Dreams Come True.

I was a 20-year-old girl with cockroaches in my head. As with all (or almost all) of young women at my age, I had a great attraction to the opposite sex. Being seemingly quite attractive, I had absolutely no problem with the guys. And now, perhaps, it is time to tell about my "cockroaches". I remember in my childhood, when I was 12 years old, I saw a movie where a is a Cossack, expanding on the bench, bare-chested boy of about 14 who slashed his whip on the back. I then had mixed feelings. I, on the one hand, it was at the same time sorry for the boy, on the other hand, wanted to make this scene lasted a little longer, and to the evil uncle continued to smack the jerk is not to scream. Still very much like to see the back and admire the stripes, which unfortunately did not happen. Later, I often thought of the film and always imagined yourself in the place of the Cossack, gushing on the bare back the unfortunate boy. Growing up and getting access to the Internet, I read a lot and looked about his hobby. However, I understand that all this is not very good and more than that it's horrible! I have always been ashamed of this desire and never tell anyone about him not telling. I just dealt with the usual guys healthy sex and kept thinking something might blurt out in a fit of passion.

A few days after his 20 th anniversary, I got into an Internet and looked at pictures in stores all lashes whips and the like. I especially liked the whip, length of 2.5 meters. I looked at him without taking his eyes and his head spun all sorts of naughty thoughts. In the end I could not resist and ordered it. Then for a few days first thing in the morning was to check mail. And finally at the end of the week he came. Almost ran his car before reaching the I plopped down behind the wheel and rushed to the post office. The idea that someone can get to know me on this terribly frightened. However, at the post office everything went better than nowhere.

- Sign here - blurted elderly, eternally dissatisfied with the life of her aunt.

Houses, slightly trembling hands I unwrapped it and took the parcel. Yes, yes ... Such as in the picture. At the beginning of a thick, tapering gradually, and at the end of a thin strip of skin strong. (Whips with tassels at the ends of me for some reason taken out of themselves). "So, well, what's next ???" - thought I- "And generally bought the hell ?? I love you."

I lived in his house, bought my parents. A cozy little kotedzhik, which stood on the outskirts of the city. Even a small courtyard was where my friends and partying in the days when relatives of somewhere dumped out of the city. I forgot to say - parents lived in a 10-minute drive away from me, and the prospect that they descend and will catch me and my friends with friends drinking and laughing I did not relish.

Soon, I broke down and left alone, I took out a whip, went outside and slightly waved. Of course in the beginning nothing was impossible. But after a couple of months, almost daily training I've learned and snapping, and even put out the candle, bought at a nearby hardware store. Of course, sometimes when I beat on the fence, it seems that the beat is not on piece of wood, and on the back of some of his friend Man. And, in my dreams, the boy was not completely naked, and jeans or shorts. I do not know ... I guess it's all a dream, and will always remain my secret.

Anyway. By the way today, he telephoned his father and said that he and his mother go to my granny for three days. Well, great. Although now this news has not pleased me as much as before. I started with the usual thing in the morning - called best friend Sveta. To start we decided to go to the football. She played a local team with some sort of next Zadrischenskom. We are always with the girls went to the football, but for ourselves sport was to put it mildly, in the background. Just watched and discussed what a nice guy from our or from the visiting team. Although in our community for a long time and we know all the names and personally. And now, having bought a beer, sat on the edge of the bleachers, talking about every woman's nonsense. Here were the team and I'm prepared to look monotonous spectacle, when he saw him. Immediately I shut up and start strenuously staring at the guy.

- Marina!! - He led me out of the stupor laughing voice podrugi- Like what?

- Yeah - I smiled - but who is it? Like in our community, and I had not seen him.

-Duc is a brand new, first time playing today, theme name. True nyashny?

-Yeah really handsome - I said dreamily.

Needless to say, now that football is not moved to the second, and the forty-seventh plan. An increase of about 183-186 cm. Brown from the sun foot handsome face, slender, dark-haired. Mda..Paren really yum.

-Yes pozov¸m it today, when you go for a walk. A closer look, - said she asks slyly.

And so we went to the noisy company to me. We called one more girl, took a couple of guys from our team. And of course the ubiquitous Sveta called Artem, I still stood there, making an indifferent face. At the party Artem acted aloof at first, but then drunk haunt and we have aside from all the cute chirping with him discussing all sorts of crap. From this "crap" I podcherpnul he recently moved to our city with, and his mother had left them three years ago, his father-soldier. More recently he was eighteen years old, and that his father strongly thumps, and that sober he had seen him last time two months ago. In general theme was quite agreeable young man, without quirks and Ponte. It seemed ridiculous his desire, something to talk to me povydelyvatsya. About how cool it all plays, etc., etc.

-Marin Sorry, I have to go - suddenly he said suddenly.

Vpihnuv him a hundred rubles, I called and walked him to the taxi. I returned. It was terribly boring. For decency to hang out with people, even for an hour, gently hinted Sveta, it's time to leave. Sveta understood everything and smacking me on the cheek was taken away to the guests themselves.

I went into the house and opened a bottle of cognac. She sat, drank, I thought ... finally picked up the phone and wrote a sms-ku. "Can you come to me tomorrow?". Send. Artem subscriber. I smoke. The answer came in about five minutes, which seemed like an eternity. "Well, yes. But how much and why?". Phew ... a bit relieved. Taks..teper have to think what to say. "At about ten in the morning. One request to you will. Promise me that you will not refuse?)))". Send. Again, tedious wait. "Damn, tomorrow morning to the university." Well that's it, I thought, and poured himself another ryumahu. Half an hour later the phone again zabrenchal. Perhaps she asks again, something forgotten. And no. Artem. "I will score in the study. Tomorrow at ten o'clock will you. And what's the request?)." Corresponding to "Tomorrow will say))." Again, wait. "Well, I promise that will not refuse." Oheret .. What now to do what ??? How to tell him that I really need him? And do I need it? What if..??? Questions were confused in my head. But in proportion to the drunk, the desire to flog Artem grew stronger and everything seemed much easier. But I knew that tomorrow I sobered up a little from myself terribly. I did not notice how she fell asleep.

I woke up at nine o'clock in the morning. Start digging through your phone. Well, of course ... What a fool I am !!! Dopilas damn ... She took the next bottle. He sipped straight from the bottle. Oh well .. Suddenly it became like that easier. In the end, I did not write anything. To come up with any nonsense, such that the computer has become slow down, they say look. Although he can not come ...

And now ten. Looking out the window, I saw a minibus at the bus stop. Heart sank ... Phew .. Seeing Topic I flew out and ran to the gate to open.

-Hello, - Artem smiled.

-Salute, come not stand. Come into the courtyard sit at a table, which stands under the tree. Well, where we were yesterday. - I said, and ran into the house. She took the unfinished bottle and a pair of "poltorashek" beer. I returned. Artem did not give up and began to drink cognac drinking beer. Talk, do not glue the beginning, finally ensued. I said something at random and secretly looked at the speaker. Black shorts just above the knees, white T-shirt. Hmm .. wardrobe guy clearly is not rich.

And again, just like yesterday, the more I drink the easier it seemed to me. But how to turn the conversation in the right direction to me?

-Ay !! Marina! We'll lose, - Artem said cheerfully.

-I am here