Paper thought or how to return the passion ...

I was sitting at home in the living room with a cup of coffee and a glass of strong liquor. And thinking. I meditate about my sexual relationship with my loved one. And to think it was what ... I love sex ... and my partner, respectively, too. Sex for us - a great opportunity to know each other, enjoy the sensual relationships and through this union to try to better understand each other and become closer! But, there is one "but"! Daily stay side by side has left its mark on this side of our partnership and, of course, impoverished sex and sensual pleasure. And so, it was the coldness in the relationship, sex is left of passion and fire ...
Thoughts, ideas, thoughts ... Coffee pleasantly bitter taste in the mouth, gently warmed liqueur, somewhere near the heart. From hard alcohol pleasantly warmed between her legs. From coffee head was clear and the thoughts in his head became more confident and insistent: "How again surprise and entice my lover, my incredible partner !? How to make it so that only one touch each other causing tremors and weakness in the legs and kisses and "secret", "dirty" buzzwords completely turned us into two voracious incredible creatures, sparkling with lust and want to delight each other? " . After all, much has already been said, tested and accepted. A few glasses of liqueur made thoughts relaxed and bolder mind flashed all the "scenario" of our previous sexual experimentation: a variety of costumes, BDSM practice, fisting, sex toys and sex in the shower ... What? What else you can think of and try!?. But it is all practical and physical manifestations of attraction for each other, and how to do so that my partner, my favorite man revealed to me the most hidden corners of your sexuality and desires? How to tell him about my custom, not tasted fantasies?
I refilled his glass. From erotic pictures and memories hand she reached for the panties. Oh, it's so nice to fondle himself, representing the most intimate fantasies, about which not even know the partner! My movements became more insistent, fantasy earned in full force and orgasm ... after a wonderful decision it was.
To remedy the situation, and the desire to return, I offered to write his partner on paper what he wants from me and from our intimate relationships, and in turn, offered to write their fantasies.
And that's what came out of it ...
My message to partner:

Knowing that I love and obey him completely dependent on his desires, and sometimes simply dissolve and abstract from the "I" in this letter, I invited him to play with me. The game is going to be interesting ... I asked him to play "ladybug". And described the unusual rules of the game.

Girl stand on the knees and elbows. By nipples suspended pump, which continuously retracted nipples. Labia and clitoris girl much pomp and pumped his hand and irritated shl¸palkoy. Thus, the girls genitals are large and engorged, thus reminding genitals cows. Also, the girl made enema milk and a special plug with tail imitation closes the anus, thereby providing a full belly, resembling a fat belly and sides of the cows. And creating a pleasant pressure to achieve a more powerful orgasm girl.
On the girl's head latex mask worn cow's neck imitation cow bell.
The game consists in the fact that the man possessed girl stroking full belly and hips, nipping and "milks" the girl's chest. An important attribute of the game are the sounds of "Muuu!", Which must publish a girl having her orders men. If "ladybug" play a few men, the louder and richer sounds of "ladybug", the more interesting the game, and the more authoritative player, man!
At the time of the man "Ladybug" orgasm is obliged to publish under his orders the loudest sounds and prolonged "Muuuu"!
After orgasm, men or women, the cow is brought to orgasm. It is advisable at the moment, "Ladybirds" orgasm anal plug pull out and enjoy the view of the erupting milk and orgazmiruet "Ladybugs".
After the "cow to" orgasm removes the mask, given to lick the penis and praise.
Game over!
To be continued, as well as a new message with the new "games"!
Now all the messages from my man!