Unidentified guests

She looked out the window and saw the headlights of a passing by the house car, she drove toward the wasteland that is quiet located on the left bank of the Moscow River, and then around the coastal shrubs densely overgrown willow, the car stopped, turned off the headlights and turned off the engine, Sasha instantly ran into the hall, he threw some jacket and ran to look, where and why the car arrived. Question flooded her mind that in this wilderness driver might need in such vile weather?

The girl approached the car, very worried, and worried whether it will see.
She had almost reached, noting in the inside, which is movement, Sasha hid and watched for a while. In steamy windows and rhythmic swinging, she guessed that it involved no more than a love. There are exactly two of them, as I thought, Sasha decided to hear a man's voice, and then the women's sweet sighs of pleasure.

Listening to their voices, the girl seized irresistible desire. And she even thought that she was not properly fastened in a hurry on the back of the bra, it is terribly hard, clenched, youthful breasts. The poor girl was quite soaked panties, donated by Mom on March 8 and she could not resist the temptation to hand launched. Becoming passionate caress herself with her breast, to some lonely standing trees. Sasha did not think something to fantasize how to act always in such cases, and here she had seen and heard enough.
She continued to fondle himself, and it seemed that the finish line is still far, and at that moment opened a window, and appeared naked leg of a girl with a shin casually hung white panties. And at that moment Sasha reached, something to strive for, fondling himself. Her body was gripped fun, legs trembling, my heart began to beat as often as she runs after it beats that Sasha did every morning in the park. He waited until the heart, calm down, she slowly stepped towards the house. It was late autumn, and soaked panties immediately made themselves felt and caused her terrible discomfort. Sasha ran home, has done everything necessary for personal hygiene, using bowl and teapot standing on the porch. I put on dry underwear and went to bed.