My friend Vanya

This story happened to me and my friend Vanka many years ago. But the details of it, I still remember. We are now good friends and often spend time together. But what has happened to us, we never remembered.
It happened in the summer. There were summer vacation. Many of the guys from our courtyard parted. We lived with Vanka in neighboring poezdah and friends from five years. Went to a kindergarten, then went to the same school and even studied in the same class. We trust each other the most intimate secrets of his life. In general, there were zakodychnymi cronies. conversations often comes to sex. We discussed devchenok. Fantasized about having sex with them. It is certainly exciting to us. The joint with the girls in the yard games, we usually chased them, tried for polapat ass. They loudly screamed, yelled at us, but then again seized and fled. They obviously liked our attention.
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That summer in the courtyard almost none of the guys left. We slept at home before lunch and then went out into the yard in search of entertainment. We often visited each other's houses and play houses in different games. That day I came to Vanka home. The parents were at work and we were alone. Sitting on the couch, we watched TV. Looking out the window Vanka called me. Outside in the sandbox playing two girls, five or six years. They were widely legs apart and sprinkled each other with sand. Clearly see their little white panties. It is of interest to us. Talk immediately switched to sexual themes.
- Did you ever see the thread in the girls pussy? - He asked me Vanka.
- Nope - I replied.
- Cool would be to see?
- And who will?
- And I would like to fuck the girl for real?
- Of course.
- Do you know how to do it - neunimalsya Vanka.
- Well, like dogs, maybe ... back and forth ...
These conversations I was very excited, and I felt like my pisyun jumped like a peg. Glancing briefly at Vankina shorts, I noticed that he, too, sticking out the front.
- I stood up, - said Vanka.
- Me too.
- And show me yours?
I hesitated, pulled the elastic band of his sweat pants and lowered them. Then, pulling a little melting, I put her on display, sticking almost straight up, pisyuna.
- Class - eyes wide muttered Vanka.
- And now you come on!
Vanka quickly pulled the shorts down and I saw his thin, almost like a pencil, protruding segment. Well, if I have already started on the segment of the hairs to grow dark, he has them all was not.
- And you do not have hair? - I asked Vanka.
- Nope.
We stood and looked at each other. My segment compared to Vankin was somewhat thicker and more balls. Suddenly Vanya reached out and took his hand in my testicles. I do not even pulled back. I was just wondering what will happen next.
- You have large eggs, - he said.
I also reached out and began to feel his moshenki. Testicles have Vanka were really small, like two pine nuts. Then I took his hand and pulled the segment with head back skin.
He did the same with me.
- And as fuck? To insert? - I asked.
- Yes, between the legs into the hole.
- Class! That would be to try it!
- Do you want me to try? - Suddenly he offered Vanka.
- Like this?
- Well, not the truth, but in naroshku. Imagine that I am a girl. Come to the sofa.
From the proposals made in my legs suddenly a shiver, and weakness. And Vanya, meanwhile, pulled off his shorts to columns and lay back on the couch.
- Lie down on me!
I walked over to the couch, put his foot on the top and vzgramozdilsya Vanka.
Segments of my buried him somewhere in the stomach. Vanka propyahnul between us a hand, picked it up and sent between her legs. Then he squeezed his legs. I suddenly felt that my penis was in a cushy job and began to move them back and forth.
- Well, how? - Said Vanka.
- Kaif!
- And so with the girls getting fucked. Only the hole they have there.
- Uh-huh! - I mumbled.
Do not describable feeling of wild fun over me. I continued to move between pisyuna Vankina legs, feel that there is some reason becomes wet. Were heard sucking sounds.
- Well, that's enough. Come on now I am!
- Wait a minute! - I mumbled.
Sweat trickled down my forehead big drops. I felt that the whole was covered with sweat. Hands beginning topryahivat shiver. At the bottom of the abdomen were weary and wonder-pleasant feeling. Segments start suddenly wildly tickled. This tickling narostaet with my every thrust. Feeling the onset of something grand breath. Another jolt ... More ... More ... And suddenly ...
I felt out of my pisyuna pushes out the liquid begins to escape. As if I started to write directly to Vanka.
But over me sweet weakness and tremors, are not allowed to jump in immediately with Vanka. Passes on his side, I put his hand between her legs Vanka and felt there moisture.
- Wang, I did not want! It goes something like work! - I pleaded.
Vanka was angry at me.
- You Th, obassalsya me?
- Well no. It somehow happened by itself ...
Vanka ran jumping up from the couch to the bathroom. I just now noticed your pisyuna. It is a pity to hang down, wet and reddened. I quickly pulled on his pants.
- Well, you give! - Handed Vanya came out of the bathroom.
- Yes, I did not want ...
- Well I said that for fun ...
We tidied on the couch. We drank the juice and went for a walk on the street. More this episode we Vanka never remembered. But it was my first sexual experience ...