Friday the 13th! How it all began

What can be worse lovely warm November evening? Perhaps nothing contrary in this time of year it is to lift the mood. And this evening I in a good mood in a hurry on a date with her boyfriend Dima. We met recently, but already strongly attached to each other. And now I was in a hurry to the next meeting. However, the meeting did not take place. Why? Perhaps because it was Friday the 13th that day.

Walking through the courtyards of apartment buildings, I decided to cut his way through the school grounds.

- Hey, you! - I called out a girl standing in a dark place. - Well come here, there is a market for you.

Looking around and making sure that she was alone, I approached her. Being far from the timid, I was not too scared that I might rob. All the same, it was already dark, but I'm not so easy to take.

- What do you want? - I asked.

- Listen to me, damn! - The beginning of the conversation the stranger. - Do not cling to my dick Dima. He's mine, and no one will be able to select it from me. Even such a slut like you. So turn around his ass and dick on the wali, uebische. And once again I see you here - pussy rip!

Zoom was a concrete! However, I was not a coward, and therefore decided to answer an opponent in the same spirit.

- Listen Manda, and you do not ohuel? You who are called whore? Kohl mug itself is not ugly, do not complain dick any garbage about others. Dima himself offered me to meet, so do not dick me to rank as the genus to which you yourself treat, Pizdetta!

- Oh, what we are thieves !!! You market your filter, and then now how you'll write pizdyulinu.

- This is something you vypishesh me? Yes, I like you right now priebenyu, so do not get up!

Our conversation rolls over expletives and logical end there was to be a fight. We grappled, trying to grab each other's hair and fill up an opponent. In this I succeeded more. I was able to strike a treacherous blow with his knee in the groin area. Rival howled and I just had to finish it. But it came to her help in the person of three girls. One of them, quite a strong physique, grabbed the back of my hair and pulled him back, and then tightly hugged my neck hand. So hard that I could not do anything.

- All right, damn, you're gone! - Hissed opponent and began to cause me to fight back in the abdomen.

- Do not bullshit me it! - I started to say one of her friends. - Let's pull off her jeans and hang on the tree, and then our shusherne say, let them urge on her, and perhaps in all holes vyebut like a real slut.

- And what a good idea !!! - Stopping said competitor.

The girls rushed to unfasten my belt and jeans. I am aware of the danger of the situation, trying to prevent that from happening, but I held fast. Removing the belt started to pull off my pants.

- Underpants also remove !!! - He said with a laugh opponent.

Hush, hush, do not rock the boat, bitch! - He whispered in my ear a girl who was holding me back. - And then you will see bad then.

These words are especially comforted me. Calm down not in the sense that I became calm, and that they were the right words. I could not do anything in this situation. From me it has nothing depended. I understand that it is not breaking out of cuddle, I withdraw at any and jeans, and shorts. And because I had to think what to do next. This fight, I certainly lost and had to admit defeat. But lost a battle but not the war.

And I admitted defeat. Stop resisting, I let him take off his pants and shorts without any problem. Having achieved the desired, one of the girls in a sports suit, grabbed my stuff, fast like a monkey climbed a tree and threw them into a branch, which was impossible to get them to me. Yes, I would not have climbed. Firstly, on my shoes with a heel, and secondly, I climb trees especially do not know how. After that I was finally released.

-What a slut, you can get your rags? - He asked me a rival, and added: - Although what you get, so you look and bitching! Come on, sniff to Dima, will delight his bare forage cap. What, do not you want? Correctly!!! Do not dick prostitutes hang around here. Come here, do not dick to mess with that whore. Let her small pochmyryat.

He uttered these words, a rival with her friends left. I despite the desire to respond in full to their insults, kept himself and thought about what to do next. First of all it was necessary to call Christine and tell all to gather the gang to retaliate. But no, this was not to call time. We had to dump faster from here until there were those who had to continue my Chmyrev. To begin, I drew back his jacket, trying to make more of its zone covering shame. Something which, as the jacket I was wearing a short, barely covered the nakedness. I knew about it, and so now for me it was a big minus. Besides, she was white, which made me even more vulnerable, because the fear was worth not only small. White color is clearly visible in the dark and attracts attention, so I could easily fall prey to the other guys.

The victim of the other guys I could be easy. Already in such a walk down the street I was ashamed. And dangerous! Shushernya have figured me quickly, and then it would be a matter of technique, to get me to turn around and go where they are told. It was enough just to threaten me scoring a jacket and it would have been a serious blow to me. Therefore, your best bet is to go through the courts. So it was a better chance to escape from these and other fall. But others, unlike the first, could not know that I was without panties and tights. There could and screaming.

In the end, I chose the third option. Since I had to go home in the western direction, and small, respectively run in the first place to look for me there. So I decided to go to the south, cross the street on which I was here, go through the courts and to enter the parallel street. Here on it and I had planned to get home.

Looking around, I moved on. Undoubtedly it was very unpleasant to be in such form and with shame to look like paying attention to me. And pay attention to me! Already the male part exactly paying attention, and the women looked with disdain. Even walking on the parallel street, I met on the road two young girls who at first looked at me intently, and when we missed, I heard a phrase of one of them: "Vidal prostitute in a white jacket went!"

All the way I was thinking about what to call Christine, but in the end decided that we must first walk home. Or rather not go home, and to Christina, but already there to call her. But it was not meant to call me. Also I have friends in the courtyard and lived my enemies. And I get caught their eye in a way that would be a shame not escaped me. And when you consider the fact that there was so close to the title of "point", all by itself become clear. By the way, past the "point" I had to go through.

"Priestess of Love", affectionately known as prostitutes, was chosen in the alley between the two streets above. They worked of course illegal and sometimes subjected to police raids. And how evil this evening raid took place again. While there I was the one to blame. Thinking about plans for further development of the situation, I'm a little lost vigilance. For me it was important now faster to get to Christina House. He was just on the other side of the alley, and it was easier to just this side street and walk. The fact that there are prostitutes, I do not even remember. Although go into the yards, too, it was dangerous. It is from this side lived and walked my main enemies. How could I have now come out there like this?

Of course, that just because I could not for the courts to come. If only I would be in danger. And right now she threatened me. By "point" of police cars arrived. Those girls who were away from the main group, rushed to escape, hoping to avoid punishment. But the "cops" were not going to let them just so. They rushed in pursuit. I saw it all, and saw one of the cops have probably his subordinates at me. It was easy to guess why - from a prostitute I'm not much different. We had to run! But where? By Kristine run without warning pointless home - too far, in heels I can not get away from the chase. The only option was to run to Baba Masha. She lived just near here, and would gladly have sheltered me. Besides, I should not have to run through the territory where my enemies spent their leisure.

And I rushed to Baba Masha. But there I was again waiting for a failure. To be continued!