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Yeah ... it was interesting to read the stories on this site. There are some very interesting stories ...
And I thought, and decided to write a part of life ...
It all began with a children's recreation camp. It was then I was 15 years old.
I was a counselor. Which is very well versed in the girls that It was a pick up artist he was
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with Moscow, there took place quite a few trainings on seduction.
After all, this man has influenced my future life ...
I always had, his charisma and creativity ... I was curious to all =) The camp became captain
his party. Certainly in demand among girls, but I did not know how to move the main ...
Counselor immediately focused their attention on me and offered to teach me ... because I was very curious
I started to do what he said. All his job ...
I began to constantly walk only with girls. I do not miss a single opportunity.
I was a quick learner. And I'm happy everything that happens. He began to spend standard methods 3 svidanok.
The main rule was not palitsya ... In the end I really liked a girl named Xenia. She was
as I am 15.
After 2 weeks gulyanok with everyone. I decided to spend time alone.
Well, since she already knew me for acquaintance it was not necessary to linger.
One fine evening, after watching the movie, we went for a walk on the field.
I acted according to the rules that are constantly explained to me by my leader. We walked into the sunset ...
The sky was blue =) and the sun almost set. we talked a lot about various things. I offered to give her a massage
arms. In the end, she really liked. She even excited. At one time we were silent ...
And then we drew and we merged in a kiss. It was very cool.
But it does not end.
We are both very excited. But to go into the case was not an option ...
When they reached the summerhouse again we have merged in a kiss.
Xenia did not hesitate and pulled off my shirt. I was even more plants .. We were lying on the bed
and they kissed and touched each other where one could touch, and can be anywhere.
Hand tightened to a treasured place. It was already hot.
We undressed.
But, suddenly, she said that a virgin. I did not stop. I told him that everything would be fine.
I gently stroked her small breasts ... at the same time kissing her on the lips and neck. Then he got to the breasts. She was moaning softly. And my number has long been in operation ...
He started slowly stroking her pussy, she was very hot, and already very wet. All the same,
deciding I started it to enter your number. I plant a little bumped into a barrier ... And Ksenia already moaning ...
He made a sharp jolt, she almost cried ... After that, it became easier to enter. I started to move back and forth
Feelings were unforgettable. Soon I began to move faster and faster. A Xenia beginning to moan more and more ...
And lo tremors were amplified and amplified. I enjoyed those moments. And together we finished ...
After removing the condom and putting it aside, I took a towel and wiped her crotch from the blood .. all for me
It was new and interesting. And we started kissing again. And my number has already managed to once again come to a working state.
And I once again began to enter her ... It was much easier than the first time ... and sensations become even new, this time
act lasted much longer ... But we came together again. The house we stayed pretty enough, probably 2 hours.
I still could not come to normal. We kissed for a long time. Later it was necessary to go to the body.
On this, my life has just begun, while not all of them had cell and Ksenia I left address only.
At first I was disappointed from the separation, since we live in different cities. But a month has already started its activity.
More and more I became interested in psychology. After that there were a lot of history.
4 years engaged in psychology, not a few received certificates. And Diploma coach.
It all began with a pickup truck.
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