Once in Armenia

I found a hole in a fence, and it proshmygnuv stealthily walked towards the village. Our military unit stationed in Armenia to protect Russian facilities was not far from Yerevan. The nearby village I separated the highway strip. Although it was dark, and I had to see the light from the headlights of the approaching car, after all, the appearance of right in front of me a Mercedes with dark glasses, seemed mysterious. Glass dropped and I saw behind the wheel of thirty Armenian.
- What are you doing here, soldier?
- Yes, so I went for a walk.
- And yet?
- We decided to have a drink with the guys Chachi, that I had the place to go.
- Sit down'll drive. I have a house in the village.
I plopped down on the seat, and aroma cabin engulfed me. We got to talking, and the driver offered to buy him chacha. Rolled up to the three-storey house with a high fence, Armen was the name of a man, he found a remote control gate and opened it. After parking the car, we went into the house. It was quite large, and it was felt the wealth of the owner.
Pointing me to go into the living room, Armen he went to the kitchen and soon returned, holding a few bottles and plates with a snack and a fruit bowl.
- What are we going to try? Cognac and wine? Or is it chacha? - Slyly smiling and throwing on the table a pack of cigarettes, he said. - Or maybe you want a cigar? And it is.
I, hungry to excesses soldier dizzy. Armen opened the brandy and filled the glasses. We drank to good fortune, and a snack of smoked meat. The conversation went about the service, and I began to suspect that I was offered that any part of the stand. Such proposals often came from the village. But I did not want to steal and not to use these proposals. In addition, the man continued to pour and fun to talk a bit mangling words and speaking with an accent, change themes.
I was quite relaxed, drunk, fun and whinnying of every joke. Finally Armen spoke about the love. He asked me if I had a girlfriend? I said that when he left the army, I accompanied one, but judging by the number of letters received obviously I had a girl there.
- And she has a narrow hole?
- Yes, I so much and did not understand, narrow or not. I had only a couple of times, and I is not had time to pay attention.
- Want pozov¸m slut with a narrow hole? For example, I like the narrow hole.
- Yes, probably not - for some reason I got scared and thought about the children remaining in the part.
- Well, then let's drink more, but let's try the wine - Armen poured into glasses of dry white wine.
After I drank it and felt a strong start to feel dizzy, I sat on the couch and passed out for a while. Waking up, I felt like sitting down next to Armen began to knead my cock through the trousers. My drunken brain, disable shame, did not care who caresses me a man or a woman and I relaxed, smiled Armenia. He saw the approval of my hand, pulled off my pants and underpants. When a member has resurfaced, he began swaying, surging. The man liked the size of my bolts, and he, holding his hand and began gently stroking it. He spat on the head and began stroking his hand. I enjoyed the way he does it gently. Armen slightly bent down, and, licking, started completed the head a couple of times the language. I have not the women having had abruptly ended, long cum splashing into the air.
- Well, you're sharp. Where a hurry? Maybe now you try? - With these words, he unzipped his fly and pulled the pants and underpants.
When Armen straightened up, I almost screamed in surprise. Before my eyes was hanging member of the sheer size. It was not yet risen phallus, 25 centimeters long and terribly thick. I'm looking spellbound at this hairy monster sat between Armenian legs and began to approach the person to him. I do not ever have sex with men, considering it unworthy, but seeing this giant, I would like to caress and lick it. I took hold of it with his hand and began to peel off his shift. He was more gentle and docile, but when I started to crumple, felt the veins on it began to throb blood filling the member why he began to harden and pushes up. When he finally stood, looking straight up at the ceiling, I wanted to lick his tongue, which I began to do, licking the barrel of this fine establishment.
I licked every millimeter, I passionately licking and biting eggs, delving into his hairline, which climbed into my eyes, but I still liked me. When it was licked, I grabbed a member of both hands at once, good length allowed, and sending the head in his mouth and began to greedily suck it so that my cheeks were formed dimples. Armen was visibly pleased with what was read on his face. At first, he stroked my hair, and then took over his ears, began to stick to your penis. A huge head rested in his throat. The man pushed harder on my crown and I felt my throat, expanding, taking it to absorb long guns. My breath sp¸rlos, but I was pleased, and I continued to please Armen.
- Teper I want to fuck you in the ass.
He pulled out of my mouth monster, and while I was "cancer" and relied on the sofa, stood behind. I felt my hole dripped saliva. Then Armen lightly massaged my ass and put a finger to her end. I was trembling with fright, and he began to press. His head still grew and grew, and I'm still relaxed. Finally, I felt a lot of pain, he realized that his head has already entered into me. He mumbled stopped himself:
- How narrow and cool!
Gradually, the pain leaving and coming buzz, fascinated me, and began to drive member Armen me deeply. I felt as gently pushes the walls of the rectum of his end, and he tried to take it with a kind caress. Who would have thought that a member of the pope feel so cool. I began to wag his booty and felt my thighs touched his balls. To drive the entire length of a club, the man slapped me a couple of times on the buttocks, bringing pleasure burning pain.
When Armenia began to move back, I realized what an unearthly pleasure can give each other a man. I howled with joy and asked him to continue, he asked not to stop. I hand he jerked off his dick, which was standing and was firm as steel. I've never felt it so. It seemed to me that it has increased in size and was ready to burst. And Armenia has made the pope a few jolts, shouted loudly and began to fill my insides warm sperm. This is even more excited me, but alcohol did not let me finish, although I masturbate furiously.
Satisfied Armen sat on the sofa, legs wide apart, picked up his feet and began to masturbate his limp dick.
Come on. Go ahead - it is second hand parted her hole and put your finger in there.
I absolutely ochumevshy approached his priest, and began to lick the hole language. I inserted a finger in it, then a second and violently fucked him while he jerked himself getting up member. Straightening up, I easily put Armenia in the ass her boyfriend, and, unable to even move a couple, feeling his muscles are reduced rectal finished by wild excitement. Taking a member of razdrochennoy assholes Armen, I began to lick the sperm flow from there. Orgasm ... Nakata on an Armenian, and he began to cum, semen filling his chest and face. He smeared semen on the face and licked her tongue.
Exhausted, we quickly fell asleep.
The next night in a hole in the fence portion, I was waiting Mercedes. Sitting in the car and greeted with Armen, I noticed that the back seat sat my aunt.
- She has two narrow holes - wink, he told me a man.
- Do we need it?
I do not wonder is asked, by the fact that the events in the future really evolved so that my aunt was involved only looking at us and masturbating in our copulation, or sucking dick to whose ass fucked right now. We did not even allow her to swallow his sperm, taking only each other's face. Sometimes a woman was allowed to fuck our priests hand turning palm straw and thrust it almost the entire length to the elbow after the pope has been a member of the other. Sometimes I let her deep thrust himself into the hole and tongue licking the inside of the priests. But her caresses and kisses were nothing compared with the pleasure I derived from Armen. Service was no longer so boring.
Author: Glory Pushkin E-mail: [email protected]