The first time after sex shops

Friendly family, good job, children, faithful, loving husband, - what else is needed for a woman happiness. Practically nothing but erotic fantasies in bed. Every thing has a habit of annoying and not to bring joy to its original owner. You can get used to everything and to the monotonous sex even more. Most of the women suffer from this problem. In his teenage years, they are discovering physical love, meet with various partners, contributing its flavor, its unique style sex. Among them, they are choosing the best, most decent man who brings warmth, kindness, pleasant not only in ordinary daily life, but also at night, when loving couples are alone, pull together your naked body and instead experience the summit of sensuality. It seems that it will always be that the only choice will continue to delight and amaze you, opening new opportunities for sexual relationships. But this is not so recent passionate lovers get married, and start to live the chaotic, boring married life. Work, young children, the nerve surge back down the bed on the second plan. Woman busy household problems men are trying to make a career, giving her all his strength. It takes 8-10 years and we all forget what a real sex. There is no longer the old caresses, love games that can bring a truly and recall past feelings. All this is sad because many are faced with this and do not know how to solve the problems.
My family, unfortunately, is no exception. After 10 years of marriage, I have forgotten what an orgasm. My sex are limited to twenty-minute introduction of the penis into the vagina 2-3 times a week and everything. It seemed, until recently, we tumbled into bed at night span, ending over and over again. And now, only the satisfaction of the needs of their animals. Sometimes I want to caress, erotic sensations pleasant, old, love comfort, because I was only 31 years old. But how to achieve them, when the request is somehow diversify regular sexual intercourse, only to think out what my husband is flipped me on my side. It could not last longer, and the case has helped to solve my problem.
I work in a prestigious company, but it is far from home, so the return trip takes a long time. Each time, returning to the office, I passed a store. It was a big sex shop. I've never been in it, as was embarrassed to go. Suddenly replace the familiar, then they think. If not for the occasional circumstances, everything would continue to remain in their places. But it is the case and to change the situation. Once the firm was a holiday, and it so happened that the home I came back very late in high spirits of light alcoholic intoxication. Passing once again corner of the intimate goods, I was suddenly left my modesty and stydoba, and I was determined to visit this place. Once inside, I saw a lot of different, sexy toys, video cassettes, magazines and other small things for adults. I went ahead and began to carefully examine all of these accessories. I was terribly interesting, because I have never resorted to using them in my life. Without realizing it, I approached the counter, who was a young, pretty girl.
-Do you do anything to help? - She asked.
-I do not know, I would like something that is fun and can bring to orgasm.
-Here, almost everything has such properties. You want for yourself, for your partner or can be partner.
-Only for myself.
-Then pay attention to our collection of vibrators, artificial dildo, vaginal and anal stimulators.
Such items were so many that I ran my eyes. All were well packed, they have a different shape and size. But what to choose? Artificial dildo, but my husband is a real, and yet all the same, he puts it in me. Maybe a vibrator, but it's big and has a distinct shape of the penis. What if the child will find it. No, it's not that. Finally, I plucked up the courage to ask a girl to this question.
-Sorry, I would like to object, which would have a small size, and is not associated directly with the penis, but delivered no less pleasure than a real man's body?
-In that case, I recommend you one little thing. Sometimes I dabble in it myself. This vibrating vaginal, anal beads. They are fully inserted into the vagina or anus and are controlled by a small remote control that can be easily concealed in the shorts. This allows their use in virtually any situation, unless you know how to be proficient in themselves and not be in front of strangers their sexual satisfaction derived from the pleasant vibrations inside the genitals.
I loved it that the erotic toy, so I could not resist and bought it. I left the store and went to the taxi stop. During the road, I realized that there is no shame in that visited a sex shop and bought a pellets. It is possible that all my friends have visited these places and gained similar toys. Pondering his act, I quickly got to stop. A few minutes later he pulled up completely empty bus in which I was placed, sitting on the last row. The road was long, but especially do was nothing. Realizing this, I got my new clothes from her purse and began to study carefully. I removed the beads and attached to it a thin wire from the control box, insert the batteries and try to include. Everything worked perfectly, balls vibrated in my hand, then slowly, then more, depending on the pressed button. But the hand is not the vagina and to truly appreciate the purchase, I could not. I longed to experience this little thing right now.
I looked around the van, making sure that no one pays attention to me. People there were very few, and they all sat in front of. Then I moved to the window, for reinsurance, she lifted her short skirt and a little bit down from the seat. Having a comfortable position, I widely spread her legs, slipped his hand under her panties and rubbed her little vagina to lubricate it has allocated, and I entered the balls without problems. Already after a few minutes I felt that my pussy is filled with warm and humid sta¸t gradually. So, it is time to proceed to more serious actions. I pushed her panties so that it was possible to freely open my lips sex. In doing so, I entered the first one and then the second ball in the vagina. They went smoothly and painlessly. I covered her panties back vagina, and so as not to arouse suspicion, sat in the usual position. Then I picked up the remote, turning it into the smallest capacity. Pleasant vibration immediately spread all over my pussy and forced to remind her of past caresses.
I remembered how in his student years involved in love with her future husband as he caressed me, kissed my breasts, tummy, buttocks, licking my clit and tongue penetrated into the vagina. How was it romantic. These memories only more aroused me, aroused a strong desire to touch my tubercle and have some fun with him. He had not reminded about themselves, because they do not take part in sexual acts. And indeed I did not play with him, for fear that someone will notice or simply did not think about it, getting used to normal sex, lying on his back and testing, most of all, an orgasm. Now everything was different, my mind took possession of the sexual experiences of the past and experience the present time .... I felt that prizabytoe feel more pleasure, and I want to continue it indefinitely. I quietly got up and took off her little white panties, so they do not become wet, and do not interfere with caress the clitoris and lips sex.
Put them in the bag, I again took control, and increased vibration. The signal is transmitted instantly, making me bite my lip, swept by pleasant sensations. Excitation grew when I began to meet my swollen clit. I press down on it while making a circular motion, and from time to time licking their fingers. I then smooth transition to the most sch¸lke massaging sponge and a bit hand entering the vagina. I felt for him in the balls and slid a little deeper to enhance sensuality. I felt the tension inside me intensifies sensations resembled those I experienced during oral sex from her husband when his tongue expertly worked on my pussy and fingers gently caressed the G point in my vagina. He knew her place location, and skillfully use it, bringing me with an indescribable pleasure. These made me remembering to maximize the rate of vibration, strained to the limit vagina.
I could not sit still, I wanted to move, raise and lower the butt widely pushing with his legs. But I could not proceed with such manifestations of my great excitement, as more aware of where I was. Again, I bit her lower lip and closed her eyes. I woke up in a real storm of emotions. I seriously put her knees in the front seat, to somehow forge their involuntary movements and continued to increase the frequency of massaging the clitoris and labia. Lubricants was enough, so I did not resort to oblizovaniyu fingers and gently teased her pussy, which is almost the most pleasant ripe Hurricane - Hurricane passion and sexual gratification. That's it, he will break the will and possess the whole body. He hosts a full swing in my hot and wet funnel, ready to conquer. It is increasing at an incredible rate and scope, feeding energy from violently vibrating balls. The vagina can sovladet with such force and begins to obey her, spreading throughout the body to reduce their magic irritated walls. This orgasm, which I have not experienced, but waited. I have the blood of bit my lip to keep from screaming with delight and pleasure, and gradually came. His condition was incredible. After a rapid eruption avalanche voluptuous pleasures seized me heavenly feeling of relaxation and satisfaction. Several small balls, skillful hand movements and violent fantasies brought me a real fountain of emotion that I can hardly forget or refuse from it in the future. That's what I can not deliver my husband, I'll do it myself. Now I'm not going to ask him to diversify our sex, I myself can not do it and satisfy their starved pussy. With such optimism, I carefully wiped his got wet pretty scamp learned miracle balls out of it and quietly pulled the panties. "The trip was a success" - I thought, and with this thought began to prepare to enter the stop and return home, where waiting for her daughter and a boring husband, preparing today for sure surprise me as a member at night, a few minutes potykaya them to me and thinking that while I finished.