Classmate Alina

This story happened a few months ago. I'm a freshman at a university of our capital. I must say that with me to learn the flow of many girls, there is a very beautiful (they are associated with my other plans and dreams) but the story is not about them.

One girl called me that sunk into the soul since September. Her name was Alina. Tall, slender, the legs from the ears, usually underlined in black tights or stockings, clearly marked waist, breasts second or third size, dark brown long hair. Pretty face, soft voice. I can not say that has fallen in love, but the girl I liked. With it, we met at the very beginning of the study, we had dinner several times in the canteen in the same company. I entertained her with all sorts of jokes and she laughed loudly, letting approving comments addressed to me. It was obvious that I was sympathetic to her.

The story began with the fact that we were in the same Alina noisy and big company classmates. Then we organized some events, and gathered in some cafe, a cup of coffee to distribute the responsibilities and one walk around the city. When I went there, I did not know that Alina will also be in this company, and certainly I did not have any plans for her seduction. Her appearance in that cafe was a surprise for me. We were there 15 people, four of them were my friends, I was with the others, or a sign, but not much, or not at all familiar. Of course in that company were girls. Alina, her two girlfriends (also beauty, Nastya and Masha), a few girls from the second year. So when we discuss something for which gathered, we started chatting, drinking tea, coffee (who it is suggested to drink coffee at night, I do not remember, but that night we slept with Alina not not because of coffee). Our company is split into small groups, all told something, trying to attract the attention of girls. Around the time I sat, as you may guess, Aline, her two friends, and a friend of mine, Roma.

Girls happily laughing at the fact that we told them Roma, Alina latte sipping from the tube (causing certain associations) and chatted feet sitting on a high chair cafe. She then, as usual, was wearing black tights translucent (it turned out that these were the stockings), on the legs were shoes on a small heel, she was dressed in a light blouse and a black skirt just above the knee. My eyes are constantly focused on her knees, and when I lifted look up and saw how she pulls a tube on his drink. With that she did it as a particularly erotic, her eyes were half closed, and took a sip, and releasing a tube from the mouth, it has always licked lips.

Even then, I would like to see on the site this damn tube was my standing member, so she stood in front of me on my knees, and also covering the eyes pulled a .. to her tongue caressing the head of my penis like now holds the tube. . My cock stiffened then, and I was even a little embarrassed that all will be much his condition.

As I thought about it, one of her friends looked at his watch (it was about 10 pm), and the girls had a quick word, and decided that it was time. Roma said, "we will spend," and we zasobiralis. We have five of them left the cafe and went to the subway. and Alina, and her friends were not local, but Nastya and Masha lived in the hostel (it was two metro stations), and Alina with some other girl (with her then I certainly met) rented an apartment. Therefore, we had to separate Roma. Fighting for something to accompany Alina I did not have, because Roma satisfied with what he got two girls, not one, and then with him that night, openly flirted Nastya, and he gladly was prepared to take her and her neighbor. I also went to Alina ...

Near Metro Roma with the girls with us goodbye and left, and I took Alina to her house. I asked her about her hometown, about what her capital, she found an apartment for some reason did not want in a hostel, as she is living with a neighbor, and so on. It turned out that she rents an apartment with a classmate, they came together in the capital, and in the hostel did not want to, because to appreciate the personal space and does not like noisy obschazhnuyu life. I, in turn, went on to tell some stupid story, and then told us about the city and about the places through which we passed, to himself.
We began to discuss our friends and acquaintances. The conversation also touched Nasty, and Roma, who openly flirted with each other in a cafe. So the conversation turned to the topic of relations. Alina said he met in his hometown with someone, but not for long, and "in general it is not considered," she said. I understand that my beauty was still play the virgin. I was surprised, but pleased. Ever since the moment I have not got it in the cafe, my excitement subsides. I listened to her voice, and he tried to pass it forward and see the mode? Even stare at her legs and ass .. I recalled his association vulgar, I imagined her with outstretched hand in the legs in stockings ... I imagined her standing in front of me on my knees ... I imagine how kissing her entire body as she moans as she is placed on my penis ... In a word, I found it quite difficult to adequately maintain a conversation.

Alina probably understand what I want and it seemed to me, teased me even more .. maybe it was already excited, as I devoured her eyes ...
"I do not understand how such a beautiful, such a cute girl could be the one," she laughed, said something like "thank you". I put an arm around her waist, and we went on and soon came up to her porch. Then it was about midnight or even half of the first. Alina said her roommate just went to their relatives, and that it could lay me in the kitchen, so I did not get through the city at night. I was happy to receive such a proposal, and said standard phrases like "it's so uncomfortable," agreed. Entering the entrance, I gave her my arm, and we went to her floor.

I thanked her. I noticed that I was lucky more than Roma, which is bringing girls to the hostel, he will be forced to get home at night. Alina said, "You do me luck. Although, knowing Nastya, I think your novel will hold it up to the crib and will remain there." Her eyes sparkled as she uttered this phrase. I walked closer to her, we stood in the kitchen. My cock had already torn out of his pants and my imagination was driving me crazy, I wanted her, wanted her mouth, her pussy .. wanted to fuck her immediately. "So Roma too lucky with Nastya, and I like you" - I continued her pun.

"No. You're with me were more fortunate of all." I was standing close to her, I put my hands on her waist and kissed her on the lips. She told me a passionate kiss. We were standing in the middle of the kitchen and suck. My left hand was stroking her back, and right and grabbed her left leg and held her .. she grabbed my left leg and I started stroking her right hand left thigh, rising above a skirt .. "No, wait - she I was interrupted by -. Let's in the bedroom. "

I quickly picked her up and carried her into the bedroom. I threw her on the bed and was ready to pounce on her .. I again began to kiss his beautiful lips, then pulled away from her sweet lips and began to undress her. first flew on the floor of her blouse. then I took off her skirt and also threw on the floor .. On it were only translucent black stockings and matching black panties .. Now you can get back to our affection. I kissed her again on the lips, but this time they did not stop there. on the lips, I went below and began kissing her neck .. she let out a low moan .. even lower .. I caressed her breasts, the desirable .. I spent the tongue between the tits 2-3 size, covered them with kisses all around, took her nipples in his mouth, they at that time already hardened. my hands caressed my chest, too beautiful, kneading and stroking her ... I went down below, covered with kisses her bouncy tummy. at this point she grabbed my legs and let out another groan, already a little louder.

Now turn to take off her panties. I took hold of their teeth and pulled down. she whispered something like "yeah on, come on" .. I pulled away from her, and pulled her panties .. my eyes opened virgin pussy my sweet Alina .. neat pink chink still intact, was covered in her juices .. Alina flowed like a bitch before her first sex. "Caress me, my dear" - something she had said. Her wet panties thrown on the floor behind the rest of the clothing. I fell down to her pussy girl who liked me so many months, and that got to me today .. I spent a tongue in her crack. Alina trembled. Then I put a finger to the hole and tried to shove .. I quickly ran into the hymen ..
Alinka pressed my legs to his current pussy. I again spent on her tongue and tried to get into the language, I licked every crease of her bud, and when I touched the clitoris, she clutched the legs, and made soft moans ..

I pulled away from her, because he did not want to give it to finish. Now it was her turn to work. I unbuttoned his jeans and took them off, threw it on the floor, took off his pants and her eyes opened my riser. "Sucked ever" - I asked harshly, "It was necessary," - she said. "Then go ahead."
Alina lay on the bed, I was standing next to the protruding member, and she licked the head of the tongue, then took it in her mouth and began to suck .. She did this is clearly not the first time, I was blissed out on her movements. I picked up her head and began to stick it on your riser. It was fine, but it could not last long, because it was impossible, that I had finished.

"Alina, are you ready for this?" "Yes, kitty. Come to me, take me"
No sooner said than done. I went back to the bed and sat at her feet. I threw her left leg (in the stockings, it was fine) over his shoulder, and right she hugged me back .. Under it I put a pillow .. I did not want to hurt her .. I put a member of the entrance to her vagina. I leaned toward her and said, "Have patience," and kissed her on the lips. With these words, I made a sudden movement forward and entered her. Alina cried, I felt like she tensed. But it quickly passed. I stopped for a moment and did not move. After some time, I asked "how are you?". she said she was a little hurt, but it quickly passed.
"Come on, fuck me, darling" .. How beautiful are the words of the excited to the limit of the girl .. From these words, my cock stiffened even more, although stronger, it would seem, can not be .. I slowly sank into her womb the most eggs. . her pussy for the first time took a member, then it was very narrow, delicate and sensitive .. and then I pulled the cock completely and once introduced him. Alina moaned, screamed, gasped and sighed .. Her left leg was lying on my shoulder, and I kissed her ..

We were now at the finish line .. I again went into it all the way and quickly began to fuck his partner, trying to push my cock in her pussy with every move deeper .. Her breath quickens, moans grew louder. Her pussy was wet and warm .. I felt the inexorable approach of orgasm. I began to fuck her as fast as I can. Suddenly my sweet pussy decreased, clasping my dick. Alina arched and screamed and then fell unconscious on the bed. I pulled her out of her fuck riser sheath and held it to his mouth. I was afraid to stop inside her, and put a dick to her mouth. My Fair smiled at me, tongue and licked the head. This was the last drop of semen flows were looking for the exit. she took the dick in your mouth, and 5 powerful jets struck her in the throat. "Not poperhnis, sweetheart." Alina smiled and when I came out of it, opened her mouth to show that all swallowed. Where once it was typed this vulgarity? Then I kissed her lips and lay down next to her. We wrapped up in a blanket, her legs wrapped around me, and we fell asleep, slept till morning ...

We began to meet with Alina, walk everywhere, holding hands, kissing in the moonlight, and of course fuck whenever possible.