Turn off the rain and turn off the light

Our bodies are a little closer,
Our minutes a little more
Hands down below,
The fingers touch the skin.
Smoothly play shadow
The room is cramped and stuffy;
In front of me on my knees
Night fell obediently.
Clock is ticking quickly,
Between the lips lips
Wiggle gently - gently
And after - stubborn and rude.
Do you know what a pleasure? In opposition to the temptation and agony of the aftertaste of sweet flour and temptation - a female call manhood. And how to get the brilliant formula of sex? Perhaps start with the fact that the confidence - the sexiest male trait, but not to be confused with aggressiveness. The first thing you notice when meeting with a man, it is a smile, white, straight teeth is a sign of moral success, a broad back, and of course stunning, soft look, not brash and undressing, although some women love to be examined devouring gaze.
For example, I excite a trip on a train or a bus to the far distance, especially in hot weather, when the stranger sitting next to a man and looks at my bare feet, and then, as it were accidentally touches them with his foot. And I'm sitting in the dark glasses and chew the cud, lost in thought, back pain is unthinkable from a solid backrest. Then pull the orange carefully Cut off the rind, juice flows through the hands, starting to look a napkin representing the stranger licks the juice from my hands.
I worked as a journalist at a TV station, and in another city was our regional office. I am the director of our department, whose name was Andrew, went for a week on a business trip, to help with organizational issues of the new program. Late in the evening at the hotel, taking a shower, I sat on the bed and did the script outline, droplets of water dripping from my hair on the paper, I opened the nightstand to find another piece of paper and suddenly came across a little book of erotic content, maybe it forgot the previous tenants of the rooms.
The book was called "Total Eclipse", I lay down on his stomach and began to turn the pages, the text was actually written very exciting, with the deepening in reading, I felt my nipples harden, become hot, and I threw off her bathrobe. I rolled over on his back, wet hair pleasantly cools the skin, opposite the bed stood a mirror, I saw my reflection, shameless pose, her hand on flat belly, fingers pushed the sponge, slowly massaging across the crevice, I closed my eyes, breathing heavily. I heard footsteps in the room and jumped, zapahnuv robe, but it was too late, stood in the doorway, and Andrew looked at me.
- I'm sorry, - he said. In his eyes there was no lust or embarrassed by what he saw, as if it were a matter of course for him. Just honest, clean look, but it was worse torture for me, I was burning with shame, not knowing where to go. Just quietly confident and he left the room. I tried to reassure myself that the men are engaged in self-satisfaction more often than women, and that this is not such a terrible tragedy, but impotent anger at herself even more rolls.
In the morning, standing neither light nor dawn, I went to work on foot, without waiting for Andrew. The next day, at the end of the day, going down the stairs television, I saw him sitting in the car waiting for me, I demonstratively walked past him without even looking.
- Lina, sit down, please, in the car, I need to talk to you about the work - I heard a voice behind him, had to reluctantly comply.
- You're just going to shy away from me, I've already asked forgiveness for having entered without knocking, this will not happen again.
- And more and do not need to, and that was enough, now you will be at work to discuss and then laugh - my voice broke to cry, and her cheeks blush.
Andrew looked at me in such a murderous look, as if I had slapped him, he was driving at breakneck speed, the windows were open, from the wind whipped my hair across the face, he turned away and braked, I hit his knee on the door.
- Bastard! I hate you! - I jumped out of the car and walked quickly down dale.
I sat on a bench and smoking, praying that this hateful trip ended quickly, returning to Kiev, I ask, that I was transferred to another department. But rather, I hated myself for what I wanted it every day more and more, it's just an obsession burns inside. Every cell in his body exuded a sweet freshness that he wanted to kiss all brought to the madness of the lips and tongue, a discreet and quiet appearance, I know what it's like burning ice, his keen eyes, penetrating so deep that began agonizing tingling between feet.
Now More took two agonizing days, the evening Andrew called and inquired to come to his room with the script, said he could not make out my handwriting that I read to him aloud. I obediently sat down in the chair, my voice sounded like a muffled treacherous and haltingly, Andrew was at this time at the window, her back to me. I stopped looking at his broad back, with solid muscle, fitted by a t-shirt, posing as spend his fingertips on his sexy curved spine still lower until it touch his beautiful priests. Andrew spun around, realizing that I consider it, took my hand script.
- Do you mind if I will edit a little bit? - He said, and began to build upon it.
-Read more.
At the end of the text, his hand was written: «I dream to you», at first I did not understand that the phrase has something to do with me. I thought, he's knocked me down on the bed, tearing off clothes, but Andrew leaned back in my ear and said quietly:
- When in the evening I went to your room and I saw you with wet, scattered on the pillow hair with vanilla color, a delicate and touching, if it involved another girl, then it would look vulgar, but you as the epitome of discreet charm sensuality. The desire to have you brought almost physical pain, I can imagine how you're so hot and flavorful groan from my caresses ...
He's not one of those men who go ahead and even finger touches to a girl, until he sees a burning desire in her eyes. The deep voice of Andrei aroused stronger than any caresses, his lips touched my neck, hands gently lowered the straps sundress.
On it there was no clothes, he started kissing my belly hot mouth, while caressing the inside of the thighs. I feel unbearably wanted him inside her, tried to take off the last thing that prevented this - it's panties, but Andrew stopped my hands.
- Wait, - he said in a whisper, combining her hips with mine. - Exciting, is not it?
He was so close and yet separated from me a piece of matter, Andrew took my wrists in his strong fingers and started the overhead, slowly rotate the hips and caress my nipples. It was maddening, it was the most erotic and exciting feeling of all that I had experienced. After a few seconds, I almost start to choke on the steadily growing tension and helplessly responded to the rhythm defined movements Andrew. Unbearable to feel the hardness of his penis, burning body.
He frees me from my panties, but in no hurry to go, his tongue pushing the flap of my clitoris very gently draws, making me almost scream inflame passions. Finally, it fills me, his movements slow and shallow at first, then strong, rhythmic and ruthless, who shall communicate almost unconscious.
At night, the next day we sat on the balcony and drank a martini on the rocks, in the moonlight Andrew facial features look more manly, chiseled profile, so all-consuming inner strength betrayed a in all its form. I tried to incorporate all the romantic atmosphere ... this evening, to enjoy his every breath, every gesture, to feel all his most hidden fantasies.
Below noisy, Sleepless city, I close my eyes, feel the coolness of an easy on your skin, a little sultry breeze refreshes, bringing the smell of Mattioli and whetted anticipation of sex intimacy. I took a piece of ice in your mouth, and sat down on his knees Andrew, my cold, wet lips began to cover his neck with kisses, I pushed from their lips into his mouth ice tongue penetrates to the same.
Pulls off his T-shirt, moisten your fingers with cold martini and begin to gently caress his nipples, falls below, kissing the stomach, hand slides down the barrel of his penis, first touch with his lips, then dip into his mouth, still massaging his hand. Andrew abruptly pulls me to him, passionately kissing my neck, arms raised bottom dress and aggressively rip off my panties, so much presses me to her, clutching her hips, I'm starting to suffocate, feeling his hard dick into me. My long hair falling on his face, I like that he sets the rhythm of the movements, slips his hand between our bodies and begins to caress my clit, I lose control of such rapid orgasm, scratching his shoulders.
Long after midnight, we moved in bed, I feel that Andrew is excited again, I sit down on top of him, caressing it all again doing him a blowjob, more intense than the first time. I caress his entire crotch, while the language begins to touch his anus, feeling a soft, thin skin, it gets Now More more. Andrew could not finish for a long time, I ask him to move up to the edge of the bed, she sat down on the floor, taking a bedside jar of cream, I think he realized that I want to do and will protest, but there was no reaction.
Some men reject anal stimulation, not because it hurts, or how they feel - dirty, they just degrades the fact that they can enjoy the way in which it is produced blue. My fingers slick with cream massaged his hole, gently penetrating inside until completely brought them into the depths of his anus, while not ceasing to caress his cock. Inside is so slippery and hot, I push hard on the prostate, feeling Andrew frantically arches her back as the growing tension of his body, and the volume of groans.
I myself already beginning to weary of this folly, as you approach orgasm, anus wall so much shrink around my fingers, which are almost impossible any movement. I feel like shakes his cock in my mouth, sensual fever still shakes his body, while I slowly take out fingers from it. What could be more exciting than to keep full control of the man, to see how he is weak and trembling with your caresses, fully trusting you.
I wanted him to do with me the same thing, but this was already in the next story.