On that day, on the street, I remember it was very cold. I went snow, strong winds, and the duo was identical to the death! I was just this lousy day was going to institute home evening. It was at the bus stop, all chilled to the bone, as well as the bus was not, and, apparently, is not going to be!
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- Sorry, but the buses run today? - Someone I rubbed the back of his shoulder and said in a gentle voice.
- In my opinion, no. They seem to have decided to make today a day off. - I turned and saw a young girl with blue as the clear sky, the eyes. "Oh, my bastard! - I thought to myself, - Yes, it's brand new girl in our group! It is necessary to get acquainted!". We talked, but the bus and it was not. But suddenly, like a ghost he appeared from somewhere. We sat down at him, then Anne offered me: "Let's go to me? It's not far away, the more you to me because you can explain the physics?" -ež smile just captivated me, even though I was convinced naturalka.
- Well, the physics course can help! And where do you live?
- A stop and get off.
- A! Such zelžnenky house, huh?
- Yes, yes, it is!

We came to her home and she immediately made hot chažchku brought candy and we sat down to celebrate "Lala" in different ways. All of our conversation, I looked at her, undressing himself. She was sitting right in front of me, tucked under her legs dressed in jeans and a T-shirt, from which her nipples bulging.
- Well? Send to do physics?
- Yes, of course, I went - I said, having to undress her mentally to panties.
We went into the room, sat down on the bed and started doing physics. I sat explained, explained how later felt that she kept looking at me, but not in the textbook.
- Well? Understood? Or I really lousy explained? - I could no longer withstand the look of an angel myself.
- I think you're tired today, and not in the form of Brain Bashers today.
- Probably Yeah.

She moved closer to me, clearly showing what she wants. We started kissing like never in my life that none of us did. Touch the language was easy and relaxed. Anya moved close to me, hugging me. I passionately pressed her to him, trying as hard as you can cuddle up to it. Anya's hand had already penetrated under my jacket and started to unbutton her bra, then I took off my blouse and bra and. I pulled away from her lips, took off her shirt, then her bra. Then we stripped each other at all. We sat on the bed, hugging each other, kissing.

She kissed me passionately, and her hands massaging my back. Then Anne looked up from my lips and started kissing my neck, down below. I lay down and closed her eyes, feeling her tongue already sliding around my navel. When he reached my pussy, she looked up and spread my legs. She started licking my clit, occasionally a little bit biting him. I lay with closed eyes and massaged her breasts, slightly groaning with pleasure. Anya entered the language in my vagina and started moving them gradually accelerating pace. I moaned harder and louder in anticipation of the sweetest moment. Suddenly Anya stopped:
- Come on now you, and then together over?
- Good:

She lay on her back, I went down to her pussy and began to lick her clit. Her clitoris is simply "burned" under my tongue. I then licked the clitoris down and began to move them already in her vagina. She moaned as if vot's finish. I stopped seeing the fingertip on the table. I wore it on his finger and began to fuck Anna finger. I stopped again and we changed position. Anya lay sucking my clit, and I did. We moaning, our bodies were burning, heart beating wildly. We felt each other: our bodies are merged into one, we have cried our body shook in orgasm. After five minutes we were kissing, and then fell asleep in each other's arms.