Do not masturbate kids at night

I always lie down in bed, very excited. And that night, too, nothing special at first did not differ. My mother, as usual came to me in someone in a nightie natural number, and told him to go to bed. Its hardly be called an attractive woman, at least on the face. As for the figures, here is the nature tried to fame - long legs, a great ass and healthy breasts. I try to spy on her as often as possible. Especially I like to look at it through a large crack under the door. I've seen a lot of interest in this gap, not only dresses up like my mother, but his father regularly fuck her in the pussy, or less, in the mouth.
That evening I jerked off his cock, thinking about what my parents fuck of a neighboring wall, when suddenly the door to my room opened. It was my father, he stood in the doorway in his shorts, and looked at me, his dergayusche th pyatnadtsatisantimetrovy member. He looked at me as if the probationer, Tyva me strong aversion. He told me to get up, and followed him.
Greatly frightened, I got out of bed. My father took me into their bedroom. As soon as I went in, I shut the door behind me, and someone lashing out behind, threw me on the floor. Before I knew it, my hands are tied tightly together and blindfolded. The next thing I felt is that I take off panties, and someone touches my arm member. It lasted not for a long time.
Then, someone's strong hands threw me on the bed. The same hand grabbed my hair in his fist and pulled my head. My face was pressed against the woman's crotch. When she spoke, I realized it was my mother. "Lick it, bitch!" My first reaction was to pull away, but I have to force back into place. Nothing to do but to start licking pussy mother. I already started to like it, when I felt that my leg for-schelkivaet handcuff. I tried to pull away, but my mother squeezed my head with her thighs. My hands were tied behind his back, and I could do nothing.
After both my feet were fastened to the legs of the bed, someone sat down on top of me. I knew that this man, because he felt his Ex-adjoint member on his buttocks. The next sensation was a feeling like og Romney, hard cock,
I began to penetrate my ass. I fucked in the ass, dry, and the pain was just incredible. I wanted to scream but could not, because my mouth was full of water, the stream flowing from the mother's pussy.
He continued to rape me forever. Finally his pace express check-rilsya so that I could have bet anything that he's a game-cheat. I was not mistaken. His sperm in large numbers, splashed into my rectum, and when he came out of me, ran a thin trickle of Is-Rocen anus. My mother moved, and in its place was a man who had just fucked me. "Come on, lick my shit, bitch!" - Incredible, but it was my father!
While I licked his mother's pussy, my father had finished me in the ass, and now demanded that I sucked his dick. I do not want to do it, but he violently thrust me his cock in her mouth. I licked his body, which had just been in my ass. My father grabbed me by the hair and began with the power to move my head up and down on his cock. At that moment I felt the touch of the language, to the inflamed his ass hole. It's my mother tried to lick out the remnants of his father's semen. The pace has accelerated my father, and I already knew that it would end this hour. His sperm flowed straight into my throat, it was so much that I almost choked.
My mother stopped to lick my ass, and her father finally pulled his dick out of my mouth. My legs were unbuttoned and helped me sit up. The procedure for an eye-out to be quite painful, after all, my father had a huge dick. With my eyes removed the bandage, and I was finally able to see her parents standing in front of me completely naked.
Mom hugged me, and said it was my turn to get of pleasure and. She sank to her knees in front of me, and took my penis in his mouth. So great, I no longer sucked. I lasted only three minutes, after which his mother had finished right in the throat, as the recently my father to me.
Swallowing all without the rest, Mom released my hand and sent me back to my room. Before I could get out of their bedroom, she shout at me la trace - "And see that we no longer see how you masturbate!"
The next evening, I naturally do just that.