The teacher of chemistry

I want to tell you an incident that occurred to me when I was in 10th grade. It was in May. We then skip class with boys, drinking beer near the school.
- Send posym and the beer presses.
- Send.

We were three: me, Oleg and Dima. We were all 16 years old. In school, we know how noble truants and hooligans.

Well, we went to the bathroom on the third floor and do their job. We Poza Oleg and shut the door, that it was possible to safely smoke. Stand market. How all of a sudden one of the booths out our chemistry teacher.

As I later learned, on this floor in the ladies' room was a teacher and repair so as not to go to the first floor decided to run in the men's. I thought that during the lessons there will not be anyone.
- Natalia, that you forgot here?

And we all neighing.
- Sorry, just on this floor repair in the women's restroom.
- Well, you can at first go.
- Wait, why are you not in class? And what do you smoke here. Now I will go to the director.

I want to talk a little bit about Natalia. She was 35 years old, very intelligent and polite woman. With a pretty attractive figure. Sexual little face with glasses, breast size 3 and lush, but not the full popochkoy.
- Well, we do Director. He's immortal. Everyone wants to live, so he did not expel us.
- And here you are now, we will not release without apology.

And we all neighing.

I walked right up to the teacher and pressed her against the wall.
- You are what you are doing let me go. I'll scream.

- Well shout. People run away and you explain to them what you did to the men's room with 3 guys.
- We say that you have yourself seduced.
- Can you imagine what it will be noise at school. The whole area will know what you slut.
- You that I am not so let me please. Sorry I went into the men's room.
- Released after a small blow job.
- You that my husband is. I will not.
- Well, you have a choice either for good or for bad.

And I took out a member.
- Well guys do not. You are welcome.
- Well, that bad. Then it will be painful.
- Do not I get it.

And Natalia knelt.
- From well done.

And I stuck dick in mouth teacher.

I sucked it is not skillfully, but the situation and the fact that I give in the mouth of his teacher had done their work. A few minutes later I came into her mouth.

Right after I gave in my mouth and Oleg, and then Dimka.

Natalia stood up and walked over to the sink to wash away the sperm from her face. She stood to us his appetizing ass and I looked at the clock. to variable was 10 minutes. And I went up to the teacher ass. I abruptly pulled up her skirt to her waist. She was wearing black thong and I ran a hand through her panties.
- Ltd Natalia See you all wet.
- Sasha did not have to like me then the husband will look into the eyes.

I began to stroke her burning pussy through her panties. The teacher started moaning. Then I pulled her panties and stuck a finger in her pussy. The teacher is no longer twitching and stood at attention. Time was short, so I took off my thong with the teacher and slightly tilted on its washbasin.
- Sasha just did not finish me please.
- Good.

I swung and entered her pussy.

The boys stood with their mouths open and masturbate.

I'm all accelerated pace. The teacher already hard moaned. Suddenly the bell rang for break and I took a cock and cumshot on ass teacher. The teacher took her panties and wiped them with his sperm ass. Then she threw her panties in the trash and pulled her skirt.
- We want too.

Said Oleg and Dima.
- No boys. Natalia will only give me. True Natalia. Or want and Dima and Oleg give.
- No. No. Only you.
- Well, fine. Excuse you guys in the span.

And the boys opened the door and came out of the closet.

Natalia came to me and said:
- Thank you, that is not finished with me.
- It's my pleasure. And you like it?
- Yes. This sex I was not. Today, my husband works the night shift can you come?
- Of course.
- Just anyone about it do not say. And the boys say.
- Do not tell.