The history of a family friend

In this hot July night, I fucked another man's wife. Everything happened in her cozy apartment. We had settled on a comfortable couch and a spacious, neatly covered with a white bed sheet. She was on her knees, resting his hands on the pillow, and I was attached to the back of her gorgeous ass.

It was a nice, respectable woman is mysteriously indeterminate middle age, when, touching her appetizing ass, you begin to regret forever lost time - my God, where I used to be.

The curious reader will want to know how many actually age the woman. But at the moment it makes no sense to mention the accounting accuracy of its age. The main thing was that it was very attractive to men. Her name was Tatyana Sergeevna. She was married, she had two children and worked in a factory chief technology office.

But back to the couch. Banging Tatiana S. solidly and thoroughly, without the old girl's vehemence, but very heartfelt. In other words, my cock penetrated deep into her bosom, and at every one of my push it responded to its sensual sigh. And that her languid sigh emanating from the depths of her soul, an intelligent reader guess where in those moments was her soul, caused a new surge of energy in me. And in response to the call of her breath, I just had to stick his cock even deeper into her wet hairy sponge disclosed.

Savvy readers will express commonplace assumption that Tatiana's husband is currently on a business trip, and his wife at the time decided to fool around a bit. But no, dear reader, you are mistaken. Her husband at that point, was sitting next to his chair and watched with interest for us, occasionally taking pictures of us. He took a direct part in our meeting. However, to be more precise, I took active part in their marital bed.

But then I have to interrupt the communication with the reader curious, since the occupation, which we diligently engaged with Tatiana, reached its climax. I felt the approach of sweet moments, for which, as far as essentially we live in this world. The contents of my testicles vigorously queries outside. For a while I try to restrain these urges. The process of this restraint is fascinating for both partners.

I suppress a natural tendency to immediately relieve his partner, and through the "can not" make another push in her womb. It is, in some mysterious feminine feeling, feel the pressure, which breaks out of me. And the specific movement of his hips tight hastens this process. Again I suppress myself, and do one more movement in her feverish pussy. She sobs and demanded lasciviously wagging his ass. I am the last effort to make forward movement in her pussy and no longer holding back, with all the passion to drive his cock into her to overflowing. She sensitively catches this moment and pressed tightly against me his ass. And here comes the most amazing time, for which live on the ground. I, trembling all over, with the roar of jets elk splash in her womb, she passionately moans, And her husband contemplates an incredible picture of our intercourse.

Somehow their specific feminine gift Tatiana has always felt the approach of the last wave of my orgiastic spasms. Togo voluptuous moment when the sperm from the testes irresistibly rushes out. She picks up my wheezing male, adding their screams samochki. However, it podmahivala his hips so deftly that I poured into it all the contents of their testicles.

Perhaps this is one of the female sexual talents, pump out all the powers of man.

But here again the reader frowning his thick eyebrows. So what then, they say, interesting. Average description ordinary intercourse of man and woman. Where delicate picture of a threesome?

Dear reader, do not hurry. Let me finish.

I frantically spewing from his sperm themselves, all to the last drop, exhausted, and it hangs on the cozy back. For a while we maintain immobility. I am in complete prostration. But she wants more. And I must give way to her rightful husband.

As soon as I was devastated, I fall off of it, it is turned back on, holding out his hands to her husband and his whole body invites him over. At the same time she looks simply stunning. Eyes half open, they emit is not fully quench the passion of women. Nipples breasts vzdybleny. Legs spread wide and of shaggy swollen lips on a sheet follows a thin trickle of muddy semen.

- Pashenka, let him come to me - she calls languidly.

Paul, slowly, puts aside the camera and, - thriftily placed on his wife.

Being second in women is very interesting to do. Her body was hot, sometimes even sweaty. Her wet filled with sperm chink wide open toward the next member. And this impatient member is very easy to slip into the hot flesh. There is at this time extremely spacious and this in a moment, puzzled. But in the next moment, the muscles of her vagina tightly cover the new guest, and he feels her usual overcrowding.

Thus, Pasha arranged on my wife and I on a nearby chair.

Well, now, dear reader, I'll introduce you to spicy details threesome. Of course, this phenomenon for a long time and is widespread in our world. One woman and two men quite optimal ratio of sexual forces. But judge for yourself, doctors, physiologists say that the excitation of a woman is much longer than the men have. Simply put, the woman of the excitability reaches a peak when a man already ends. And what is the way out here? Yes, my wise reader, it needs a second man.

But as one woman is operated with two men? Very, very easy. We act in a case like this. At first we caress Tatiana. In truth, the nature of a woman is to have sex with two men. Well, judge for yourself: a woman's two breasts - just to the two men could kiss each his own. She has two thighs that could be every man by his own hand to get her hairy slits. True chink alone, but then, as they say, are possible options.

We kiss her, enjoy her body. More often than not, I move slowly with his kisses on her tummy to her cherished slits. I like the language of smooth her wrinkles. A special thrill while I deliver retaliatory emotions woman. Liznesh what - something cherished place, and she will shake her hips sensually.

Usually, after we warm up Tatiana, Paul's wife conceded to me first as a guest. I was arranged around her back, and introduced his penis into her welcoming hot hole. At the same time Tatiana usually publish a passionate sigh, what stimulated me to deeper penetration.

And what happened next, the reader already knows. Although we sometimes practiced other options. It also happened that all three merged into one.

At the same time Tatiana took a right both of us.

It seems to me that a threesome can reveal some features, which when paired sex do not look so sincere. Well, for example, the natural tendency of women to flaunt their bodies. When the couple engaged in sex, it looks more of a necessity.

Tatiana with obvious pleasure being revealed in our company. It was nice when we looked at the details Pasha in secluded corners of her body. By the way, and Paschke was like when his wife wore before me completely naked. It turns out that psychologists there is even a special term "candaulism". This term referred to the phenomenon, when the husband is experiencing sexual pleasure from showing his naked wife. Show your partner may be limited by its photography, portrait, real striptease. In advanced Europe, there is plenty of magazines in which readers send in photos of their naked wives. But we do not have such magazines and reality Pasha enjoyed the view of how I got up a member of his naked wife.

In general, sex in the team has some specific shades completely inaccessible to male sex. First - openness, it is possible somehow to openly discuss his wife alone with the intricacies of sexual techniques, but the inclusion in this discussion of the third interlocutor gives the discussion a certain piquancy.

One day, one night the three of us settled down on the couch in anticipation of mutual pleasure. I wanted something a little different. And here Tatiana languid tone in his voice asked her husband what he would by his own hand, brought her dick lover, t. E. My.

Pay attention, the inquisitive reader to the formulation of the question itself. The wife asks her husband to impose its own member on the lover. It is clear that we have such a request from the Pasha intrigued. Pasha grunted and grabbed the hand of my cock. I say frankly, not accustomed to the fact that other men paw me for my inner process. But at the moment I realized the need for such displays of affection by the Pasha and willing to spread her legs. Pasha several times Bugger my cock, causing him to become a great and strong and pulled him toward the spaced legs of his wife. It is clear, pull the guy for hard dick - it's candid sadism. I howled with such treatment. It intrigued us all, individually and collectively. First - the very unusual request, my feeling in the second term in the man's hand, and a third storm of sensations at Pasha when he popped in shelochku his wife a foreign member.

Pasha enthusiastically grabbed my cock tightly squeezed it, and I felt before the unknown feeling of intimacy with a male hand. My cock stood up, and Pasha began to poke it back awkwardly, where necessary. Perhaps it gave him a certain pleasure. It must have been fun to keep in the hands of another man standing member and at the same time stick it to the plump pussy of his wife.

And Tatiana, flinging legs, enjoying the piquancy of the situation and kept laughing at our clumsy vain attempts.

Among men widely believed that women take great pleasure when e fuck in all holes at the same time. We did not notice this. Perhaps this feature of our partner, but she most liked vaginal contact.
If you like my story to the reader, I will continue it. All this from my real life. If someone will express their opinion on the issues raised, I will answer him.