Happening. extension

Niurka gasped and swore with relish. After jumping from the bed she opened the window:
- Shiga, Gena!
- Yes you che, I'm naked!
- Whitefish, and then it will be worse!
And she threw open the door.
I jumped out the window, the benefit of this happened on the first floor, and was in the lilac bushes. Just passed the rain, pour me a sobering bushes lilac shower. Sausage shrank to normal 14 centimeters. I remembered the letter and the newspaper in the hallway at Nyurka. Overhead there was nyurkin voice and the sound of the window closing. Suddenly my head gently slapped the newspaper from which the letter fell. I managed to catch it on the fly, without letting fall into a puddle by the wall, and dashed toward the porch. Before the entrance like no one observed.
Yhou are welcome to see berlin erotik http://www.escortinberlin.de/claudia.html.
When I slipped the second floor, and sausage, as usual, struggled on the hips, on top of someone skipping it went down. I got to meet a neighbor from the fifth floor, she asks. She was walking with a bucket in the trash. Seeing me, she asks whistled her plump lips and blocked the road.
- Go away, she asks, let pass!
- Nope.
- You are waiting for a bucket.
- Prospers.
- Let's talk later.
- Nope.
- Uncle Gene, what have you got? She nodded and pointed to the eye hanging sausage.
From her sight began to grow sausage.
- Do you like me, Uncle Gene? At these words, she asks sharply raised its topic, demonstrating a clear lilac color bodice.
Sausage tried fighting form.
- And recently I have done tattoo. Parents do not know anything. And you, so be it, show.
She turned her back and lowered her shorts. On the left buttock sitting beautiful butterfly.
I grabbed her ass and dug his lips in the butterfly, then kissed all the right and the left.
Sveta released from the hands of the bucket and leaned against the wall. Shorts fell to the floor. Below them were purple thong. I knelt down, pulled the thong aside and began to lick her flower. Otherwise, this place could not be called: fragrant, with soft hairs, swollen like a rosebud. And this flower began to flow into my mouth.
- I want sausage ... - whispered she asks.
I straightened up, lifted her left leg and put the tip of the sausage to the entrance. Sveta took her hips and began to enter the sausage with straining pushing bud petals. Sveta grabbed me by the neck and hung on me. I was holding her by the buttocks and sit down, wondering how thick sausage is placed in a bud. But it is not just like it was dragged from it.
When I realized that the end was near, I pulled the sausage from Svetka and turned towards the bucket. As a sniper, I was a white jet right in the middle. It increased my self-esteem. Sveta disappointed looking at the whitish streaks in a bucket and bent to lick the tasty leftovers.
But then I remembered the letter, picked him up off the floor and ran to his apartment.
From below came the plaintive:
- Uncle Gene! Uncle Gene! I want more!
Leaning in flight, I shouted:
- Tomorrow, she asks, five!
To be continued