) I want to talk with your parents until you serve)
Freepis why?
Natalia just me