Hand in Hand

    It is time, high time! Close all holes around Tanka-winter, runway and let the muse, is not the first month to begin tearing soft story "quadrupole eighth year." And internal censor - Manager hyper-vigilance, itch and ache, and may not have to, and perhaps later, perhaps simpler. For, to put down! Last time. Hopefully ...

    On the calendar, the plot is not the eighth year. And the fifth. Two thousand five, and symbolic landmark jubilee and landmark year. Virtual romance with Tanya in full swing. Accompanied by mutual psychic defloration. It has not yet proved to be malignant bitch that could require the renunciation of all her friends (thank God, though my wife and I allowed) to be my only mistress. Naive ... On the contrary, it is actively interested in my past, and more than the current active sex lives. It elicits all the details of the Light, and Leila, it requires that I told her how you can quickly and accurately tell how was the next session of marital sex, she clearly hints that Mamba wedge has not converged on her and she wants to hear something new, sharp little , pikantnenkogo.

    You'd be surprised, but I did not have such a need at that time - just like that, nothing else to do, to get a new partner. I lacked real sex with his wife and two mistresses, had enough virtual Tanya, not planned I have no business or holiday trips to distant lands, to purposefully use Mambo flown to the questionnaire Ensk on the name of the town where had to go.

    The desire of women - the law. Refused to comply with the desire of the woman you want to seduce, it is still a violation of the article of the Criminal Code and pay its isolation from society. Therefore, by modifying koe-chto in the questionnaire, to an accidental contact with real friends could not sleep instantly, I began to write the initial "Hey!" One or the other, prioritizing according to online reservations, and noted only those whose aim was listed only Wirth or just married.

    Long or short - but a one-woman chat happened. And continued even after she opened her card, saying that "sex 1-2 times" and "Regular sex" for it relevant if the partner would be willing to "live together", even without a "marriage and the birth of children. " And he made in the plot intrigue, saying:
- You know, even if I agreed, I would be unlikely to have something happen. But do not worry, I have a good friend, I'll introduce you, and then see for yourself, can still say thank you to Aunt "Wife" - unfortunately, her real name I have forgotten, remained vague kakaya-to Association in mind that it it was "unisex", occurring in both men and women, perhaps even Sasha or Shura. And maybe because of the fact that she was a serviceman kontraktnitsey.

    Its first phrase I miss on deaf ears. And "unlikely to get something" I do not attribute to the sexual sphere (that there can not "get", I do not patsanchik, she did not play the virgin, Sui yes ebi), and to the peculiarities of gender and national mentality. For myself Eugene from central Russia, and while serving in our area is not the first year, some features of the local population perceives disbelief, and some - with obvious sarcasm. What surprised me is her "best husband drinking and beating than affectionate and gulyasch" - some kind of perverted logic, in my opinion, though, I think, and this approach will be a lot of supporters.

    A second sentence to me, of course, like a lot more. For the early achievement of promised goals. And if you suddenly lucky, group sex and the JMJ. I wonder whether the name is Jeanne girlfriend Jenny?

    It turns out that no, not a girlfriend called Jeanne, but quite the contrary, Anna. And it is not something that a friend and arrived at a monthly trip to part of them, will soon expire, she was to go back, and she had never "rested" hot "Estonian" guys are not crossed. How to understand it - because the military any default woman will be popular, and visit a restaurant with a friend, be sure to attract the attention of gentlemen in search of the ladies?

    Jack explains that Anya shy and decent, in a team (even if temporary) give rise to speculation does not want in restaurants does not go on Mamba wind profile is not willing (by the way, with this and began my questions, I asked Eugene to link to Anya's profile). And the powerful hand of Mother bossy begins to steer the preparation of this meeting both the technical and the sexual aspect.

    It was a time when the market for rent / hourly apartments only beginning to take shape in N-sk. That is the place already, but even ads in newspapers were not given, it was necessary to know them simply through word of mouth. When he learned that I do not have to take their friends residential housewives, Jack gives me a phone number, he said to whom to refer in order, not to have considered the bases, and on up to such nuances:
- Calculates and then take the room to pick up the keys will not be the owner and the cleaning lady. It will give you a thousand paper delivery 100 rubles. 50 rubles to leave her a tip, and 50 you give Ana a taxi. Taxi call up to her on the telephone, there is to the street then do not catch and did not wait long.
- Jack, if I leave the cleaner 100, and Anya call a taxi from your mobile, and also, of course, paid for, is not an option?
- I told you, you're all on the Ponte! Why give her 100, if 50 enough? Why call from a mobile to a landline number, if it is possible from your home? Money is nowhere to go?
- Too me the money! 1000 or more obviously spend, I will still think of a few rubles on the phone?

    And the same head, trying to taxi in the intimate sphere.
- Condoms - a must! Do not even discussed. As it does not give the ass, it is excluded. In the mouth it takes or not - not sure, rather no than yes, well, try if you want, but without coercion. And God forbid offend our Chief of Staff, and her husband went out of the ground would get, if that. But do not sit, swallowed his tongue when he'll be there. Stroke, kiss, make a compliment. Take the initiative, the first jump she will not be on you.
- Zhenya, 35 s, you say?
- Yes.
- And me 37. And Anna is not the first. Well, do not make me laugh, I'm that, I do not know how women should be treated?
- Well, you never know, repetition - the mother of learning. In general, the day and hour you know how to drive our PPC - remember?
- Yes.

    One summer evening was a weather point of view of the autumn, if not winter. It was damp and gloomy all day rain poured down, the dull and dreary, catching yawns and boredom, then for a short time, which flows into a rage, trying for five minutes to arrange a second deluge. I stood under the canopy near the desired stopping CPR and wait for the arrival at the rendezvous of the Valkyries in camouflage, in parallel dodging splashes from under the wheels of passing cars - right at stop pothole in the pavement.

    And here they are. Eugene's face as I know, the questionnaire was a photo. 10 or 15 years ago, as we now understand it. For now she is under 50, or about 45, at least. And what was listed on the Mamba age 35, so there is Mamba, not the passport office. And I understand that Jack meant when she said, "it is unlikely that we have something happens". She is much taller and much bigger than me. Under two meters tall, and obviously 150 kg. Praise be to my guardian angel and her moral principles that do not allow us to be in bed. How fucking Zhenyu except in the mouth, I can not imagine. A purely oral sex to a woman's heroic physique is not enough.

    Against the background of Eugene - Anya like Thumbelina, of course. Detail look into it, and even exchange a few words, except for "Hello, Anna!" And shy "Good morning" response, Jack does not. It is rapidly and actively enter into the conversation, he said a hundred times already specified issues relating to apartment (in fact, turned out to be a private house) and its location (as it turned out, in the quarter Ensk, where the mansions of local rich), our journey to and back. Well, at least not when Anna asked, "Condoms are bought?".

    How badly without their own transport. Yes, even on a rainy day. Eugene went on a pre-call a taxi. And we had with Anna to the city center accessible by bus (we have now is not uncommon, when bad weather - taxis become scarce, and dispatching services or just say "no cars", or have to wait for half an hour or more). And from there to cause the car to travel to the desired address.

    The family house was warm and cozy. Young friendly woman, to which did not fit the word "worker", and at best a "maid" to see us drenched and shivering, first with our consent organized tea with cookies, and only then, showing that where lies and how to turn on, taking the 1000-th bill, retired, passing the main gate - through the gate in the fence, asking her to call in five minutes before we meet to go.

    Shumel rain outside, we drank tea, vanity and throwing the last hour retreated into the background, the silence of solitude perceived naturally and comfortably not want to break the charm of a rainy evening with unnecessary questions and small talk. Perez on a chair by the window, I smoked and looked at a simple round face Ani, and snub-nosed, freckled, brown wavy hair with a touch of ash and piercingly bright eyes, tried to look under the probe shapeless camouflage jacket smachnost breast and the outline of the shape. Anya smiled shyly from such a close and quiet attention. I encouraged her answering smile, covered for a while ever and opened again, representing the imagination that will happen soon.

    Here she was in my lap. Now and without a jacket. It has been without a bra. Soft breasts, sweet lips, supple body. Her playful fingers on my hill out of the trousers. My fingers, penetrating under the edge of her panties, gropes silky pubic hair and alluring incision below. Shower. Bed.

    I did, perhaps, an unusual gift to readers. I will not describe sex. Especially not happened nothing unusual. One entry and two poses. Standard and Bozeman. No anal, no screaming. With prezikom course. I can not even say with certainty whether she Anya finished. There was a time when her hasteless postanyvanie and soft playing in a pose "cancer" has suddenly acquired asynchronously and assertiveness, but there was no scream, no obmyakaniya or off from the current reality. Only I took a breath and went back into the rut of a typical sexual intercourse.

    Shower. Dressing.
- DD, going to tea?
- No I do not want to. Do not wear a jacket, Anne, stay long, so in her bra and panties. If you are not cold, of course.

    Hot (from tea?) And sweet (from cookie?) Ani lips. Smell the freshness of her body and tactile pleasure from touch to her underwear. No, this is not the harbingers of the second approach, the expression of gratitude and appreciation. I kind of bothering her tea party, but the spinal cord feel she's glad my attention. And there's more in her gestures and words of embarrassment, have pride and pleasure from the fact that I could enjoy.

    A call to a taxi service. Two cars, please. In the military town on the Red Square. Call maid. We were just leaving, go, please. Keep the change, thank you, it was all good!

    And its report Tanya these same words I finished - it was all good!