My first oral sex

My name is Christina, I am now 18 years old. I want to tell about his first experience of oral sex. This happened in the rest camp 2 g.nazad. Every summer, parents sent me to get out of town to where I gained strength for the new school year.

It was all great fun, peers, discos. Here I am at a disco and met a boy named Dima. He was so charming and attractive that I liked immediately. And after the dance, he invited me to walk through the area, to which I immediately agreed. He was so witty that I just was fine with him.

He started talking about sex and asked me if I made love? In my mind, he thought of the confused, what is not. -And You want to learn? He asked. Yes, I replied, but only settle for a blowjob, unnecessarily. Highly I value the fact that I'm a girl. We went for the wooden structure, and sat down on a bench. Well - he asked. What? 'I said. We're going to learn?

Embarrassed, I stood in front of him on his knees. He got up, took off his shorts and pants. In front of me opened a wonderful picture, the impressive size of the male organ (20sm.v 4sm.v length and thickness) and smaller testicles. In addition, he did not have vegetation on the pubic .. He rocked his hips, penis hanging out, and he brought it to my mouth.

I gently took his pen, rubbed at the bottom, then pulled the skin and began to swallow his head