Morning came. I woke up suddenly someone on my left, I pulled the blanket moved there lying naked beautiful leggy brown hair with a beautiful sports figure, and by the way I Masha brunette 3 breast size with elastic booty I'm happy with my appearance I work as an accountant, I almost brand new me help my friend Milan. at work if you work hard then everything will open on tvoyh eyes and raising. t. e I will not otvlikatsya Well, I went to the shower thinking about yesterday what happened and how it got into my bed because I was living with his girlfriend ??

I ran. which means I slept with this girl ?? I went to the kitchen where she cooked breakfast and when I entered I saw it in all its glory m m m she put my girlfriend rasstyanutuyu shirt it is going, and emphasized the figure -.. Hello kitty yes to sazhileniyu you do not ponish nothing so sit down and listen carefully ..

I sat down and started listening to all in order - so call me Olga but I met you in the club you were not in the mood and you drank 2 liters of liquor, and you started me stick and invited me to her home to you I was very sorry I I decided to help you put your uydti and quiet but when you shut the door, and started to kiss me .. I was not vsilu deny you seduced me and we slept as it ,,,

Oh yeah, I remembered what happened yesterday, I came after work, my girl was not I called her the place she took a man -Hello where the owner of the phone .. and then someone uttered the sound ends s. and. I'm sorry but she fucks with me hahaha !!! dosvidaniya .. 2 years together and all in an instant disappeared ... Damn bitch After these words, I went to the club and voila !!! Mdaaa .. Thank you for reminding me - Well, I've got so far as it may be lapul repeat !!! And gone leaving me your phone number, I don `t know what to do, I wanted to die .. 2 days after Kate became my ex calling me, I do not hate Brawley I became more and more ..

I became rarely go to work and only the girlfriend to work in Milan helped me to cover my work kept me in these moments she was petite blonde '21 it with elegant booty and breast in 2 sizes m. M. M. She liked me for a long time! one day she invited me for a cup of coffee at her house, I agreed to the house was cozy, we sat discussing the small things we had fun and it was already dark, I started to leave but she put her arms around my waist and both said Zai-please stop and cry, I thought it hard because she recently split from boyfriend - girlfriend Okay, I'll stay.

I gently hugged her and wiped her tears, I stroked her hair after a few minutes she calmed down, we got it delivered a movie I watched but then she kissed me I resisted but she pushed me and put handcuffs on me, she had me turned around and pushed to the stomach bed she lifted dress and went sharply rude I was very sick she mercilessly pierced even more - yes bitch you believe me you think I love you so leave with his Katya your girlfriend PAI is not much she loved you so much that she even begged not to touch you and a few time that bitch wanted to escape from here but caught but she asked to tell you that she loves you, but in a different world! -what are you doing?

It pains me to where my girlfriend that you do to her !!! Yes alive your damn about it in the basement of your house ,, I'll let you go if you dovedesh me to orgasm if not then cover it so vividly works !!! That's when I realized that this thing has ordered the men and they took Kate to the basement and do with it what they want when she called me and wanted to tell the truth but it caught the devil what to do, I can not climb !!

I thought only about my favorite Kate I dutifully lick pussy Milana! She screamed kicked me to work pobystee and here she came - to bitch holds the keys earned I took off the handcuffs rushed to an abandoned basement, I barely got there in the crotch dripping droplets of blood but I reached it was dark charcoal lay my Katyushenka I picked it up it was all blood - Masha bunny, my you came ulubnulas patience she's all over, I stood up and denounced her to the hospital we both laid perevezali wounds and we fell asleep from exhaustion ...

The morning I woke up she was lying next to me, my dear and there kopashilis doctor they found the nasilschitsu and sent to prison for 7 years and 4 days later she opened her eyes Bunny just a simple fool I believed her, I started to cry she said not a word but just gently I kissed my story is such 24.06.2014g today here at the moment we are still in the hospital behind we are happy !! Dear readers love the sincerity of your loved one no matter kokogo lizh floor to you all was well.