Deep summer evening still stained a light blue sky and green tones. I looked at his companion. Large charcoal pupils with genuine interest she studied the structure of the planetarium dome and did not pay attention to the eyes. She was a little shorter than me and looked like an easy graceful butterfly. I froze for a moment and look thoughtful. She had a slender figure and fantastically thin waist - I could without much effort to close her fingers. I'm always amazed. For a moment, she somehow embarrassing quickly looking into my eyes, then turned away again, timidly, like a child asked about my meeting yesterday with classmates.
- How was it?
I knew and whom she had in mind. I did not want to talk about it, because none of that meeting did not remember, or rather, did not want to remember. Just cut it out of your life as redundant information from the text of the thesis. Silence. Her emotion was such that from kissing her dizzy - she was barely standing on his feet. And when I held his hand over her neck, this action caused almost convulsive tremors throughout the body. I wanted to argue with her, but it was impossible - she is always around agreed and reminded the girl from the eastern harem. And this time, pouted and stared at the tranquil flow of water under the bridge. She never protested aloud. Sometimes, just like that inflates and silent for hours, until he looks at me with his shiny black, his eyes full of sorrow, and I did not hug her. I'm not in a hurry.
We met when I was in the fifth year of the Faculty of Law. Once I replaced the lecture his professor, who wrote the thesis. He often ran somewhere in university affairs and I've more than once to act as a teacher. They were first-year students, among them - it is. Surprisingly slim, lightweight, with a quiet and not like a woman in a low voice. She was originally from Georgia, but has long lived here. At that time I had already gone through two months smooth, without a word of parting with his former girlfriend. We went to the same group and have been together a little less than five years. Truth be told, between us remained fairly warm relations, and something that makes us more lengthy exchange of views, filled with barely perceptible intuition proximity and affinity similar to that when you look at yourself in the mirror. I have long realized that it was not love. If between the former favorite remains a friendly feeling, the love and, therefore, was not. "Love does not blur the friendship. End is the end"- So wrote Remarque, and in this he was right. Margot and I immediately noticed after a few days we both went round the head with emotion. Serene dance whirled us all the colors of the world with such a frantic rate that was barely discernible face streaking past us, at home and in general the whole world ... And here has passed and a half years. Exactly one year, since last summer, as we have lived with me in a small two-room apartment. Future planned to get married in the spring ...
I embraced Marguerite waist from behind and gently kissed her ear.
- Let's go home, darling ...
I heard her quiet smile.
Tatiana barely audible came from behind and put his hands on my waist. The room was dark and the lights from the street only slightly illuminated floral wall. It was pretty quiet, which is why I came here to rest a couple of minutes from the merry and noisy crowds. The entire group of former law students gathered to celebrate their good meeting at the home of Tatiana. From behind the door came a drunken laughter and the clink of glasses. What a squealing hideously razveselevshie girl. Bass speakers gave a light shudder resonance in the floor. I knew that she, too, would be in this room. And he knew how it would end ... I tensed, thought Margot, to ward off unwanted thoughts, calm down, relax, opened his mouth, but it is ahead:
- Mmm. Are you here? - An emphasis on the word "you"As if did not expect to see me in my room, she put me on the chin there plecho.- terribly noisy, right?
- However, - I replied. Was silent for a while, he added - And where is yours? Just I saw you next.
Her hands closed 'already, and it is rastopyrivat fingers, then gently squeezed.
- Sasha left. We sent him to the grocery. They seem to have gone Shilevichem ... And you stayed. - The last words were spoken in a whisper.
- Tanya, I would not like to have someone saw. Even so.
I carefully took off her flexible arms and turned. We stood face to face. Her eyes looked straight and intently, radiating calm and confidence. "Good, she-devil," - Thought I. "Drunk. And I like too". The kitchen on the background of the overall buzz was heard the sound of breaking glass, followed by hysterical laughter and chatter excitedly. Tatiana smiled.
- Will kill me all right now. Ammm ... you know, honey, you do not be standing here right now, if ...
She slowly put her hands on my shoulders and leaned close. With slight embarrassment, I noticed that already hold it with one hand on her waist, the other - much lower back. I held his hand even lower on tight denim skirt and touched her thigh. From this Tatiana slightly bit her lower lip and smiled faintly. I stood there and felt it smell like an aura of desire, I was a prisoner of the clouds. More words were not. I came. I suddenly woke up in an animal, and all rational receded into the background. She probably sensed it, and immediately obeyed the beast without a fight. Stepping back, he rested his back against the wall. I have a severe and prolonged kissed her on the neck, from the shoulder to the ear lobe. Bowing her head, Tatiana loudly and fervently breathed on me. The charms of her slender body and stunt would not let me stop. Quickly and with a flourish, I undid the buttons on her blouse half, under which there was no bra.
Slightly stooped, kissed her hard nipples with excitement, while his free hand picking up a short skirt and stroking the back of the thigh. Tatiana bent leg at the knee and the heel pressed me to her. We started kissing as if they wanted to eat each other, eagerly and desperately clinging all over. The hand that was under a skirt, I pulled off her panties and thin fingers held straight between the legs, where it was still wet from the strong excitation - Tatiana with a strangled sob sat bolt upright and arched like a cat.
- Baby come into me soon ... I ... I no longer m-I-ah ... well ...
We fell onto the bed. She, legs wide apart, his hands clasped behind my back closer to him. I pants bursting at the seams with an erection and I pulled them a little bit. Member has long been hard and inflexible. Tatiana writhed beneath me, wildly shaking her, she clung to me, her hips and rubbed harder and harder. I decided it was time to start. Taking the term in his hand, I slowly began to drive them on the surface of the wet and hot labia, feeling their warmth.
- s-s-and-a-ccc ... I want you ... deeply ... ... IUU
Finally I put a member of the entrance and slightly nal¸g him. It is easily and freely entered into by half wet and warm vagina. At the bottom of the belly tickled strongly desire. I went out and came back, already a little deeper, and began to translational motion. Member of fell into it, and it was similar to what seemed to immerse it in a glass of hot water. His lips were fixed in a wild kiss. I easily slid into her, and she podmahivala me back to meet him.
- Mmmm ... mmm ... ah-ah-ah ... ah, um ...
The apartment still was music, laughter, voices excitedly, the clatter of dishes and someone running down the hall - to smoke. We could not hear and we were given the full passion. Bed beginning rhythmically creak, and Tanya moaned even louder, clutching the edge of the curtain, and my ass. I frantically grabbed her by the hips, breasts, kissing all over his face and neck the whole ... We are approaching orgasm. She stopped suddenly.
- Let's finish this ...
Raising himself on his elbows, Tatiana turned around ... and got on all fours, highly having lifted up her skirt. Then he turned his head and smiled.
- Come on, come on.
From this kind of in front of him, I have come into complete confusion: perfectly round, wide ass on a thin, curved waist ... I leaned close and rested her top surface of the member in the genitals. With a quick movement, Tanya took his hand out of his stomach and put to the vagina. I put my hands on her waist and drove a member in full, up to the end. Tanya abruptly screamed and began to move the ass, spitted it on my long piston. I began to move faster, helping himself with his hands. After half a minute, Tatiana has published a long muffled scream, trying to squeeze more teeth. She shook a fantastic orgasm. I felt as if it passed through ten thousand volts and myself flooded with ...
For five minutes we were hugging tight. From the first touch it took half an hour. We had to give himself up. She got the first, dropped her skirt, buttoned buttons on her blouse, before leaving with a smile, continuously looked me in the eye all the same, mirror-gaze.
- All have carried me here, chertyaka! - I heard her merry laughter somewhere in the depths of the apartment. On her face it must have been obvious that she is not up to this. She was happy all over, she saw in front of him ... I got up and decided it was time to go home - be here was uncomfortable. Any minute now it will come with a new bride drinking party. Poor fellow. I did what was not sorry - it, by and large, too. I had to leave unnoticed, it will not be, of course, easy.
Twenty minutes later, sitting in the car, I had forgotten about the incident. House Margarita was waiting, I blew a hundred cars. The streets were almost empty. The evening did not work ...