As I walked to the university

After school, I went to Samara to do in Medical University. Once I heard that girls Volga - the best in Russia. What and how - no one really can not explain, but all said so. I did not believe, better than our south, Rostov hardly find.
The first day went with his brother to give documents on receipt. When I saw the place, I was not alone - there will have to stand at least 4-5 hours, then I thought. So it turned out. But it turned out very nice and most importantly useful pastime in the future. When I stood in line in front of me stood kakya a woman, you see the nurse someone, so I took a seat behind her, she began to consider around me. My brother was out, and my eyes fell accidentally stood not far amazing ass. It was his short denim shorts and a topic from the top. She stood back, I did not see the face. It was the most stunning, sexy legs with ass I've ever seen, super-waist, and very, very small distance between the legs - where the shorts begin. Suddenly I felt my dick in jeans stopped listening and began to stone. I was scared - yet I still stand here and be like her, that is to proved it was by two men in front of me... The woman in front of me told me to keep watch all, and she moved away somewhere. I approached the beauty, I feel the excitement of seeing her innocent pretty face. She was a blonde a few centimeters shorter than me (about 175), with the chest slightly less than the size of the 2nd. Clearly, it was hot without a bra. I started thinking how to speak, the more she already saw my interest in her and she is not without interest began to look at me. Everything was simple, I quickly came up, asked about the photos that should have been done. We talked, I told where I was. She was a local. We talked so about anything. About school, little jokes, humor, as usual. Her name was Anna. Then came her mother, and began filing procedure. As it ended, we said goodbye. The next day was already the first exam. We met again. She was dressed in a rather original white overalls, which, though more than half is translucent, was still acceptable. She was wearing a bikini, and all the boys are standing around, just looked back. She was a beautiful posture, she studied ballroom dancing for a long time. And talked about the personal life. With his boy she broke up recently, but the romance was short-lived, and there is nothing interesting there, she said, was not. Exam passed, everything went well, I walked her to the bus stop, and went home. That evening we once again gathered at pre-examination meeting. She was dressed in a stylish strict skirt just below the knee, a belt hung very low and looked through the back of her little white panties. On top was a strict blouse chest was opened a little, I was very much excited, we sat side by side. She smelled terrific, in the previous days of the smell was not. She spoke hints that long ago did not walk out of this school in the city, I did not go to the Volga. I understood it all perfectly. Without waiting for the end of the meeting, we left. We sat in a little cafe on the waterfront, eat ice cream. She did not smoke or drink, and starred in commercials. Aspiring model. She was on the 1, 5 years younger than me, t. E. She was only 17, I also almost 19. It was dark, we held hands and walked along the waterfront. It was a beautiful summer evening Volga quiet, everything has to love. My dad left for 3 days in Almetyevsk on business, so I could come home late brother had been warned.
I do not remember how, but we sat on a bench, and her tongue touched mine. I closed my eyes, could not help my right hand began to fondle her breasts, her already erect nipples, it is very hard to breathe - so when the girl is already difficult to hold, and it can not help it. There was not a soul, the situation - what you need. We kissed some 20 minutes without interruption - it was the longest kiss at that time for me and for her. Blouse was half undone - I do not remember how it happened - it was like a dream. She was a terrific tongue, it seems to me one he could get the coolest orgasm. I reached under her skirt, came to her panties, but then she tugged me sharply. She did not want to continue in this location. Her parents went to Turkey for a vacation, and her house was left alone. By taxi we quickly covered the short distance, and I was on a bed of her parents. It was quite a large bed, even very wide, with silk sheets, with a floor lamp next. Just a terrific atmosphere. She pulled off me, she herself remained only in shorts. She had a beautiful body - a very delicate skin in conjunction with the best figure I've ever seen. My cock was already half an hour, I could not stand. She pulled off my panties and began to pull at the language of the testicles. It seemed to me that I was about to finish, but still managed to hold. Then she started kissing my head, then swallowed a third barrel. She had beautiful lips, tongue she drove along the lower part of the head, I began to moan from the buzz. She continued to suck, now almost all Member States to provide in her mouth. Right foot, I managed to pull off her panties, they were only on one leg. Anya all flowed, the right thigh to the inner part was very wet, she received from the process of unprecedented pleasure. I did not think that girls can get such a thrill from a blowjob. Finally Apogee began to approach, I began to finish. The first stream is sprayed directly into the mouth of my girls. Startled, she almost choked. Then he took a member and I started to cum on her lips, hair, nose, cheeks. Sperm were many, but as it turned out, this was only a prelude to our unforgettable night. Then she wiped the sperm and invited me into the kitchen for something to eat. In general, we were soon on her desk. It finally happened - I went between her legs. There has been quite narrowly. So I quickly moved her back on the bed and began to fuck right on the parental couch. She had a very tight pussy, at first even I was hurt. As it turned out, it was almost a girl. Her ex-boyfriend in the first in my life for her night did his job until the end, fearing large quantity of the blood, so after that, she with anyone until you love. Her cave was perfectly shaved, gave it excitement. I fucked her for a long time, she felt towards my orgasm his two. Soon I was brought to the fact that all my 20cm dick was placed first in her pussy. We see Anya was painful because she was screaming very loudly. She had a private house, so no one could hear us. Finally I finished, finished right in it. It was a wonderful orgasm. Anya was exhausted after 30 minutes of the first in my life "compound".
I moved closer to her and began to caress her breasts tongue, she was excited again, we suck, Anya his hand quickly pulled my head between her legs, and it all started again. It was something - so excited and my dick was hard never, Anya was excellent davalkoy, despite the lack of experience. I opened it, after putting on his stomach, and went back into the vagina, lifting a little ass. Annie began to cry as never before asked to enter more deeply, through the groans were heard declarations of love. Hands she held on to the back of the bed, so she went to shake. The bed has become no longer in bed - it was some kind of silk wad. I fucked and fucked Anna with all the dedication, clasping his arms around her slender waist. Her eyes rolled her, she could not control today. I accelerated the movement, then slowed and entered a jerk, touching Anya's back wall of the vagina. The sight of her buttocks, waist, legs, tanned body so strongly aroused me, I decided to extend this intercourse as long as possible. While Anya gets an orgasm after orgasm, I'm still a bit raised above the bed of her ass, and went a little lower ...- so as to cause her the greatest pleasure, so to get up to the uterus. I continued movement in this position I fucked Anna somewhere else for about 10 minutes, and finally finished. At this time, the semen was even greater. We fell asleep, exhausted.
I woke up from the sun's rays, luminous me straight in the eye. He opened his eyes - he saw his girl near completely naked. He started to drive hands on her super-body, and began to caress the inner thighs, Anna in a dream start to moan a bit of pussy once again began to secrete fluid. I broke down and bowed his head between her legs. First tongue licked all the highlight, the occasion along the vagina, then stumbled on the clitoris, and began playing with it. Anya began to moan even more, louder and louder. I do not know, she slept or felt all a dream, but, as I understood from her reaction, she had finished. Thus began a new day.
To be continued...