I was friends with them for many years and did not even know about who they really are! They were like older brothers to me!
All the time protected me from trouble, rescued, if that ... Though often joked as on the younger brother: I'm not offended, easily perceived, if I got it a little more work in some common cause ... well, everything was zashib! They - these are my friends. All a bit older than me, but we were friends! And one, and at the same time a terrible night ... We were six of us in my house. It was summer and very hot. Therefore, almost all were stripped to his underpants. I always hesitate to such moments, because bump in my bathing suit was always less than that of others ... That's why I wore a little family.
We sat and drank cold beer and chatted about life in general .. it bored ... started wih klatsat remote control, and stopped at some erotic channel. For a while all watched the action unfolding on the screen. In general, I was excited, and judging by the increased knobs at once, not only me. Suddenly, sitting beside Kostya, put his hand on my knee, and slowly led her up ... No, we used to joke, they say "Eugene, today there are no girls, so for them will be you". Well, in general picked on each other .... But I was all the time it seemed that it was a joke. I stepped back, but then I went to Victor's hand on the other foot, I tried to get up, but someone pushed my shoulders ... I cried ... In the meantime, the hands (which was already 4) closer to the very innermost ... I tried to remove their hands, but they were immediately pressed and not allowed to move ... Nogami I can jerk you like, I did not get one of ... hands slid under the little family ... I screamed! I was pleased at the touch, and at the same disgusting because it makes guys. Bunch easily slipped from me ... Seryoga turned on the music at full, and me, kicking, dragged into the bathroom ... Eugene tipped me over the side, who was holding hands, and someone pushed the bread ...
After adjusting the water, I was assigned to the pope shower and turned on the head !!! Enema I did before, though not as exotic way. I screamed and tried to wriggle ... As I pumped clearly more than 3 liters, and barely let me go, I slid down into the tub and relaxed. The procedure was repeated 7-8 times until I did not come out of the clear water !!! Then a couple more times, just in case ... The anus itched, and all because of these water treatments, I lost all will to resist. I washed a power shower, threw a towel, wipe saying ... I guess they want to, and begged them not to do so. Nevertheless, I was wiped, and he wandered them back into the room ... On the way through the corridor, I glanced at the front door. She also inside is locked, and the key has been removed .. the escape should not have to dream.
In the hall, Kostya, pushed me on the sofa and I stumbled and fell. Victor lowered his pants, with shorts, and came up to me.
- Well, that'll suck?
It was a favorite phrase of Nikita, but before I heard it only when talking to girls, and here .... Before me there was his penis.
I shook my head. Then I was seized by the hair, and someone's fingers pressed under the cheekbones, and I had to open my mouth. Immediately his cock was in my mouth!
- Hide your teeth, the nipple!
Victor shouted. Then he grabbed me by the hair, and took it over anywhere .... I am still here, I had, in obedience to his hands, moving his mouth back and forth along its stem ... After some time, I have realized that the sooner he finishes, the will lag behind me, and I started working the lips and tongue, which caused an approving pat on the head ... A few minutes later he even gave me to act. Well, I guess you will not argue that no one better than the man knows how to caress a man's penis. After a few minutes Vitin member stiffened his master groaned, and my palate struck first a trickle.
Sperm filled my mouth and I began to look through the eyes wherever it spit.
- Swallow, swallow!
There was a voice Bones noticed my intentions ... I was disgusted, but his eyes closed, I swallowed. - Well done! Now me!
Next dick stuck to my lips .. Here I was helping himself with his hands, and did whatever they could, so that he will soon be over: reduces the cheekbones, neck and very tired. Swallow the bitter cum I do not like and I cheated. He felt that Kostya ends, I let go of his dick out of his mouth a few times vzdrochnul his hands, as a result of my whole face was in the sperm. Remains of course had to lick, but when it is small, it tastes less bitter ... And even more so salty.
- Well, what have you done !!! He's now the whole obkonchany!
- And you his ass, it's clean, and has not yet unsealed!
- You're still a virgin? - Eugene slaver his finger, bent me, and quickly introduced him to me in the ass !!!
- AAAA! I shouted!
- Similarly, a virgin!
- Well kA let me! (Daniel is).
I put on all fours.
- Do not, Danka, let's better I'll suck !!!!
- It is necessary, Vasya, we must! Spreading rolls.
I continued to beg him not to do it, nevertheless obeyed.
Something warm and rounded rested my anus, Daniel pushed, but did not climb dick.
I screamed in pain, the boys mother ...
- That's fucking virgin!
Danil juicy spat on my point, squeezed my buttocks together and massaged so ... then spat again, and again put his cock. This time, he easily slipped inside! It is easy for him, as it seemed to me that I have inserted in the ass jack and pushed it as much as possible ... one motion he drove dick on the eggs inside as if planted on a skewer. He waited until I shall pass on shouting moans, he began to move his pelvis. Slowly at first, and then all the quickening pace. I groaned and tried to bite the carpet on the floor, but did not dare to resist ... Although I have not kept. After some time, the acute pain subsided. A feeling of fullness in the ass - a member of the rose ... also a member in the ass massaging the prostate, and I groaned soon from mixed with pain and shame, pleasure, rather than just from the pain. Ten minutes later, Daniel twitching, groaned and came, and his place was taken by another Daniel. Well, and then in a circle ... Fifth dick, already was like sandpaper wrapped ... Every move smacked of pain.
When the bones came out of me and I licked his sperm from his penis, leave me alone ... I even had no strength to change position, and I was standing with a raised ass ... I felt like thighs flows of liquid sperm and they could see on my unobscured point ... Jack took my camera and started filming ... He filmed me from all sides, both filmed me in the priest thrust a tube of deodorant, a mop handle ... Then he asked the guys, who still have strength to fuck me and my new fucked. They wanted to get to suck dick, but to me nothing could be achieved .... Then Nikita took the belt and began to whip my ass. I fell to the floor and crawled under the table, leaving the semen on the carpet track ... When I fled there, it was inconvenient to beat me, and they put off the strap and the camera, and went to open the vodka, but I was lying under the table, and quietly wept. .. in the face streamed with tears, and of asses trickle on the floor dripping sperm.
- ...Mom, today I will not be home. Spend the night at the Petit.
In my sleep I hear voices ...
- Yes ... No ... Yes, it is too late to go ... Yes, no money for a taxi ... What parents say? Yes ... ... left his parents. For a few days ... Yes ... That's why I stayed with him ... You never know what ... spend the night together. Yes some alcohol? ..... What are you !!!! ... All moms while! ... Yes, we have to rent a movie ... Let's see ... Everything! Till!
By the end of the conversation, I woke up ...
I was lying under the table, curled up ... Why the mouth was a nasty taste, and very sick ass ... How buttocks and inside. I was completely naked. And then I finally woke up and realized that what it was, was only a prelude, and that everything I have yet to come, since the guys are at night ... My parents will come only a week, and that means ... It is better not to think that the it means.
- Well, Petyushok woke up ??? Supper will be?
I nodded sheepishly.
- A Th so lazy ??? So wrong! Now run to the shower, brush up! You have five minutes! After that dress! Clothing in the bag in the bathroom! And ran into the kitchen!
I got out from under the table and went into the shower. The first thing I carefully examined myself ... Across ass adorned with strips of belt, the face was all dried semen ... Thighs too. I touched anuca finger ... It hurts, damn it !!! Quickly washed whole, dried himself and climbed into the bag with clothes !!!! OH GOD!!!!
- What does this shit ?!
From behind the door came the giggles, and Daniel's voice:
- And Lena This you borrowed! That is to say, WITHOUT AIR-MEZD-NO!
Lena is a girl Bones. I wonder how he stole her things?
- Dress-wear come soon! We are tired of waiting.
My God! What are these things ?! White topic, black miniyubochka, such socks with fingers: it seems socks, gloves called, and white panties. I pulled it all over and looked in the mirror. Well, exactly the girl with short hair ... just ... without makeup eyes and my hands just did devch¸nochi, plus all garment came on as I was sewn. In general, a nightmare. I opened the door, and then closed his eyes from camera flashes. Immediately I was seized and dragged into the hall. While his eyes came to life, I was already in the hall ... On the couch sat the guys and Lenka, and did smile at me.
- Is not that a cute girl, and, Len?
- Aha! You'll be my girlfriend? (It has been said to me).
- The girl, a girl and you can get to know you?
- Girl, girl, and you are giving in the ass?
- The girl and what's your name?
And I just stood there and smiled ... And what I still do?
- And let's call her Natasha! .... Hey, Nataha, come here! ... Come and turn around ... Well, you're damn right model! Right now you will arrange a photo shoot!
- Stand up straight, smile. Sch¸lk!
- Bite your lip. Sch¸lk!
- put your hand on his crotch. Sch¸lk!
- turn around. VIEW anything poerotichney. In! Good. Sch¸lk!
- And now on all fours. Sch¸lk!
- Otklyachila ass. Sch¸lk!
- Slightly Zaderey yubchonku. Sch¸lk!
- Dare to bare little ass ... Nuuuu Nataha, that's it you hairy !!! It is necessary to shave! Come on guys drag this slut in the bathroom, let her shave !!!
The whole process of shaving all parts of my body was accompanied by the clacking of the digital camera. And jokes guys. Himself brit¸m led Lenka. Eventually they got tired of me to take a picture, I was ordered to dress back and stomp into the kitchen to prepare meals. For dinner came two more girls and a guy. Guys were six girls and three ... As they joked, "including nats - four" Olka and Marinka looked askance at me, but it looks like what it was, she knew only Lenka. It all evening once slyly looked at me. At about nine in the evening, two guys with the girls withdrew from room to room, but the rest remained in the hall. When I endured the dishes into the kitchen, where I caught the hand of Jack, put it on his knees and said: "suck". Resistance was pointless, and it's too late ... I unbuttoned his jeans, pulled out a member and began to suck. I podrachival his penis at the base, tongue scurried along the trunk, sometimes swallow eggs, lightly bites her head ... well very quickly he finished.
Naturally it made me swallow. Then the situation was repeated with Victor near the toilet. But when Kostya and Lena began to kiss at all, the situation came off the brake and rolled into the abyss. I felt like my body is gone on a spree whose playful hands and kissing Daniel reached. Naturally, I told him ... and five minutes later was on his back, with his legs battened down-to-head, and the pope stoke its piston ... A member of Eugene was in my mouth. Kostya with Lena, not forgetting to caress each other, admired the picture. Kostya even made a few photos ... An hour and a half, has again become very painful ... When Vitek, sharply and deeply planted in my ass, I accidentally a little harder than necessary, gritted his teeth. As a result, he received a slap in the face of Daniel. And then whipped me and put in a corner. The boys were happy, well and Lenka with her interesting views on sex - was generally thrilled! The boys sat down at the table, and turned on the TV. And I was standing in the corner in Topeka, skirt and socks in one (second and panties somewhere lost) with a red ass and broken-down with a point. Thigh oozed semen. Everyone passing by, thought it his duty to raise a skirt, or a slap on the ass, or even poke a finger in the ass ... The finger passed quickly and in a big way ... And since all ass and thighs were in the semen, then later I was forced to lick her with his hands. It took two hours, and then the guys all together went to smoke, and to me crept Lenka. In his hands it was a banana on the table. She lifted her skirt, and slowly introduced him to me. I just sat down, so that it is easier climbed. Lenka thought he was there to stay, but I was not strong enough to compress the anus, and banana immediately slipped out.
- Come Arise cancer.
I obeyed, and banana again entered into me. At this time the butt is horizontal, and banana will not slip out. This picture and caught the guys.
- Lenka, and Th are you doing with him?
- Boys, Well you had fun, and I give them a loser ...
- Well, of course! Play about, and we'll see ...
The boys settled down on the couch, and even brought Daniel Lena mop.
Lenka took out a banana, and his place was taken by the handle of a mop. It was a little thinner, but much longer. In general, when Lenka splash around with my ass, it is firmly settled a stick of smoked sausage. Lenka herself so excited that did not hesitate to rest, took off her jeans, with shorts, under a storm of applause and whistles, and legs spread is located in front of my face. The boys continued to whistle and hoot and Lenka gasped "Lick!"