Short Stories: Oral straights; My first time; Balcony

Blowjob Naturale
Author: Serge
How many can remember, I've always been bisexual. But the guys I was always picky, so I did not experience so much. I tell a story of their lives ...
So I pull my friend. And quite pull ... And he middle. One evening we were sitting drinking beer with him at his house, and how the time flew by so quickly that I was going to go home, it was midnight. We decided that I would stay with him. We went to the store, took another beer, sat ... and he was just cut down (not so drunk as to sleep like), to such an extent that nothing can be heard and not seen, fell asleep sitting dressed.
I laid him on the sofa, he lay down on the other, and I can not sleep so much it wanted that a member of the stake as much as the thought. I lay tossing and turning for about twenty minutes ... could not stand it, got up, walked over to him and sat down beside him and gently put his hand in the groin area ... And the most batters have as much excitement! He began gently massaging his penis through his jeans, and he was sleeping as if nothing had happened. I think: "you should try it rastegnut jeans". Slowly, trying not to make noise, rastegnul his jeans and put his fingers into panties, began to stroke his cock, and he is not excited ... about ten minutes I sat, stroking his cock, trying so he did not wake up. Then he decided, cautiously lowered his jeans, then the pants and has been so coveted my dick was in my power!
I took him in hand and began podrachivat, leaned over and licked the head and tongue of this it has become a member of quietly excited, and why I was no longer able to restrain myself! I pounced on him mouth, as the sweetest candy and began to suck and lick! and now he was on full alert! such a powerful trunk! such a welcome! I continue to suck it up with even more passion and excitement on its own did not even notice that he was coming! As soon as his cum filled my mouth, I finished ... he swallowed all, I licked his cock, his carefully dressed and went to bed satisfied.
A friend of mine so do not recognize, and we had still friends ...
Story Author: Max
Hello. My name Renat I of Tatarstan I'm 21 years old, 178cm, 65kg, good-looking brunette. I want to tell you about my first experience with a man.
When it happened I was 20, I often began to think about a homosexual experience, but was afraid to try. But one day, by SMS on TV, I met with a man 35 years we corresponded with him, he wanted to mutual blowjob and fuck me in the ass and cum in it. and I ventured. We agreed to meet in the evening somewhere in 8. Before the meeting, I bathed, shaved clean and a little ass dick. At 8 o'clock we will see, he arrived at the meeting place on 10ke, the street was winter. he offered to sit for him. We talked, he offered to go to his dacha near, wash in the bath, to have sex. I refused but eventually agreed. When we arrived, we went there it was very warm good. He immediately began to undress, and I just so wanted to try to quickly baring pant ...
Seeing his penis was 20 cm long and thick, I was frightened, but the desire was taking her. We lay on the bed in position 69, he took off my pants and we took over the mouth member. I licked his head ... mmm his beautiful cock, licking tongue eggs from the head to the trunk of his, I'm so excited and started sucking this tasty cock completely took it into his mouth ... I relish sucking cock, licking the egg ... he also took my penis in her mouth, licking .. sucked, and stroked my ass, moistened finger and Suva in my anus, I baldel. All I wanted him to fuck me, I could not take it anymore ... I wanted to feel his cock in my ass.
I got cancer, he smeared my anus lubricated, put his head sharply and my hole and strongly introduced his thick cock in my ass .. AAAAA I was shocked, hurt so much I wanted him to come out, but he said, be patient conductive pass ... but the pain is not passed, then it came out better. We lay there a minute or two, and he slowly began to enter into me. OOODA it better, it was so nice .... he began potrahivat me .. I stood with cancer and jerked off his cock in a minute he did mnya fucked my virgin ass ... oh yeah, still another orgasm came quickly and he and I, his sperm filled my ass. Then we showered, and he drove me home. He liked it and he wanted more ...
Story Author: Poor
It happened all at once the new year I celebrated it with friends. We as always scored a bunch of liquor but also Olivier could not have done without. When I and five of my best friends had we waited for the girls in the apartment, but as it usually happens, they were late.
Suddenly our bright idea came to go in smoke on the balcony, as it was an apartment parents because then we were 16 years old and that would not sleep, we decided to smoke on the balcony.
Two of us went first, and the rest just stayed and as it turns out is not accidental, as soon as we left the balcony door shut behind us, and the output was not, we were lucky that the winter was warm, and then froze to all that is possible. The rest went quietly about their business who are in the shower, someone on the Internet who sleep. And we locked zadernuv curtains and turned on the music louder that would not hear as we please open the door.
We sat for about fifteen minutes and felt that began to freeze, and my friend suggested that hug to warm up. I was very cold and it did not refuse.
It was in this new year my father gave my friend an air gun, and he took it with him, you never know what can happen in the criminal area.
He took his father's gift from his pocket and pointed at me, at first I thought he was joking, but after his words:"On knees...." I very slowly ispugalsya.On rastegnul his pants and pulled out a member.
- Now suck-ordered it and reloaded the gun.
- No way, I said to him, are you kidding? Okay, so kidding!
- Shooting eggs! ... Count to five
I saw in his eyes the anger and hate, and decided not provatsirovat his eyes closed and slowly took his penis in her mouth. He moaned and jerked the gun but not cleaned .Not before he could finish commanded:
- Take off your pants and get up cancer!
- Shoot, but it is not I-byvat. he said, and turned away to wipe.
As for me, all of a sudden I felt something thump on the head and on all swam in his eyes after a few seconds I passed out. From the roar of my friends came running and asked?
- What is it with him?
- I do not know probably from hypothermia - said friend and we let into the house.
We decided to forget about the situation, but for this one I also all good podsosal and I finished it in the face! We are very well marked and entertained with the girls kotoryk still came.
p.s.Esli want to know how it was with the girls write komenty!