What is our life - the game

Lucinschi called his former pupil Natasha Serov. At the time, Natasha, a student of one of Moscow's commercial high schools, the teacher recommended the notorious World Pavlovskaya. Protege Pavlov proved the smartest girl in all respects. It is not only well penetrated a foreign language, but also lured a couple of times loving tutor. That, however, did not resist much. It was painful to have to!
And Natasha again reminded of itself ...
- Andrei Mikhailovich, my girlfriend and I want to work out at you. Parents of my friends dream of a bright day when their child speak in inglish ... her brains for foreign not adapted. But you - special! Maybe bring forth the miracle of people, and Vera zalopochet in foreign? Her relatives did not stand up for the finances. And I need to freshen Inglish.
Lucinschi, without thinking twice, agreed.
As neighbors on the landing, girlfriends decide to do together in the apartment of Faith. And Lucinschi was comfortable ... saving time and effort. Faith was a slender fair-haired girl who is worthy to pose as a prude-A student. Natasha same - burning brunette with well-developed thighs and booty - hated the role of shy good girl ... goddamned nature and pearl out of it. Work out three hours Lucinschi with a sense of accomplishment and with the nth sum in his pocket already decided to go home, but Natasha stopped him.
- Andrew M., and you do not want "Hennessey"?
Lucinschi agreed with pleasure to drink for the road, as well, and the student themselves. One for the road was delayed. Alcohol was intense. Then the teacher, he felt a surge of sexual power, unexpectedly offered to female students.
- Let's play cards on the strip.
Drunk girls came to a complete delight from the idea.
...The game was in full swing. The case has entered the second bottle "Hennessey". Teacher and pupil of only cowards stayed clothes. At Natasha - black fishnet on her friend - pink with lace elastic. Look mentor and drilled pieces of thin fabric, cover girl's charms. That dark and stands out through the thin fabric Verunchik bush, sweating with excitement, but knocked out of the fishnet holes curls of black hair from Natalie. Lucinschi lustfully stare at the elastic balls, chest Faith and strong third dimension solid balls Natasha. Tantalizing, sweet smelling cherry nipples and asks in his mouth. Delicacy for gourmet sex!
Vera lost, but became restive.
- I will not undress.
- Persuasion more money - recalled the card rule its partners.
Stick It, hesitated, she took off her panties. Young blonde fuzz barely covered her crotch. Visible was reds lye. A member of the teacher became close in cloth shackles.
- And now on the desire - the teacher suggested.
- And no matter how it was not honest, it must fulfill, - supported Andrei depraved and drunken Natasha.
The teacher handed out the card. A few minutes - and Vera lost. Natasha triumphed.
- I want you to take him in the mouth.
- No - again became restive Faith.
But Lucinschi already pulled out his baton and Natasha forcibly summed up her friend to the teacher and put her hand on a solid, like petrified, pin. Vera looked touched the penis, squeezed, tickled testicles. I pulled back the foreskin. Red massive head glistened with transparent discharge. Vera flushed, she kept her from prying eyes reared, swollen veins, stem, occasionally twitching with impatience. Her fingers closed on her hot cock. Up and down, up and down ... Soft moist lips gently touched the big head. It was interesting. It is sucking it clumsily but energetically. Natasha, catching the falsity in the aria minetchitsa unsophisticated, could not resist and fell at the long-awaited eagerly source. She gave the case itself, playful hands, a magic tongue, especially his chubby and vlazhnenky mouth. But for some reason the teacher could not finish. It happens from overstimulation. Testicles raged from the sperm. It took something narrow and close.
- Play the game yet?
Trump the ace of diamonds king of trumps broke. Hooray! Teacher won!
- Get on all fours.
Vera lay on the sofa and breast otklyachila with fright his young zadik. Andrew felt Vera's mouth of the cave. The little girl was excited, moisture huddled in her crotch. Put it to the mouth of the womb and pressed ... Do not go. He again firmly buried his massive head in the vestibule, he took her fragile shoulders greatly moved her hips forward. Vera cried. Head just barely slipped into the fold, but not completely.
- Oh, Mom, it hurts.
- Be patient.
He moved forward a little member, and pulled back, but stuck it is not the whole, and to the head. The teacher noticed fresh blood on the skin of his trunk.
- Are you still a girl?
- No. Once Kolya tried.
"Clearly, no Kolya your dolman play the virgin, turned out to be inexperienced".
Master your colon "shovel" raskochegarit virgin "furnace". He was very nice! His tool cleverly warped in intoxicating cunt, still poorly designed, cramped and hot. Can not wait Natasha took off her panties and settled down next to his girlfriend, tempting lush twisted backwards. Lucinschi noticed a new object for the adult entertainment and switched to it. To bring down the power so to speak his phallus in the vagina aggressive. Of course, vagina, Natalie more than a friend, but also nothing. But the lass experienced and cool podmahivaet. Just super, if she prozhzhennaya and inborn whore. Vera, looking at the copulating partners, howled like a little dog and furiously masturbated - already red-hot clit! Teacher, plunging two fingers into her wet inside, help her to quickly finish. Natalie started and discharged. The teacher still could not. Then he squeezed his cock again into the narrow opening of the Faith and barely shook twice, quickly drew it. Whitish salute hit into the air and fell on the slender back ucheniitsy. Kaifa has failed. But not all cat Shrovetide. And contraception rules are observed.