My parents went to the resort for 4 months and left me a 12-year-old girlfriend, Anna. Here is a case of life: After we showered in the shower, Anya suddenly said: Please, let's play in the Middle Ages. I agreed. The fact that Ana was only 12, and I was 14. I did not want to deny minors. And I said: Where do we start? Anna said: I brought a rope, is now going to play in the medieval torture. I said no!!! But Anna has been able to tie me to the bed. Anya took off my shirt, and reached for the shoe. Then I could not stand it: And I will be tortured? - Now you find out! Anya took off my shoe feet and ran for the talc. She came with her friends Oksana and Sasha. Oksana in her hand brush. Anya sprinkled my pyatochku talc, and Oksana began to work brush. When Oksana finished the session, I was dying with laughter. Oksana went to the girls, something whispered Sasha, Sasha began to tickle me with his bare hands under the armpits. Suddenly she said: You armpits stink, now we are their swill. - Sasha Anya ran to the bathroom. They returned a moment later with a wet hand and take me "washing ". When the girls stopped to tickle me, they said in chorus - We have come! Anna untied me, and said: The next time you come up with even some torture for yourself! - And she went to escort girls. Help me think of the torture! My mail: [email protected]