Old New Year

Valya and I are married for over 20 years. Sexually already seems to have tried everything but the Group. And now the time has come when we, or rather I, I wanted to have sex with one more pair. Actually, I wanted to caress and to fuck Valya alone with someone, but pure lonely man is hard to find. A single pair - Stepan and Maria - has tried to establish contact with us. As it turned out, Stepan still five years ago spotted Valya. We have so far only led talks "all near and around"But none of us dared to direct offer. In the New Year we Valya decided to invite them to her, but too late - they are already invited to a family. Then we invited them to advance to meet the New Year with the old, and they agreed. They came at the eleventh hour in the evening. Immediately we sat down and began to celebrate.
Stepan began to drink vodka and cognac, and quickly okosel. Val and Mary drank wine. All the talk revolved around "it"But no more. And so almost five in the morning. I have decided that sex is not, and offered to go to sleep. Bringing guests to lay on the floor in a small bedroom, and it is not clear, in jest or in seriousness asked - all go to bed together? - What if asked Stepan is either approved - and that can be (!?). Valya said - is necessary! We went to undress, and you undress. I went into our bedroom, undressed, put on a bathrobe over his naked body and went to the guests. From the bathroom came Valya, too, in his dressing gown. Mary was lying, and Stepan was standing in his shorts. - What did you take off your panties are not - said Valya. Stepan hesitated, and took off her robe and Valya appeared before us in all its naked glory - a small beautiful breasts with protruding nipples, slightly prominent belly of a mature woman, steep hips and great ass.
In Stepa jaw dropped, he looked at Valya and slowly took off pants. From this picture of my dick rose up, I dropped the robe and put his arm around Valya. We fell next to Masha, and our lips have merged in a passionate kiss. It seems, so we did not kiss ever! Finally, I pulled away from her lips, tongue walked on the chest, stomach and reached the pussy. She was already wet and longed dick. I like to bring to orgasm Valya language. But this time did not happen. Close heard characteristic sounds fucked and chug Stepin. That made me so excited that I immediately went to Valya. I do not remember which one of us so wanted, but I was under the Valley, and she jumped on me. To the left of me fucked guests. Arms outstretched left hand, I got on the car belly. Held on it hand down, he groped pussy. Stepa in it was gone. I opened my eyes and saw that he was standing over us and Valya pats on the back.
I think he wants to get into it with me, and the mere thought of this, I suddenly came. Valya slipped from me, and I found myself between her and Masha. And Stepan had disappeared. After a while I felt on my dick valine hand, she gently stroked it, and he stirred.
Suddenly dick lay one more hand, and also began to stroke it, then hands met, and I do not discern where whose. Here at us again emerged Stepan, he eagerly looked at Valya. And she suddenly pushed me to Masha, and said: - Well, go well, fuck it! I have something, did not want to, but Val insisted, and I climbed up on Masha. It is as if waiting for this, and immediately spread her legs. My dick went into her pussy, did not even feel it, as if in a hole failed. Maybe also because I did not feel that I looked like Stepan climbs to the Valya. She spread her legs and Stepan immediately fell on her. Val lifted her legs up and do not know how to Stepan, and I'm terribly excited and did began to fuck Masha. She became so podmahivat ass and twist my dick jumped twice from pussy, but Masha immediately grabbed his hand and dressed again in her pussy. Stepan reason not long fucking Valya, somehow posopel-posopel and stood with her. Then I also had finished, but somehow it is not so, there was no buzz. I was lying on Masha and looked at Valya. She was annoyed, it is clear that it is not finished. I sat down and began to stroke her legs. Here again he drew Stepan and Valya turned on its side. Masha, too, turned on her side and wailed: - Oh, what have we done! I, fool, it was necessary immediately to fuck Valya, and I called her into the bedroom, where we went to sleep. Here Masha was sick. She mixed vodka with champagne, and she felt bad. I once was naked, he went, got a glass of water and brought to her. She sat, and when I came to it with a glass, my dick was at her eye level. He may not lay down, and she stared at him, that, as it seemed to me, do not be near Stepa, she would have swallowed it for the most eggs. I brought his glass to her and went into the bedroom. It was about 6 o'clock in the morning. I did not sleep for a long time, up to 8 hours. I woke up and tried to remember what it was. Dick began to move, I moved to the Vale and began to stroke it and kiss. also began to move in the next room. I offered to go to Vale next to them and have sex there, but she flatly refused. And there already heard the characteristic sounds. I looked back and saw that Stepan has fuck Masha. I immediately returned to his wife. I wanted to caress her pussy tongue, but she did not give. She said she did not even washed after Stepa. It excited me, and I immediately went into it. Pussy was very pleasant, soft, gently enveloping his dick and grease residues Stepin sperm. I slowly began to fuck Valya, when suddenly she jerked and began to try to take cover with a blanket. Looking up I saw St¸pu doors. He looked at us, his dick polustoyal. I told him to join us, Valya, perhaps my words, tightened, and I had finished. Tears from her, lay down beside him. She immediately pulled the quilt. And Stepan came and somehow ducked under the blanket to the Vale under the flank. I pulled back the covers so that you can see his chest, he immediately put his hand on them and froze. Valia also did not move. Well, I think I embarrassed. I got up and left the room, looked into the room. Masha was lying face down under the covers, it is seen more bad it was. I returned to the bedroom, lo and behold, as Stepan already fuck Valya. Quickly, they agreed without me! I walked over and pulled a blanket with them. In front of me I opened the picture - Wali beautiful round his knees, between the up and down rhythmically moves men's ass, his legs slightly apart, and be seen as someone else's dick in pussy hosted by my wife. No, I did not have a drop of jealousy, on the contrary, I have this picture is so excited that I raised valine leg up and started kissing her from top to bottom, bottom to top. Then the finger began to stroke the anus Wali, put it in the pussy with Stepin by a dick, and then in the ass. It was nice to feel the movement of dick through the thin partition film. I started to move a finger and kiss the foot. Valya excited, he hugged St¸pu behind her and hugged her, and he immediately left off and immediately got down from it. I immediately took the vacated seat, and started fucking! Pussy full of sperm, took my dick soft imperious arms. And I, and Valya seen, we were excited to the limit, and she seems to have never ending. Pussy as a particularly exciting squelched under pressure dick, Stepan stood by and watched; All this together caused us a simultaneous orgasm that our moans and screams could be heard, perhaps, have been on the street. Exhausted, I collapsed on the bed with Wali. Something told Stepan - I have not heard. We lay there and did not want to move. But I had to work, I got up and got ready. In a hurry to work, I will continue. But when he arrived, the mood at all was far fucking, though women are still not dressed. Stepan was dressed only. Women also went dressed. Since there was no longer continue. It's a pity!