My name is Vladimir, I am 32 years. This happened recently when my neighbor Svetlana hurriedly went on a business trip and asked me to look after her daughter. Her name was Lena, she was 11 years old, she was skinny girl with awkward figure, hair the color of ripe wheat, and big brown eyes. In the evening I arrived at their home, said that his mother had gone on for two days and asked me to look after her. She met me in a tee shirt, shorts and socks up to the knees. I cooked her dinner, she was at this time made the lessons we ate, I went into the room and sat down to watch TV. Helen was doing something in your room, after a while I decided to see what she was doing there. Entering the room, I saw her sitting at the computer and stared at pornokartinki in which a man was fucking the girl on the desk. I stood in the doorway, she turned around and saw me.
She quickly closed the picture, I went to the desk and looking at her said:
- Helen, what are you considering?
- Oh, Uncle Vova is accidentally opened, do not know why .. - she blushed and lowered her head - You do not tell my mom?
I looked at her, I had the idea in my head "And if it attach to sex life? She has 11 years, interest in sex can be seen, so why not indulge?" These thoughts swirl flashed through my mind, and I decided:
- No, darling, do not tell, but on one condition, you tell me where did you get these pictures?
- I Natasha from third entrance gave - she admitted, embarrassed - she them at his brother downloaded.
- And you wonder what's happening to them?
She blushed even more and nodded. I put an arm around her shoulders leaned closer to her and whisper asked:
- And you've seen of the pussy in boys?
- No.
- And I would like to see?
She blushed again and said quietly - yes. I felt that excited, and became a member of the stirred up.
- And let me show you my pussy, and you give me my, do you agree?
She thought for a while and said she is shy and afraid that my mother finds out and scold her. I tried to explain to her that all embarrassed, and my mother, we did not say it will be our secret, she agreed .: moved to the bed, I stood in front of her, and he took a little worrying tights, and then shorts. My pretty big already a member, 19 cm, already half rose and a girl, all eyes staring at him.
- Wow, what a great - she stared at him and giggled, he went up and in a few seconds appeared before her in all its glory.
- Like? - I turned sideways, then stood up again directly.
- Yeah, - she admitted shyly, intently watching him.
- If you want, you can touch it, I allow.
Again she was embarrassed and giggled shyly reached out and touched her fingers head member shuddered she jerked her hand startled.
- Oh, he is moving, and why?
- You just really like him, do not be afraid to take it in the palm, touch, as you wish.
Again she reached out and took hold of the trunk of her fingers, I moved closer to her, these touches, I was excited to such an extent that the blood pounded in his temples. She continued to touch and examine my cock, quite emboldened and took hold of it with both hands, drove his fingers on the trunk, compressing his palms.
- Well, darling, it's your turn, I showed you, now you show me - I said in a voice hoarse with excitement.
- Okay, once you turn away, and then I'm embarrassed - embarrassed and she blushed.
I turned away, he heard rustling behind filmed shorts.
- All I'm ready.
I turned around, she was sitting on the bed in a T-shirt and socks, her slender legs with sharp knees were clenched and I saw only lobochek in which more hairs and it really was not. The sight made my penis stiffen sharply. I stood beside her on his lap and stroked her thighs tried to push her legs apart. After overcoming a slight resistance of her legs parted and my eyes appeared puffy soft lips sex. It was such a beautiful sight that I have already caught his breath.
- If you want, I'll give you a very nice? Only for this purpose it is necessary to completely undress, let's take off everything. - I took off my shirt and pulled off his tee shirt off her, he surprisingly did not resist. Under the T-shirt was found only small breasts began to form sharp protruding nipples, I nudged her shoulders, and she lay down on the bed. She moved closer and leaned held his tongue over her soft lips. She shivered and tried to squeeze the legs, but I did not let her do it.
- Quiet, small, relax, do not worry, I will not hurt you.
- She lay there, frozen, I parted the labia majora and began carefully to drive his tongue over her pink virgin pussy.
After a few minutes, she moistened and Helen, closing his eyes began to breathe heavily. I continued to caress her clitoris and the small narrow hole, she suddenly gasped and a shiver passed over her thin body, I realized - she had finished. I got up, she was lying, spread legs, his eyes were wide open, they stood in the mist and lips parted, the spectacle drove me crazy and I decided.
Sitting down, I framed a member to her hot wet pussy and began to drive them on her, she shuddered and moaned.
- Do not worry, darling, everything will be fine - I said, and pushed a little member forward. The head parted her pink lips, she took a deep breath. I lowered my eyes, and the blood pounded in his head, I saw my big dick looked tense next to this naked girl - a teenager. Tolerate already nebylo forces, I almost lay on her and put his hands on her shoulders under her, cupped her hands over her shoulders. She opened her eyes and looked at me.
- You are my sweetheart, Now you need a little patience, all right? - I said, and pushed a member of the stronger. She uncomfortably under me.
- Ah, ah - bit sponge - do not hurt me.
But I did not realize anything, I only felt a little hot schelochku and how my dick in it rests. I growled and pushed with force member forward. Head overcoming resistance came halfway. She screamed and twitched.
- Aaaayy release .. .. .. bolnooo mamochkaaaa ... - she clutched her fingers into my side and tried to crawl out from under me.
I again strongly pushed member forward while pulling her under him by the shoulders.
- AAAAAAAAAAA .... - she cried, and her eyes rolled sl¸zki.
My cock, barely parting her crack, torn thin hymen entered her half and rested in the dearest. Oh my God, what is this feeling: it is compressing it so tightly that it seemed just about will tear inside was hot and very crowded. I clamped her mouth with one hand and began to fuck her. She was sobbing and calling the kettle black, this is only further inflamed me, and I continued to go to her ... a narrow tunnel with renewed vigor. A few more moves and I finished right in it. Very removing member, I watched from her vagina red from the friction follows my sperm mixed with a small amount of blood. She continued to cry and turned to the side pulled the legs to the chest. I lay down beside him and stroked his arm around her telling her gentle words and soothing.
Gradually she calmed down, I carried her into the bath, we showered, but more about an hour she did not speak to me. Then I was able to return to its location, and we went to bed together, talked a long time about the incident. We agreed that no one will know what happened and it will remain our secret. The next day her mother came back in the evening, I assured her that everything is in order, and everything went on as usual. A week after school Helen looked to me for tea and .... but that's another story.