My personal life.

Start your story with what is presented in Julius I aged about forty years, I have a shop selling clothes and underwear. They say this is a good business woman. The only privacy and so neobustroila not got the kind of person who would understand me. Well, I always had sex men clung to me. I am a brunette height 175 weight 53, good elastic ass, a third the size of the breast, legs straight and without orange peel, put on beautiful and sexy.

And that's how it's my friend invited me to his anniversary, countryside cottage. I gathered the things that are going to wear, have a rest in the country gathered for three days. When the friend arrived placed me in a room with a view of the garden. I was dressed in a white semi-transparent bridges, and below them are small thong panties, top rosy blouse tight. I went to get acquainted with the guests and met with the son of a friend who was then 19 years old, we immediately hit it off and talked amicably.

It was hot, and in the evening I decided to go to swim, son of a friend and his name was Andrew took me to the local beach, it no one had. Sam Andrew left said that he was busy, so I was alone and decided to swim naked, took his little yellow swimsuit and started to go into the water, but there was a feeling of being watched. I swam and look who can watch and saw that it was red in the bushes when I looked closer I realized it was Andrew.

I decided to pretend that he had not noticed when she came out of the water, lay on the blanket so he could see to my pussy. Parting her legs wide, I touched her pussy hand and began to masturbate, launching a fingers and fingering clit, the other hand clutching his chest and caressed her nipples. When brought themselves to orgasm, and finished again he bathed dressed and went back into the house.

The next day began with a dinner to celebrate the anniversary were a lot of family and friends, I was dressed in a red short dress, black stockings and red panties and bra that peeped from under her dress in front stressing my chest, and shoes with high heels.

By evening, all drunk, and I sat down to Andrew to have a drink and talk, he dragged me to dance a slow dance after the first glass, during the dance, I told him that he had seen him watching me. Andrew understood immediately, and his hand from waist moved to my ass and began kneading my half ass, I felt like excited, my nipples became hard and I wanted it.

The anniversary was in full swing, and we retired to the garage in the car. We sat in the front seats, and he kissed my feet pawing his chest. Then Andrew leaned back in the seat, I undid the belt and pants, put my hand in and pulled out his penis, he is lying, I no constraint took it into his mouth and began to suck vigorously working hand and mouth.

Andrew leaned back in his chair moaned and stroked my head and back, and this time I was sucking penis licking the barrel member, and again took in his mouth and sucked taking dick as deep as possible in her mouth, and he pushes my head slightly to the member. After deep blowjob I lifted her dress to her waist threw her leg over him and sat on him, pushing her panties aside and sent a member of their pussy. Slowly sank to a stake standing member, and began to move on it, speeding up the pace, I jumped on it as soon as it allows me to machine.

Andrew pulled the top of the dress to her waist, and amused himself by playing, on me and kiss his chest which he rolled out of her bra. I kiss Andrew passionately wagged her ass sitting pussy on cock, felt it deep into me sometimes bringing a little pain, Andrew held my ass and podmahivat I will drive your cock in me, I have to groan went on screaming and shouting from his frictions . So it took a while we fucked in the car while enjoying each other, Andrew whispered in my ear that is about to finish, and I'm even more quickly pushes his back, feeling his cock throbbing and erupts in me, Andrew finished with me. I sucked it got down off his dick and we gathered to go as Andrew asked - Are not you afraid to fly? I said I do not threaten, and we went to the table satisfied.

At the table all had fun drinking and walking, we are with Andrew sat next to a nice conversation has it under the table paw my leg, and when there was no one not even to panties get. That night we spent together in the room in which I lived. Thus began our little affair with Andrew, after this anniversary periodically potrahival me for a year until he found a girl.