Sex neighborly

I came home after school. At the entrance, I went along with my aunt Ira, a neighbor from the top. She was always excited my imagination: 26-year-old brunette with a fourth the size of the chest and taut ass ... She was in jeans and a bright orange blouse. Her husband went to work, so she missed. So, we went to the elevator.
- Hello - she looked at me kindly. - You're out of school?
- Hello, yes.
- And you ... - she bit her lip - computers are well-versed?
- To understand ...
- Well then, you can come and see me now? You just leave the bag at home and come ... look - she looked at me slyly. - If you have time, of course.
- Of course there are, Aunt Ira! I'm right and I will come.
- Well, well done. Waiting.
I stepped out of the elevator and ran to his home. His heart was beating very strongly, just now I noticed that my cock bulging out of jeans. I threw the briefcase pshiknuli of deodorant. The phone rang and I had to take the time to talk with friends. Then I went down to the floor below and called. Aunt Ira revealed to me ... in a light translucent robe!
- Come, - she said quietly to me, I went into the room. - Are you hungry?
- No, Aunt Ira, - I replied absently, looking at her bare feet, and then caught himself. - What do you have a computer?
- Now I looked, nothing special - she reached out, her large bust surged up. - So, - she playfully looked at me - I have another request for you. Can you help me with the clothes to remove the balcony?
- No problem - I was very tense at the moment.
We went to the balcony. Ira stood on a stool and began to withdraw and give me things. When it comes to pink bra large volume, I have reached the limit of excitement - my cock was trying to tear the fabric of his pants. I accidentally pressed against her body ...
- Sorry, Aunt Ira ...
- Nothing, baby. You are so cute and sweet ... just call me and Ira "you".
- You too .. rather, you also look gorgeous ..
- Oh, thanks. Hold my legs, and I'm afraid of heights.
I could not believe his luck. I hugged my knees for Ira, then raised his hands on hips, could not resist and kissed her thigh. Ira gently stroked my hair, and then ... she spread her legs invitingly and looked me in the eye!
- Honey, you all understand correctly ... courageous ...
I got up and took her ass in his hands and face pressed against her supple breasts. She came down from the chair, and we started passionately licking. Kissing and caressing each other's hands, we moved into the bedroom and lay down on the big bed. I began to knead her big breasts and benefit from this strong buzz and Ira at this time stroking my dick hand through his jeans. I pulled her robe and easily coped with a black lace bra. Ira asked, that I sucked on her hard nipples.
I am happy to take them one by one into his mouth and sucked, sucked them, fiddling language showered the entire breast with kisses helped himself with his hands ... Ira at this time pressed my head to his chest and moaning loudly. Her body shook with each my touch.
Then Ira told me that she also wants to do me nicely. She took off my jeans and touched his lips to the head of my penis.
- Wow, what's your ... a barrel in 16 years ... and what a big head ...
She took the cock in her hand and began to suck him. Encircles the entire tab member in a spiral, sucked it as deeply as possible. Then Ira squeezed it between his sisyami and causes the nipples on the head ... It felt unreal! I such has never experienced!
- Lick me now, kitten, - she said, pushing her plump thighs - and then I was so drenched ...
I do not have to wait long. I pressed my nose to the hairy pubis, and language conducted along the lips of her vagina. She immediately screamed. But this was only the beginning: I ran tongue in pussy and began to rotate them in different directions. Ira began to moan and pull my hair, begging me not to stop. I sucked her swollen pink pussy lips and licked them, then I began to caress her rather large clit. It made her hips move in the direction of my mouth. Suddenly she gripped my face between the thighs, pressed her head to her pussy and began to violently finish. Ira cried, and poured me into the mouth of their juices. Then she leaned back exhausted on the pillow and whispered:
- Baby, you're just super ... so well I was never ... My pussy for the first time felt the affection of the male tongue ... and I want more ..
- You are very passionate and tasty, Ira ...
- I Konechno..ved - your queen, - she said, sitting on my cock. - We have completely forgotten about your the friend! Do you have it?
- No, I'm a virgin.
- Ooh, another word. You are my.
Slowly she planted on my penis, and with a sigh, let a member of the full-length. It was a new feeling for me: the warmth enveloped her vagina a member. So we began to move it in a given pace. Slow, deep trunk included in her pussy.
She asked her chest bruise. We will accelerate the tremors, and I squeezed her nipples pinched and sisechki. Gradually, the movement has become faster, our moans were heard throughout the room. She jumped on my cock with all the strength, slapped his buttocks on my balls. She slid her fingers in my mouth. I broke down and began to finish, Ira also immediately huddled in orgasm.
We went on a wet sheet and began to lick.
- I see you are not exhausted, the giant? - She asked, patting my hand again standing member.
- With this sexy babes hard to get tired!
- Then the march with me to the kitchen. We will continue to charge.
In the kitchen, Ira got cream smeared their swaying breasts and sat on the table. She pulled my head to her, and I will gladly licked her sisechki throughout the area. She held me closer and closer, and I rubbed them on the face.
- Well, how do you like my melons? - She asked.
- They you have such juicy, elastic!
- I saw the way you want them every time you see me. Now, fuck my ass, sweet ... But first moisten her tongue.
Ira lay chest on the table, and I got the language right in her sweet hole. "Ltd, is now a member of the baby, but I can not stand!" - She sighed. I took her by the hips and forcefully entered member. To develop a strong and deep fuck Il, she gasped with each thrust. Her hole was small for me, but very moist. The table shook from the ever-increasing pressure of my penis. Ira suddenly released from my vagina and sat forward, I went into it and continued to fuck hard. Her screams were becoming stronger, she dug her nails into my back ... and finished! But not forgotten about me. Ira took my trunk in his mouth and began working language.
I finished almost immediately, there were a lot of sperm: Part Il swallowed, and some vt¸rla in their nipples ... We utterly exhausted, fell to the kitchen floor.
- I think you tomorrow after school, help me zaglyan¸sh neighborly? - Ira smiled when we said goodbye.
- Well, if only in a neighbor ...- I replied. We kissed goodbye, and I went to do my homework.