The boat was a measured course was fifteen lovers of secluded relaxation in a narrow range and the crew on the water gladi.Na board. Five couples thirty - forty years of relatively young in Russia, but rather to strengthen the wealthy stratum of society.
Leaving the children in the care of nannies or just grandparents, they all went on a romantic journey through the expanses of water. He walked the tenth day of the journey, the ship crossed the Indian Ocean in the northern part. On the horizon was visible strip of land just behind the sun was setting. All disappeared in the cabins since the past few days under tired of this holiday. Yes, and tomorrow morning they had to dock in a port. They agreed to go on a trip for the whole day in the fortress for a pre-filmed bus with a guide.
Irina and her husband were on the deck to enjoy the sunset. She Brunette fragile physique and short stature kare haircut lightweight black dress above the knee. He is of medium height brown handsome. They stared at the glow of the sunset as it is not extinguished, the southern sunsets are ambulances ..... When darkness has captured the entire sky as a whole, Ira and Sasha got up and hugged went along the side of the entrance to the cabin.
Suddenly there was a strong surge in front of the yacht and boat engine roared again and then on the sides. They froze, and in the meantime what the people in camouflage climbing on both sides. Irina cried out in surprise, my husband strongly pressed her to him and they leaned against the wall trying to become invisible. The captain cried out and fell, did not even want to think because of what. And in general that all this ... There was a clatter, guttural shouts and screams of friends pulled out of the cabins, some directly from the bed. There was a splash as someone jumped off the boat and almost immediately two shots.
A woman's voice cried out "NO!"Everyone pushed onto the deck and assembled at the stern. One man was less Tanya prominent blonde in t-shirt and panties crying covering his face with his hands. Oleg Her husband could not be seen anywhere else. A warm wind blew standing on the deck, but no one noticed it, all watched by people in camouflage prowling on the yacht. After a while one of them called out to them in what is eastern language. All came up to him and gathered on the starboard side. There distributing any indication that this man turned around and walked to his captives. Apparently such is their present status.
- Listen! - He said in heavily accented English,
- I Jamal. From that moment, the owner etog yachts and all of you. Forget what you have been up to this point. Now you and your life depends on my decisions. Now all will go to the dining room and a cabin with the crew will be there until I decide what's next. Any resistance will be severely punished. I said everything.
Having taken all the eyes he turned and went up to the bridge, where there were several of his subordinates. The words of this strong-willed man with a scar on his cheek were all seven cold chest. Two pirates, and perhaps this is the correct name for all of them, began to push prikriknuv all down to the cabins, and after the latter went to the dining room door remains closed from the outside. All sat and whispered, discussing what happened and what will be wailing. Realizing that helpless to escape from this slavery so suddenly fallen upon them. Earned engines and with a slight splash yacht went into darkness.
It took an hour and a half, two. People lying on the floor or sitting on the couch. Probably it was one o'clock. Everyone was tired, exhausted. Suddenly the engines changed tone. And after some time, eventually stalled. Where it led it was completely clear. For there was a clatter and a door swung open with force. On the eve of melted Jamal behind him were several men in camouflage uniforms.
- "You are now my goods. I'll sell you. In the meantime, you belong to me!" - He said loudly, and in the silence of his voice as the judge's sentence.
- All stand in one line - he commanded and all obeyed without question.
He walked along the row of frightened people looking at them carefully. Reaching the end went in the opposite direction and suddenly stopped in front of Irene. Man standing next only managed to say that the way immediately received a strong slap in the face and fell back. Irina screamed and covered her mouth with his graceful hands with beautiful thin fingers and long nails, looking from the bottom up on a huge compared to her wide-eyed Jamal.
He took her by the wrist "will you go with me", He growled in a low voice, and turning abruptly striding out of the room dragging her behind him. Ira speechless trotted after him like a little dog on a leash and not uttering a sound, and without even trying to resist. Noisily flung open the door luxury cabins Jamal threw it on the big bed, she fell on her face down and battened down the hem of her dress revealed the edge of her lacy blue panties. Strong male, a female selecting from a weak, dragged her into his lair to enjoy prey.
Do not move otherwise kill - he commanded, Irina and remained lying on his stomach with battened dress panting and afraid to move. Throwing off his clothes, he briskly pulled up her dress, gentle jerk tore her panties and pulled her to him. Irina pierced shiver in anticipation of what was to happen. She tucked the legs that would tormentor did not hurt her, and he strongly entered her, leaning over the body and taking the hair began to fuck her strong shocks.
She could hardly breathe it pressed down to the bed. And with each dimensional impetus was heard her muffled whining. This is his inflamed. He bared her shoulder and took the hand of her small breasts squeezed tightly. However, his movements became more and more frequent. Irina began to howl even louder, and he held her by the hair and much to his chest began to roar in her head out. It seemed that it would never end. Finally he stood panting and pyshaschy heat. It seems a long time it was not with a woman, but also a nice and fully owned by him, conquered him.
He got up and went into the shower. She sat on the bed cross-legged in the ravaged dress izpodlobya watching his current host and bitterly aware that it is now wholly owned by him and her life before this became a distant fairy tale. How to get her back?
Jamal came out of the shower completely naked "I love cleanliness and advise you" - He said, a wry grin - "but not now...". Having said this, he went to the edge of the bed, nemorgaya looking at its prey. Irina picked up his feet and shivered from such a view. His cock began to grow in size and slowly rising, it is still not sated female flesh. Jamal took her head in both hands and strongly pulled him almost breaking his cock her mouth, she moaned with a mouthful but champing began to suck him, knowing that resistance would bring it just even more humiliation and pain.
With one hand holding the other leg took up its trunk, moving the handle on it in rhythm with his head. Bed tapping in time with the movements, the room filled with the sounds of sucking and breathing deep masculine. After a while he took her by the hair and began to stick her head on his penis. Irina grunted a couple of times, even choking him, but he was adamant from achieving her full satisfaction. Groaned, Jamal held her head without releasing the hair and discharged semen into her mouth. Irina surprise moment swallowed part, and the rest flowed from her chin. Satisfied, he leaned back and closed his eyes. She remained sitting on the bed wiping his mouth with the hem of her dress.
- Well done - he said - a good girl. Go wash your face and get back to muzhu.Ty I liked then you come yet.
Quietly weeping she went a little unsteadily into the shower. Quoting myself up and went out, glancing briefly at his tormentor lying on the bed, he slipped out of the room.