Our child Father 2

Hello! I will continue our story, it took two years. We are leaving the child in this year, immediately after I wrote my story, I arrived in the city. We stopped at the husband of colleagues, to stay with their day. The men gathered at the sea for a few days. My husband and I went to the market that would buy things for my husband, because we did not know that he will go to the sea. Poputi on the market, we passed our former house and we could not help turned around. I was rushed a wave of excitement. I do not know how my husband, but I came here for the sake of his former neighbor, your child's father and for his big cock. In a short time before moymu eyes passed all proyzoshlo. My husband noticed it and told the taxi driver ostonovitsya at a nearby hotel. We took a room and fucked there. My husband was very excited and I am too. After the second stick, he asked if I wanted him, smiled slightly, and again we have merged in a kiss and fuck for the third time, it's for kakihto Poltar hours. After rapid fucking, we went to market and bought all that is required. In the evening, the men went to the sea. We stayed. Hozyaike I said that I would go to the familiar, such as it is found out that we arrived and offended that we did not have called her.
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I left the house, they lived in the private sector went to the father of her child. Rose on the floor heel, heart with very nearly vyprygialo of the chest, and pulled the bell rang. The door he otkrvl udevlenno door and looked at me. He was seen not expect to see me. I ran to him and we started tselovatsya passionately. All proyskhodilo almost like the first time, roofing felt, this time took the initiative in his hands myself. I knelt down and chat in the hallway started to suck his huge dick and desirable. He just stroked my head. Carried away by his member, I did not notice, and I nedumal that the apartment can be other people, but he told me nothing govoril.Po we really do not even cool, I immediately went to the otaku.
Imagine yourself I suck cock and swallow his corner of my eye I see that looking at us, and the other man. I wanted otstaranitsya with his cock, but he did not give, I continued to suck. He lifted me up and took the hand of a man passed by, put in kravat and began to caress. I wanted to ask about the man, but I was not up to it. We fucked like besha he had on me all the hole and fell into bed like a log. After resting a bit, I asked about the man, it is his friend came from out of town. I rassakzala about us, how we lived all this time without him as our Fucking, encouraged her husband, that I still wanted him on my initiative come here. Then we got up and went into the living room, met with his friend, made dinner. And again in bed. In bed, when we started to caress each other, he said, do not mind if I, if he would call his drugda us. I'm not what I dreamed of was against it. I agreed without breaking. Yet he had bought tickets and had to go to seven in the morning. My child's father fucked me from the top, and called his friend. He entered the room and stood in the cop did not know what to do. My favorite almost ordered him to undress and give my mouth. He gave a long wait and not Malenkov cock was in my face. It makes me much more excited and I twitched her hips faster and sucking dick of his friend.
So we fucked all night. Both of them were on top, despite their age. They oboem been for 50 years. But fucked me as a young. In the end, a neighbor found out that I gave birth and ponl that from him. A friend of his arrived late by train and stayed escha for one day. Etui day we spent in bed, pausing only at meals and on the toilet. I'm in this apartment spent three days in natrahovschis pleased and satisfied its Pohang, went home to her husband's friends. Closer to lunch our men arrived. My once saw where I went, he knew that I do not have any friends in the city. When at last we were alone, I told him everything that chromosomal proyzashlo. As a neighbor hsien in place with svoym friend fucked me in all holes, I liked the second. And we fucked again before dawn. The next three days we walked, went to visit a friend. On the last day, the husband he wanted to go to a neighbor and fuck me Sneem and see how I'm going to have to suck it. Sorry that they did not see how I fucked dvoem, I wanted to be the third. And we went to a friend of his was not a day they fucked me, fucked vosnovnom husband, a neighbor was a bit passivae, well, not legkozhe he was fucking a young healthy female three days in a row, although dvoem. Natrahalsya evening, we are back to where we left off, the next day went to his own town. Prieham home we fucked for a few days with a new force. Here today only came to their senses, the husband came to share, I'm sitting at the computer and write this story. While not tested, can I again zabereminala soon buy wall then know, but now do not know who the father of my child.
The husband asks God that I was pregnant. I understand it and I also dream about it. He promised, if I'm not pregnant, then I'll go one week to him with a video camera. He wants to see the moment of conception of the child.