There was a meeting with a friend

It was last summer, I was 19 years old. I called a girlfriend and offered to walk with her through the city. It was routine. We agreed to meet her near a store. From my house to the store to go on the bus for about 15 minutes I was dressed easily: white thong panties, white bra, skirt and short white translucent topic. On legs wore shoes with high heels. View not fucking. These girls more than half the city goes. I make up and ran. Yes, even I took a bag with documents and wallet. I ran a stop, waited fifteen minutes a minibus, and its all there. Then came another bus, which travels on a parallel street to the store and you need to run through a small park. two o'clock time of the day, I have nothing to fear and go. Released at the right stop. And quickly went in the right direction.
When I walked through the park, there is a group of guys 25-30 years sitting near Eight tinted drinking beer. Walking past them, one whistled and called me. But I like the girl a decent attention to it did not pay and went proudly raised by the nose. When I walked down the alley, I caught up with the car with the kids, and they began to stick me corny. Well, like:
"What's your name, and do not want there to meet, ride, and give you a lift".
In short banal divorce. I went and did not notice them. Only with a smile replied that no I do not. It's nice all the same when you have signs of attention. 100 Meters through an alley to end and stop there. Here Eight sharply pulls forward and stops meters through 50. One guy came out and ran into the bushes to relieve himself. They drank beer. And the other was sitting behind out of the car and stood leaning on it. When I podashla he opened wide the door, and began again to offer a ride. Again, I politely refused with a smile. At this point, he grabbed my hand, and someone behind your legs and abruptly shoved into the back seat. There sat another guy, the first thing he gripped my mouth. Nearby sat another. The front seats are lowered and sat third. The driver pulled on gases. I was frightened in earnest. He was sitting on my right said: Well, like it or not and now you have to ride with us, we first you, and then you have. And all together neighing. Man's hand on the left was on my shorts. He crushed me to force it all. I was afraid, I did not know what to do. I am in the hands of these beasts.
The guy on the right groped me in the chest. Bra with a topic lifted and squeezed my nipples. Carried they are not far from me minutes on what that vacant lot behind the garages. When I released his hand from his mouth. I tried to cry out loud and was once the most powerful slap that desire still screaming at once and disappeared for a long time. The boys sat and looked at me. I asked to let me go, and that I or anyone that does not tell you. And they said that I and so or to anyone that does not tell you. I cried. One said: "not Noah pussy, poeb¸m you and even let go, that such. Have you had not eblas?" I was silent and wept. Then he again Zered slapped me and said that I was responsible. I said yes. He asked, yes? Say aloud that eblas. I told all of them neighing. The driver pulled out a bottle of vodka bardochka and offered me a sip, but I refused. He said, well, as you wish. pobokam Boys began to plant my feet in different directions, and lower a little thong. I became even louder roar. Then they abruptly stripped off my thong. Skirt pulled up like a belt.
And I stared back. One said: bald, well I love bald, all neat. (I thought it would be more bastard, I was tempted several times there per day). And he took me back, and spat. And abruptly entered the finger. So it hurt. Very painful. I quietly began to howl in pain. They again neighing. And he said that's fucking moan. He began to drive them there with a force that simply could not be hurt. The second he was sitting on the left, began to unbutton his pants, I understood that he wanted me to do. But I do not when before that did not, and neither podkakim views would not have agreed to do so. I began to hang back, clenched her teeth. He pressed my head to his smelly flaccid penis. Below me dryuchili several fingers. Pain has gradually blunted. I'm up turning his head, the front guys sit and cheer those who are behind. And then a guy will give me a sup. I already breathing sp¸rlo. Of course, I opened my mouth.
And he immediately shoved to his penis. At first, I almost threw up, the taste of saltiness me terribly much, drove to her throat nausea. I did not know what to do. And he, as zor¸t: Let's suck whore, and now as a ebnu Bosko on the asphalt and then say that it was so. I realized that these guys at nothing ostanovyatsya. And she began to suck it into itself. Like was obtained. The guy that was sitting in the front passenger seat got out of the car and dropped the chair. And the fact that my fingers introduced into the vagina, half-crawled, took off his pants and began to drive member on my ass and between her legs. I've realized that I can not avoid the full program and decided as someone when advised to try to relax and have fun. Postorayus simply disconnect. The guy behind the sharp thrust, but I almost did not feel or what, after his action there fingers. A member of that made me suck already firmly stood. He demanded that I licked his balls. The guy got out of the car said, let me also will take part in games with this blyadische. They pulled me out of the car and dragged him by the arm to the hood. They threw back at him, so that my head on the other hand was on the edge. One who had once approached me and put in my mouth and said, Well, bitch you already know what to do when you're a member of the show, how to suck ish began, and then broke all.
The guy who was sitting in the front introduced the term in me. He was really big and thick penis. I have never met such. Although I have had several partners. Again I was hurt. The guy who made me suck him in a car approached and began to knead the chest with the force of me. At this point, to his own surprise, I began to realize that this is all starting to like me. I do not know what happened in my head, but I felt like it. The guy who I had suddenly announced that the hole is too razdrochena for him. And there was perevarachivat my stomach. Before that I had not when I do not engage in anal sex. But I imagined that it would not hurt so much. He spat me there and introduced the head sharply. Then I screamed so I felt bad. The driver came over and poured vodka from the bottle in my ass. Still it was and burn. And it began to move. The pain was hellish, but gradually became more and more pleasant and enjoyable. I myself asked for vodka. He drank from the bottle with a member of the pope. Vodka has flown by so I did not feel that it's vodka. Then he pulled out and began to masturbate and almost immediately ended my pubis. Second, that I sat spravo ordered to suck him until the end and I'm standing on squatting sucked. It has turned out well.
He began to cum in my mouth. Feelings of disgust has gone, but I did not know what to do with the sperm in the mouth. It is apparently understood and not letting my head out of the hands putting it on the penis, saying: swallow, swallow suchyara, it's your goddamned food. And I as a team began to swallow it. Third to me no longer fit, and rummaged in my purse. And I was without panties, with battened down the skirt and a topic in the road. And I did not know what to do. Driver to me for all the time and did not touch. One said, thank you so damn good that has served the poor boy, I looked into the passport of your address if you want us, we'll come to you more. And you give us miserable. And then I said very unexpectedly, I'll wait. They are as much taken aback. One snickered and said, well pleased with such potsanami Faka, and no, it is not necessary, thank you, excuse me, I'm in a hurry. Go kiss my dick then goodbye. I walked over and sat down on his knees and kissed. ... The driver said that today it is not rushing to fuck, and at other times one on one, he will insert me. And I burn yourself somewhere my address. They got into the car and drove off. I straightened her skirt, topic.
I looked at myself in the mirror, all swam cosmetics, something like tint and went into the house. There was just 500 meters priest very ill, but I liked the pain. From the house, I called a friend and told her that she's a bitch and I'm no longer a friend.