My wife's sister

We gathered all the family of his wife, at Tiffany's in the village. After all, anniversary, 60 mother-knocked.

Guests gathered, half of the village.
Tables are crammed in the abundance, accordion (even sober) amuses people. Toasts, dance, intimate conversations.

I and my husband's younger sister, my wife, slowly but surely naklyukivalis. My wife, her younger and older sisters were busy at the tables, and then I did and lost sight of them. When it was dark, the guests got drunk in the trash on the street.

The girls of our (three sisters), also managed to gain.

Younger and her husband, sent to bed, the eldest of all the dancing, fun winking at me and my missus somewhere lost.

Piano reeling, I went to take a leak, but it was near the toilet queue. Without hesitation, I went through an economic yard (barns, chicken coops, etc.) and, moreover, for the cellar, softly murmuring, molding.

Under apricots, twenty meters, in the light of the moon, I saw his wife. Was about to call out to her, I suddenly froze. To my wife, I approached the village Ambala, hugged her, and they began to kiss hungrily. Colorful coat unbuttoned my wife, Ambala clung to her nipples, caressing one or the other breast. After playing, he threw out his cock, huge as he was, and pressed on the shoulders of my better half. She obediently squatted and began to work his mouth. Ambal growled softly, getting pleasure and gentle pressure on the top of my wife.

Suddenly on my dick, I lay warm, a female hand. Only now I realized that and standing with the member in his hand (after the cast). The elder sister of his wife, smiled and put a finger to his lips and winked conspiratorially to me, pulled him, grasping aspiring member to get up. Lastly, I have driven both heifers turned. His wife was standing cancer and Ambala, clutching his firm buttocks, I tore my beloved, huffing and puffing. We went behind the barn. Elder sister of my wife, immediately pounced on me, her greedy kisses and panting, talking about that a year ago, widowed women have not had the guy. We fell onto a large haystack. I opened the robe woman tore her bra and pulled her panties. Big breasts rose languidly, nipples sticking out defiantly. My cock stood stake. I eagerly began to kiss the breasts, tongue slid around the nipples, his hand quickly was operating in a hairy crotch women. Her hand grabbed the cock and sent to the sweltering lust pussy. Member entered into a wide hole, weep profusely. The woman trembled all over, having closed my hands on her back and spread her legs wider. I rushed to the entire length of resting time after time, the eggs in the crotch. Jerks are hard and sharp. We were both panting. Female breast, pleasantly rested in my body. Yelp, the elder sister of my wife was suddenly become soft. From the womb, washing my cock, the waves went flow orgasm. Her hands grip loosened and stretched in different directions. And then, it was my turn. Snatching a member, and I vzdrochnul genie unleashed a couple of times. Cum, jet struck the woman's abdomen, pubis sprinkled, left hanging on hairs, spattered thickish thighs. I collapsed nearby, gasping, cool, evening air.

When we turn back to the yard, fun turned into sheer chaos. Those guests that stayed drunk grumbling or snuffle in salads. My wife, too, managed to gain and mostyrilas fall asleep at the table. I grabbed her and dragged her into the house. Since the guests and relatives, gathered up edrene Feni, we had to lay on the floor in a distant, tiny room. On one edge of the husband's younger sister slept beside his wife. I put her on the edge, and he lay down between the middle between his wife and her younger sister.

Sleep is not Shoal.

The rest of the trio, competing in snoring drunkenly nozzles. Before my eyes was a picture of my wife sucks Ambala, then he thrusts her, and she pleased him podmahivaet. Member stood up against such memories. My eyes stopped on a beautiful ass younger sister, my wife. She lay on her side with her back turned to me. Softly tossing the bottom of the robe, I pushed the strip panties and stuck a finger in the hole. Gently pulling with your finger in the hole, I made her pomokret. Listen carefully and looking around, I found that all the drunken sleep. Fell in behind, I slowly put his cock in hole of my wife's younger sister. That, and ear has not led.

Grasp the thigh, I began to fuck her. First, gently thrusting, then a little faster and faster. End obnaglev began abruptly thrust to its full length. Eggs, and then fought a nice ass. Something muttering drunkenly, the younger sister of his wife, grabbed my hand, which was lying on his hip, put to his chest, the young and resilient and snoring on. Realizing that is about to finish, I took out a member of the pussy and Prytula to the hole anus, he pushed. Tight penis ring only admitted and I slightly jerking, cumshot in the ass from which immediately flowed sperm.

I fell asleep.

I woke up after all.

On the porch, not seeing me coming out, gossip, my wife and her younger sister.

Little woman told her in a whisper tore Ambala, and the youngest was trying to remember who she planted yesterday, leaving the dried semen stains on the panties.