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Since I do not really like to work with people living, and especially their somewhat entreat, I decided to work in spamschikom online. I began to offer their services spamschika many budding sites and groups of EC, but, of course, most of them were not needed. And on the third day, I wrote one girl, the owner of the VC group, in which the trade in drugs. My main task as spamschika - is to increase the statistics of unique visitors to this group. I received 1000 rubles for every 10,000 unique visitors plus 10% from the sale of copies of luxury watches in their group. Naturally, I was on top of standard messages sent in all the most popular topics of the largest groups of VC, which was a simple sentence hours. But society is so used to spam that has learned not to react to it, and my stats barely passes for a thousand by the middle of the day, so I decided that the issue of spam need a creative approach and came up with a bunch of different spam:

"Perelman received a second Nobel Prize !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (link)"

"Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah !!!! Henrik Ibsen scored on a 7-minute !!!!!!!! (link)"

"People! This is what the coup ???????? !!!!! Why blocked Ostankino ??????? (link)"

"Funny! I found a group of invisibility! 0_o (link)"

"The people! Contact going to do paid !! (link)"

"Hurrah-ah-ah-ah-aa-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah - !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (link) "

"Guys! Help the goat in the forest and take the bazaar with him !!! (link)"

"Who are you ?? !!!! Champion Karate World ????? !!!! Jean-Claude Vandamme? !! Do you have any combination to the body can hold? !!!! I'll put you in two seconds !! !!!!! This two seconds !!!! Let's meet, work melee! ?? Wafer you something vduplyaesh you somewhere to climb into the wrong hole !!!! Look what kind of people I'll connect (link ) "

Such spam greatly increased the number of unique visitors, but I wanted more. I decided to take advantage of the ostrosotsialnymi problems of society and started to come up with proposals for spam. So now is the social crisis in society, when it all began to hate the Dagestani and poured hatred at the mere recollection of them, I decided to take advantage of the situation. The first thing you tried this newsletter the following sentence: "Dagestantsy right out in trauma (link) dug up the garden Baba Sima !!!". And it was the bomb! Statistics rolls over. People thousands of clicks on, read the first words. I constantly wrote messages admiring the originality of spam I chopped cabbage on spam, receiving 3,000 a day. I realized that due to spam, and creative hatred of the Dagestani I earn a lot. I concocted a new proposal, deciding to see how to change the statistics: "Dagestantsy right out in trauma (link) raped a 15-year-old girl." Then of course I got a bunch of negatives, but the statistics of unique visitors measured its four orders. I thought that the latter reaches the maximum, but I have reached the maximum when the VC created a page where the inserted photo kakogo-to Dagestani and sending a message underneath: "Devachki on the output 14 and 15 years old. One = 4000 rubles / hour two rubles = 6000 / hr. (link) "It was a bomb! 20,000 people in two hours!
And, behold, one day I wrote a very sexy 27-year-old elegant brunette of medium height with a pretty breast, stunning legs and a little bitchy, but very pretty attractive face.
Alexander Cool you spam;)) invent himself?
Freepis yes))))
Alexander I myself do not even guessed that it was spam and moved too
Freepis)))))))))))))) working !!!!
Alexander Hey, I open a restaurant in central Moscow soon and wish you unwound it) can?
Freepis yes, simply)))
Alexander only without the negative, okay?)) No Dagestani and other things. Think of something as powerful and positive?
Freepis Yes, simply)))
See Alexander .. (link) That group .. everything is about the restaurant and about the opening. I need to get to the discovery of at least 3,000 people gathered to come.
How Freepis ??????????????????? !!!!!!!!! This is what a restaurant ?????????
Alexander He's not great, read about it in the group ..
In reality, Alexander will reach up to the restaurant, of course, smaller), but I want you to create hype around it, so you wrote about it. Can you?
Freepis This is one hell of a job, and spam on the verge of pulling her with the unreal. Possible of course, but terribly hard ...
Alexander but perhaps?
Freepis well ... .. if theoretically 20 hours a day 2 months the most selective, I would say, brilliant spam score all social networks .... Well, I think so ...
Alexander otlichnenko;))) Then you can start to work
Freepis What about against compensation?)
Alexander Oh, look at me now .. this really is no money (Everything is gone to a restaurant and the car (so .. I'm sorry, honey)
Freepis in the sense ????
Alexander In direct. No money) When unwind, then let's talk about it
Freepis No, I'm not ..
Alexander Will. You do not want me to tell you something my husband?
Freepis mean ????????????
Alexander My husband is head of department at the Interior Ministry. You do not want what I would have told him what kind of spam you doing? m? This is inciting ethnic hatred and this is a real time and get more time for drugs.
Freepis some drugs ???? !!!!!
Alexander to throw you as usual and find witnesses from neighboring Affairs. You were born yesterday or something?
Freepis not necessary
Alexander You know what to do for these boys reshetochki? You simply the most brutal rape and you go out there with a club mentality and washed-homosexual. You do not want?
no Freepis
Alexander You know how much my husband serious people covered by the order? And some little boy close ..))))))) And yet you will every day to suck the members, to give up the ass, wash socks cons, clean toilets. You will every day to rape and beat, beat and rape. Believe me, I know that with these boys, who can not stand up for themselves, doing in prison
Freepis please! Do not!!
Alexander you understand me well?
Freepis yes
Alexander Well, that's umnichka))) I would not like to have spoiled such a pretty boy .. therefore, work for a couple months and live quietly, enjoy life ..)))
Alexander you already started?
Freepis no more
Alexander Rabbit, come quickly .. no .. *)
So I had to work hard as hell for two months, and when I did the impossible, just forget about me))) you have it)))