Dense thickets of purple surrounded us on all sides. There were lying on the ground a lot of old cigarette butts, trampled and lost its original shape. My mother explained to me in a whisper that ran here often smokers as their shelter not disclosed and were not put here one of the nurses. And we have, by the way, noticed that their way here - he sat on a bench nearby, flipping through a magazine. His whole posture, especially elongated legs, saying that now he does not care at all, because there are only half an hour before lunch, and there will no longer change it.
Remembering the time, we too hurried.
I handed my mother a gray cloth bag where I put at its request, all he could hide from his father when he searched the apartment. Felt bag, mother smiled happily and immediately began to shove it up her skirt, exposing the grown thin legs to obscene heights. I was silent, not reminding her about it because he did not want to disappoint and, besides, I liked my mother's legs. I looked at them as long as did not seem familiar to mole on her hip, and then turned away. Fingers parted the leaves of lilac, I saw that the orderly is still here - he just laid his legs crossed.
- Done! - Whispered my mother, and I looked at her.
She changed in the last six months, while we did not allow it! When she appeared at the end of a long corridor, I wondered - how much they have left of my mother that I knew so well? Her shuffling sounds dull echo under the high ceilings were quite unlike the flying gait, which she used to come home from work. And then, when I saw her face, he almost cried, because I really missed. But I restrained myself then.
- Sasha! - My mother's voice suddenly trembled. - Son .. Give me a little bit right here ..!
I shook my head, biting his lower lip. The doctor taught me what to do if such a situation arises. And I moaned inside - out loud, smooth, like a hungry cow; and all that I was not supposed to hear, passed by the ears.
But my mother could not miss such an opportunity, and by your words went straight to the point. Her nimble hands quickly found a thick belt of my trousers and with a hungry determination began to torment the buckle.
Again I shook my head and felt the metal whistle around his neck, gave me at the entrance. Whistle if anything - it was now my duties, I certainly took advantage ... to be. If not for the indifference medic, who was sitting a few meters away from us and who did not care for all of my and my mother's suffering. I gripped the cold metal whistle, and at that moment my mother finally got to my crotch.
To say that she was very happy, to say nothing. It is quite growled and pressed her mouth to boldly leaning out the phallus. Sucking it always skilfully and cool, and even many months of therapy in this institution could not make him forget the obedient tongue and swollen lips. In Spyware silently she made me fellatio, and I out of habit began to "fly." But teperyashnih situation it was dangerous, so I gently but firmly pulled from the mother herself.
- We are caught, mom! - I whispered, and she nodded her head knowingly.
- But I'll be back soon! - Immediately reassuring I promised. - Or you have to write out this time ...
She smiled weakly and stood up. And while she shakes stuck cigarette butts and the ground, I stared at the deep cut hospital gown, where the big, exciting, beautiful mother's breasts were grossly hidden behind a special shirt. I wanted them potorogat not dare.
We came out of the bushes and went to the side entrance, where we are already impatiently waiting for the nurse to the list. The orderly was gone from the bench, after leaving only spitting on the pavement. A grimace of disgust, I carefully carried my mother to the porch, where it was immediately picked up the medical staff and pulled into a dark gloomy building, which sported a sign: "The clinic incest. 100% recovery. "
The last time I saw my mother's hair fluffy hair and waved his hand in the empty space in the closing door. Silence fell on me, made my hands clench into fists. But then he heard footsteps behind, and I turned around.
A tall, slightly stooped woman, led by the hand full woman of about forty. The stern woman's face was sad, and trod it firmly, resolutely sentenced to death.
- Well, Mom, - she said - here we are ..!