My extraordinary 1 time in school - 2

Hi all - is Igor again. I would like to talk about their sexual adventures in the previous story about how I and Nadia fucked in school. After that, we'll direct again did so at a school in the school toilets in the locker room or just during class went to the toilet. But once we as usual after school went to the toilet I have a quick pulled off Nadi jeans, took off his shirt, bra panties and now she was standing in front of her completely naked sweet wet pussy and show off in front of me and her breasts have 3 size was so delicious and her swollen nipples. And I wanted to suck them right there what I did.
At the same time, I caressed her fingers her pussy so she started moaning and I was very factory and I immediately took off his clothes and once flew with my briefs my cock immediately struck by her pussy and she moaned loudly. We heard because no one at school and one nebylo we could moan loudly and no one could stop us.
I pressed her against the wall and began to slowly introduce his penis into her. She was very nice and I felt it. After a few minutes, I decided to change the posture I sat down on the closed toilet seat (fortunately in our school all the toilets were very clean and spacious) and planted on his dick Nadia in this position, she was very good, she could send my dick. She liked to ride on it, and then she had the first orgasm, and soon the 2nd.
We decided to change the pose, she got cancer, grabbing hold of the toilet I thrust my dick in her ass. At first she was hurt because I used it once in the ass fucked, but then the pain was gone and she was well again and that's an orgasm came again and she moaned as never before. I and she was very nice, we decided to rest for a moment, and then continued again. I pressed her back against the wall, we both really enjoyed this position, a few minutes Nadia glanced at the door, which was behind me - I turned around and saw our classmate Olya. She was very excited, probably it stands here for a long time and I could see through her shirt her swollen nipples, and she slowly and gently touched her pussy. I knew immediately what she wants, knows about sex and I said to her:
- Would you like to join?
She was shocked, she to me did not expect, but she continued to stand still and wonder.
- Well, what do you got !? Take off your clothes! - I shouted and continued to fuck Nadia and a few minutes Nadia finished and fell to the floor with pleasure. I turned back and saw a naked Olga, it was a surprise to me, I did not expect that it really undress.
Olga was our contemporary, her chest was the same size as the 3 and Nadi. Olga was as tall as I am and beautiful red hair, and the hair on her squeak nebylo apparently she shaved them.
And so, when he saw Olga naked, I was at a loss a few seconds, and then waking up, I fell on my knees and began to caress her fingers pussy Oli. She closed her eyes and began to moan when I'm stuck in her two fingers, she almost screamed with pleasure. Then I stood up and bowed her down and she put her mouth to my cock, she realized that it is necessary to do, and I opened my mouth there and then abruptly plunged into her mouth his cock, she liked it very much. It is with great pleasure beginning to suck and lick a couple of minutes, I asked her to stand up and pulled her to the wall and slowly slipped into it his cock and slowly began to increase the pace and after a few minutes she came and fell on the floor.
They both lay otrahannye on the floor and a few seconds later woke up and began to suck my cock dvoem. I enjoyed it very much as two tongue licking my cock, then I am no longer able to hold back and finished on both of them. They both liked it very much and they lapped it all. After that, they said that it would be fun to try to do it in Troy, and every evening we came to school and said that in one of the offices forgotten pencil box and a security guard gave us the key and we closed the offices and had sex in Troy. We loved it, and the girls have become interested to do it dvoem.
During this year, we had sex so many times and I still have a lot of sex stories that I tell you in the future.