Ah, so this Aunt Nina. Part 5

Yes, surprisingly, I felt some relief from what was happening, was glad that my favorite was from me, my actions satisfaction that, in spite of everything, he did not reject me. It seemed that the disposal of me, my body, in the presence of his friends gives him great pleasure, elevates him in the eyes of his comrades.
Well, she certainly had an extraordinary pleasure. I received a discharge of sexual tension, which in the morning is not bugging me to fill my whole nature and could not find a way out.
The truth is it was a strange feeling, which I have never experienced. Enjoyment of shame and disgrace, humiliation and helplessness accessible to all women.
For the first time I felt the common whore, lewd current female longing for pleasure and passion. It was from this terribly ashamed and voluptuously nice. It's nice that young males are languishing in the queue and the impatience and passion that I so desirable for them and their loved one.
Panting, I raised my head and saw the protruding member of one of the friends of Vitina in the opening of the box, who it was I could not understand, as he came very close, thereby closing my review. But to be honest, I did not care, just do not care, I'm going to suck someone dick who give pleasure, who after a few minutes of petting my convulsively twitching and throw a jet of sperm. I thought only of the Vita, but it represented. It defiantly stuck his cock, trembling with tension, such as high pole.
A member was quite large, larger than that of Viti and my husband, with a large head, flowing in anticipation of caresses. It seemed he was going to burst. Large droplet secretions hung on its tip, which I neatly licked tongue nezhnenko spent his tip on the bridle, making young stallion suddenly jerked, heaved a prolonged roar, and immediately the fountain jet of sperm hit me in the face. Then another and another ... adhesive spraying me, nice-smelling liquid ... even I was taken aback by surprise.
- "Suck bitch, suck in your mouth ... take in your mouth ..." - he cried hysterically young libertine, realizing suddenly how quickly finished, and not feeling female nezhnenko and gentle lips.
From the sudden cry, I quickly plunged his cock in her mouth, wrapped around two fingers over the barrel, and strongly pressed the head of the tongue to the palate, making time to translational movements of the head.
- "Oh, let me hurt ..." - he shouted and jumped out of the process of me leaving on the lips flocked chin drop of sperm.
Bounced off the box, he with genuine joy, in a trembling voice, spoken:
- "That's class, I've never so did not finish. Eggs almost turned inside out. She and the spinal cord can suck ... Baba simply class ... Where did you Vic and only found ... "
With the second playboy took the same picture, only semen, he poured out a lot more than the previous two of my lover, I smeared her from head to toe.
Well, that seems to be all. Now they are gone and I'm back home, only home and that's enough me all sorts of adventures. my, soon I will have to come at this time to forget everything, everything that happened to me once again become a decent, respectable woman, an exemplary wife and mother. Everything, everything to an end. More than anything in this direction, even any lustful thoughts will drive away from you. No love stories, all natrahalsya ... enough ... I sit like a fool in this box ... ... As the last whore pleasuring youngsters ... Who would have learned from girlfriends, laughing would have died, and her husband probably killed kakie-to ... For three days I was so humiliated himself , has become accessible to all women ... Now, anyone and everyone can climb into my hole than any anytime and anywhere without asking my permission ...
All have enough, nothing like that ... And all of this should be forgotten as a nightmare ...
My heart happily beating, I felt that it was all over ... I get out of the terrible situation ... And suddenly, through a hole in the cardboard, I saw that these rascals wipe its members my dress ... What am I going than cover their nakedness ... In consequence of this procedure, it has taken a terrible look.
- "Victor, well, let's let it by Razik we suck!" - The boys were not appeased.
My heart ached with foreboding. Is the nightmare is not over, and again I will now need to appease those idiots.
- "No, as agreed! And then it will not give you more than ever. Rouse any inexperienced mokroschelok fuck, suck that it really can not, not to mention other things "
Guys like yet, but contract is the contract, but still may be something in the future that a break off ... No, not break off, and do not even dream of, I will no longer such dhurra, not to see you more than my charms, but feel my velvet sponges, caressing my tongue ...
They reluctantly got dressed, one of them casually pocketed my rosy, favorite panties and went accompanied Viti output from felling. I was in seventh heaven, all ended my suffering ... But now in front of me all the clearer it became guilt and shame in front of Victor and I ... I told him swore in love, saying that he and only he alone will touch me, and here I am as available slut sucking all members of the row. How did he react to all happened. A great sense of guilt and shame engulfed me. There is no excuse for me, as I could roll up to this ...
According to my cheeks softly flowed tears ... Poor me and poor, all well and good started and what happened ... As it is now, Vitya will treat me as accessible to all women ... Yes, after all that has happened, he has every right to such an attitude to I ... I was morally crushed by their own thoughts ... With these terrible thoughts, I began to wait for the return of Viti and his sentence as a slave waiting for his master sitting on the chain ...
Steps were quiet, and I made an attempt to free himself from his hiding place, but because of this I have none of this happened because a low ceiling and lack of space in the basement would not let me do it. Without help, I could not find long-awaited freedom. If Victor does not come back, then I probably until the end of life will have to live in this box.
But finally in the doorway there was my favorite, my heart ached with premonitions finding a relationship with him. How it will behave as after all he would react to me ...
Victor slightly tilted towards the box, pulled over, and I was free. Type I had terrifying. All in semen, wet with sweat, a dirty bra, to tear off the floor and knees black from dirt.
Homeless at the bins and they probably look decent, though they are dressed.
I stood with her eyes on the floor, arms crossed just below the stomach, thereby covering the vagina and trying to keep a certain chastity and purity. I was ashamed and afraid to raise his eyes and look to meet with his beloved.
- "Well, Vidocq you Aunt Nina" - through a veil of fear and humiliation I heard.
Every cell in the skin I could feel his eyes on me. It is with obvious curiosity, and I do not understand a sense treated me from head to toe. I just lifted my eyes and saw that his pants near his fly something suspicious stick. He took a step towards me ... I joyfully beating heart ...
Now he will embrace me, caress, affectionate say good words to say that he loves me in spite of everything ... Everything that happened to me today, this is a dream, an ordinary dream ...
And his hands were on my shoulders. Heart sank in joyful anticipation. Another second and I'm in his arms ... But suddenly he strongly pressed on my shoulders, thereby causing to stand on his knees. I obeyed without a murmur, without a sound. He unzipped his fly, pulled hard dick with a shiny head and put it to my lips ... They parted without a murmur flowing inside this natural wonder ... Yes, I did not expect at all ... And what, after all that has happened ... I should feel attitude. Thank you for another home does not shrink, no name-calling whore ...
And I am submissive resignation began to meet him. My fingers touched the trunk, ran on its bumpy surface. But in response to my actions, I heard:
- "Hands behind your back, thrusting where they ..."
My pen obediently were crossed at the back, thus giving him complete freedom of action.
He grabbed my head and started to drive to force his penis into me, trying to penetrate as deeply as possible.
Startled, I have begun to retching, to little eyes filled with tears. I tried to pull away from him, his actions have some resistance, but his shout stopped these feeble attempts. With the frenzy he drives the his penis deeper and deeper, and I humbly endured. Well, finally, tight jet of sperm hit my throat. I can not even swallow it herself without any effort on my hand slipped into the stomach.
The movement of his pelvis stopped, limp dick, and he reluctantly slipped out of my lips.
- "Yes, you're a cool chick Aunt Nina, just super. Fuck you and still want to and not slazil with you for days "
I'm like a faithful dog lifted his face and finally decided to face the host. He looked into my eyes, full of love and devotion, passed his hand over his cheek and said:
- "And how do you go in such a home? All the dirty, dirty clothes. Suddenly someone from the neighbors will see that then. You'll have to sit here until the mother has not gone to work, and I do not bring some water to wash and something to wear "
Just now I heard that he was to call me "you" as equal to or below them. It jarred me a little, but what happened, happened. I have nothing I could do. We had only to meekly accept everything. And I answered him humbly nodded, not having the strength and courage to speak.
- "Okay, I went. As soon as my mother gone, I'll come at once. What do you bring to dress? "
I rummaged in her purse, took out a key from his room, offered him and said:
- "Get in the closet any light dress, and on the top shelf bra and panties"
- "Well, the dress is understandable, but why panties, and without them you are well. Even better, "- he chuckled.
- "Yes, I'm going to close, and the neighbors, too, go to the basement, you see ... Well, I think you do not mind, and the light is off, to attract less attention"
And so I was left in total darkness in a dirty basement with his bitter thoughts. Completely naked and utterly defenseless woman, waiting for something unknown.
The end of the fifth chapter