My son Vlad (part 2)

    Outside the room, I went to take a shower. Holding in one hand and a vibrator with aching stomach with excitement, I went to the bathroom. He took off the clothes, put the vibrator on the shelf and started the shower. Drops of water ran down my body gently caressing it. Excitation not subsided, but on the contrary grew.

    After standing for several minutes, I realized that this must be something to do. Reaching vibrika, lathered him that would wash after playing my son. After washing it, I put the clitoris and turned the speed controller. He vibrated, but the purity of the body does not slide. She took the body oil, in order to increase the bit slipping. He struck his hand on his crotch and ass, too, just in case. Now it was possible to drive the vibrator between the legs without any obstruction.

    Humidity inside my pussy and reached a critical chapel already running down my thighs. I introduced him in the pussy, and increased speed on the controller. My legs started podkashivatsya pleasure. Languid eyes closed, and his head floated pictures my son pulls me. The orgasm was approaching, when suddenly I heard behind:

- Mom and you'll be here for a long time to wash?

    Yet svykshayasya with the situation that my son saw me naked in all sorts of obscene situations, and the more I sucked him, I was a youngster has thrown into the paint and orgasm receded.

- you know my son, now I do not know for a long time or not. Next time, at least the decency to knock could be.

- I knocked, you just do not answer, so I went in, I did not know that once you answer.

    I was even more rushed to the paint.

- Mom let me help you wash.

    I even had time to say mu, Vlad already took off his robe and stood beside me. He took a washcloth and lathered her. Smooth piece of soap began soaping my back and went to the priest. A piece of soap slipped between the buttocks and I caved. He went through the anus and then slid on my shaved pussy. Again, I felt the excitement, more arched and moaned. Vlad mylil my crotch carefully slowly. Second hand took the vibrator, which I clung. The vacant arm instead of the vibrator he thrust me his sore petrified member. My soapy hand slid on his bottom. Again I felt the vibrator in her pussy, but the feelings were already very different. It's hard to compare what you myself dragon, with those feelings that you stuck someone else and you do not know how he will move on.

    So it took a couple of minutes. Vlad dismissed my hand on his penis and put it on vibrator is in me. I realized that his future movements will control myself. Vlad pressed her hands on my back prognuv me a little bit lower. Ran his hands over his back and having taken my ass, she squeezed her buttocks and parted to the side. Then I felt his cock rested against my sphincter. This solid process did not know how to get to me. I relaxed a little muscle priests and she ran into him. Soap has done its job, he slipped without any obstacles to its very foundations. I was ready to pull your legs and just hang on his penis. You understand that this is not possible, but his legs gave way from the enjoyment. The wall I came up against not only the hand, but also his head. Vibrator pushed the whole and just held there, and Vlad just pecked my point. His head was buzzing, and I covered the orgasm. I filed ass towards the member, that he penetrated deeper. This club even more tense and I felt the sperm fills ass. Feet absolutely not kept me. I slipped off the penis and squatted.

    Vlad bit rinsed and left, I remained seated. I do not even want to get up, I have covered quite languor. Five minutes and I sat and only domylas.

    To be continued…