Favorite mom

Marina was fast asleep when his son quietly opened the door of her room. He was very excited and know that not fall asleep that night. Thank stood a few minutes in the dark - not daring to come closer to the 14 years posteli.V Glory first felt sexual desire for his mother. Now he was 18, and all the time his feelings for her grew stronger. Marina was a very beautiful woman - tall, slender, with a stunning figure. Such beauty and femininity Glory noticed among his contemporaries, believed their little ones, and could not understand why he can not choose a beautiful, sexy woman - be it his mother or not. It is not as not reconciled with fate - is it all his life he will live with his mother, but did not taste the taste of it - only its content, the eagerly snom.U masturbating in front of them were very warm and friendly relations, as often happens when the child grows without a father. They have almost no secrets and constraint between them. Glory always shared his feelings with her mother, and sometimes talking to her, not as a mother, but as a friend. It is these relationships sverhdruzheskie largely caused complex of Fame. Every day, all the glory was more difficult to restrain themselves - blood boiling in his veins, every time he looked at her, her eyes, lips, volosy.V that evening Glory sat in front of TV, when entered the room his mother. She was wearing only a thin, transparent hand trusy.Prikryv bare chest, she lay down on the bed, ignoring her son. Before bed Marina sometimes went in a half-naked form, naively unaware of greedy son views. Glory, barely restraining the chair quietly watched her. What she's beautiful, he thought. He wanted to release their feelings, hug her naked body, and istselovat lips to toe. He continued to caress her thighs look and chest, and soon could not stand quietly got up and walked to the door. He stood behind her so that she did not see him, but he perfectly saw her long, bare legs. He quietly reached into his pants and began to masturbate his rabid member. Suddenly the telephone rang, and Marina turned. Thank aback, quickly pulled his hand out of his pants and ran out of the room ... She was lying in front of him - such a beautiful and defenseless. She was fast asleep, turned on its side - back to him. She was The thin towel that gently clung to her beautiful figure, emphasizing the exquisite hips and waist. Thank trembling all over, not because it was cold, but because he was going to do it - that the long-planned long ago. The flow of thoughts tore his head, he did not know what it can end. He became ill just at the thought that his mother woke up, and saw him - naked, standing over her bed. But young body hormones, overshadowed by the mind. He went to her - and whispered her name. Marina did not respond. Then the prodigal son gently touched her arm, pulled her gently, but then she did not wake up. Convinced that she is fast asleep, Glory gently pulled off his pants and freed his erection free. For a moment, he felt disgusted with himself - he looked like a pervert - standing completely naked on his sleeping mother and going to do the unforgivable and irreversible. But he did not stop. Barely suppressing his noisy breathing, Glory trembling hand touched her again. He slowly moved his hand lower and lower, until his hand has not reached her hips. He slowly pulled off her towel and then stopped - now at last he could see his princess, and now he can not hurt anyone. In the moonlight night Glory could see her lush, white ass - which were the same thin white pants. He continued to pull the towel, quickly exposing her back and chest. He had never experienced such feelings - wicked and incredibly sweet at the same time. The boy's heart was beating so fast that it seemed to soon jump out of his chest. For several minutes he stood over her naked body, and he could not enjoy this naked beauty. He could look at her perfect body forever, but he did not have and extra minute. Palm wrapped around his hard cock, Glory began to massage it slowly, not taking his eyes from his mother. Sitting on the edge of the bed, with the other hand he gently touched the ass Marina, and shivered with pleasure, it was so warm and soft, he wanted to kiss her. Glory continued to masturbate while caressing the mother buttocks. Then he patted her thin waist and delicate back. Marina just moved, when Glory touched her breast. But he was cautious. Gently stroking both breasts, he could hardly restrain an orgasm, wanting to continue this divine pleasure. Her breasts were so soft and elastic, so he wanted to suck them. But he was very much afraid to wake her. Gently leaning over her ass, he slowly brought his lips to it. Thank felt a gentle mother's flavor and much of his breath, kissed her warm skin. Lips themselves greedily swallowed her tender body, he covered with kisses all the ass mother, and then her legs. Thank worked so gently that Marina only occasionally winced when his wet lips touched her naked body. But he was not satisfied, as the voracious beast he wanted more of her. Thank slowly slipped his hand under the panties mother. He gently pulled them up to the knee, and when her ass was completely naked, he lay down beside her, picked up his penis and gently touched it to her. A shiver ran through the body of a boy, when his head is wet virgin member touched warm skin mother. He was wildly excited, his only thoughts were of her. Without thinking, Thank carefully and slowly stuck his male organ between her thighs - right under vlagalische.Marina jerked when a huge hard object touching her intimate place, but she was asleep. Thank felt more and more unique experiences, he could hardly restrain an orgasm - his penis was lying snugly between the mother's legs, there it was very warm and soft. The boy hugged his mother and grabbed her breast, he could now his whole body to feel it. When both naked body gently merged, he slowly began to move back and forth. Every member of the movement penetrated deeper between her thighs. He strongly pressed against her body, breathing in her sweet scent and stronger squeezing her breasts. He kissed her neck, noisy breathing and whispering in her ear - "I love you, Mom". Thank tiskatat continued his penis between the mother's legs, and felt that she was getting it wet. Marina began to moan softly, but his son did not care whether or not she woke up, he twitched in ecstasy - are increasingly pushing it. In the dark more often I heard the creaking of the bed and a timid young man moan. He voraciously "fucked" his mother, with every movement of her wanting more. Finally he gave up - the strongest orgasm ohlynul boy's body, sperm jet burst out directly between the mother's legs. Derge pleasure he bit her on the neck and strongly gripped in her hand grud.Marina moaned in pain, and almost did not wake up. Just a couple of minutes lying motionless Glory - strongly pressed against the mother's naked body. Then he slowly and reluctantly pulled out a member of the wet town and got out of bed. Pulling on her and on his pants, he kissed her on the shoulder and quietly left the komnaty.Utrom Marina woke up with a strange sensation in her chest and neck ached, but it was wet in the pants. She looked at the puzzled strange stains on the sheets and pubic. Sleepy she went to the bathroom, but even after a warm shower, a strange sensation continued to possess it. For a moment she thought she was sick, and she began to explore her reddened crotch. Only when Marina looked into the mirror, she noticed bite marks on his neck. Suddenly a horrible thought was stuck in her head, she turned pale and shaken. Quickly she went into her room she bent over the bed and sniffed something strange on the face of the spot. Marina ... I could not be confused with the smell of sperm than the other. The fear on her face gave way to frantic pain. Her child raped her. Reeling, she quietly came to the son of the room and went inside. Glory had just woken up from a sweet dream. Seeing a mother standing in the doorway of his room in Vannes robe, he was a little surprised. But looking at her, he realized all in the eyes. He will never forget the expression on her face. Pain and despair reflected in her wet eyes. "How could you" - Barely uttered it - " what have you done" - Bitter and humiliated voice, she whispered quietly left the room. Cold sweat covered pale face of Fame. Nothing was wondering a few seconds he did not move, but the waking from a passing stupor, he stood up from the bed. The poor mother, he did it hurt so much, he broke her heart, the heart is so tenderly warmed him as let.Slava pounding himself in the head, not understanding how takogo.No dropped to realizing that nothing has changed pangs, he decided once comfort her, somehow "return" her. Not dressed in shorts, he entered her room. Marina was lying face shrouded in the pillow and sobbed quietly. Drops of blood dripped from the son of the heart, it was not forgiveness. What he could do - anything, just ... just admit their deeply buried feelings. "Forgive me Mom" - He whispered softly - "I'm sorry, I did not want to hurt you, I just love you madly ...". Barely finish, Glory noticed how drops of tears rolled down his cheek. Suddenly he felt so relieved. He was very attached to his mother, but he never confessed his love for her. Marina was silent for a moment, but could not stand to cry even louder. Now her soul tormented by two opposite feelings - hate and love for her child. "I could not hold back my feelings, I know that he had acted very low ... - Thank continued, desperate voice - but please, get me". There was a long pause, Glory could no longer continue, choking on his own feelings, he just kept silent and wiped his tears. With each new word Glory I feel free and relaxed. He suddenly noticed that he was again drawn to it, he wants to cuddle up to her like never in my life. "Mom, because I know that since I left Dad, you've got no one there. But you're so young and beautiful - you, too, would like to male affection - continued Glory with a desperate voice - why you should not be happy, why we both can not be happy, why would anyone else's must caress you, not I - your loving son ... - here Glory could not resist, and moaning loudly, strongly pressed to her shoulder. Marina calmed down and gingerly turned and looked at him. She first looked at him, not as a child but as a man - a man handsome and strong. His eyes were full of love and innocence. All thoughts mingled in her mind, she no longer wanted to think about anything. Trying to escape from the harsh reality of Marina closed her wet eyes, leaned back and with all the love tenderly whispered "Caress me, my boy" - Permanently yielding to the temptation of perverse chuvstv.Slava was broken, but he wanted to do it in any way priyatno.Syn squatting crouched over her mother and opened her robe. Naked nipples of her breasts looked at him, asking him to touch them. He raised a hand to her chest and gently took her. Marina felt the first touch of his whole body shuddered, but did not open her eyes. Glory took the other breast and began to gently massage the two pinching nipples between his fingers. Breast her mother were quite bushy and does not fit into his big man's hands. He had already touched them, but this time it was different, it was the present, and now he was not afraid. Glory did not think about himself, now he just wanted to please his mother. Conveniently sitting on it, he bent down and lifted his lips to her nipple at a red elastic. Marina started again, and moaned as he felt the warm touch of lips to his son erogenous point. He took the nipple into his mouth and began to suck him, then opened his mouth even wider cupped lips chest. His aroused only the thought that he sucked the breasts when I was a baby, he thought that suck the mother's breast so innocent and natural. I thank tried to take in his mouth as much as possible the beautiful flesh. He continued to suck the mother's breast, first one then the other, while pinching their hands and caressing his tongue excited nipples. Marina felt like paradise in the wild, and without opening his eyes, trembling from time to time from mad caresses her son. She liked to feel young and desirable, she liked to be aware that his son is crazy about her body. Stay-feeding mother, Glory stopped, even more enthusiastically looked at her, and a little rested, went on his most memorable sex zhizni.Tseluya her stomach, he slowly descended down, is increasingly throwing open bathrobe. When he reached the navel, he just stopped - thrusting his tongue into the small hole. Then he went even further, and now his hands were on her hips Marina, and the language has reached the coveted tubercle. He could smell the life-giving water that flowed from the intimate cave. Slightly parted her legs, he put his head between them and gently touched his lips to her labia. Marina moaned again, and reflexively squeezed thighs, his head in his glory. He did not stop, but continued to kiss and lick her wet lips. He was so pleased with the taste. Then he stuck his tongue deep into the vagina, which made Marina shudder all over, and even stronger hold his head between his legs. She grabbed hold of the hair son, and moving the pelvis, beginning "fuck" over his tongue. Glory did not resist, catching the rhythm of her movements, he thrust his tongue deeply into her wet hole. Marina move faster, enjoying every movement. Suddenly she cried out, jerked, and with all the forces clamped feet. The jet of liquid splashed in the mouth boy, he brought his mother to orgasm. A few more seconds, Marina cat wriggled with pleasure, and then freed from the embrace of her son. She opened her eyes and a loving glance at him. Glory looked at her, wiping her wet mouth. He thought only of her, he brought her mother's pleasure. But Marina was still a mother and she wanted to thank her boy, she wanted to him also got weasels. She looked him straight in the eye, and then without a word looked down at his pants. Thank followed the mother and look too looked down and noticed that the head of his erection poked out from under the panties. Glory did not require words, he understood why his mother so staring back. He's a bit nervous, and even hesitate, not knowing what to do next. But Marina did not make him wait long. She rose to her knees in front of him and his arms wrapped around his hips pulled off his pants. Piece of excited flesh broke out and stood on end. Marina could not look at him, he was so big and strong, it is a bit surprised, once again making sure that her child has become a man. Slightly blushing with excitement she raised a hand to the penis and gently cupped ego.Drozh ran through the body of Glory, when his mother touched his manhood. He felt a bit awkward, and he tensed his body. Marina finally sorting out confusion, slowly began to masturbate him, raising and lowering the thin skin of his virgin penis. She liked this simple lesson, which gave an indescribable pleasure son. She wanted to make him all the more pleasant and enjoyable. Without letting go of the palm of his penis, she clung to the glory of his chest and kissed him on the lips of his boy. Thank closed his eyes and responded to the mother a kiss. They have long and eagerly kissing as a loving couple. After all, they really madly in love with each other, but can not admit it even to himself. He felt her erect nipples pierced his chest. Glory was on top of the world - his mother pressed his naked body ... to him, kissed him on the lips, while masturbate his penis. But he had no idea that it was waiting for more. Once again, smacking his lips, Marina looked into his eyes and smiled slyly."I'm your first girlfriend?" - She suddenly asked, knowing that her son did not have girlfriends. "I do not need nobody but you" - Thank sheepishly replied. "So you're still a virgin?" - The same sly tone asked Marina, still stroking his cock. "Yes" - Thank whispered, not knowing what she was getting at. "And you did with me "it" at night" - She asked quietly. Thank confused, and blushing with shame answered - "No, I just caressed you, and ...". Marina saw he was embarrassed by the topic, and not allowing him to finish just kissed him on the lips and said - "Do not worry my sweetie, are you all still have time".Slava Did not understand what she wanted to do this time. Marina gently tucked his penis between his thighs, and his body pressed against him. Slava liked this new position, he also strongly embraced her, her hands clutching her elastic buttocks. They again began kissing passionately. Then Marina released him and pushed back. Seated between his legs, she grabbed his cock with both hands and leaned over him. Glory shivered when he realized that his mother was going to do. She opened her mouth and lips wrapped around the penis. He could not believe it - his mother made him a blowjob. Having failed to win his embarrassment, he closed his eyes and trembling waiting for the next seconds. He wanted to stop her, but he did not dare - he could not deny nor myself nor her. Marina slowly sucked his cock, swallowing it deeper. With one hand holding the base member and the other massaging eggs, she tried to give him maximum pleasure. And she did it. Glory was in ecstasy, consciousness pomutnilos pleasure, he forgot about everything. Marina felt his enormous male body shook beneath her caresses, she felt how to manage it. Thank twitching all silnee Marina barely kept his dick in his mouth. Then she took his mouth tool, slightly raised and legs apart carefully "stabbed" it in itself. The solid member of the boy gradually entered the mother's body. Glory, flushed with pleasure, and did not see how it happened. Just opening his eyes, he realized that really fucks his mother. Marina slowly lowered and raised over him like a prodigal rider. Glory to put his hands on her breasts and squeezed them. He was on the edge of bliss, he longed to come, but he was waiting for her. After a few more jerks Marina paused for a second, and much moaning in pleasure as the tiger grabbed him. Glory also could not stand, and blew a seething volcano. He felt like a huge wave of sperm sprinkled into it. And by making a couple of jerks freed all the contents of his cock in her matku.Marina he fell on him and strongly pressed against his sweaty body, still moaning and writhing with pleasure. Glory stroking her tender body and her ear prosheptyval "I love you, Mom ..."