The story told by my close friend of her best friend. Some intimate details were added by me, and the rest of the story played back for sure.
After talking to two little fool, that is not to go to an Arab country, without being accompanied by a person of the opposite sex. But no, Helen is not accustomed to retreat from their plans. In general, look at your ass adventure she was covered in blood. Not only is it discouraged all familiar, it also persuaded to go with a friend. The host country was represented it perfectly safe and perfectly respectable.
And now imagine. With the ramp down two girls: blonde (Lena) and brunette (Julia), prominent figures are covered with T-shirts and jeans. Their pale, untanned face and hands, rather sharply contrasted with the locals. Observing religious etiquette, the girls easily get to their hotel. There they were briefed in detail what can and what can not. By discouraged girls relax freely, they could only on site. No you sparkle with their naked charms of the beaches could be no question.
Of course the hotel was also excellent. Pool and other pleasures were in abundance, but it's skukota. Having spent the day at the hotel, our traveler rushed to develop the country's unexplored. Exotica was more than enough. For two days all the attractions were inspected and sealed in the film. All impressions spoiled continuous wrap in a cloth, as well as the heat was incredible, the girls came in foaming hotel as horses.
And here, on the third day forays into the city, the ladies went into one of the stalls with souvenirs. Courteous Arab gladly advertise your product, constantly glancing at the bulging chest of shoppers. They were passionate about rare books, they did not notice the two men entered the shop. They spoke with the owner and began to examine the goods, occasionally glancing toward the girls. When Lena and Julia came out of the store, they suddenly picked up by the arm and shoved into the back of the van, who was standing at the entrance. Girls do not even have time to be afraid, as the door closed behind them cars.
They rushed to the door, but inside there was no handles and the body inside was lined with a soft material. Their screams and knocks firmly jammed with soft walls. The car moved and the girls had to sit on the floor to keep from falling. They drove for fifteen minutes. Finally the car stopped. Girls ready for battle if the door is open, but nothing happened. There was a soft hiss, and the ladies became sleepy. "We were euthanized to pull without problems" - Lena thought, falling asleep ...
The first thing I saw Lena - a brown ceiling. He gently rocked from side to side and her little nauseated. Sense of reality slowly rolled to her. She felt that lays on something soft and fluffy, which tickled bare skin. Lena gently sat down and saw that her feelings are not deceived. She was completely naked on the couch, covered with a carpet with a large pile. On the next couch lay Julia, also completely naked.
- Yuille - called Lena - Wake up.
Julia got up slowly and looked around the room blearily. Then she focused on the Lena and said:
- We seem to be caught in some kind of mess?
- It looks like it. The absence of our clothes tells me that is still to come, - said grimly Lena sat down to her friend.
- Well, we will not give up so easily. I am not so easy to use, against my will.
- Interestingly, we were in a harem or we noticed a local gang of robbers?
- Soon we learn - Julia got up and started looking around the room.
A quick inspection revealed that the room had only one door. There were no windows, but there were a few air vents in the roof. The room was pleasantly cool. Girls repeatedly knocked on the door, but there was no answer.
A few hours later, the door suddenly swung open and entered the room two elderly women. They put on the floor a tray of food and immediately retired. Girls gladly indulge in a meal with stuffed bellies contentedly lay down on his couch. Here again there were two female figures and quickly removed the remains of the meal. Some time passed, and the old woman came into the room again. They stretched girls thick capes and said something. Lena realized that they want them to put them.
Cushions were almost monastic robe with a large hood. When the clothes are put on, one old woman went ahead, pointing the way for them. Lena Julia resulted in a huge room with a large swimming pool. The girls did not have to explain anything. They threw clothes and artless screeched rushed into the water. Water pleasantly cools and invigorates the body. The ladies frolicking in the pool, like little children, until they got tired and lay down on the edge.
- If this is slavery, it is very pleasant, - Lena whispered.
- Let's see what will happen next - grinned Julia - It seems to me that we have got to some sheik. big and rich buildings. But at the expense of the harem doubt. Most of the female presence in the house is not observed.
However, as opposed to her in the pool includes four women more than young. These signs show the girls to follow them. In the next room were two tables on which friends and lay down. Every girl in the four hands began to knead and massage. Their bodies anoint oils and even some liquids. Lena almost purred with pleasure. At first, she kneaded her back, and then turned back. Gentle hands gliding over the body, chest, thighs. Lena nipples stood erect and spoke pleasant sensations massaging hands to caress.
Suddenly idyll ended abruptly. One of the women has got his hands behind his head and Lena fast movements strapped them to the table. While Lena was trying to understand what was happening, her legs spread his ankle and brought under the table. There's quite a fast ankles were also tied to the table. Lena tried to protest, but her mouth pasted some cloth. She moaned with displeasure, but then he heard the lowing of the same from the next table. So Julia was in the same position as it is.
Soon it was why the girls recorded in such an uncomfortable position. On both sides of the Lena stood up women, their hands were small tweezers. Fiery pain shot through the armpit. Lena tried to get away from the pain, but the pain did not recede. Women methodically plucked hairs from the armpits girls. From the eyes shed tears, Lena mumbling and twitching. This torture lasted for a long time, until from the armpits are also uproot all the hairs.
With terror in his eyes, Elena watched as she one of the women placed between the legs. Premonitions not deceived her. From the pubis have also methodically pull out hairs. The pain became unbearable, when the hairs began to pull out of the labia and perineum. Lena howled, crying, twitching, but the women were deaf to their sighing.
Finally, the last hair was pulled out and there was a small respite. Here in the crotch and armpits women began to rub some ointment. The feeling of heat and the pain began to recede, the skin has calmed down. Lena breathed with relief, hearing the gentle fingers to rub ointment. Slippery fingers slipped on the labia, sometimes penetrating between the slats. It was so nice that Lena has even become a little excited.
Finally it unleashed, and gently put on the table. His head was spinning a little. Lena threw robe and took his hands. On the next table brought Julia and carried them to their room. The girls sat on the couch in relief.
- I thought I would die, - Lena groaned, - How are you?
- Dogs, just not pulled his soul, - groaned Julia - Come on, what was done to us.
She got up, went to the mirror hanging on the wall, and took off her robe. Lena was dumbfounded by kind friends. She had never seen such a nice body .... Of course, she could see Julia nude before, but there have been quite a dramatic change after the procedure. Body as a friend whether it is lit from within. Swarthy skin suffused light and force. Breast filled with power and nipples sticking straight up. Completely naked crotch shamelessly bulged forward.
Lena jumped herself in the mirror and see the same picture. Her chest became round and dense skin was supple to the touch. Loboc became completely naked, like a girl, and between chubby sponges stuck out the top of the clitoris. pubis skin was smooth and velvety to the touch. And absolutely none of irritation.
- We are prepared to intercourse, - said Julia, turning the mirror.
- Well maybe. Painfully eloquent cooking.
- Well let's see what will happen next. If we are to fuck, I will demand money.
- Alive to leave - sadly whispered Lena.
In the evening they brought a good dinner and the girls gladly give him credit. The remaining time they have spent in anticipation of the continuation, but nothing happened. The room was dark, and they brought a few candles. No one else appeared and the girls decided to go to bed. Surprisingly, Lena quickly fell asleep.
At night, she woke up in a languid state. Chest nice ached, her nipples hardened, became wet between the legs. Lena touched her nipples and then groaned involuntarily surging emotions. They have become very sensitive and every touch causes a return in the form of heat waves in the stomach. Lena put her hand in the crotch of her fingers and immediately sank into the wet cavity. All lips were wet with grease and finger and begged the body in depth. With the neighboring couch sounded languid moo. It looks like Julia experienced the same feelings.
- Girlfriend - called Lena - whatever you feel.
- It seems we were fed some filth - languidly whispered Julia, - I have half a year was engaged in masturbation.
- So good - Lena groaned, running his fingers to himself.
Julia moved silently on the couch and Lena ... None of them have not yet engaged in lesbian sex, but nature tells them what to do. Their excited hot bodies rubbing against each other, fingers searched sensitive spots, his lips caressing the body of a friend. The first orgasm shook them almost simultaneously and only momentarily stunned. Excitation not subsided and affection continued.
First they tried to pose "Diamonds", Then take turns caressing each other. In a sop and excited vagina has climbed four fingers, and discharge has not occurred. Without saying a word, the fingers of both climbed into the anus and they got a pair of excellent anal orgasms. Now each caressed both holes with your fingers (two fingers in every hole) and suck swollen clit. Only a high degree of fatigue forced the girls to stop. They were naked, glistening with sweat, body froze and they fell asleep sleep satisfied woman.
Awakening was just excellent. Lena felt just fine, and Julia flew, whether it be on the wings. They were fed and sent to the now familiar pool. Girls splashing and rested. Dinner was served in the pool. For the first time the girls were eating with dishes, floating along with them. But soon he is bored and again taken to a room.
In the evening they went through the procedure of cleansing and massage. Women critically examined their crotch, armpits and were satisfied. Now they have smeared some thick ointment and forced to stand for some time smeared from head to toe. Then she washed and rubbed the body with incense.
- It seems that today all happen - winked at Julia.
- I want to quickly look at the house owner.
But they were divided. Lena was taken to a room where the situation was out of bed only. The floor was covered with carpets, a nice tickling pile. In all corners of the large burning candles, creating a romantic shade. Lena understood everything and lay down on the bed, waiting for the visitor. But he did not go, but the body was very excited. The skin was burning with fire, and was born laughing desire between her legs.
The visitor appeared, when Lena, lying on her stomach, massaging the clitoris with abandon. He quietly walked over to the girl and stroked her thigh. Lena bit startled, but not frightened. Her desire was such that there was a company of soldiers in the room, she would love to give it to them. The man was naked, between his legs softly swaying dark cock. Lena pounced on him as a coveted toy.
The man calmly accepted affection of women. His unit has grown up quite a decent size. Lena happy caressed the male organ, smelling so nice and exciting. The man put her on his knees, took his head in his hands and began to lead the movement. Lena obediently stood and tried to swallow a member as deeply as possible. Sometimes the head is penetrated too deep, but it only spurred Lena. Finally hands gripped her hair, and his mouth was poured a thick liquid. Helen swallowed and excited almost to the peak. The man did not release it until it merged all the seed. Then he released her head and twisted her nipples breasts with both hands. Lena gasped and immediately finished. Exhausted, she fell to the floor.
Lena woke up already in bed. The man lying next, clinging to her with his hot body, and gently caressed her breasts and nipples. Occasionally a hand penetrated in the crotch and elastic mound plucking the clitoris. Helen again became excited by the increased pace. She reached out to a man trying to kiss him, but dexterously evaded and has stuck to its elastic nipples. Hot Lena wave struck in the abdomen, legs themselves opened wider. Fingers men fingered clitoris and sometimes got into the middle of the thirsty body.
Every time his fingers sank into the hot depths, Lena involuntarily throws hips up, trying to spread on fingers. She had longed for penetration, but the partner is clearly not in a hurry. Caressed her fingers, he took the girl between the legs and began to lick her crotch. Helen immediately moaned loudly, holding his hands a man's head. Naturally orgasm was not long in coming. Waiting for the end of its convulsions, the man got up and went into the vagina Lena immediately to the full depth.
Lena remembered intercourse difficult process itself. Tender and resilient piston men can reach the most sensitive areas. He filled her completely, forcing flex wet excited body. An orgasm brought some relief, but did not remove the high degree of excitation. Lena was at its peak, and the man is not going to lower it down.
When Lena came up to the discharge, the man immediately reduced the pace, changed position, began to caress other body parts. When she calmed down a little, he immediately returned to the previous rate of intercourse. Lena moaned and screamed like crazy. In which only poses she visited and each gave her an indescribable pleasure.
Finally the man too tired and allowed himself to be discharged. He penetrated as deeply as possible into the vagina, the longing and finished. Lena felt the tremors in her partner takes off the seed and with a groan she finished. Exhausted, she fell into a light sleep.
Lena came to, lying on her back with legs spread wide. Nice body ached with fatigue. From holes softly flowed hot seed. The man was lying beside him and rested. She gratefully embraced him, clinging to his side, and he held her hand, gently stroking his chest. So they lay some time in the half-asleep. Finally the man decided to continue their dialogue.
He turned to Lena stomach and began caressing the buttocks. Lena knew immediately that will test the penetration into the narrow hole. Of course she had already had experience of such relations, though did not use it often. However, when tested, she decided to surrender completely to the man and let him do with it whatever he wants.
Language men penetrated into the narrow hole of the anus, causing it to relax. Thumb he fingered a button clitoris ... that made Lena again excited. Hot tongue bursting ass hole so that Lena already breathtaking. Then language has been replaced by the fingers. How many fingers he inserted into the anus Lena did not know, but perfectly felt like bursting its opening.
The man stood up, took the girl's hand and made her very well push the buttocks. Then he put his penis into the anus and began to penetrate. Lena many times experienced the sensation of penetration in the ass, but such feelings she had ever experienced. penis gently parted the elastic opening and gently penetrated inside. Once the head has penetrated into the anus and hugged the trunk, the man stopped.
He took Lena's hips and lifted her up, forcing her adopted dog pose. His hands immediately began to massage the nipples and clitoris girl. Lena began to be excited and to feel more a member of the pope, she began to move. The man did not prevent her continuing affection. Anus was well lubricated and a member easily slid into the hole. Lena felt literally every millimeter of the barrel, slide into the hole. And here was a shock when her buttocks rested on her hips man for her. He fully entered her.
The man immediately took control of intercourse. He put his hands on the girl's thigh and began to swing it on the penis. Lena bent once and wailed in a voice as a member inside her body began to balk at something exciting pleasant. Partner increasingly penetrated into the intestine Lena, powerful thighs pressed women and meeting the movement of hips thrust. Exhausted Lena dropped her head on the bed, sobbing and wailing in a bed sheet.
This went on for some time. Anus Lena began to burn with fire, and everything inside ached and asked again. Suddenly, a member of the priests went to squish. The man abruptly turned the girl on his back, put his feet up and hugged her knees to the head of Lena. penis entered again into the anus, but this time the angle of penetration was completely different. Lena thought that he planted her ass on any count.
The head member immediately put her in something, probably the cervix, and began to push her. In Lena's stomach once all going down shaking. She tried to push the man, but he deftly caught her hands, pressed them over her head to the bed and fell on her whole body. Member powerfully and strongly penetrated into the body, causing Lena yelling loudly. Testicles men fought on the buttocks of the girls, the head strongly pushed everything inside. At first it was unpleasant and even painful, but then Lena was to cover such a strong feeling that became even catch his breath.
Lena was not enough air, her body was covered with a film of sticky sweat. A few more pushes and it picked up a huge wave of orgasm and dropped into oblivion. Stretched anus gripped the sliding member. Already on the verge of fainting, she felt like a man cums, pouring into it the remnants of his seed.
When Lena woke up in there was no bed. She was lying on a bed, gently nestled veil. The candles were extinguished, and in the ceiling holes penetrated the first rays of a new day. She lay relaxed, conducting an inventory of the used body. No global devastation she saw. The anus and vagina nice ached, and their gates were itching and a little sick. So she lay until they came for her.
She was taken to a massage and well rubbed. The long-suffering holes was rubbed some ointment. Then she was taken to a room where she fell asleep on the couch relaxed. She did not even wake up when brought Julia. She returned to waking only for dinner, when the stomach demanded food itself.
Julia stood before the mirror and combing her hair. Lena gently rose and approached her. Strange, but the body does not hurt, and even opening her body reminded him of himself.
- Well, like you, - she said to Julia, picking up the second comb.
- Nothing is normal. Only this idiot decided that I can use with one hand only.
Julia dissatisfied fingered his ass and made a face.
- He grilled me all night in the ass. I thought that the tear. And you?
- I'm OK. True, he used all the holes where he could penetrate. It was so wonderful.
- Well, it seems the purpose of our being here determined. Now to know how long we'll stay here.
- I think once they get bored.
Lena was not far from the truth. But as long as no imminent departure was not expected. Days flowed one after another, and daily routine was about the same. First, they were given time to rest. Then follow the procedure of massage and body captious inspection. Excess hair ruthlessly deleted. Lena had time to get used to this procedure, all the more so with each passing day the number of hairs unstoppable decreased.
At night, massage and rubbing stimulating ointments and oils. Then the night of pleasure and sex. Lena partner got resourceful and attentive. Three four orgasm on the night she had been provided. Style and methods of sex are diverse and unique. Sometimes they all night engaged only in oral sex and she eats the seed fill. Sometimes she had all night to meet a man ass and only then it is terribly sick all morning. Sometimes he tied to the bed and Lena literally raped motionless body.
Julia also got a true lover of women's asses. Some days she could barely walk, placing his feet a little wider, but then got used. Soon her ass presented first anal orgasm shocked and Julia went all day. Such orgasms become permanent, and once she had finished three times in succession. Julia accustomed to anal sex, her partner and switched to the other holes.
Both partners still had something in common. They never kissed girls. Always ends in them and made at least two orgasms. Regular, at first, the meeting began to occur with gaps. Sometimes, the girls did not touch on three days in a row. And then they indulged in lesbian pleasures. Girls suspected that they are fed stimulants.
In their room there was a TV and a set of disks with Russian films. There were books and magazines. There were also members of the artificial, they successfully used in the absence of men. Previously, Lena and Julia does not apply to sex between women. Now, regular petting girlfriend, became for them a vent. They passionately loved each other. Especially because regular exercise each other prepare them for the more serious sex with their partners. Days flowed one after another and the girls lost track of time. They became real concubines: sex and carefree pastime.
Lena noticed that has changed a lot. Now sex has become for her a welcome and necessary. She easily excited, her holes are always ready for penetration. The man noticed that too, reducing the time to caress and increasing intercourse itself procedure. Now in his repertoire appeared simulated group sex. He always took a dildo, which is inserted into the empty slot. At first, Lena was a little painful, but soon got used to it. Moving objects in both holes started to bring her pleasure.
It ended like at once. They brought clothes and told to dress. Then he sat in the same van and somewhere a long time carried. Then he landed at the airport, gave them things, documents and plane tickets. The van disappeared, but they were not understanding. Then they went to register and boarded the plane. Already on the plane, they realized that their detention lasted almost three months. In the passport, as expected, there was a record of the visa extension.
They flew home without incident and only home Lena found in his things pack of dollars. A stack of hundred-dollar pieces of paper it is very disheartening. She immediately phoned Julia and she confirmed that she had the same pack. We earn good money and had a rest. It took about two weeks, when Julia called Lena.
- Girlfriend how you feel?
... - Oh, nothing, work little by little, and how are you doing.
- You do not want an appointment to see a doctor? - Affectionately said Julia.
- No, but there are the symptoms?
- You fool! Have you seen their monthly!
Then Lena splashed cold wave. And it is true, she did not even think about such a natural process in a woman's body. Stay in sexual slavery completely knocked it out of the rut.
- You can rest assured - Julie hissed into the phone - I already bought the test, it showed a positive result.
- What to do? - Lena faltered.
- I wrote you a doctor with me. Tomorrow at ten, do not be late.
Naturally, both of them were pregnant. Thank God that they are not infected with anything. I had to quickly get an abortion. That's all the consequences.
Money girl successfully invested and now get good dividends. Julia married six months later. According to her husband from her just crazy. Still, this sexy preparation. In bed, Julia gets up such feints that her man just squeals of delight. That only is the ability to skillfully and with gusto engage in anal sex, which Julia loved with his whole body.
Lena is single, but also on the horizon, it has been a choice. He also wonders sensuality and ability to partner. Of course, the girls were smart enough not to tell them about his adventure. True traces of his past gone forever. The body of girls still do not grow any hair. The skin of the intimate place is smooth and gentle as the girls. The style of hair removal also remained the same. The desire for sex remains high. If they do not have sex with a man, then indulge yourself with them, and sometimes with the other sisters. Still best friends ...