Help a friend

Help a friend
After the accident I was strong with a fractured spine spent six months in hospital, and then another month at home. With the help of his wife and sometimes started up with great efforts to reach a toilet. The lower back pain is still sharp, and his legs like cotton. Do not smell. Marinka, my wife, to torment me considerably, but patiently took care of me. But apparently there is a limit. Tired she was. Under the eyes of designated blue shadows. Wrinkles. Participation failures, became nervous, which is twitching. I respond to every little detail. I realized what was going on - more than six months without sex. In recent years, at home, I tried to revive with the help of a blow job my boyfriend. But in vain.
He lay in bed and as I am. After these unsuccessful attempts, it is closed and communicates only with a five-year son. I fully understand it. Prokom neither me, nor none of my penis. But a woman must constantly meet. Finally, I broke down and called a friend.
- Hi, Misha. You can drive up to a week, or at least for five days?
- What happened?
- Mish, not by telephone. At a meeting to tell.
Bear came two weeks later.
- Nus, rasazyvay.
And I told him about our family problems.
- As far as I know you like her, you tell her, too. - Your task is to replace me on bed rest bed, sleep for a week with Marina. Unless of course you agree. Maybe it will calm down after sex therapy.
- Hmm ... do ... Well. Debt good turn deserves another. I agree. Especially Marinochka I really like it. This appetizing ass like anyone. Everyone will want her to thrust.
Here I should explain what kind of duty in question. Two years ago, I also called the Bear and asked him to come to them. I was on vacation, got in the car and after a couple of hours was at home, in a small town. Just like him, I asked then what is it?
- Do you remember Luda postpartum strongly recovered. Sex we had not often. She focused on the child. A year ago, something happened to her. She suddenly began to look after themselves, went to the gym, in the pool, sometimes basketball. Six months later, it was not found. She lost weight, perhaps twice. It became flexible Sbitnev, mobile and slim. Well, you saw today. But this is not important. And the main thing is that she had her whorish manners. She began to flirt the right and left, allowing himself to touch. Well, if whoopee, what with pleasure gives stroking ass and tits. Especially during the dances.
- And do not dance like? - I asked.
- Yes, easily. Werth before the men booty, teasing, so slapped. Or come with the men alleged to smoke, and who sticks to nibud.-
- So she's not smoking!
- So that's it. A man can not iron, especially when you stick to such a sweetie. Well, it priobnimet like the waist, and there is already a hand above and on the breast. Or the pope. She smiles shyly, removes his hand, and then think of something again.
- Do you think she was fucked on the side?
- Who the hell knows. So far, I think not. But this goes. So I wanted to, that was it with anyone anyhow, but at home, under control. - Bear paused, and then added - What help?
- I am pleased - and I remembered how I met Marina, a brightened her beautiful glazik. - Who from this tidbit refuse.
Ludmila I liked, sometimes up to adoration. Beautiful nose line, round eyebrows vrazlet, beautiful mindalinki eyes. I allowed myself compliments in its address, but no more. You can not fuck wife friend. Taboo. This is his woman. Even if you lose your head when dealing with it. Otherwise, the world will collapse. Friends will not. And here on you. You can officially her to fuck, well, or semi-officially. Especially if one asks. That is to say with pleasure. With a very pleasant one. And so tasty.
- And how do we do that? - I asked.
- And you are likely to do nothing and then do not be. I am at work, I have four pairs. Up to three I was in the classroom. You have time shaft. Lyudka likely you will remove itself.
It is as the water looked. Waking up in the morning, I washed and went into the kitchen. And there ... Oil Painting. In general, everything is fine. Luda was standing at the stove and something planed. Prepared in general. Nothing wrong with that. This is normal, when a woman in the kitchen cooking. If it were not for one thing. As she was wearing. No, no, not naked. And the pants and blouse she was wearing. Picture this. Young slim, slender woman with a mop of curls cherry color, expressive green eyes, who at the sight of me, who came into the kitchen, glad smiled. Beautiful mouth slightly languid voice said narastyazhku:
- Hi, - eyes openly rejoiced at my appearance in the kitchen.
- Hi, - I replied.
On hostess were kipelno white pants made of translucent material that tight, snug in oblipku her curvy ass and beautiful slender legs. From the knees down they fell kl¸shey bells. At the rear, at the waist, sharply shone white checked pants, which is pop shone pink skin tint. When Lyudochka turned to me before, pubic translucent lace panties the same. I must say that in this outfit any woman's ass looks very tempting. The tone was pants and a long shirt to release. Too white, translucent, with a light gray cell. Through the shirt was read white bra.
The three top buttons undone so that the bottom is visible, and the edge of jumper bra cups. Among them stood out forward and upward seductive sisechki. They were obviously closely at this shirt. In general, the more Vidocq. So go to women and girls walk in the evening in the park or on the waterfront, but not in the kitchen, cooking breakfast. When that was clearly noticeable that Lyudochka rather than preparing a meal, how many turns, trying to make profitable and seductive poses. Well. Her idea was a success. Any young man always wants, and even more so in the morning, when hormones rod out of all the cracks and the erection is enhanced automatically. And then there's a movie show.
Barely a minute later, as I walked to Lyudochka behind, and with the words:
- What a beautiful and seductive in your ass, and I want to touch her hands - put her hands on the sides on the buttocks. Luda paused, stopped stirring spoon salad, but my hands are not removed. A playful voice asked:
- And what, I just pop beautiful? - My hands have slipped up at the waist and approached the breasts, packed in tight bra. Luda again did not stop my hands. And in response I rock:
- Not only. You have beautiful shapely legs, curvy breasts, elegant figure - the palm has mauled chest - thin as a girl's waist - hands off on the tummy down - huge, beautiful eyes - one hand stopped at the navel, the other slipped under the belt bryuchek. Luda pulled a stomach, helping my hand to move on. And now, his fingers felt silk pubes and wet sponge.
- Quick you some today. Already in shorts climbed.
- Do not you want this? Then I'll take the hand.
- I want u. Go on. I have long wanted.
- Who? Me?
- Everyone! And you too. When you arrived, I was so happy, like a schoolgirl. I imagined you all night in my arms. Did not sleep well. In the morning she could not wait for when you wake up.
I turned her to face him and stared at his lips. For a while we were kissing passionately and firmly gripped each other's arms. Clothing for us was polurasstegnuta. During the break between the regular kissing Luda said:
- Why are we here in the kitchen. Let's go to bed.
In the bedroom, I tried to pull off her pants and panties thighs, but it was not easy. Pants were not removed. Very close.
- Wait, I'll - I heard the voice Lyudochka. She began to pull off his trousers, while I pulled his pants with shorts immediately. Member of the arrow jumped up. Naked we rushed into each other's arms and kissing again collapsed on the bed. We both already heavily infested, so ... in bed without unnecessary movements and bustle busily I climbed on her, and she gladly sent my kid to his burrow. This was our first sex, but everything worked out quickly and easily, as if we are old and familiar lovers. After a rest, we fucked again. And then returned to the kitchen to cook. Lyuska dressed more appropriate for this short robe.
After lunch rolled Bear and I winked, showed him the thumb.
In all happen again tomorrow, or rather continued. That's how we lived all week. In the afternoon I fucked Lyuska, Bear night. She was in seventh heaven.
A month after my return home, I received a call Bear and thanked him and said that Luda has calmed down a bit. I said that if necessary, will come again.
And now Bear with almost the same mission came to me. And although I did not get up from the bed, and I could not watch what is happening outside of my room, it was noticeable revival Marinochka when a guest in the house. I think they even kissing in the kitchen. Because of their average and meaningless chatter suddenly calmed down, for a while, and then resumed again. I'm just glad it was. Marinochka changed dramatically. I have not seen her smiling and even more, laughing loudly. Everything went perfectly.
A small glitch turned out in the evening, when he went to bed. Bear Marina a bed in the room, on a corner couch and he went to sleep, having read at night "War Mage" Perumova.
Marina came into our bedroom and began to untie the belt peignoir, getting ready for bed. And then I told her and say:
- Marina, go to Misha.
- What for? - I asked in surprise husband.
- He came to help us. He is to be in my place. In our bed. With you.
- What are you! Absolutely crazy ?!
- Marin. Do not shout. After all, you do not iron. You want a long time, and you try to revive me. And he does not get up. After all, I can see you're angry then. Go. You need. waiting for Misha. I called him and he came. For this. Go.
- How? You called him, he came here to fuck your wife ?! Your half ?! You're not just disabled, you still and a scoundrel.
- But you're glad when he arrived.
- Delighted, - said Marina more quietly. - But still, it's disgusting.
- But you're kissing!
- How do you know ... - and stopped short.
Then I called Mishka, and when he went, he said:
- Mish. Take Marina, and she is afraid of itself. Take her by the hand and lead to him.
Bear went to the marina, held her hand, she held out her forward and said:
- Well, Vitechka, then do not be offended. I'll moan loudly. You yourself wanted it.
It was clear that the decision taken by it. She turned her head toward me and smiled, waved, said:
- While-a - and added Misha has strongly pushed him out of the bedroom, - Come on.
As soon as the door closed behind them, I'm on a laptop, lying side by side on the nightstand, ran peepers.
On the eve of the arrival, at my request, a familiar set in the hall webcam with microphone, a wire stretched out to me. The camera we adjusted so that the sofa was visible. Therefore, I am now on the screen could see everything that happens in the hall. Above the sofa burn bras. Everything was well-lit. Here they came, closed the door behind him and immediately rushed to each other's arms. Well, and more rested. Immediately evident kiss confident day obviously trained. This is not the first kiss between them. Here Misha untied laces peignoir, Marina shook her shoulders, and he fell at her feet. On his wife left her bra and panties. Both are completely domestic, and not at all sexy. After all, she was not going to bear. Although, you never know. Lovers again locked in a kiss. They are pretty wound up and intermittently breathed.
- You are divine, - I heard the voice of Mishkin.
- Thank you. I was waiting for this. All day. I thought it would never end. I wanted you. I thought to come to you on the sly at night.
- See how everything was resolved.
- Yes. It's even better than I thought. And do not sneak. Although, secretly romantic. But the kiss me, kiss.
Here are the times and, I thought. So, this scene in my room was played only for the sake of appearances. What trust after women. I do not understand when they are sincere, and when pretending.
Meanwhile, down on the floor bra. In this part, the toilet they are also not needed. They open the chest of my wife. I had never thought that the part they looked good. These mouth-watering. Bear fell to them. The wife moaned again and arched back. My God!
How beautiful she is. Especially, in the arms of another man. How I treasure turns out to possess. Misha's hand dropped back down on the ass, panties hooked there, and as far as possible, pulled them down. Opened naked ass wife. What she is pretty, with a deflated panties. Bear vengeance squeezed his hands the two halves of the priests without panties. Then Marina Mishka pulled down pants, and along with his. Big Is he a member, I have not seen, not the view. They again have a completely naked standing suck. Their hands, like a snake, writhing and twisting in unimaginable patterns. My heart is pounding, thumped loudly. Marina's hand tugged Misha bed, lay on her back, legs spread, and said in an excited whisper:
- Go ... Hurry. Want…. You ... - Misha lay on top followed. It was evident as he wielded his hand at the bottom, directing member in Marinochka.
Here, finally, it happened. I never thought that from the outside it can be clearly seen. His ass Vered made a move, and down at the same time issued a sigh of Marina-moan:
- Ah Aah Aa Ha.
Clearly, I came in I thought. Well, then, like in the movies. He fucked her, she moaned, sometimes loudly, writhing beneath him, podmahivala. Mishka's hands is also not standing still. Light from lamps lacked a good view, medium shot, not small. I do well to be seen. I lay there and watched my friend fuck my wife. My heart booze loudly. Wham, wham, wham. The chest and abdomen all the blazing fire. So it was exciting to watch as fuck my wife, and the passion with which it is given to this man, how she gets a thrill from it. It was clear from her face.
Completing the picture, which have already become loud groans that very eloquently about getting pleasure from sex. After all, this is her first sex for more than six months. Moaning wife were heard without a microphone, through the door. At me all on fire. Heat throughout the body. The head noise. But not with vexation. Exciting it was all somehow. And suddenly ... suddenly I realized that I should. I reached down, and exactly erection is. Hooray! After the accident, the first time. I thought that he was no longer arise. I was happy and I almost squealed with delight. Worth it! Worth it! Again worth it! On the screen went bang. My hand wanker member. I pulled back the covers and proudly looked at his standing pisyun. The moans from the screen and from behind the door throw on erection and excitement. Soon I had finished, semen scattered on the stomach, I wind her handkerchief and went to sleep without having watched the show until the end of sex.
Waking up in the night, I saw a dark screen. Turn off the lights. I set the slider to scroll to the beginning, and then all reviewed. As they went, how to kiss, how to fuck. Now I saw a new small details. Then he looked through that slept - they were finishing. I listened to their chatter about sex and went back to sleep. I woke up, already light. Included laptop. And in time. They just woke up and lying down pat. Then we fucked again, even sexier than in the evening. All my emotions again repeated. Again erection. By that time, both Mishkin ass jerked in the last clean and jerk my cock was already confident. He tears off her, and Marina went to the toilet. When out, I called her. She came in and I showed standing member. Marina almost shouted:
- Wow! Really? Wow! Cause. - With these words came to me and began to settle on me, sitting down on a member. And I'm back after a long break, felt the warmth of the female womb.
- Not much - I said.
- Of course ... - happily I answered my wife. She slowly squeezed their muscles, being careful not to jump on me. I was insanely good. Again I ebus. Hooray! My dick is. I'm a woman. I was elated. I again began to burn the waist and legs become warmer and booze in the head. Member bursting with desire to finish. Which I did. Hooray! I have finished. I was standing. I was a woman. Again. Hooray!
In the morning, I mean, later in the morning, I sat in the wheelchair and said, they say, enough baldet.
Once you raises, then he can get up. At breakfast, everyone laughed, joked and discussed the previous day. I showed them our know-how. They are doing first offense, and then laughed again. Like a happy ending. Or is it the beginning. After breakfast, they again wanted was to retire for sex in the room, but I asked to do it with me.
- The desire of the patient - the law. And the two lay down to me, to our family bed. I got back a little.
Three days later, Misha wanted to leave, but Marina did not let go:
- You are so good. So good love. Do not go, to have sex again. It felt so good. And that Victor is still very weak.
And I added:
- Mish. Thank you. Rescued not only Marina but me. When I called, I wanted to Marina felt better, did not think about yourself. And it happened that, and he recovered.
- You're important now go more to the blood circulating in the pelvis.
Bear left only a week. His Lyudochka became worried. We see a woman's heart nazvanivat scent.