Night event

Every time I saw her, my breath away and, as the saying goes, mouth water. She is a girl 23 years old, was the owner of the magnificent figures, which almost all men dream. Slim brunette, long, straight legs, a third the size of the chest and elastic appetizing ass. Most lead to impotence in its constitution that it was almost thin, but had a gorgeous close-planted breast liberated tightened juicy ass and beautiful legs.

I dreamed about it every time you masturbate. In my fantasies I finished each time in her cute little mouth and she greedily swallowed my seed. It is exciting to me so much, that a strong and vibrant orgasm occurs in a minute. Every day this girl passed under my window, going to work. Especially for her, I ordered over the internet a powerful pair of binoculars, which even had a night vision.

From the window of his apartment, apartment on the third floor, I saw this beauty every day and could see the top with her binoculars beautiful breasts, once even saw her nipple light brown color that caused me to immediately run to the bathroom. I was waiting for when it will go to work in the morning, and he knew how much it will return. So every weekday - it is at least two orgasms. As I wanted to have a window in front of her window. Seeing her in the bedroom to change clothes, pacing the apartment in a bathrobe ... Dreams, dreams ...

But one day something happened that then brings me unforgettable hours of masturbation for several months. Saturday at 2 am turning off the TV, I went to close the window in the kitchen. Closing the window, I heard voices in the street. Under the window was a car, there were two, a man and a woman, according to the voices. Glasses have been omitted, and I heard that they were playful conversation as time heard laughter from time to time. I was curious and I took my binoculars. Including night vision, I began to learn the car and a couple.

Car Windshield stretched almost to the middle of the roof and can be easily seen sitting in the front seats. And what was my surprise when in the passenger seat, I saw the object of my sexual dreams. She was sitting next to some guy that she whispered something in your ear from what she was laughing. Apparently they had a few drinks. The girl was a light blouse with a plunging neckline, without any hint of bra and flared mini skirt.

I brought the picture and could be considered in the light of the greenish night vision all in the details. I saw her beautiful breasts, even protruding from under the thin blouse nipples, she considered her perfect supermodel legs, which were slightly apart, and as I would like, at least one eye to see what lies between them. And her companion, meanwhile, began to show some activity, he moved closer to her and started kissing her neck, his right hand down on her knee and she did not remove it. Then he began to stroke her knee and to rise above the skirt.

They merged in a kiss, and his hand quickly penetrated under her skirt lifted her from the waist up, and I saw a white lace panties. Man's hand began stroking the girl pubis, which was clean-shaven, and I saw how she became a little shudder, Man's head hid from me her breasts, he apparently began to fondle these two divine sphere. During this, he somehow contrived to gradually lower the seat girl. It has become more accessible to his caresses. His hand crept under her panties and began massaging her clitoris, I saw it through binoculars, as if watching a porno. She became a snack lips and moan loudly.

His fingers worked quickly and moaning women began to sound loud indecently. I zoomed. Second Hand Man reached for the panties and pulled them to the side, revealing a neat pussy glistening in the moonlight from the abundantly released grease. Continuing to caress the clitoris, the guy stuck two fingers in her vagina alluring moisture. She began to squirm trying planted deeper to them, I have become a partner to drive his fingers deeper and deeper by increasing the tempo. The girl was filled with passion, she covered her mouth his index finger so as not to wake the whole neighborhood with their moans.

Guy began to bite the nipple of her left breast, slightly pulling it. I saw her even more biting his finger, he also noticed more and more quickly began to drive his fingers into the vagina girls in full current. And she could not stand it, deep groans announced street. I looked at her eyes. They were the eyes drug addicts get a dose. She flew away somewhere not far away, and lay still. And he continued to kiss her breasts, caressing her now liberated hands, teeth, playing with her nipples, blouse was completely unbuttoned and when the man looked up, my eyes pictured all the splendor of her lovely tits and nipples.

Grab them, kneading, licking, biting and sucking - that desire, that they may bear the mere sight of them. The guy is leaning on his seat and lowered his pants unbuttoned pants, drew from his decent-sized unit is in working condition. Still, from a heifer can be terminated only by looking at her, it is alive Viagra for impotent men. She accepted the invitation and the next ten minutes, I saw only the back of her head covering groin men and white striped panties crashed into appetizing buttocks. girl's head went up and down with short breaks, her hands also took part in this action.

Left hand man threw his head and right began stroking and kneading lovely ass partner. Gradually he began to fondle her crotch, paying particular attention to the anus, and after a while, the index finger began to penetrate slowly into her anus. Slowly hard finger entered fully into the anus and sphincter tightly clasped it. She never for a moment looked up from his work, at the time of entry into its magical hole. I liked it, captures the spirit of all these actions.

orgasm is time, perhaps, faster than expected to the guy, as he began to squirm under the influence rotika girl, I think, wanting to finish is not so, but could not stand, he immediately strongly grabbed the girl's head, giving her the opportunity to release a member of the mouth, and began to violently finish. It sounds I had not heard. Gender minutes he held it in that position - his penis into her mouth, and only then let go of her head. She sat up and began to give myself up, correct my hair, fasten her blouse and lifted her skirt to lower.

Man lying with closed eyes leaning back in his seat, apparently blowjob in her performance was something. She brought herself up and kissed him quickly on the lips and left the car. A minute later it was gone, and the guy continued to lie. I did not wait for when he wakes up, put the binoculars, closed the window and went to the bathroom for a doormat to wash the floor with a hefty pool of sperm resulting in the kitchen under the window.