Real divorce boy handled in Mail-agent.

Pure Breath

[email protected]

Check out how I threw the kid Pen! After all this divorce just relax. I do not know how to lay out the screens here, so just copy from the archive.
Quickly explain the situation ... This type, which is 22 years old, harassed my younger sister, whose 15, and she had intimidated that if you do not roll away to write on it the application .. it really ochkanul and behind. Then she offered it to me for fun breed on this topic and we have created a page under the guise of the site admins Administration (19:30):
Good evening! You could not pay us a couple minutes?

[email protected] (19:30):
Of course. How can I help?) Administration (19:31):
The fact that our support treatment by the person it was made has not attained the age of sixteen years of sexual harassment on your part.

[email protected] (19:32):
In terms of???? From whom???!!!!! Administration (19:35):
The complaint came from Catherine Kotova. You offered her to join you in sexual intercourse with her and were talking about sex, which is a violation of the Criminal Code, namely sexual abuse of minors. All fixed! Who has collected relevant materials for the direction of Department "K" Interior Ministry to initiate a criminal case under Art. 134 and 135 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

[email protected] (19:37):
What kind of nonsense ??? I did this it did not offer !!! We just texted, I asked whether she had someone well and offered to come just for a friendly !!! There generally is no such thing !!!! Administration (19:38):
This is an attempt to sexual abuse and for this relies real time. We will notify you, so take care of the legal counsel, as soon you will be questioned by the investigating authorities on the fact of abuse of a minor.

[email protected] (19:39):
Listen !!!!! I did not do anything !!!!!! Nothing !!!! It's just nonsense !!!!!!!!!! Administration (19:40):
All of your correspondence has been copied from the backup system and will be presented as evidence by the investigating authorities, and your district court. Within half an hour the material will be sent to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

[email protected] (19:41):
what material????? Blmn you dolbanuli chtoli ???? There was nothing!!!!!!!!! Administration (19:42):
We will notify you as the client company Then you will be responsible to the Russian legislation in court. Once again, I repeat to you, I advise you to immediately take care of the lawyer.

[email protected] (19:42):
You have already sent? Administration (19:43):
Not yet. Who we are finalizing a standard set of documents to guide the Department "K" and send.

[email protected] (19:43):
Maybe we can agree? Administration (19:44):
In what sense?

[email protected] (19:44):
Once you know about me, or is not to hide? Administration (19:45):
So far, only me. I received a message about the crime and my duty to inform the authorities.

[email protected] (19:46):
Listen, can somehow agree ????? Administration (19:46):
How can we negotiate?

[email protected] (19:47):
I do not know ... Offered

I added it to my other pages that looked the most believable. I've been fond of psychology and so dramatically changed his style of communication and tactics.

[email protected] Who are you? 19:55

Sergey This is me .. with there can not be such a bazaar Security can burn. Well, in short let suggest, I think 19:56

[email protected] that? !! 19:56

Sergey [email protected] (19:46):
Listen, can somehow dogovorimya ????? 19:57

[email protected] I pay $ 100 19:58

Sergey shit is not talking .. cha in the zone to prick stretched and will cock cocks kilometers otsasat .. kidding? In short I will put on two pieces bucks. Today 11 should ride. 19:59

[email protected] Che so much ???????? I do not have that kind of money 19:59

Sergey and fuck ..? I love you from the real life saving piece of paper and you feel sorry? 20:00

[email protected] Look, I really do not! I do not regret not otmazyvatsya !! 20:00

Sergey Well fuck do? Borrow! Do you have a 3:00 butted into the situation, then harnessed .. lowered cock spermoglotom be cooler? 20:01

[email protected] Okay, I'll get! What guarantees? You can remove from the Archives Miley whole conversation ???? 20:02

Sergey shit question .. when grandmother prines¸sh there will be nothing left, I promise! I'm still in control of the admin .. will sleep well! Short 11 prines¸sh street. Paustovsky d. 10. This is a 16-storey building entrance is open .. 3 go up on the 8th floor, the stairwell at 23.00 ... you understand? 20:03

Yes [email protected] 20:03

Sergey is not all .. 20:04

[email protected] ???? 20:04

Sergey Well, I'll fuck the zone otmazyvatsya .. and thanks ..? 20:05

I'll get the money [email protected] 20:05

Sergey is all clear .. well just have the cheek I have to drive, and then we in the calculation 20:05

[email protected] vsmsle ??? 20:06

Sergey Che in the sense? Otsos¸sh in gratitude and you will go hard or what? 20:10

[email protected] ohuel you really ????? 20:10

Sergey Che those bastard once expressed respect for the saved soul? 20:10

I'm not gay [email protected] !!!!!! 20:11

Sergey some fucking gay ..)))) once - not pidaras! Heard this?) 20:11

[email protected] I'm not going to fucking suck !!!!!!!!!!! 20:11

Sergey then we do not agree! those fucking hard Che .. ?? you are not a man or what? Shit out of you in the zone will actually invalid for this repulse all .. will omit all around and in the ass and in the mouth and in all places .. I am saving you from such garbage and you even can not drive the cheek once for salvation.! ! I tell you, even in your mouth will not stop, I promise. Just prines¸sh grandmother, do me five minutes and pleasantly and everything 20:14

[email protected] I do not want to do it !!!!! And you would not !!!! 20:15

Sergey shit for what me from prison otmazatsya I'd love to be expressed respect benefactor! Che for this bald cheek drive? This conductive finally ok .. we are your people! 20:16
[email protected] never done it, I can not and do not want to !!! 20:16

Sergey yes Th there to know? You take a lollipop and a posos¸sh .. 5 minutes and free!))) 20:17

[email protected] no man know anything about it 20:17

Sergey Yeah nobody knows .. I promise those! stand between the 8th and 9th floor at the site, to drive me zaschekanku 5 minutes and you forget me forever .. agree?)) 20:18

[email protected] Come 20:18

Sergey well, everything! In 11asov on the 8th floor 3 entrance 20:19

[email protected] approx 20:19

Sergey just do not be late? 20:19

[email protected] no 20:19

I do not believe to the last moment that he would come. More 11 was not as low on the elevator came a skinny kid and almost brought me in the teeth of the grandmother. * I do about Uel just. Only instead of the 60 he has brought 43 pieces, and declared that he no longer was able to gather to catch. I did not have it in my mouth I do not have to Cessna nah! Important for me that I threw it on the suction and all .. We just went to the site, he was already up to his knees, I unbuttoned his pants and then I told him to run to the first floor by stairs and is free. he escaped .. Here are these fuckers! It's just pi * dec !!! And the boy is 3 years older than me !!!
Do not consider me a bastard and all this .. If a person goof, his sin is not diluted. Moreover, I punished the boy for what a 15-year-old sister molested I think I did the right thing. Now he will think a hundred times and more so will not do!