Went I somehow to Nastya. Went on business, or give, or take the abstract, I do not remember. She met me at the door, she offered to go inside and have a beer. I never gave up the slack, and happily agreed. I must say that Nastia apparently liked me a little bit, with its lush elastic breast, round ass, and with a thin waist. Nature play a bit on it, making put forward by the jaw forward, which slightly spoils it. It was not too noticeable in campaigns, a little shy and diligent in their studies. As they say, "I would have fucked her," but did not make much effort. Who could know what a passionate and sophisticated it was.
But all in order. I went into the living room and plopped down on a chair. Their apartment was well furnished, as Papa Nasti took a pretty good position at a bank. We feel the style and wealth. And indeed Anastasia dressed tastefully, but not sexy like the guys like. But this time she was wearing a very short skirt and a light beacon. I looked at her with interest slender legs, and that it seems to have noticed.
When he returned from the kitchen with two bottles of beer and glasses, Nastya filled their contents, and handed me, sat on the couch. We, drinking beer, began to discuss our institute proceedings. Alcohol almost gave in the head, and the conversation flowed quite lively and fun. I suddenly began to smile like Nastia.
When the first bottle was over, Nastia went to the kitchen and came back and sat on the arm of his chair, explaining that we were far away, and I had to speak loudly. Finally, her bare thighs were so close. While she was pouring the beer, I clung to their eyes. Suddenly my hand involuntarily reached out and laid her on the leg. Nastya did not threw it, but only smiled. A hand, meanwhile, began to move the thigh girl, caressing her soft and velvet skin. I felt her body ran goose.
- Can I sit on your lap? On the arm is not convenient - and it is not waiting for an answer, I sat down on his feet.
Meanwhile, I have one hand caressed her knee, and the other pulling her waist, he hugged her. Nastya did not resist. She wrapped her thin arms around my neck, and our lips closed. At first I felt it was what most delicate mokrenkie sponge. They were sweet and soft at the same time. We kissed tenderly, gently sucking. But in me is already beginning to play a passion, and I strongly pressed to a girl, and at the same time caressing her leg, has already entered the language in her deep mouth and examined its interior. Nastia was malleable, and I felt like herself. She sucked my tongue, she stroked it with the tip of his tongue, it is slightly biting it with his teeth. Her breasts pressed against me and betrayed a desire, by the fact that I felt her nipples tightened. I began to fondle them through the shirt, stroking gently. Having played with the nipples, I began to squeeze her breasts. It is pleasure released my mouth, threw back her head and closed his eyes, moaning slightly. Now my kisses have covered her soft neck. I easily kissed her, licked the ear, then began to fall and kiss the top of his chest. My cock is already stood up and strongly resisted in the thigh girl, she could not help but feel.
Leaning toward me, Nastia whispered in my ear that he had long wanted to please me.
- I'll dance for you - with these words she stood with me, giving freedom to my compressed member, and include slow music started back to me to make erotic movement.
She did not see, but probably felt, as I eagerly explored through the eyes of her chiseled figure. Her movements became more frank and erotic. Fingers she took the bottom edge of t-shirts, and, turning to me, began to raise gradually. When Nastia completely pulled off his shirt, my eyes had the views of the mesmerizing her breasts, which, swaying, forced the blood to fill the new member of the jet, which seemed to already about to tear the pants.
Nastya went on the strip, the sound of music, stroking his body and legs. She took her breasts in his hands approaching the nipple to tilt her face and licking nipples. Erotic moving, she again turned her back to me, she began to pull her skirt, bent and straightening the legs. The skirt is gently lowered on hips, freeing up the ass, and now I see a little triangle of her thin little white panties. Sinking lower skirt opened my view on Nastya's crotch panties veiled, but awesome looking between the buttocks and legs. I was trembling and shaking from the stress, I baldel and enjoyed both. Nastya, throwing off her skirt and throwing her leg, looked at me between the spaced legs. Her gentle smile struck me. My hand went to the penis and began stroking him through his pants.
- You're that cute? - She straightened up and walked toward me.
I saw that the front of her panties were lacy and even more sexy. Approaching me, Nastia quickly unbuttoned and pulled off my pants and underpants.
- This I want to do. Take off your shirt - she took my hand from the base to break out and hanging member.
It was red from the tension and tightness that which he had to endure.
- Poor. You probably did it hurt? Now I caress you, - these words were no longer to me.
She said this, looking at the head of the penis.
Girls licked a couple of times a member of the end. She moved his hand gently on my skin member, a second hand caressed my testicles. Then she swallowed the head with his lips and began to suck it. Feelings were funky and my breath stopped. Istuplłno I looked at what is happening between my legs. And in the meantime Nastia really tried with might and main. She carefully licked the trunk and eggs, she gently biting and kissing the entire surface of the member. I both wanted and feared to come.
- Stand up, - she said, and I dutifully obeyed.
Now looking from below my eyes, she swallowed a mouth member of the full length, and strongly sucked it. Her nose rested against my hairy crotch, my head has penetrated deep into her throat, and could see the dimples in his cheeks from the strong sucking. Our views were inseparable, and we looked at each other with undisguised lust. I stroked her hands the girl's head, I caressed her ears, back, neck, cheeks. Press down on the head, I gave birth to a new Nasty action, and she began to move her mouth on the penis. Her lips tightly wrapped around my boyfriend, moving back and forth, I helped her, holding her ears. The tips of nails she walked through the skin of the testicles, gently tickling me. Continue so long could I have already lost control of himself, plunged into an orgasm while spewing semen in the girl's mouth. I was afraid to lower right in the mouth, and stuck his dick out of her mouth. Several spray hit her face. Nastya, abruptly grabbed my buttocks and pressed his cock and swallowed again greedily sucked all the sperm splashes me. ABOUT! What a cool buzz - cum in the mouth and feel as at the same time sucking cock. I twitched and screamed with delight.
When he finished, I stood and watched as Nastia continued to suck dick sagging. She took hold of the penis, and, thrusting his fingers of the second hand, I gathered from the face of a drop of sperm, and sent them in her mouth, sucking her finger.
- What is it you tasty!
Nastya, again taking in her mouth limp dick, start sucking on it, sucking the remnants of a thick liquid.
- ...Careful Nastya. And vysosesh superfluous.
- And what do you have too much? - Her cheerful smile made her smile in response.
- Well, actually, I very much wanted to write, after beer, - I answered embarrassed.
- And, you pee on me - she said suddenly, and his mouth wide open and tongue hanging out sitting on his knees, took his hands over his chest, caressing them.
I suddenly wanted to accomplish what previously seemed to me unacceptable and I am holding a soft member, and sending it to the person Nastya, she began to write. The first drops were not in the mouth and on the face, but she did not even stir, and when a thin stream of golden liquid, not touching anything, just flew straight into her throat, closed her eyes with pleasure. Once in the mouth, urine penetrated further and gurgled merrily, byas of the throat wall. I watched in fascination at this picture and baldel from coming into my head for new sensations.
The jet gradually thickens and Nastia did not have time to swallow it. The cavity of her mouth, too, are gradually filled with urine. Though her mouth was large, but still, it quickly filled, and now the yellow-golden liquid flowed from the corners of his mouth on his chest and the girl's feet. She rubbed its body while rubbing. Meanwhile, I have already finished and trickle, relax, hit the protruding tongue, and spray began to scatter in all directions, while remaining as small droplets on the eyelashes and the hair of the girl. I almost did not get an orgasm to stop writing, and her daughter clasped his lips, spit on my chest and stomach fluid gathered in the mouth.
I was stunned by the courage and recklessness of this girl, and sitting down on his knees and began to kiss her wet lips. It substitutes my face and neck. Reaching into my hair, she pressed on his head, made my lips pressed against her nipples cured. I began to lick their language, I, clasping their lips, sucking the hard berries. My hand was on her tummy, and began caressing his sink.
- Do not rush. I told you not all did - with these words she raised me and told me to be on the "cancer" chair.
Not knowing why it is necessary, I climbed up on a chair, and with his hands in his chair, put his ass high back, kneeling on the armrests. My eggs and hung member. Nastya meanwhile sitting behind began to lick them. She did this not for long, as they were not its purpose. This, I felt, and felt the tip of her tongue, looking up from the eggs began to climb higher. She hands gently parted my buttocks, and now I felt a hole in my priests, gently touches her tongue. It was a powerful experience. Warm it gently stroking the skin around the hole, presenting her warmth. Heat also felt the breath of her nose. rough language makes you feel every movement. There, I never experienced the sweet sensation. I looked at the girl's actions over the back, turning his head strongly.
Nastya, meanwhile, moved away, and a few seconds looking at my ass. Then he attaches it to the anus with his lips and began to suck him, as if kissing. I felt like in the hole trying to penetrate the tongue, and tried to relax the ass. But no matter what, to get him into the interior could not be me. Then Nastya put nose to the hole, and push, shallow entered them into me. It is free hand rolled my balls and a member of the wanker. Just moving the pope in my nose, she pulled away and put me in a hole the index finger. What great feeling flooded me, and I can not tell you. She gently and persistently fucked me in the ass with your finger while masturbate my risen member. Feeling that the ring priests softened, she added to the index finger middle, and have fun with two fingers caressed the inside of my priests. Nastya, pulling fingers and stopping to masturbate member, stood up. I slowly came to himself from the caresses that she gave me.
The girl went to the cupboard and took out a dildo medium-sized shelves, came back to me. Without hesitation, she drove it into my hole and began diligently to move them, hearing me moan with pleasure. She's increased tempo and amplitude, but I still wanted and wanted it to continue.
I touched his penis, and I realized that this firm I had never felt. I jumped up from his chair and put Nastya in the position in which was until now. Sitting down and pulling her panties, I saw before my eyes its tender buds of love, exuding a pleasant aroma and expiring nectar tłkshim on hips. I licked the back side of her legs, I walked tongue over the inside of the knee. Looking up, I licked flowing on the outside of the discharge, rising higher and higher. When my nose Nasty reached sexual sponges, and parted them, stroked their internal side, the girl, biting her lip and moaned. She began gently wagging her ass. Meanwhile, I have to lick her pussy and inserting it deep into his long tongue, he tried to fuck her. My hands caressed her hips and ass. And my lips, meanwhile, found the clitoris Nasty cured and gently suck it fragile and eager process. Nose meanwhile plunged so deeply into the vagina of a girl that I felt it as her muscles moving, cutting and grasping that penetrated into it. Carefully licked pussy Nasty, I went to her ass, remembering how nice caress she gave me to lick her. I tried to caress her ass with no less zeal and diligence. Girls wagged her ass, getting me unearthly excitement, she helped me, masturbating, she fingered the clitoris itself.
Realizing that the time to act, I stood up and proudly sending their rampant member in the bosom of the girl drove it to its full length, so that the eggs failed to hurt her hips. Then I felt that I was not comfortable remembered that in my ass sticks out phallus, and pulled him and threw a chair. Nastya took it and stuffed it into his mouth, as if sucking the second term. I, meanwhile, grabbed her hands on her ass and began to fuck deeply will drive his weapon. I parted the head tightly compressed wall of the vagina, and, feeling the waves of pleasure walking through the body Nasty, increased the tempo. She snorted from the buzz, as her mouth was busy phallus. She held on to the back of the chair with one hand, and the other rubbing the clitoris itself. She turned her head back and looked into my eyes full of lust. I slapped her hand on the buttocks. It was a reddish trail. Nastya, sticking his mouth phallus, sent me a kiss, and I realized that she likes it. I began, still fuck, spank on her ass and thighs, and she screamed, so I did it again and again. It almost was all red from the blows, and I wanted to fuck her in the ass.
Pulling out of her cock, I moved his head on the hole of her ass, lubricating secretions. I put his head to the hole, and strongly and sharply pressed, entered her tight ass. I press down and move forward, overcoming a wild pain. Anastasia screamed hysterically, she, too, was hurt. Plunged his club to its full length, I stopped. Bending down, I began to kiss her back and shoulders. Clasping her hands, she was someone else I got to her breasts and began to fondle them. Their elasticity and large sizes pleased me. Nastia turned her head, and we began to kiss. Our tongues began to touch each other, intertwined in a mad dance.
Gradually, the pain goes away. She went and Nastia, I realized in her eyes decompress. She was breathing with desire. I began to slowly move the member in her ass. Initially, these movements brought me and it an easy pain. But we are gradually getting used to each other, and I gradually increased the amplitude and speed of movement, bringing joy to both of us. Nastya in a bun hair ... and holding them, I pulled her head back, and strongly pulling, play themselves. I slapped her a couple of slap. And it is only with approval requested:
- More more. Fuck me darling, fuck! Do not stop.
She put a dildo their pussy and began to fuck myself to them. But I wanted to fuck, and now catching it from her, I began to fuck her two holes. And she again began to rub the clitoris itself. I felt like the girl rubs inside of my penis dildo, and her daughter howling with delight. I took a second phallus, and at that moment his hand Nasty penetrated her vagina completely drowning in it. I felt this hand hugged the trunk of my cock inside the girl and began to masturbate him. It was too much, and I inadvertently inserting myself in the ass dildo and began to finish in the girl filling it with warm sperm. Our cries filled the room. Yes, probably the whole house heard us was good. We ended up at the same time, and we were absolutely indifferent to the rest of the world. Nastia squirmed and shook in convulsions. Her insides clenched strongly, stretching my orgasm. It lasted about a minute. For a long time, and rapidly I never ends.
Even when he had finished, I still remained agitated, and pulled out a squelch of Nasty ass dick, I saw how much was open her ass hole. From it flowed my sperm. Nothing is wondering, I have attached to this opening his mouth and began to suck hungrily arising therefrom viscous and salty sperm. My tongue penetrated deep inside, and began to lick her inner walls of the colon. From the way dramatically shrunk ring anus, and shiver ran through the body of Nastia, I realized that she repeated the word orgasm.
Again, it had to be removed from the priests difficult language. He was strongly compressed her hole and strongly stretched, when I tried to move his head back. Curled spring he jumped into my mouth, and her daughter looked at me apologetically between spaced legs.
- Now it's your turn - I said, and she knew what to do.
Heavenly purity and transparency of the urine of a young girl, splashed my face, showering him with warmth and moisture. The golden color glittered in the sunlight entering the room through the curtains. The smell, fell into my nostril spray mingled with the smell of its discharge and my sperm, it clouded my brain. I bathed in such a trickle, like soaping yourself. When you have finished writing, she turned to me and hugged, kissed. And I was finally exhausted, flopped down on the floor. Waking up, I felt like Nastya, lying on me kissing my chest, neck and cheeks. I turned to her and we kissed.
- Do you still have power? - She asked.
- If left, then just a little bit.
- Well, I'll take them, lyubimenky.
Rising, she began kissing my whole body. Do not leave it on site Never Been Kissed, Nastya has focused his attention on the penis, carefully masturbate and sucking it. I took her ass, sat pisey to your mouth and began to lick her crotch. Thus, in position 69, and we approach each other to orgasm. I sucked the clitoris and introduced her finger in the ass and then a dildo. My hands caressed her buttocks and thighs. Nastya legs bent at the knees, and I saw the side of his face her feet. Pododvinuv one of them to myself, I began to kiss her fingers. Reaching the thumb, I, absorbing his lips and began to suck it. Nastia liked it so much that she began to move furiously on my cock lips. She sucked very badly, and I quickly excited, finished her straight in the mouth. At this time the sperm was not much, and Nastya did not absorb it, and squeezing out of his mouth, he spits on the head of a member, on his hand, jerking off cock on my balls. Then she began to lick sperm. She did it so well that soon have all shone with cleanliness.
Immersed in a dream, I do not understand how Nastia shifted me on the sofa. I woke up a few hours later. From the kitchen came the smell of a delicious dinner.
- Nastia! - I shouted.
- Have you already woken up. Now we will have lunch. You need to gain strength, - heard from the kitchen.
I heard the clatter of heels. And now he came into the room Nastya. She was very sexy panties, white fishnet stockings with lace rezinochkami. On her feet were sandals dlinyuschih heels. From under the short and buttoned, light shirt, you could see her beautiful breasts. Hands girls and neck were covered with gold ornaments. A thin gold chain with a heart hanging on her leg. On one of the toes I also found a gold ring. Nastia was very nice and brightly dyed.
- Indeed it is necessary to eat - standing up and taking a towel from the hands of a girl, I said.
- Marsh in a bath.
Author: Glory Pushkin E-mail: [email protected]