Unrequited love

You might think that my story was accidentally Online porn stories, but if you fully understand the events, all that remains of this, at first sight, love story, this is an erotic story, as the man, which will be discussed, nothing needed from me, except sex.

It all started this year, in a cloudy, rainy day in April, which stood out against the background of the sunny and warm spring. On that day, I made the mistake the first (April 22): registered on a dating site to meet with a guy.

I am from Moscow, where he lived, and my ex-boyfriend, with whom I had some kind of relationship when I was 9-10 years old. Then my parents and I moved to St. Petersburg. Here I did not have any relationship to this case.

The next day (April 23), I checked the post on this site and came across a profile with Parkom nickname. From him I was the message is: "Vasya, Vasya Vasilek come in to the light =)". I looked at the photo and saw the jolly nice guy, slyly squinted, but it just struck me, so I told him. So we started a correspondence with him. During the week, I had little correspondence with his new friends, as it was very busy, but then I realized that this was the man I wanted, in every sense. Therefore, exactly one week later (April 30), we exchanged phone numbers and agreed to meet, and he called his real name Antonio. (Later I learned his name and his patronymic. Kuznetsov Anton I.) The meeting was administered on Sunday (2 May). My parents did not know anything about it, so in order to meet with him, I had to run away from home so that no one noticed.

So I was going to do, but that day at about 3 pm from him came smska that he went with friends to barbecues. The weather was not very good, the sky was covered with gray clouds, and at times it was drizzling drizzling rain. The meeting has been postponed to the next day. The next morning (May 3), my parents had to issue some documents required my presence, so that all morning, I could not answer calls Anton, this he greatly offended, and sent me a text message with the following text: "I'm not going to meet the person , which has never seen, and which can not even call. " By two o'clock I was more or less free from their cases and calling his touchy friend, agreed to meet with him at 4:00, went to sunbathe in the park, as it was quite warm and sunny, and I love to lie in the sun. From there, I immediately went to see him. We were supposed to meet at the metro Old Village.

Arriving there, I called him, and that to me to meet the smiling guy goes from a photo with a bottle of strawberry assets. We started talking him cute, he began to tell me about themselves, about their hobbies and about my childhood and about all the other stuff. Then we went to his house. As we rode on the bus K-232, all the time he was feeding me with his tales, it was possible to think that this guy's language in general can not be in a calm state, but also because he worked in an advertising agency, "To be or not to be". Finally we arrived. I lived the smiling guy far away from the metro, in Lahti, in the multi-storey red-yellow-fabricated house. We took the elevator to the third floor and entered a small one-room gloomy apartment, he will most likely shot as he moved to St. Petersburg from some small provincial town, I do not remember what it's called: Toli Magnitogorsk, felts Magadan, felts general some garbage.

So, give me to drink nasty-tasting tea, the owner of the shack took me into his gloomy room in which almost all the furniture was either black or dark brown and began to molest me, otherwise it can not be named. All his actions were so willfully and unfeeling that my penis does not even get up. First, we kissed, and then went into the shower, where I had sucked, then this cutie fucked me and then we kissed again. As long as we all did, he kept telling me how I'm hot, but of course I was very rowdy after sunbathing.

Around 7 pm, I, again contrary sipping tea zasobiralsya home as very well that day, my parents were not home, and I had to go back to their return. My new boyfriend took me up to the underground Black River, even in the 132 bus paid for me, although I could pay for itself itself. It must have been payment for the fact that during sex I never finished. The next two days we did not talk and only on May 5 to the accident that it came from me empty smska because I often forget to lock the touch screen on your mobile phone. Only then did he remember about me, I asked how I was doing with my parents.

On holidays (May 9), I went to Moscow. It occurred to me one more story related to my ex. We met with him at the parade, I smiled at him and said hello, but he pretended that I do not have not even looked in my direction. He forgot me, even my name, not to mention the fact that it was between us. It appeared someone, I do not know the guy or girl. But he forgot me completely. I flew into a rage because even quarreled with his parents. And in a fit of anger and anguish, I went in the evening on May 9 in front of the house where he had lived and lives with beysbolnoy bat, and when he came back, I with all his might hit him on the head. The forces of anger was so much that I broke his skull. Now he lies in a hospital infinity of consciousness, do not know will die or not ... After that, the mood in Moscow I stay there were no more, and the next day I went back to St. Petersburg.

Next week I'm going to meet with Anton again, but it came to my sister, and it was ten days she is busy. Of course, we texted, called up, but never met.

And following the meeting took place exactly one month after I signed up on this stupid dating site. These were the usual weekend (22-23 May). Outstanding I have them free, as the heat began to subside (in mid-May was very hot weather), no longer will go to sunbathe or swim. Anton, as it turned out, my sister, too, was gone, he did that day (May 22) carried on the train. And here we are gone anyway, phoned, and I was about 9 o'clock in the evening was in the underground Black River. This is my second fatal mistake. From time to time I had to call him to ask the number of the bus, which stops, house number, apartment. I still remember the address: Seaside Avenue, Building 167, Apartment 128. And here I come to him, he was dressed in some kind of sweatshirt and ripped jeans with a hole in the same place. I worked my handsome Saturday cleaning, despite the fact that it was about 10 o'clock at night. I told him in something to help, so coped for half an hour.

In the kitchen, he roasted some fish smell that reached right up to the first floor. To be honest, I hate fish and fish products, but for the sake of his beloved I could tolerate. Although I had to endure for long, because as soon as I arrived in the kitchen, the fish somewhere mysteriously disappeared. This he hid it, because I thought that I was so hungry that he eat fish as soon as staying alone with her. But it did not have to try so hard, I was on a diet and do not eat anything, even more so nasty and smelly food.

It was late, about 11 o'clock, so I decided to stay with him overnight. To be honest, this the night I planned in advance, as it was the weekend my parents were visiting and were supposed to return until Sunday. I have included some series, unfortunately, I can not remember what it's called, but I remember that there was a lot of erotic homosexual scenes, and there was also some kind of a mystical story. At that time we had sex. Somewhere around 2 o'clock in the morning we decided to drink tea, and the tea is warming himself, having sex in the shower, he is adored. Then we went into the kitchen, my favorite sat in front of me and began to eat strawberries, and without giving me any berries. I only contemplated as klubnichiny one after the other hidden in the abyss of his voracious mouth. Then we went back to the room to have sex.

the whole night passed in such a rhythm. I have finished, probably a dozen times.

At about 6 am, Anton was sleepy, but on the street the other way around the sun rose. He said that he was very tired, because they do not get enough sleep last night, because the night was walking with her sister before her departure. I wanted to sleep is not much, so I started, while the owner is asleep, to inspect his apartment - my bad habit. While looking around, I came across the documents on the lease of the flats, etc. From them I learned the full details of Anton: Anton I. Kuznetsov.
At about 10 am, he woke up, we have washed and without breakfast again began to have sex: in the shower and in bed.

The apartment was Anton no longer seemed so bleak, because the sun was shining through the windows, even though they were draped curtains, one can see he did not like the sun as much as I do. I try to catch every ray of solar energy, so curtained window makes me melancholy.
Although it was very sunny in the day (May 23), but it was quite cool and windy, and the weather forecast promised rain in the evening. Therefore Anton hurry to ride a bike, and we had time to say goodbye. He wore jeans breeches, tight white T-shirt and even sunglasses so looked very sexy. So I ran to kiss him, and again we could not tear myself away from each other. But time was pressing us, so we went out: and he went on his bike to one side, and I went on a minibus to another.
On the way home I went to their relatives on Petrogradka, and who had to spend the whole weekend. They did not have to explain anything, because they think I'm an independent person. Then in the 8th hour I went home. As promised forecasters, 8 hours in a clear blue sky tightened gray clouds, and 9 o'clock it began to rain.
Almost all of the following working week was cold and rainy weather. I was busy studying, because it was the last school week. After one night spent together with Anton, I just fell in love with it, especially since that guy from Moscow it was all over. I corresponded with his Anton: Internet, smskami every day, just to feel his presence there.

And it was then, on Thursday, on the very week (27 May), my new boyfriend tells me that corresponds with the one girl, and published a conversation with her. I was shocked that it corresponds and meets with everyone. To me immediately crept thought of treason and betrayal. And I made a third fatal mistake: he spoke about the case of Moscow and I know his personal data. As the saying goes: the thief on the cap off, of course, the man immediately began to treat me with apprehension. At first thought, that I invented the story, but because it was true, he had begun to believe me. In correspondence of its phrases have become concise and abstract.

Despite all the above, I really wanted to meet with Anton weekend. But on Saturday, neither I nor Anton could not. He again left for kebabs, although the weather that day was very diverse: the sun was shining, it was rain and thunderstorms and even hail, but as it turned out he was a fan of barbecue in the rain. I could not, because it was the last day of my school, and in the evening I had a farewell party with my classmates. But Sunday (May 30), I was free. This morning I spoke with Anton on the phone, found that he was at home, and went to him, although the head pondered bad after me all night had to deliver his drunken odnoklassnichkov home. Despite the fact that at night and in the morning was rain, the sun came out in the afternoon, the sky was bright blue, even though it was cool due to the cold wind. When I got to the Black River, I called Tose, and he told me that he was at home, eating a strawberry or chocolate, I do not remember.

I got to his house for about 10 minutes, but the intercom was no answer. It turned out that the baby house have fled to the Old Village, although her half an hour to go. In spite of the cold wind, the sun is well warmed, and I set off on foot to Petrogradka through Yelagin Island, then through Krestovsky. I would like for one somewhere intersect with Anton, and it seems that I saw him at the metro station Krestovsky island with some blond guy his own age, but maybe it was not him. In the evening I called my fugitive, and was hoping that we'd meet, but he said that he needed to sleep, because he had a difficult day tomorrow. Although then I saw on the site that he was sitting on the Internet up to 2 or even 3 o'clock in the morning.

On the following day (31 May) that a busy person could not communicate with me. But on Tuesday (1 June), I saw that Anton is free, as he sat in the afternoon on the Internet. I decided on his abstract phrases, he was fired, which he very much offended, and wrote to me: "Nope, you can not say anything at all, you did everything perfectly invent =))". I wanted to meet with Anton, as I do, and he was free. Although I have that day still had lessons in music. Therefore, about 6 o'clock in the evening, immediately after his musical studies, I called Tose. He said that in the park riding a bike, even though the wind for some reason on the phone could not be heard, and the weather that day was very windy, but it was still quite warm and sunny. We agreed to meet, and I went to Anton. On the way, I decided to buy him candy to soothe him a little, and then with him was something incomprehensible.

I got to Anton's home to 9 pm. When I came to him, I was struck by the way he talked to me. I just did not recognize in the person of the former Anton. He spoke to me with some caution, even thought I had brought poisoned candy, and did not eat them. Only after I ate three chocolates, he could hardly swallowed one. Then he began to insist, so I showed him that I had in the bag, but I do not like. When poking around in my private things, but still showed him the notes which I took on my studies for music. He read me a moral about trust, even though he himself I especially did not tell. He wanted to know my full name, but also to see my passport, but I never carry my papers, because they gave me too much and do not want, and I can still lose them. Despite all this, he did a little workout sex with me.

And then, somewhere around midnight, he said that he wanted to shop, but also to call other reasons, just to throw me out of his house. When I left, he was still trying to regain my candy, but I do not accept gifts back. Then he put me on some sort of a minibus, in my opinion, the K-134, and that's it. The more we live with him never not seen. On the bus, I drove to the metro station Pionerskaya and the metro has to Nevsky Prospekt. I did not want to go home, so I went to the Central Station (one of several St. Petersburg gay clubs), and there spent the night. The weather turned bad on the street, as my mood, giving the impression that in the early summer, come autumn: it was cold and drizzling drizzling rain.

Despite all this, I still loved Anton. Within a week, I still wanted to meet him in person, but he referred to the "other plans." In the meantime, my love for him grew stronger all, exactly one week (9 June), thinking that has nothing to lose and tried to threaten him, "about the meeting, you must understand this is very important for you. Why you do not believe me? I do not believe until the thunder breaks out, and then Pozdnyak rush. " He refused to meet the so-said "Either explain why, or leave me alone," and no longer respond to the meeting request. Then (the 14 June), I still wrote to him:

"Hey, why do not you answer? I just wanted to warn you that my parents know everything and can you bang, they do it like snap your fingers, and I want to save your pretty fat ass, believe I can do it, I'm sorry I broke into your life, and put it under threat, I did not want to believe. If all of a sudden behind you will follow, you just inform me about it, I will try to do something, tell me you did not pursue, you are not beaten, not crippled, I hope not. On Tuesday I leave for an indefinite period, but by the autumn will come back for sure. Take care of yourself, if something is not as inform, although I have tried to cover their tracks, to my parents from behind you, and it would have ended badly for you. Tell me please, I can not wait a week.

By the way, to be honest, it's not exactly my parents, his biological father, I have never seen this father, I do not like that doazyvaet that he was not my father, and my real mother died know what, when I was 10 years old, so I had to leave Moscow. and this is my stepmother, teaches that it is my foster parents, but I still do not tell anyone, only people elected for themselves, such as you, because you know what my feelings for you. I understand that something oskarbil or hurt you, because I really have nothing to do not take offense but you know what, so I do not notice how hurt others. Therefore, I ask you for forgiveness for all, you forgive me? "And then he finally disappeared from my life. On my calls and sms he did not answer, and on the website, he threw me in the Ignored.

Then I went to Los Angeles for the summer. In the fall, I went back to St. Petersburg. One autumn day (October 17), I passed by his house and decided to call on the intercom. I heard it coined Hello, yes it probably was, but I did not respond, and if they said, he would have pretended not to know me. Then I also drove by his house on the way to Sestroretsk exactly half a year as we had first met (3 November).

Then I often watched the site when it was where he was. Thus, I learned that he went to the Dominican Republic in December. There I saw his new picture, he turned into some kind of pink sow: fatter, swollen with fat, even grown breasts, that I even jokingly thought he was from me conceived, although I have it even in the ass never fucked. And the New Year before I went to Los Angeles and do not want to return to St. Petersburg, but do not know: go back there or not. I changed a lot: more beautiful, lined teeth, recolor from blond to brunette and started a new life in 2011.
Two losses in a single year, it is enough, 2010 was not very kind to me. From all this I learned a good lesson that is not acquainted with the older guys myself. My first boyfriend from Moscow was older than me by 5 years, and Anton do for 9 years.
Here in California, I start to develop a relationship with one man, and the difference in the age of one year. He was in the beginning of January 18, and March 20 I will turn 17 years old. I hope that everything will turn out.