Naked, drunk and happy

Naked, drunk and happy

Pure Breath

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I remember I was 14, and to my contacts add one Papic, who first spoke of anything so, and then I began about the legs, chest, and about everything in this spirit, in short vyipsti would like a whore. Well, I decided to punish this little Papic. When he invited me to her, I agreed and even specially dressed as a girl, honey, even wearing white big bow, to pedophile finally fell off the rails.
I go at it in the apartment, I appreciate it all, barely listening to Che, he rubs me there, and then he kissed me on the shoulder and began to undress quietly. I'm so cocky voice he once said: "On your knees stood up!". Pervert drooling disbanded once that I will play with him and gratify his sexual fantasies, and immediately knelt in front of me and started me Mistress and all that.
I told him this once:
"Fingers my kiss!"
He sat down and began my toes thumb. Well, when he finally believed that I was with him the type of play, I tied him and shook his mouth shut. He did not even initially stuck in the situation and lay finished and I put a foot on it and say:
"Well, Che pedafil prosrali? Che bitch conductive police call the fuck! "
When it came to him, he began there four-something struggling and so on. I called Tanya to come from the guys. While they were driving, I had all found the grandmother and behold visor. I gave him a bag on his head some, to lay kept quiet. Well, we bought vodka Doha and blurted at the beginning, then the guys we already want. We Tanya already undressed, Sanya this bitch is fucking his zyrit, Che is not sticks. I finally can such rzhu:
"Th? Ohuel Che is so small? "
"Bitch, shut up!" Said Sanya, throwing a pillow at me.
I'm so drunk rzhu finally dodged, even I can not straighten out laughing. And then, in short, his fat cat shit so to his Latok that the apartment has incurred. And yet not a beast digs behind. I was enraged and went into the next room, where Papic was closed, took the bag off his head, took a shovel a pile of shit, which piled on his cat, put it in a bag, and then he was back on his head Papic wore. Papic there is finally kicking, grunts from this stinks. I finally given not neighing.
Well, we kerf Mouzon on the house, the boys have put on the table and both fucked us until morning. We are Tanya lay on the whole hut groan, and the whole house flies Miami Horror - Sometimes .. finally kicks!
In the morning I finally Fucked all, barely holding on to the legs went Papic check, kicked him, he began to kick, moo. I'm so he again slapped more "Che bitch to fuck me like fagot?" In the room of the bag carried, I have very quickly dumped out and closed the door. Then we are all naked, drunk and happy asleep in an embrace. So a couple of days we lived in Papic, all zasrali, Cessna .. it is a pity that for a long time did not hang out there, just a hut was cool ... [email protected]


Recently, femdom was for me this drug, which is very difficult to get rid of. For the games I'm ready to give all the girls, they only require, unless they are guaranteed to be sure that I have them really afraid and I have nowhere to go. The most productive way of Railways recently became a way of "sex test" in which you want to send the same message to different girls, and wait until one of them will guess that I can fuck, taking me in turn. As I did this time. I sent out hundreds of girls from Moscow the same message: "Ops ... girl, I've got on the site 3 Little Pigs on your test)))))))) you answers come ???? !!!! let's somehow agree that you remove them ????)))))))))))))) "
As always, most of the girls wrote almost standard answers to this:
"I did not receive anything))",
"I do not even understand what you are .."
"Haha ... no, I did not come))))"
"I sort of already removed!)"
"No, nothing .. live peacefully;)"
Some girls are just plain fun watching:
"A million dollars and a house on Beverly Hills 90210 .. and then I will take away the answers !!". And there are, of course, all the more difficult to unleash the Railways.
And, finally, I was lucky: I was beginning to spin red-haired girl who apparently knew this test and she was wondering what exactly I'm afraid:
"Sorry .. but .. I think it would be better if all does not know the truth !!"
"Do not !!!!! girl, not that", "let's agree !!!!!!! ???? !!!!!"
I began to represent the trembling lamb, to finally make this beautiful red-haired girl Lady. Of course, now her interest in what I became so afraid to grow and it is clear that she needed to accurately know what I'm:
"No .. if you tell me in detail how you came to such a life, I think!"
The Sex-test, there are two main options for which you can catch the treachery and pedophilia. I decided to take a chance and chose the most powerful of the two options: pedophilia.
I added to it in the Agent name:
Freepis I do not know why it happened .. the girls because they do not like as adults, and sincerely ... for a special !!!!
Elizabeth and what ?! you have a relationship with a minor?
Freepis my girlfriend 12. We love each other !!!!
Elizabeth and how old are you?
Freepis 22
Elizabeth and you with this girl was something in intimate terms?
How do I love, when I write these questions. It is given once a nice little tickling sensation in his chest.
Freepis a couple of times .. all she wanted
Elizabeth and you know that it is a prison?
Freepis in the sense ????????????
You slept with Elizabeth youngster and you face a real term for seduction.
Freepis in the sense !!!!!!!!! ??????????????
Elizabeth live in. I'll let you know where you want it.
Freepis Do not !! I was just joking..
Elizabeth is not a joke. I zavyalyu you!
Freepis Do not !!!! Take me please !!!!!!
Elizabeth I of scum like you, have never regretted! And I hope that you will be there to lower the entire prison.
Freepis What are you talking about ????????? You at least know what is it ?????? !!!!! You know what happened to me will do ??????????
Elizabeth know. ass will have you on the line and you'll be cock .. and I hope that this will happen!
Freepis how you can do so with a young guy !!!!!!!!! ????????
Elizabeth you scumbag pedophile and did not try to soften me! You sit down, and I promise you!
Freepis beg !!! Do not!!!!!!
Elizabeth is necessary. I can go to you for a meeting in one ...
Freepis what ??????????????? !!!!
Elizabeth I currently call your ex, he was a colonel of the FSB and you will find five minutes, and can give you the opportunity to tell me now all their passport details, and tomorrow we will go together to the station, where you write a confession.
Freepis please !!! Maybe in some other way ???????
Elizabeth is not
Freepis well, please I do not want to jail !!!!!!!!
Elizabeth your place there. Maybe one of you will make a rooster, you realize something.
Freepis me there really castrated !!!!! You know that in jail the pedophile can really cut the eggs !!!!!!!!!!!
Elizabeth, I know. the better it will be quieter and kiddies will go! and you better too .. I know that if a man cut the egg, it becomes better. Perhaps you will become a good person after that and make amends in front of children.
Freepis some guilt ???????? She wished she liked !!!!!!!
Elizabeth shut up, scum! Now I deprive you of the last opportunity to write a confession. And you will go for a long time!
Freepis Do not .. I understand everything !!!!!
Elizabeth fellow. Now tell me, what's your name?
Oleg Freepis
Elizabeth surname
Freepis stop !!!! You could not know my name !!!!! They test everything I pointed out !!!!!
Elizabeth I did not get any answers. You told me himself everything.
Freepis that ??????????????????? it put !!!!!!!!
Elizabeth it does not change anything! Say the name and address or I will fulfill my promise !!
Freepis Parhimchik, Moscow, Dobrolyubova 25A, Building 2, Apt 27
Elizabeth well. Tomorrow morning we'll go to write a confession.
Freepis you will be there with me ??????
Elizabeth you write the statement, and then I run to work. Naturally, you're there do not go out after that.
Freepis damn !!!!! You will enjoy a life in freedom, and I I will bend every first !!!!!
Elizabeth course. Everyone in this life engaged in the business .. someone walking in expensive clubs, drives expensive cars and sleeping with beautiful women, but someone at this moment severely petushat. Everyone gets what he deserves. If you have omitted, then you deserve it!
I do not want to be Freepis cock !!!!!
Elizabeth well, what can I do? You had to think about it before you went on the offense
Freepis let me !!!!!!!!!!! I do not want!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elizabeth is not
Freepis beg please !!!!!!!!
Elizabeth is not !!! it is determined enough and I beg!
Elizabeth you know, I studied psychology and I know that now you got and think I'm a bastard, that you do so, but, believe me, when you really will lower in the ass a few people, then you are all aware, poumneesh and you will understand that you yourself are to blame for what he had done, and then you will thank me, I'm with you to do so.

The most delicious tomorrow ... [email protected]